Thursday, August 27, 2015

Dr. Michael Winfield

"Guilty by Association"
Written By
Author King William

After a thirteen hour shift, I made my way to my car and collapsed as soon as soon I made it to my drivers seat.
"Wow! what a day" I thought to myself as I browsed my messages. My girl had texted me a hundred times within the last hour to make sure that I was coming straight home. I wrestled with my keys for a second before I stuck them in the ignition. I reclined my seat all the way back and switched on the radio so I could relax and gather some thoughts. Smokey Robinson's "Track of my tears" finessed the stereo as I exhaled while thinking about my divorce with the wife, and how I had ended up with a woman that I didn't even truly know. Shit lately, my life had become too much, and I didn't even know where I was headed. The only thing I knew for sure, was that the show must go on. When I looked down again at my phone, I had ten more new messages and they all said the same thing
"Where are you?"
At this point I definitely needed a drink. I thought about a few places I liked to hang after work and decided to go with my first mind to relax. I definitely didn't feel like going straight home, that wasn't even a option right now. Sometimes I had to admit I was a handful, the way I let my character defects get a hold of me.
"Dr. Winfield... See you tomorrow?" 
"You bet!" I said as my receptionist made her way out. I started my car and decided to pull off before I ended up having to say good-bye to every last one of my Co-Workers  who were also getting off work. On top of everything else, I had received a letter in the mail yesterday for jury duty.
"Fuck my Life!" I thought to myself. If anything, I was glad that it was Friday. I pulled out of the parking garage directly into traffic. I blew through the first two lights not wanting to sit at a red one. After the door to my glove box opened, I removed my good old flask and took a sip of my Cognac and placed it back inside. I felt  like a mad scientist after all the surgeries I  had performed today. I don't think anybody really understood the true responsibility of a doctor and the stress levels. Tens of thousands a times out of the year, patients are wheeled into my operating rooms for surgeries that are not even necessary. I have done five heart procedures today, where I could have just given out a prescription for high blood pressure medication, be we all know in my field of practice that it is all about the money, so I did what I've been doing for years.....I ordered five pacemakers. unnecessary surgeries might account for ten to twenty percent of all operations in some specialties, including a wide range of cardiac procedures- not only stents, but also angioplasty and pacemaker implants- as well as many spinal surgeries. At the end of the day if their bodies as much as hinted that they needed: knee replacements, hysterectomies, or cesarean sections, there was no question that I had a job to do, shit, that was how I got paid. 
              I pulled into the "Jet Strip" which was a Gentlemans Club off of Hawthorne St. in Inglewood. I always felt at home here.
"Hey Mike" Mona said as she was obviously exiting her shift. I didn't know how to feel about her knowing me on a first name basis, it was a clear indication that I came here too much. As I entered the club, I saw the girls rush the floor while they giggled underneath their breaths. The ambience inside of the club was on point with the light breeze that rolled off of the walls like waves on the Ocean floor.
"Hey Mike.....would you like something to drink?"
"A double shot of Cognac and some change please"

I dropped a few bills so I wouldn't regret it after I had started tipping.
"Thanks Mike, Coming up"
As I browsed down at my phone I noticed I had literally thirty seven voicemails, all from my girlfriend Sarah.
"Ridiculous" I thought to myself as I held down the power button to power it off. I felt the vibration and knew immediately that the execution was successful.
"Daddy where you been?" I heard the voice say as I admired her pretty feet.
"You a lil late on your child support payments wouldn't you say?"
she seduced me with her sick sense of humor as she climbed right up on my lap. She wrapped her arms around my neck, and did a slow grind while she sat top dead center of my crotch. I was at full attention as I rose up. The girl who had straddled my  lap was no stranger to me. One thing admired about her was her seductive charm, and her persistent determination. Every time she danced for me, she was very good at dragging along the conversation and keeping my attention. She was a very beautiful, thin and petite young lady. I was razzle dazzled by the perk of her breasts as they jiggled right before my eyes. Her hips grinded me down in the seat as she whispered me her every need. Everytime I seen her she told me about a different bill. She seductively and charmingly whispered .....
"My Pg&E"
"ooooooohhh! that water bill!"
"The Mortgage!"
I looked around and saw the other girls standing by waiting for their turns. They looked like thirsty vampires that were waiting to come and suck my blood.
"Look at me!" she said as she slapped me in the face and gave me a kinky stare.
"Double shot of Cognac" the waitress announced as she sat my drinks on the table. A drink and good company, i'd say my Friday was well on its way. The "Jet Strip" gentleman's club was located in the Lax area and close to both the 105 and  405 freeways. In addition to some of the most beautiful exotic dancers in Southern California, there was an amazing cozy and intimate atmosphere. There really wasn't a bad seat in the house. I knew exactly where to sit when I came in the same place I always sat, away from the main floor in the lap dance section where the girls pranced around from booth to booth in bikinis, some topless, or if you were a regular like I was, they would be picking their clothes up off of the ground by the end of the dance. Tonight I seen a few new faces so I didn't let Heaven hog the lane. I tipped her and slid her off my lap before she had the chance to ask if I wanted a private dance, and kept the kitties coming that I knew already so I could see what the new girls had to offer. I partied like a rock star before it was time to bail. Four dances and eight double shots later, I finally decided that it was time to leave. I had work in the a.m  and a girl at home awaiting my arrival. I tossed my last shot back and grabbed my coat as I hit the door. As I made my way out, I found one of the new girls sitting on my car smoking a cigarette.
"Got time for one more?" she asked
"I didn't see you inside" I said speaking the best of my knowledge. I know I had tossed back a few shots but damn,  I didn't feel like I was that wasted.
"Lets take a ride" she said as she hopped down from the hood and pushed up against my crotch.
"I wonder what this ones gonna cost me" I thought to myself. I agreed to take the ride and decided this will be a helluva way to end my night before I go home and throw in the towel. At least I could make the night worth it for all the hell I was about to catch.
"Im gonna sit in the back" she announced as she opened the door. I opened the drivers side door and took a browse around before I entered the car. Hell, I had enough people in my business and the last thing I needed was somebody running shit back to Sarah. Going to the Gentlemans club was one thing, but being seen leaving with a stripper was another.
"Wassup with the hood? you hiding from somebody?"
"No, just a little chilly out"
"Let me get comfortable" she  said as she began to unravel her linens.
"Ummm so you new there?" I asked as I made casual conversation.
"Yea, just showed up today"
The backseat was pitch black, but I could still hear her taking off her clothes as I continued to cruise. Evevlyn Champagne King's "Love come down" played on the radio in a mellow tone while I fantasized about what was to come. Out of all the girls I had tricked my money off with , I had never gotten ine to leave the club with me tho.
"What a blessing" I thought to myself. This would hands down be the best visit so far.
"Pull in here" she said as we approached a run down hotel on the side of the road. I pulled in around the back.
"Park here next to that car"
I did as I was told and parked directly next to the car. As I shifted the car into park, I seen the rear
 interior lights come on from my rearview and my passenger sitting upright in the middle of the backseat. I opened my glove box and removed the flask with my Cognac so I could have another swallow. I tossed my flask back and took a big gulp.
"You want me ........don't you!" I heard her purr from the behind me. When I looked back into my rearview, she had her hands cuffed underneath her breasts caressing them and bouncing them up and down.
"Yea..." I said as told the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. I watched  her lean up close to my seat with a devilish grin.
"You wanna stick your little tator tot of a shrimp dick in my pussy?" she asked as she threw me completely off with that one.
"Oh Mikey..." I heard her say as the interior lights in the backseat went black.
"Didn't your Mommy teach you to never talk to strangers?"
"What the fuck?" I thought to myself.
"Bitch you really crazy, too much motherfucking role playing for me" I said offended  she had even brought my mother in to this.
"Well the games over!"
Before I could react, she had wrapped a rope around my neck. She yanked on the rope like she was trying to tame a wild bull while holding on for the ride.
"Getty up!" I heard her say  as she enjoyed every minute of it. She sucked the fight right out of me as I felt my body stiffen up, my toes curl, and the feces that was forming in my stomach start to drizzle out my backside. Everything became a blur as I drifted into darkness.

"One down, ten to go!" she said as she finished him off. She tugged and tugged at the rope until she was satisfied  . The door to Dr. Winfields car swung open and his killer made the great escape.
He had asked himself unknowingly what it would cost, but I think he had no clue that he would be paying with  his life!


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  2. I like it! Love the title and I'm sure readers will enjoy this book.

  3. Wow!!!! This definitely had my interest from beginning to the end... This passage alone deserves 5stars

  4. I like it and it kept my attention. It definitely has a hook.

  5. The storyline is good and very intriguing. Not sure if this is the rough draft, but with some good copy editing & proofreading it'll be awesome. Be careful of your factors though. A heart surgeon wouldn't perform arthroscopic or gynecological surgeries.