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Game Speaks On Possible Nicki Minaj Verse For Trey Songz Collaboration

Game Speaks On Possible Nicki Minaj Verse For Trey Songz Collaboration
Game is hoping to get Nicki Minaj on a track for his upcoming album "Jesus Piece."
Game most recently unveiled the controversial cover art for his upcoming album Jesus Piece, and he's planning on ruffling feathers with the LP's content. During an interview with, Jayceon Taylor spoke on a cut he has with Trey Songz for which he's hoping to get a Nicki Minaj verse. On the cut, he talks about walking out of the back door of a church and immediately hitting up a strip club.
"Nicki, she hasn't done it yet. I sent it to her. It's a song with me and Trey on it, and I figure like let me reach for Nicki and we got in touch and she said she'll kill it, but she's doing major work making major money," he said. "But she'll get to it. But the song's going to be dope, man. It's basically about walking out of church. It's basically like, walking out of the back door of the church and falling into the front door of a strip club."
The West Coast rapper talked about trying to balance his religion with his nature. The struggle comes across on the song, and Game's already anticipating backlash from the song.
"I want to get the word and I want my belief to be in God, but at the same time, I want to see that ass clap. I don't even know if that's blasphemy or something like that, but a lot of poeple are going to be happy about the album, there's going to be some people who are a little angry about it. But when have I not made people mad?"

Lil Wayne Says Kanye West Has A "Big Hand" In "I Am Not A Human Being II"

Lil Wayne Says Kanye West Has A "Big Hand" In "I Am Not A Human Being II"
Lil Wayne also confirms production from Juicy J, David Banner, Cool & Dre and Streetrunner.
Lil Wayne and Kanye West are back to making music together. During an interview with MTV News, Weezy revealed that in addition to production from Juicy J, David Banner and Cool & Dre, 'Ye will have a "big hand" in his upcoming album I Am Not a Human Being II, dropping in December.
"Production on the album, I got people like Juicy J, Cool & Dre, David Banner on down to uh — I mean it's so many, shoot. Streetrunner, 'Ye," said Weezy. "Yeah he got some music on there. It's crazy, actually I don't want to give too much up but he's got a big hand in the album, you'll see."
West previously helmed "Comfortable" and "Let the Beat Build" for the Young Money honcho's Tha Carter III.

Meek Mill Explains Concept Behind "In God We Trust"

Meek Mill Explains Concept Behind "In God We Trust"
Meek Mill provides some insight into a track off his upcoming album "Dreams and Nightmares."
Meek Mill is currently prepping the release of his debut album Dreams and Nightmares, releasing on October 30th. In anticipation of the LP's release, the Maybach Music group rapper is dropping a series of videos explaining each track from the project. Following yesterday's clip about the intro, the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania native speaks on the second song "In God We Trust," stating that it's about the troubles that one faces in the streets.
"It's just about surviving in the streets, in God we trust, for the love of the money. I seen a lot of young guys go to war. There was even times where we were in positions where it was at war with guys because they wanted to do something to us, and every time they wanted to do something with us, we wanted to do something to them. It might have been over the smallest money transaction that probably had nothing to do with me. Probably one of my friends. You gotta survive and participate. I just wanted to give them that one street joint that nobody giving out no more."

Kendrick Lamar On "good kid, m.A.A.d city": "It Ain't A Classic Yet"

Kendrick Lamar On "good kid, m.A.A.d city": "It Ain't A Classic Yet"
Kendrick Lamar says that his Aftermath debut can't be considered a classic - at least not yet.
The world Hip Hop may be in a total and utter tizzy over the release of Kendrick Lamar's studio debut good kid, m.A.A.d city, but there's one emcee out there who doesn't believe the hype: Kendrick Lamar. Now, in a recent interview with Hot 97, the Compton emcee explains why his Aftermath/Interscope album shouldn't be called a classic.
While speaking with Cipha Sounds and Rosenberg, K. Dot said that he doesn't feel his critically lauded debut LP isn't worthy of being labelled a classic yet, saying that it needs at least decade to marinate. He added that while he's proud of the quality of his effort, he's just happy that he was able to work with a group of people who believed in his vision.
"It ain't a classic yet - it's got to be at least ten years," he said. "Oh yeah, definitely [it's the best I could have made it], just off the fact that I had 100% creative control on it. That's what I most proud of - [having] people that respect what I've been doing prior to me signing a major deal and they wanted to continue that."

Nelly Says He Is "Hurt" By Tour Bus Raid

Nelly Says He Is "Hurt" By Tour Bus Raid
Nelly says the drug and gun bust in his tour bus was "alarming" and "baffling."
On October 11, law enforcement officials pulled over Nelly's tour bus and found heroin, more than 10 pounds of marijuana, and a load .45 caliber handgun.
An employee on the bus, Brian Keith Jones, was arrested, and Nelly released a statement claiming he had nothing to do with the matter.
In an interview with MTV News, Nelly gave his thoughts on the matter. "I think it's always alarming. I think in this case it's really alarming when you find yourself in a situation that you didn't put yourself in," he told MTV News on Tuesday (October 23). "That's the only thing that I think is baffling, and I think that's the part that hurts the most."
"You work so hard to achieve certain things, and it's not the consequence that hurts you the most, [it's] the perception," explained Nelly.
The St. Louis rapper elaborated on what he meant with regards to his public perception. "For 14 years, I made my perception what I wanted to make my perception and now my perception may be slightly changed," he said. "Not because of what I did, but because of what someone else did and I think that's the part that hurts you the most."

T.I. Previews 10 Tracks Off "Trouble Man," Calls New Sound A "Hybrid"

T.I. Previews 10 Tracks Off "Trouble Man," Calls New Sound A "Hybrid"
Exclusive: HipHopDX was there as T.I. unleashed a selection of cuts off "Trouble Man" with features including Andre3000, A$AP Rocky, P!nk, Kendrick Lamar, and R. Kelly.
Tuesday evening (October 23) in New York City belonged to T.I., as the Trap King himself previewed a selection of tracks off his upcoming eighth studio album Trouble Man. The event was held in NYC's cozy Germano Studios, where Tip played ten songs for industry tastemakers and label executives. Guest appearances from T.I.'s wife Tiny, David Banner and comedian Lil Duval also added to the upbeat, casual environment. "One thing about my life that is certain," T.I. said, "is trouble." Having arguably been "out of trouble" recently, the ATL native said now was the perfect time to unveil this particular project.
Trouble Man mixes the perfected trap sound of Trap Muzik with the mainstream sensibility of Paper Trail, a combination that T.I. likes to refer to as a "hybrid" of vintage T.I. with present-day T.I. The Intro samples Marvin Gaye's "Trouble Man" (though T.I. says the project isn't named after Gaye's classic). On the title track, R. Kelly belts the two words "trouble man" while Tip runs laps around DJ Montay's production. "Somebody That I Used To Know" samples Gotye's hit, and features Kendrick Lamar, along with Grand Hustle signee B.o.B. While Bobby Ray is currently the only Grand Hustle artist on Trouble Man, T.I. assures that may change. The recently released "Ball" with Lil Wayne will also be featured on the project.
However, T.I. seems most pleased with his return to the trap, found on the DJ Toomp-produced cuts "Trap Back Jumping" and the aggressive "Who Want Some," which Tip affectionately refers to as the "What You Know" of this project. No I.D. checks in on the beats for "Wild Side" featuring A$AP Rocky, and T-Minus crafts the soundbeds of "Address" and the P!nk-featured "Guns & Roses," which T.I. hopes will be the "big" song of the album. "Hello" features Cee-Lo and is produced by Pharrell Williams, who called in the middle of the listening session to alert T.I. that people were tweeting about it.
The biggest surprise on Trouble Man, though, comes in the form a track called "Sorry," produced by Jazze Pha and features lengthy bars from fellow ATLien Andre 3000. T.I. advised that he's been waiting to work with 3000 since 2006's King. "Six years later I get a call and he's ready," T.I. says of Mr. Benjamin where he also argues that Andre, "S**t on me on my own damn record." The album is still a work in progress, but the aforementioned songs along with "How Wonderful Life Is" are definites.
Trouble Man arrives on December 18th via Atlantic/Grand Hustle Record

Jam Master Jay's Murder Is Still Unsolved After 10 Years

Jam Master Jay's Murder Is Still Unsolved After 10 Years
After 10 years, Jason "Jam Master Jay" Mizell's murder is still unsolved. While some suspects are named, Jay's mother feels that karma will catch up with her son's killer.
It has been nearly ten years since the shooting of Jason "Jam Master Jay" Mizell and the case is still unsolved. Most recently the New York Daily News reported that Curtis Scoon put a hit out on Jay after a dispute concerning a drug debt. However, Scoon has maintained his innocence in the process.
In a recent interview with AllHipHop, Scoon explained that he was "taken aback" by allegations made against him.
“I read the article in today's New York Daily News and was taken aback by the persistent efforts to connect me to the tragic death of Jason Mizell,” he shared. “I addressed my non-involvement in this crime several months back with ScoonTV, I believe readers will find it quite informative.”
Currently, Ronald Washington is serving a sentence for armed robbery. He reportedly admitted to having a role in the killing of Mizell. According to reports, Washington admitted guilt to a former girlfriend who reported this crime to police. However, another source claims that his former girlfriend's claims have changed "three or four times" since they were first reported.
While witnesses were on the scene, police have been unable to follow any leads. The head detective on the case, Vincent Santangelo, says it is because no one will or no one can cooperate information. As a result, law enforcement is still in search of the person who killed Jay.
Mizell's family member were also interviewed for the piece in the NY Daily News. Mizell's mother, Connie Mizell-Perry, expressed her feelings on the matter.
“One of these days, you're going to think you have it made and someone is going to tap you on the shoulder and say, ‘Gotcha!'”

Shyne Explains Why He Thinks Kendrick Lamar's "good kid, m.A.A.d city" Is "Trash"

Shyne Explains Why He Thinks Kendrick Lamar's "good kid, m.A.A.d city" Is "Trash"
Shyne explains why he doesn't like Kendrick Lamar's "good kid, m.A.A.d city."
Last night, Shyne took to Twitter to state that he thought Kendrick Lamar has talent but that good kid, m.A.A.d city is "trash." Clarifying his standpoint during an interview with the Cipha Sounds & Rosenberg show, the former Bad Boy rapper explained that he feels K. Dot was fed into the hype machine but that he failed to deliver on his promise.
"I ain't starting no trouble. Listen, y'all live in the United States of America. We don't live in the United States of Aftermath, Jimmy Iovine doesn't pay me, I can say whatever I want," said Shyne. "I'm not talking reckless. I said the young boy got potential and I said he was talented, but the album is trash. That's tough love.
"What I said wasn't not nice, I didn't attack him as an individual, I didn't say anything disrespectful," he continued. "It's trash! I don't really listen to these rappers, but I heard him on a few joints and I was like, shorty's nice. ... So when he was coming out with an album, I was like, I'ma hear more of that."
Po went on to explain that he wasn't feeling the production on the project, and that he'd rather hear a spoken word album if that's the route he wanted to take. "Beats is trash, number one. And once your beats are trash, you're finished because you can't handle a good flow. I don't really want to hear what you gotta say. I'll go buy Dr. Cornel West's album if I want to hear someone talk."
He said that he felt a responsibility to be honest about his opinion because he didn't want Kendrick to drink his own Kool-Aid. "I feel bad for him because everybody's gassing him right now, everyone's on him. He on fire because of that Interscope machine, he's on fire because of that Dr. Dre machine. He's nice, but that's a lot of hype. All I'm saying is, to show y'all I'm not a hater, 50 [Cent] delivered. I never had nothing positive to say about him, but he delivered. He lived up to the hype."

Future To Re-Release "Pluto 3D" Featuring New Songs & Remixes

Future To Re-Release "Pluto 3D" Featuring New Songs & Remixes
Future repackages his debut album for a November 27th release.
Future has announced the re-release of his debut album Pluto under the name Pluto 3D, releasing on November 27th via Epic Records.
The Southern rapper, who initially dropped Pluto on April 17th, adds three new tracks to the LP: “First Class Flights” (produced by Sonny Digital), “Jealous” (produced by Mike WiLL Made It) and “My” (produced by Sonny Digital). He also includes "Neva End (Remix)" featuring Kelly Rowland and “Same Damn Time (Remix)” featuring Diddy and Ludacris on the tracklist.
On the day of the album's release, Future will perform “Turn On The Lights” on Jimmy Kimmel Live. He is also prepping the release of his new mixtape Super Future/Fire Marshall Future and his sophomore album Future Hendrix.
Check the tracklist and cover art below.
1. The Future Is Now (Intro)
2. You Deserve It
3. First Class Flights
4. Jealous
5. Turn On The Lights
6. Straight Up
7. My
8. Same Damn Time (Remix) feat. Diddy & Ludacris
9. Neva End (Remix) feat. Kelly Rowland
10. Tony Montana
11. Magic
12. Homicide
13. I'm Trippin
14. Parachute
15. Long Live The Pimp
16. Astronaut Chick
17. Permanent Scar
18. Truth Gonna Hurt You

Gucci Mane Says It Would Have Been "A Whole Different Story" If He Was At The BET Hip Hop Awards

Gucci Mane Says It Would Have Been "A Whole Different Story" If He Was At The BET Hip Hop Awards
Gucci Mane reveals his plans on heading back to the studio, says he wishes he was in attendance at the BET Hip Hop Awards.
Although there were two separate physical altercations at the 2012 BET Hip Hop Awards, according to Atlanta rappers Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka that number likely would have increased if they were in attendance at the taping of the annual show.
During an appearance on DJ Whoo Kid’s Whoolywood Shuffle on Shade 45, Gucci Mane revealed that he had hoped to attend the show but it was Waka who advised against it.
“I’m really still mad at Waka for saying we ain’t gonna go to this day. It would have been a whole different story,” said Gucci Mane.
“Shit, I’d probably be in jail right now,” Waka added. “It was a lot of punching bags in that motherfucker.”
With the release of this month’s Trap God mixtape, Gucci Mane revealed his plans on wrapping things up for the year to hit the studio for a few months before commencing with his 2013 releases.
“I’m shutting down for this year. I’mma drop my mixtape, Trap God on 10/17, and then I’m just gonna go heavy in the studio,” the rapper explained in a video posted on “Just lock myself in the studio for the next three or four months and just go on the road and just touch my fans physically. And just pass out my mixtape and try to show people what I been doing the last three months.”

Lil Wayne Says He's Recorded "Like 90 Songs" With Dr. Dre

Lil Wayne Says He's Recorded "Like 90 Songs" With Dr. Dre
Lil Wayne explains that he isn't sure which ones Dr. Dre will release.
Though their collaborative musical output has been scarce, Lil Wayne and Dr. Dre have an arsenal of tracks in the can. During an interview with MTV News, Weezy revealed that he's recorded "probably like 90 songs" for the West Coast veteran but that he's unsure which tracks will ever be released.
"I've always worked with Dre," he said. "I'm not sure if you guys know how Dre works, Dre always send you a song, so I done probably did like 90 songs for Dre. You just never know which one he gonna put out."
Wayne, who is working with Dre on his own line of Beats By Dre headphones, says that he's always open to collaborating with Dre. "I'll always be up to work with Dre, it's always cool with him," he said. "As far as the headphones, I'm super excited about that collaboration, I couldn't be more excited."

Meek Mill Says The L.O.X. Saved His Life Growing Up

Meek Mill Says The L.O.X. Saved His Life Growing Up
Meek Mill explains how Jadakiss, Styles P and Sheek Louch's rhymes helped him make it out of Philly.
Throughout his career, MMG emcee Meek Mill has made his Philadelphia roots well known to listeners. Now, in an exclusive interview with XXL, Meek explains how three rappers from Yonkers actually helped him make it out of his native South Philadelphia.
According to Meek, it was the L.O.X. - the then-Bad Boy signed trio of Jadakiss, Styles P and Sheek Louch - who served as a figure of guidance for the young emcee. He explained that their music helped him traverse his crime-ridden environment of South Philly and pick up the necessary skills to survive.
"In Philly, a lot of people die; most people they die from is people the grew up with they whole life," he explained. "My dad was dead since I was five, so I tell [Jada]kiss, Styles [P], all them guys - I was out in the streets at a young age with no guidance, and so I was listening to 'Kiss and them, and some people say them guys say a lot of bad things or whatever, but them guys can teach you how to stay alive. Like 'Kiss said: 'Them niggas that you went to school with/Will catch you while in your new whip/And turn your brains into Cool Whip.' In Philadelphia, most of them guys are really untouchable. They're so wild that nobody could get up on them and when they end up dying, nine times out of ten it's their friend…just seeing that, you grow cold to making new friends and trusting people now...I've seen so many people die, I fe[lt] as though I needed a gun and I had to survive, so I was doing anything, any means necessary."

Pusha T Endorses The Re-Election Of President Obama

Pusha T Endorses The Re-Election Of President Obama
Pusha T voices his support for President Barack Obama in his bid for re-election.
Over the past few weeks, more and more Hip Hop artists have been coming out of the woodwork to voice their support for the re-election of President Barack Obama. Now, in a recent interview with The Smoking Section, one of G.O.O.D. Music's own lends his endorsement to the Obama campaign.
Clipse alum Pusha T recently threw his hat into the ring as one of the many Hip Hop artists who support the re-election of Barack Obama. He said that he feels the G.O.P. candidate Mitt Romney has been disingenuous about his finances and policies, which has reaffirmed Obama's validity as the best possible POTUS in Pusha's mind.
"I feel like the election’s gonna be great. I feel like Obama is definitely the man and the man we should be putting in office again," he said. "I feel like the fact that Romney is even being considered with all of his evasiveness and his tax past and his background and his history and family stuff. I think it says a lot, like why are we even considering this man? I think it’s a testament to how classy Obama has been. He could really dig into all of Romney’s policies but he hasn’t. I think Obama has been very tasteful, when others would not have been at all."

Diddy Reportedly Injured In Serious Car Accident

Diddy Reportedly Injured In Serious Car Accident
Diddy complained of pain following a car crash in Los Angeles, California.
Diddy was involved in a serious car accident earlier today in Los Angeles, California.
According to TMZ, a car turned left in front of his SUV and Diddy's driver t-boned the other car. Officers claim that everyone involved in the incident - Diddy, his driver and the other driver - complained of pain.
An ambulance was called to the scene, but law enforcement agents say that no one was taken to the hospital. It's also unclear how seriously all parties were injured in the crash.
A picture of Diddy's vehicle can be seen below. HipHopDX will keep you updated as more information comes to light.

Just Blaze Mourns Aaliyah's Passing, Says They Were Scheduled To Collaborate

Just Blaze Mourns Aaliyah's Passing, Says They Were Scheduled To Collaborate
While sharing part of his record collection, Just Blaze takes time to talk about Aaliyah's passing, adding that they were scheduled to collaborate. "Rest in peace to Aaliyah," he says. "Super sad."
In a new interview centered around Just Blaze's passion for records, the producer opened up about Aaliyah. In the video, Blaze recalls that Aaliyah was scheduled to work with him and Freeway but that their collaboration was never done due to her tragic plane crash.
"When Aaliyah died in that plane crash, she was on her way to come meet me and Freeway to do a remix for 'More Than a Woman.' She had left her video shoot. I guess it was in the Bahamas, I think," he told Fuse. "We got a call saying, 'She just got on a plane. She'll be at the studio in an hour or two.' Then, 20 minutes later, people are on the radio saying that she died. We didn't believe because we had literally just got off the phone with her people. We got confirmation a few minutes later that it was true...Rest in peace to Aaliyah. Super sad."
The clip, titled "Crate Diggers," also features some of Just Blaze's record collection as he talks about his passion for music. In the interview, Blaze talks about how he became a collector, how other producers have influenced him and how many records he's lost. 

Kendrick Lamar Names His 10 Favorite TDE Songs

Kendrick Lamar Names His 10 Favorite TDE Songs
Kendrick Lamar names his favorite cuts from the Top Dawg Ent. crew.
Continuing with's week-long series in support of his major label debut good kid, m.A.A.d city, Kendrick Lamar detailed his top 10 favorite songs from the Top Dawg Ent. crew.
Following yesterday's naming of his 25 favorite albums, K. Dot shortlisted a handful of songs from his Black Hippy crew, including four from his own oeuvre ("Ronald Reagan Era," "Ignorance is Bliss," "The Heart Pt. 2," "ADHD"). He also named two songs from ScHoolboy Q, Jay Rock and Ab-Soul including the latter's "Terrorist Threats" and "Bankrupt."
Check the full list below, and read his explanations over at
Kendrick Lamar - "Ronald Reagan Era"
Kendrick Lamar - "Ignorance is Bliss"
Kendrick Lamar - "The Heart Pt. 2"
Kendrick Lamar - "ADHD"
ScHoolboy Q - "Blessed" featuring Kendrick Lamar
ScHoolboy Q - "Nightmare on Figg St."
Jay Rock - "Lift Me Up"
Jay Rock - "Just Like Me"
Ab-Soul - "Terrorist Threats" featuring Danny Brown & Jhene Aiko
Ab-Soul - "Bankrupt"

Meek Mill Talks Relationship With Jay-Z, Says He's Paved The Way For Up & Coming Artists From Philadelphia

Meek Mill Talks Relationship With Jay-Z, Says He's Paved The Way For Up & Coming Artists From Philadelphia
Meek Mill speaks on receiving feedback from Jay-Z on his debut album, "Dreams & Nightmares," during an appearance on Rap Fix Live.
As an artist both signed to Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group and also managed by Jay-Z’s Roc Nation, Philly rapper Meek Mill has received feedback on his debut album, Dreams & Nightmares, from some of Hip Hop’s most notable artists.
While appearing on MTV’s Rap Fix Live yesterday (October 24), the Philadelphia emcee spoke on his relationship with Jay-Z who he says has never been afraid to tell it like it is when it comes to his input on Dreams & Nightmares.
"Hov will mess up your whole confidence. That joint might not even make the album no more because you got a great like that telling you [no]," Meek explained.
With his debut album set for release on October 30 of next week, Meek Mill hopes to pave the way for his fellow Philadelphia artists by building a metaphorical “expressway” for their budding careers.
“Yeah, I’m the one out there right now. I hold it down. I hold it down for my city. I opened up a lane,” said the MMG rapper. “You know how somebody open up a lane, I’mma open up an expressway. So come behind me and do whatever…You know the album coming. We finna do some real numbers and take things to the next level. Open up a bigger lane for whoever comes behind me from my city.”

Lil Wayne Says He's Been Researching Barack Obama & Mitt Romney

Lil Wayne Says He's Been Researching Barack Obama & Mitt Romney
Even though he can't vote, Lil Wayne is educating himself about the presidential candidates.
Lil Wayne might not be able to vote in the upcoming election, but that doesn't mean he's uninterested in politics. During an interview with MTV News, Weezy said that he's been brushing up on Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, stating that while he doesn't support one over the other, he's keeping up with their stances so he knows what to expect when the victor is decided.
"Leaning one way? No, I'm not. I'm not leaning towards no one only because I can't. I can't vote, unfortunately, I'm an ex-con. I did follow it, I am paying attention to it and me following it meaning I kinda did my research on who both of these people were because that's all I can do from a personal standpoint. I can't vote, so all I can do is figure out who these people are and whoever you guys choose, at least I know a little bit about them."
Wayne is prohibited from voting due to his conviction on a 2007 gun charge.

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Bobby Brown Arrested For Suspicion Of DUI In Los Angeles

Bobby Brown Arrested For Suspicion Of DUI In Los Angeles

10/24/12 01:10 PM ET EDT AP
LOS ANGELES — Bobby Brown has been arrested on suspicion of drunken driving for the second time this year.
Los Angeles police spokeswoman Venus Hall says the singer's car was stopped in the Topanga area at around 1 a.m. Wednesday.
Police say he was booked on suspicion of driving under the influence at the Van Nuys jail but was later released.
A representative for Brown could not immediately be contacted.
The 43-year-old pleaded no contest to DUI earlier this year following a March arrest in Los Angeles. Under a plea agreement, Brown checked himself into a rehabilitation center in August.
Brown's first album in 14 years came out this summer.

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