Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Living the Dream!! Empire Clothing Co.


Empire Clothing Co. has landed and has been making a name for itself as it elevates through the market.
   Starting from a couple of Custom designed T-shirts, Empire Clothing Company has since been proving to be prosperous with its endeavors as it continues to keep a trendy but yet still urban approach to style.
   With a catchy phrase of:
"Turning Dreams into Reality"
 C.E.O and Owner Author King William  has been able to do just that as his vision for his Clothing Line reaches new heights. Empire Clothing Co. a Bay Area based business stationed in San Francisco, Ca. uniquely machine Presses its own materials in such a manner that even Corporate Pros have been reaching out to support by purchasing his famous Crew-Neck Sweaters.
   Dressed from head to toe in his own attire he also stated that "who better to be the Model for the Market" than himself as he referred to how he so fashionably rocked his threads.