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"Aint No Love I"n this Town" Pt. 2: New York by King William (Audio Version)

"Aint No Love I"n this Town" Pt. 2: New York by King William (Audio Version)

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An Invitation To support

A lot of people really don’t know how important Support is when you are an aspiring Author. We are living in a time where it is almost impossible to get someone to pick up a book and read it. With that being said, who has money to pay for marketing?  It is up to Me as the Author to learn unique ways to reach out and tunnel the traffic to my Work. You have been chosen to participate and see exactly how many people I can get to check out my work, and if nothing else just leave me a few comments, or thoughts about what you read on my Blogpage:

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I have loved to read urban books from the first time I got my hands on a Donald Goines story. I possess A natural gift of storytelling that I have come to discover within me over the years. My storytelling although is mostly based on real true life instances, real life history and occurrences, as well as a little fiction. My writing is uniquely different than the rest of your average everyday authors. Most of the things that I write about, not all, I have really experienced for myself or through someone around me in some kind of way. The other twenty percent is pure entertainment and storytelling at its finest, it’s up to you as the reader to figure out which is which. What I want to achieve through my writing is to encourage others to develop and search within their inner self to find their niche in storytelling and learn how to use their creativity to not only generate revenue, but tell a story. Me personally, I like to write about the streets, and the ghetto, because that’s where I came from. My ultimate purpose is to trend set my craft in hopes that others understand that if I did it, then they can do it to!! Writing books is big!! Ultimately I would like to be acknowledged as one of the best Published Authors, as well as Publisher to ever to come out of the Bay Area/Oakland. I would love to see my books one day adapted into screenplay and make it to the big screen. What would life be like without dreams?  Although my exposure as an Urban author often leaves me feeling like a freshman in the game, Surprisingly I have already written and published 3 books, all available on Amazon as well as 2500 other major retailers including Barnes and Noble. (Ain’t no Love in this town by William Ware, Taking Chances by William Ware, Guilty by Association by King William) I put these books out independently and that’s why they  need attention on a larger scale than what I’m able to reach. I would love to Answer some Questions that you may have for me and do some interviews and get a chance to shout out my books so they may be acknowledged and maybe get introduced to some mentors or people that have a little more experience than I do and that can teach me how to be an even more valuable asset to myself and even the people I work with. I’m very humble and creatively asking for your participation in leaving your review by clicking the link above. 
 “Check  a Real Author out tho!”

Yours Truly, Author King William

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"Aint no Love in this Town" (Sneak Peak2)

"Aint No Love In This Town" By King William (Sneak Peek)

"This is Faith Fancher reporting live from East Oakland.”
“I’m at the scene of a brutal homicide that was said to have taken place just hours ago.”
“Police say they believe that it may have been a robbery.” “
it all started tonight when the neighbors next to this house here behind me made a 911 call to an emergency operator to report an explosion. Upon arrival, Oakland Police Officers found believe to be the body  un-identified as 26 yr. old Lola Stevenson in the trunk of this Mercedes Benz that had been set on fire right here in the driveway of her home.”
“The police have no clues at this time, and Crime Stoppers is offering a 50,000 reward for anybody with any information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone involved.”
“This is Faith Fancher reporting live from Oakland" the reporter said as they ran the first story of the night. they all sat in the living room in total amazement not believing it at all. 
Nesto had felt that someone had just taken something close to him and he didn't know how to feel. he was sick, and angry, and confused and just wanted to make someone pay. Surely as soon as Nesto found out who that someone was they would have a high price to pay. He just sat there not being able to control the emotions that came over him. Raisun and FiNesse tried to comfort him but it just wasn't working.
"That just don't make no sense at all" Raisun said as Jamaica and Shawna sat there puzzled.
"Yall know her?" Shawna asked.
"Yea girl that’s who we just came back from Miami with" Raisun said as she started to fill her sisters in on what was going on.
"I need to take a ride" Nesto said as he grabbed his coat and left. he needed to go and see for himself if this was all real. 
He did about a hundred in the third lane trying to get to the 98th ave exit. when he pulled up in front of Lollipops, he seen the tow truck taking the Benz away all burnt up to a crisp
"Fuck!!" he screamed as a tear drop rolled down his face
"I didn't even get a chance to say goodbye" he thought to himself, whoever did this had to be watching her and knew exactly when she was coming back.  

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