Tuesday, June 14, 2016

"Aint no Love in this Town" (Sneak Peak2)

"Aint No Love In This Town" By King William (Sneak Peek)

"This is Faith Fancher reporting live from East Oakland.”
“I’m at the scene of a brutal homicide that was said to have taken place just hours ago.”
“Police say they believe that it may have been a robbery.” “
it all started tonight when the neighbors next to this house here behind me made a 911 call to an emergency operator to report an explosion. Upon arrival, Oakland Police Officers found believe to be the body  un-identified as 26 yr. old Lola Stevenson in the trunk of this Mercedes Benz that had been set on fire right here in the driveway of her home.”
“The police have no clues at this time, and Crime Stoppers is offering a 50,000 reward for anybody with any information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone involved.”
“This is Faith Fancher reporting live from Oakland" the reporter said as they ran the first story of the night. they all sat in the living room in total amazement not believing it at all. 
Nesto had felt that someone had just taken something close to him and he didn't know how to feel. he was sick, and angry, and confused and just wanted to make someone pay. Surely as soon as Nesto found out who that someone was they would have a high price to pay. He just sat there not being able to control the emotions that came over him. Raisun and FiNesse tried to comfort him but it just wasn't working.
"That just don't make no sense at all" Raisun said as Jamaica and Shawna sat there puzzled.
"Yall know her?" Shawna asked.
"Yea girl that’s who we just came back from Miami with" Raisun said as she started to fill her sisters in on what was going on.
"I need to take a ride" Nesto said as he grabbed his coat and left. he needed to go and see for himself if this was all real. 
He did about a hundred in the third lane trying to get to the 98th ave exit. when he pulled up in front of Lollipops, he seen the tow truck taking the Benz away all burnt up to a crisp
"Fuck!!" he screamed as a tear drop rolled down his face
"I didn't even get a chance to say goodbye" he thought to himself, whoever did this had to be watching her and knew exactly when she was coming back.  

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