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Get Up!!

Saturday, July 25, 2015

"The Kickback"

"Guilty By Association"
Written by
"The Kickback"

"The lil Homies got heart right!" Spider Loc said, as he looked at his boy riding shotgun.
"Hell yea! you lil mothafuckas got heart" the passenger said agreeing with Spider Loc.
Swoop and Chill just sat in the backseat still in shock from what had taken place at the gun shop
"Don't worry we're going to take care of you lil homies, right Chedda?"
"Hell yea! Sip some forties, Fuck some bitches, and party" Chedda re-assured. Before they could make it back to the hood, Spider Loc and Chedda were making phone calls and telling everybody they knew about the kickback. Eazy E's "Real Mothafuckin G'z"  blasted from the stereo system as they turned the corner on the way back to the hood. Swoop and Chill loosened up, the closer they got to the block. As the car pulled up to the front of the house, they were singing right along with the radio, word for word.
"Real Mothafuckiz g'z"
          By the time the sun dropped out of the sky, the house was packed, the liquor was flowing, and the weed was in the air.
"This that California Bud" Chedda said to Spider Loc, as he referred to the joint in his hand. The whole house was flamed up with black rags and Locs, as they C-walked to Warren G's "Regulators"
"Yall homies kool right?" Spider Loc asked as he crip walked extra hard. He must of spelled out the whole state of California as he kicked up his chucks, and popped his fingers.
           After the incident at the gunshop, the homies grew a whole new respect for Swoop and Chill. Niggas they didn't even know came up to greet them and give them fist-pounds. The way they embraced them and took them in, as if they had always been their own. Swoop and Chill stood posted on the wall, with black rags that hung from their back pockets. They smoked weed, sipped forties, and kicked game with the homies. They had to be two of the youngest niggas there, in other words, the most reckless.
"Check it out, lemme show yall around" Spider Loc said .
As the strobe lights illuminated bright fluorescent lights, you could see the sweat bouncing off the bitches asses. The bitches that were there, wore little to nothing at all. The more and more Swoop and Chill got consumed in the moment, the more they felt right at home.
"Damn! is All you niggas running around strapped?" they heard one of the hoochies say as they walked past. After they made it to the back of the house, they pulled up chairs and sat down at the roundtable.
              Out of all the niggas that could have been involved in the melee, the Eight-Tray Gangsta Crips carried the majority of most gangstas, if any, were present. The Eight-Tray Gangsta Crips were known for their Loc Sunglasses, Black bandanas, and white t-shirts.
              Their Crip rivals included: All of the Neighborhood Crips which was also a gang, and all of the Rolling 60's. The on-going war between the Rolling 60's and the E.T.G's (Eight -Tray Gangstas) has been a bloody one since it started, that caused more crip on crip killing, then with the rival bloods period.
"Aye Carla, Check it out!" Chedda said, as he motioned to one of the bitches to come.
"Hey Chedda, Wuz up?" Carla said as she walked towards the table
"Why don't you and your homegirls come over here and show the  young Homies some love" Spider Loc said.
"Nigga You aint said nothing but a word" Carla responded. Carla made her way across the room, and a few minutes later, returned with her entourage. The girls turned the table into a stage and stepped on to it, laughing and giggling. The homies peeped their every move, and admired their bodies, as each girl took her place. The tease in their body was in motion before they actually revealed any skin. Two of the girls took center stage, as they stood right in front of Swoop and Chill. Heads tossed. hips grinded, pelvics jerked, and before they knew it, Swoop and Chill found themselves caressing their calfs and thighs, while the girls flaunted their goods, all up in their face. The girls ruff housed each other with butt slappin, and their clitoris rubs. The homies grabbed two handfuls of ass a piece. As the girls dropped their tops, titties bounced around as they dropped down low, then up, and down again.
"You lil niggas wasn't ready for this" Carla said as she walked up and grabbed the back of Swoop's neck and buried his face in between her legs. She gyrated and grinded her pussy all into his face.
                 Spider Loc and Chedda got a kick out of watching Swoop and Chill enjoy themselves.
"Nigga this what Big Homies do!" Chedda said as he fistpounded with Spider Loc
"Yall lil niggas having fun yet?"Chedda asked as he cracked a smile.
"Homie, this the most fun we done had all semester" Chill said as the liquor began to speak for him. it was then that he fell in love with that care-free feeling that numbed a harsh reality.
"They definitely aint giving this away in a history book" Swoop said.
                  The night was young, the energy was real, and before the end of the night, Swoop and Chill would enjoy one of the best times of their lives.............. So they thought!!

Friday, July 17, 2015

Lisa Ray

"Guilty by Association"
"Lisa Ray"

"Nigga you thought I was playing huh?"
Lisa said as she Viciously jackhammered on Bobby Rays dick like a pogo stick. She arched her back like she was riding a horse and continued to let the cum drool out of her pussy and down his dick like slobber from a pit bulls mouth. She grabbed his neck and continued to drive drunk and wreck less. Bobby Ray enjoyed every minute of it as he threw shots back at her. The sound of their bodies meeting were like putty against the wall, her pussy gripped his dick like a pair of vice grips. Bobby Ray slid his body upwards and repositioned himself as he began to suck on her overly aroused nipples.
"Oh Ray Ray" Lisa murmured like a wounded kitten.
"Oh Ray Ray!" she continued to purr.
Her seductive cries made Bobby Ray even more aroused as he pushed her backwards until she was laying flat on her back. Once again he repositioned himself until he was hovering over her body like a wolve that was ready to feast on his prey. Instead he started with soft kisses to the side of her neck as he slid his manhood back into her jaws of life. Slow strokes with just the tip, tickled her vagina all the way down to her soul. He felt her body quiver as he continued to dip into her cookie box. His kisses moved down her body until he was back at her breasts. he let his tongue run laps around her nipples before he sucked them in. His dick began to get harder and harder as the pussy got sweeter and sweeter. The dips turned into dunks, and before he knew it, he was trying to break the glass....Long dick style.
"No, you thought I was playing huh?" Bobby Ray said as he wrapped his hand around her neck and continued  to thrust into the walls of her vagina like john henry working on the railroad.
"Who's pussy is it?" he whispered.
"Yours!" she shouted
"Who's pussy?" he whispered again.
"Yours " she shouted more aggressive than the last.
Ray Ray began to dig so hard that he resurrected her last orgasm. He could feel her waterfalls of joy as he dropped his sinker, then hit her with the curve ball. Just as she was about to cum again, he slipped out and dropped all the way down as he kissed on her navel, then let his tongue linger down to her vagina. As she lay bare on the bed, she braced herself for her next orgasm as the heel of her foot arched, she clenched the sheets and released herself again.
"OOOOOOhhhhhh" she screamed.
His tongue did tricks as it trickled up against her pearl tongue. The lash of his tongue had her drunk in love. Each lash to her clitoris made her pussy fire like a fully automatic Assault Rifle. Lisa moaned and groaned with pleasure as he stretched her arms out and climbed back inside. The way she was positioned, you would have thought that she died on the cross. Bobby Ray started C-walking in that pussy like it was nobodies business. After a few more strokes, he felt his dick get stiff and ready to spit.
"Im coming" he studdered
"Cum in me!" she said .
but before she could get out another word...... Bobby Ray emptied the clip and buried his treasure.
After a good three rounds of working on their cardio, Lisa and Bobby Ray fell asleep wrapped in each others arms. Lisa's head found a pillow on his chest, while Bobby Ray's hands were gripped to her ass.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Eight Trays

Guilty By Association
When Chill and Swoop made it to the hood, swear it looked like a car show with all the fancy Low-riders and bikes.
"Ahhhhhh...... the homies!" Swoop said as he inhaled a breath of fresh air. All the Eight-Trays were sitting in front of the big homies house. After they took a few more steps, they stopped in front of a all black '61 rag-top where some homies were just sitting and chilling inside the ride.
"Dis ride dope cuzz" Chill said as he admired the nice ride. People often got accused of overdoing it with their Low-riders and trying to cram every square inch with some sort of modifications.
"Yes Sir!" Swoop agreed as he slid his hand across the exterior. The '61 rag-top was remixed with a '81 350 with plenty of chrome to bling it out. The engine was joined by a 700 R Trans. You couldn't help but admire the bow-tie block on the firewall, the "61" that was embossed on the valve cover breathers, Spal fans, Champion radiator, Edelbrock Endurashine Carburetor, and March Performance Pulley System. The paint looked like black Onyx, with light gray muraling on the skirts and sides. There were also additional engravings on the front and rear bumper guards, door handles, and hood. Shit the car even had engravings on the control arms, and if you know nothing about cars, they are located underneath the car. The Pesco Pumps, Hydro Air Dumps, and Accumax Solenoids powered the air-craft hydraulics with 8-inch front  and 14-inch rear cylinders that made the car bounce, rock, and rollerskate.
       The Homies seen Chill and Swoop admiring the car, so they dropped the ass of the car to the ground and made the front hop a few times.
       "What yall lil niggas up to?" the Homie that was riding shotgun asked.
       "Shit, trying to ride like yall" Chill said. he was a little more naïve than Swoop so he was more easily impressed.
        "Gotta put in that work, you wanna ride like this" the Homie said.
        "Work?" Swoop said as he repeated.
        " nigga, you know what that is right?" The Homie said as he laughed and looked at the driver and the other passenger.
        The West Side Eight-Tray Gangster Crips were a predominantly black street gang, founded during the Mid 70's as a spin off of the Original West Side Crips, that included Stanley "Tookie" Williams. Over future coming years, at least five more sub-clicks would develop from this movement including: Original  Southside, Deep Southside, Bacc West Side, Far West Side, and the Nutty Northside.
"Yall riding or what?" The Homies asked.
"Yea" Chill said looking at Swoop. Swoop gave Chill a look as to say he was always getting them into some shit.
"Yea, we down" Swoop said not trying to look like the weakest link. As Swoop and Chill climbed into the back of the rag-top, a '64 impala pulled up next to them with a car full of Eight-Trays. The car was candy red with pearl undertones adorned with silver metalflakes on the top and sides accented with cobb web patterns.
"What the fuck yall still doing in the hood Homies? its going down on Florence!" The Homies announced.
"Shit, we riding out now" Spider Loc said. He was the driver of the car they were in. Chill and Swoop had just left all the ruckus, and were now headed back for more.
          "Among all the people that were in the Florence Area, One particular group of people actually kicked off the looting though. At some point, the people decided they weren't going to pay for what they were getting, and the looting started at that very moment. Inside the Payless Liquor and Deli, the store owners son was hit in the head with a bottle of beer, while two other youngsters smashed the glass  front door of the store.
          A lot of people would get injured on this day, as well as a few fatalities. Among them all, I don't think the city of Los Angeles would forget little Latasha Harlin. In the midst of all the confusion, a store owner inside of Empire Liquors noticed little Latasha Harlin putting a bottle of orange juice in her backpack. Obviously she had came to the conclusion that she wasn't going to pay. The store owner grabbed her by the sweater and snatched her backpack. After hitting Latasha with her fist atleast three times, Harlan backed away, while having a stool launched at her. Harlan then picked up the orange juice that had fell to the ground during the dispute, put it on the counter, and turned to walk away and leave. The store owner then reached under the counter, then fired at Harlin from behind and shot her in the back of the head. She never made it out, and died with two-dollars in her left hand.
          Chill, Swoop, Spider Loc, and the rest of the Homies raced down to Florence.
          A owner at a local gunshop looked out his window witnessing all the confusion, destruction, and mayhem. All he could do was hope that the havoc didn't blow his way.
          Chill, Swoop, Spider Loc, and the rest of the Homies pulled up to Florence and Western street, to witness maximum chaos. Cars were burning, windows broken, innocent bystanders beaten....... This definitely wasn't the time or place for the average square, was going the fuck down!
          As Chill, Swoop, Spider Loc, and the Homies exited the cars, Spider Loc went to the back of his rag-top and popped the trunk. Everybody crowded around as they discussed the play in the huddle.
          After the owner of the gunshop began to notice things getting out of hand, he made his way to the door to shut down a little early. Before he could reach the handle of his door knob, the door swung open, Chill and Swoop rushed in and unloaded their firearms.
"Guns and Butta" Spider Loc said as he followed in behind them. They searched the store for any other bodies before they packed up and moved out. One of the Homies held the door open while they ran back and forthloading up their cars with as much ammo as they could. They emptied out the cash register, the safe that was buried in the back room, and recovered the videotape that captured the violent crime.
"Lets go lil Homies" Spider Loc said as he realized they had been there a few minutes too long.
Chill and Swoop never moved after they ran in the shop unleashing rapid fire. They stood over the motionless body with a stale look and lost demeanor. I don't think they had realized what they signed up for that day, but they for sure knew now as they watched the blood fill the floor like water in the bathtub.
"Lil Homies" Spider Loc yelled again, this time more aggressively. Chill and Swoop snapped out of it fast, and followed the big Homie back to the car. The door to the gun shop stood wide open in a loud silence.
         the ass of the rag-tops levitated while the rubber from their tires stained the concrete as Chill, Swoop, and the Eight-Trays raced back to the hood.


Monday, July 13, 2015

"Guilty By Association" Sneek Peek

"Guilty By Association" By Author King William
"Sneak Peek"
January 21, 2015

“Guilty!” the judge said as he slammed the gavel down with an Iron fist.
There was a sudden uproar in the court as Judge Jamison read off the verdict.
Mill-yon’s heart sunk to her stomach as she watched the Judges face. Her father’s head buckled between the palms of his hands.
The eight Jurors sat back in their chairs and gave each other a firm stare as to stay that justice had been served in this case.
Bobby Ray was in total shock as he twinkled his fingers as they intertwined one another and scanned the crowd before he drew his attention back to his baby girl. When he finally looked back at Mill-yon, her mouth was wide open and he was just in time to see the tears come streaming down her face.
The Stenographer typed away as she caught every word that fell out of the judge’s mouth.
The Bailiff repositioned himself and put his hand on his gun as he took the proper safety precautions.

April 29th, 1992

It was the seventh day of the Jury deliberations, and prior to this day, the Los Angeles District Attorney had charged four Police officers including a Sergeant with assault and use of excessive force. The Jury was made up nine whites, and one bi-racial man who actually appeared to look blacker than he did white. After the Jury could not decide on a verdict for the fourth officer charged with using excessive force, by 3:45pm a crowd of more than three hundred people had appeared outside of the Los Angeles County Courthouse protesting the verdict that had been announced just thirty minutes earlier.
    In Los Angeles, it was almost inevitable to not be a part of some type of gang or clique.
Bobby Ray, who at the time was just a sophomore at Crenshaw High was making his rounds through the streets of L.A with his homeboys.
“I’ll die for my stripes” one of the boys named Swoop said as they moved along on down the street.
“Nigga you wouldn’t throw rice at a wedding “Bobby Ray shouted out talking shit to his homeboy.
“I put that on Love cuzz!” Swoop said as he grabbed the crotch of his Dickies and looked Bobby Ray in the eyes.
    Bobby Ray, Swoop, and Chill had practically grew up together and moved like The Three Amigos.
By the time they got to Crenshaw High, the streets had got a hold of them and they were full blown Knuckleheads. They spent their entire freshmen year fucking off.
“Man Florence going down right now” Chill said as they got to the intersection of Florence and Normandy. By this time it was about 6:40 in the evening.
“Yea everybody mad as shit about those pigs getting off scotch free for beating Rodney King’s ass” Swoop said.
“Yea, dat shit was fucked up homie!” Chill said as the incident struck a nerve with him.
“Man these crackers do what the fuck they want and get away with it” Bobby Ray added.
“OOOoooggghh!! Shit, Look!” Swoop said .
At approximately 6:45 Reginald Oliver Denny, a Caucasian male truck driver who was stopped at a traffic light at the intersection of Florence and Normandy Avenue, was being dragged from his vehicle and getting severely beaten by a mob of local black residents as a television News Helicopter hovered above.
Bobby Ray, Swoop, and Chill ran to join in as they felt it was the right thing to do.
“Watch this homies!”  Bobby Ray said as he picked up a brick and launched it at Reginald Denny, the man being drug from his vehicle. The brick struck Denny in his temple, causing him to have a near fatal seizure instantly.
“Boom” Bobby Ray yelled as he felt a sudden adrenaline rush come on from the energy that surrounded him.
    As the melee continued, just minutes later, Fidel Lopez, a self-employed Construction worker and Guatemalan Immigrant was also pulled from a truck and robbed for nearly 2,000. As Bobby Ray, Chill, and Swoop watched it all go down, an enraged black man ran up and smashed his forehead open with a car stereo.
“Ouch!” Swoop said
“That had to hurt” he continued. Another angry Rioter ran up and sliced his ear off with a pocket knife, Samurai style.
“Finish him!” they chanted as if they were playing a game of Mortal Kombat. After the man lost consciousness, the angry Mob began spray painting his body starting with his chest, torso, and genitals. They spray painted it all black.
“This shit fucking bonkers cuzz!” they all said agreeing, as they continued to monitor the ruthless acts of violence.
    After their brief contribution to the melee, they kept it moving along on down the street.
“What yall got planned for the night cuzz” Bobby Ray asked.
“Shit i don't know… what you finna do cud?” Swoop Swoop asked as he returned the question.
“Shit.. you know what im finna do… Im bout to go chill with Lisa” Bobby Ray Confessed.
“Man you always chasing after that Bitch!” Chill fired as he expressed true hate in his feelings.
“She aint no Bitch i told you” Bobby Ray said as he slapped the back of chills head with an open palm.
“Ouch Man, what chu hit me for?” chill cried out.
“I told you about referring to women as that around me”
“Didn’t Miss Smith Teach you any manners” Bobby Ray asked as he referenced to Chills mom.
“Man that fool aint worried about impressing you” Swoop said sticking up for chill.
“Well i dont care what yall gon do, cuz im bout to go see oh girl” Bobby Ray said as he did the smurda dance.
“Nigga think he in love or some shit” Swoop said as he laughed and nudged Chill in his shoulder.
“Aight man” Swoop said as he gripped the crotch of his chucks. He gave Chill a fierce nod to follow him, and soon before you knew it, they had disappeared in a distance up the block.
As Bobby Ray twirled around, his face lit up as he had already arrived at his destination.
He had took a few steps and it was not long before he was already at the door.
Before he could get the chance to knock…...the door swung open.
“Waddupp Ray? Ray?” the face said as it peeked from behind the door.
“Waddupp!” he said quickly in a lost for words.
“Well is you coming in or not” Lisa said as she reached out and grabbed Bobby Ray by the center of his chest.
As he was pulled inside he remembered why he made it his business to go and see Lisa every friggin day.
When the door closed Lisa stood right before him with only her T-shirt and her panties on. Not to mention her Crip Blue Bandana that she wore on her head.
“Want some?” she asked as she turned her forty- ounce of Old English upside down.
“Nah im good, i don't drink that cheap shit” Bobby Ray said as he tried to cap it off knowing damn well he didn't really drink anything.
He squeezed past Lisa and went to go and find his spot on the couch.
“Yo moms here?” he asked as he kicked his feet up on her table.
“Is they ever here?” she fired back referencing to both of her parents as she pranced over to where he was sitting and straddled his lap.
“What i'm gon do with you cuzz” he said as he was aroused by her ghetto demeanor.
“Nigga give it up” She said as she made her index, thumb, and middle finger resemble a pistol.
“You know what i want …… Gimme dat Dick!” she said as she carried on with her role playing.
“You a fucking fool” Bobby Ray said as he looked Lisa dead in her face with the stupidest grin.
With her fingers still raised, Lisa began to aggressively yank and jerk at Bobby Ray's belt buckle.
There was no struggle, and there was no fight.
All Bobby Ray could do was put his hands up and play along. In some sick twisted kind of way, he actually liked it!