Monday, July 25, 2016

Twist and Turns

8. Creating twists and turns in your story Creating twists and turns is an important part of keeping your reader engaged as they follow along in your story. Depending on how interesting it is , either it is going to raise or lower the expectations of how eager it makes your reader anticipate on what's going to happen next. As the Author you know how the story will evolve, but your reader doesn't. The way that you open up your story as well as each chapter that follows, the first few lines lines you write is what's going to carry the reader's attention make them Wonder what's going to happen next. Building up an uncomfortable predicament will leave your readers questioning how the issue will be resolved. Readers can relate to a character that has to decide how to navigate through their dilemma. Hey Arthur can catch your readers attention by creating a Charming character who the reader gets attached to. Adding crucial details about his or her actions environment or responses Builds the character up and create an more personal relationship between the reader and character. Readers like to read about a character that they can relate to. Most of the traditional action-packed Mysteries and thrillers have had some of the biggest bang opening. Explosive action has inspired memorable first pages that cannot be forgotten. When writing a book you want to seduce your readers with every line, every paragraph, every sentence. You want to make your story so irresistible that your readers can't bear to wait to find out what's going to happen next. Most of the time while writing, I'll try to paint visuals that the readers could see as if they were really there at that moment in time. Sometimes you want to let your readers be independent thinkers and make up their own minds as well as come to their own conclusions before you actually give it all away. Being very detailed is actually a good way to make the readers brain process sensory words and make them feel as if they are actually being stimulated by a smell, a feel, or emotion. You know your energy is contagious right? Long sentences tend to soothe the readers with the comfortable flow, but short sentences are absolutely the best because they are abrupt, dynamic, and usually awakens the reader's attention. I've also found out from my own personal experience that it is a combination of things like erotica, or a sense of humor that makes your reading more desirable. Try to use different tones in your writing, experiment a little bit and say some things that everyone thinks but no one dares to say. A rebellious attitude will always compliment the aura of being seductive. Definitely don't be afraid to write the complete opposite of what everyone else is. Everyone has a story to each his own to be told their very own way, that's what makes writing such an intimate grind. Is not what you say but how you say it too. Don't be boring break a few rules and use some everyday expressions. F****** write how you want to write. You see I just exercised that right. Great fictional stories always grab you right at the beginning and never let you go until the end. Always remember to include interesting or funny thoughts this is also another way a good relationship between the reader and the character by acknowledging that the reader knows exactly how the character thinks. Use emotional language that draws the reader into your story more effectively, make them feel your content because powerful words can provoke vibrant emotions and emotions will keep your reader glued to your every single word. Sometimes keeping things simple is the best way to go about them think about it like this have you ever giving up on a good read because its wording frustrated you? You want to provide more value to your readers by cutting the content down into easily digestible portions. With me and my literature I like to keep it real basic, real simple, straight to the point. Good surprising twist will keep things interesting and fun for your audience. Think about this, why do we watch dramas and why do we like our gifts wrapped at Christmas time? Solely because we like anticipating the surprise that awaits us. I would absolutely recommend taking the time to plan out the ending of your book. You see the ending is just as important as the beginning. You want our readers to be satisfied with your work that way they will look forward to your next book especially if it's a series. Endings can sometimes be complicated so you have to avoid leaving the reader hanging. Remember that one of the most important ingredients good novel is the way that you space series of events that happen out. Think of your novel as a roller coaster ride it should have some high emotional times that often leaves your readers in their feelings.

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