Friday, October 9, 2015


I had went through great lengths obtain information about my next two people of interest. A few hacked computers, tapped telephone lines, and a couple of visits to some friends i had, that worked for public utilities. I began to think that my obsessive thinking began to display other psychological as well as personality problems. I would agreee with myself that at times, i may suffer from erotomania, paranoia, schizophrenia, and perhaps a little dilusional thinking. I also would agree with myself that my personality is rather rigid and the hatred was real. Lets be real, most of the time i  could identify as a loner. Normal individuals would be extremely embarassed to be caught following other people, going through their trash looking for information about them, but me, i didnt give a shit nor planned on getting caught.
I've been watching him for the last few days, and had their whole routine down packed.
I watched him as he came out of the house everyday same time, Sweatpants, sweatshirt, and running shoes headed up towards Edward Vincent Jr. park. The park was huge, there used to be a river of some sort that ran right down the middle. I watched him everyday for the last few days as he jogged behind the pool area, stopped and read the historical statue/plaque that stood there. the way he jogged the park, i could believe that he has been coming here for decades. After he stopped at the statue, he sprinted throught the playground, climbed a bunch of stairs, and took another breather when he got to the pirate look out tower. He made me a beliver that this was the perfect place to come jog, ride a bike, rollerblade, run etc. The park used to have three baseball fields, but now there were only two because the soccer field replaced the original field at the top of the park. I watched him from a distance as i admired the big picnic area, tennis and basketball courts with lots of grass. I wish i had the wind to jog along, but i would catch up with him on his last lap. I watched him and how his fluidssecreted trhough his sweat glands, and out from the pores of his skin. With every lap he ran, i looked in his face and could see the feeling of tiredness, which in my eyes became his weakness. I was like a boxer, wearing down my victim, letting them dance around the ring as they became more and more exhausted. By the time he had made it to his last lap, i made sure that i stood in place. He cruised by the exercise equipment, and came jogging through the tunnel. I swung open my straight razor, and slung it across his throat. I watched him as he drowned in his own blood before he passed out and would be denied the proper amount of oxygenated blood to his brain.
After i   left my bloody linen in the tunnel with his breathless body on the   ground, i made my way to one of few phone booths that the city had left and dialed the number to a cab company and sent for a yellow cab. When the dispatch answered my call, i asked specifically for cab number 1203, which was a driver named muhammed who took care of the local routes.With things changing with the times, cab drivers were lucky to even get calls after the new epidemic of uber and lyft drivers who could pick up and drop off passengers just as they did. It had become competitive market, which made it hard for cab drivers to make a living.
"Your Location please" the dispatcher asked.  I gave them a pickup location that was several blocks away to be safe. I needed to get the furthest away from Edward Vincent Jr. park as possible. It would be soon before someone was bound to come through the tunnel.
When i made to my pickup location, i waited patiently for the cab. I watched my surrounding s and kept my hood draped down over my face.
I watched as the cab pulled up, and smelled another easy kill. This shit was like taking candy from a baby. As he got closer i signaled for him to stop. Once i was inside, he pulled away from the curb. I had thought of a million places to blow this mans head off, yet didn't none  seem more logical than taking him to the cemetery. As i glanced nosily around inside i noticed a piece of paper hanging over the top of his sun visor next to his rearview mirror, It was a letter for Jury Duty. I smiled and thought to myself

Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Taking a look inside of untamed minds sometimes finds a sick pleasure of fun inside the devils playground. so many times, we never know exactly how  close we are indeed connected by  emotions which makes us Guilty By Association. 

"I raised the gun up and shot through the door. a chunk of the door flew across the room as I continued to fire aggressively. she had never see my face, but he did, but before he could recall from where...... it was too late. I had killed them bearfaced. as I stepped out of the closet, smoke still blazin from the barrel of the gun, I stood over the woman's worthless body and spit in her face. I looked back at him and thought of him as a waste of good dick. I was proud, I thought of myself as a god as I governed the commandments. I stared in a look of disgust as I looked at a man some people thought highly of. without his loyalty he was merely a peasant to me. I knew if I had held the capacity to murder this woman in cold blood, that I could do it again to anyone. she was not excluded from my purge, she had it coming like the rest of them. it would just be something I would have to deal with, but would have no regrets for. To some, loyalty might have been a tad bit over rated, but for me, and my world, it determined your fate."