Sunday, August 16, 2015


"Guilty By Association"
Written By
Author King William


I was sick of these niggas telling me how pretty I was, using it as a poor excuse to talk to me. Or  the famous one....
"Hey, aint you Bobby Rays daughter?"
Niggaz knew exactly who my daddy was, and I didn't have to tell them, or sell em on that one.
        That was part of my problem, and mainly where all my anger and animosity aroused from. Everybody seemed to know more about this nigga than I did, shit the nigga been locked up since I was born, and im eighteen years old now.
"Wassup Milly?.....Looking Good"
"Oh..........Thank you"
See what I mean? Im just saying, I know im silky as hell, the main attraction, the topic of discussion from Long Beach to Compton, but damn!.......I wish these niggas would chill out and let a bitch pussy breathe.....Like farreal!
"Milly, you be doing too damn much" I thought to myself. These must be my daddy crazy ways.
          Still to this day I hadn't seen him once, but have been following his case for the last three years. The way I transported this paperwork around, you would swear I was a paralegal or something, but there were some things that I need to get to the bottom of that just didn't sit right with me.
          Being a loner in a cold world was something that I had gotten use to. It almost seemed better this way. I practiced the art of isolation and never really let too many get too close to me. I know ive got some serious trust issues that need to be addressed, but shit.........who didn't?
          In my mind, I was too unique and different to be understood. I didn't really get along with too many bitches so the spare time that I did have, it was always around some reputable homies. I tried my best to keep the squares outta my circle. It really wasn't too much a square could offer me, it was the excitement of the thug homies, that aroused me and made my pussy wet.
          I talked to my moms from time to time, but she moved around so much, that it made it hard for me to keep tabs on her. Every time we talked, she made sure to inquire on my well beings, and give me an update on my dad and how the trial was going on. They never really had enough evidence in the first place to put him in jail, it was all hearsay. Every time it came time to testify, they mysteriously came up missing, but hey, we all know how the system works. They do what they want and when they wanna do it.
         My routine was pretty much the same from day to day. If I wasn't boosting or stealing clothes from Foxhill Mall, I was at Rally Burger in Inglewood. If I wasn't at Rally Burgers in Inglewood, I was at The World of Wheels Skating Rink. If I wasn't at the World of Wheels Skating Rink, then I was posted on Crensahw a.k.a "The Shaw", and if I wasn't posted on "The Shaw", I was  on Slauson, at the Swap meet. And last but not least, if you couldn't find me at either three......know for sure that I was at the "Soul Brothers" Motorcycle clubhouse in Inglewood. Shit a bitch had options. The other time I had, was strictly "Me time", times that you would never hear about till later on in the game. I had a few haters but shit, In L.A, if you didn't have no haters, you wasn't really poppin like that.
          When it came to "Millyon", oh yes, best believe there was always some bitch overstepping her boundaries. As I pressed up and down Crenshaw, bitches niggas stayed breaking their necks, as I broke mines back, just to make the bitches mad. What did you expect, I was the hoods choice. I just didn't have time for baggage or the feelings that came with them, so I got what I could get out of these niggas and got on....
          These niggas would sell they soul to get a whiff of this pussy. Sad ain't it? Yea, I know. It was so much to be learned  out here that they didn't teach you in no classrooms, and that's probably why I never went but half the time. I was too busy playing "fill in the blanks".
          On Tue and Thursdays, I chose to attend a mental health counseling group,  to help me keep it together, because of how I felt at times, everybody would die. My therapist diagnosed me with a slight case of Bi-polarness and says I suffer from abandonment issues. sounds about right to me. Sometimes I felt happy, and sometimes I felt sad. Sometimes I felt happy to feel sad, or Vice Versa, I dunno, shit was weird and my thinking was fucked. I tell you one thing tho, I was far from dumb!

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  1. No errors in this chapter, that's for sure! "Millyon",She Be On It, She tell them lames to Boss up like this (in my Def Loaf voice) GREAT READ!! Can't wait to hear what's next for her, lookn to see her Dad n Mom ???