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It was 1989 and the bay

area was still shook up

from the earthquake that

had just rattled screws

loose, leaving thousands

of people baffled like the

addiction of drugs and

alcohol, while lost for

Taking ChancesBy Author King William



It was 1989 and the bay area was still shook up from the earthquake that had just rattled

screws loose, leaving thousands of people baffled like the addiction of drugs and alcohol,

while lost for words. The night was young and the party had just started as people ran in

and out of what was considered home for the kid named Flawless.

Peeking out of the crack of his door, he payed close attention to the activity that

surrounded him. The jukebox blared old school jams while the people popped their

fingers and swung their hips. The middle aged woman who looked to be no more than the

age of thirty stood at attention as the life of the party. She had to be one of the prettiest,

black, women that you ever did see. She was slim, petite, with dimples in her smile.

Flawless took another look and was not surprised to know that his mom had so

many friends. He watched as she entertained each and every last one of them. His mom

stood at full attention with her alcoholic beverage in one hand and a cigarette holding the

ash hostage in the other. He kept watching as her head leaned back and she got lost in the

moment as she continued to gyrate and shake her hips to the rhythm of the beat. Nights

like this, was an everyday thing and flawless had rather watch the show that was right

there before him than anything that his television or Nintendo had to offer. Smoke filled

the room as company puffed away on their cancer sticks. Flawless peeked out the door a

little bit to get a better look at what was going on. There was a blonde headed white girl

saddling the lap of one of the neighborhood Drug dealers that held up the couch in the

Author King William

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corner. The drug dealer was well dressed from head to toe in sporty attire, Oakland A‟s

fitted baseball cap, and fresh Nikes with a coke white tee. Flawless watched his every

move as he whispered in the girl‟s ear. She reached in her bra and handed him a package.

The well dressed drug dealer whose name was Squeeze had to be no more than 16 yrs

old. He dug in his pocket searching for his cigar and tore it from the wrapper. After

gutting the cigar, he dumped what was inside directly on the floor in total disregard or

respect for the house. By this time Al Green‟s “Love and Happiness” filled the room and

took control of the vibe. Flawless continued to observe as the youngster took what was

in the plastic baggy and dumped it directly into the gutted cigar and rolled it up. Once

Squeeze put the last finishing touches on what he had, the girl that was sitting on his lap

raised her lighter and lit it for him before she sat back with her spine against his chest.

She recklessly opened her legs back and forth catching the attention of the men that sat

across from her. Flawless could not stop staring as he watched her seduce them caressing

the space in the center of her crotch. The two O‟gz whispered to each other as they

laughed and gave each other fist pounds. Squeeze sat back and took a couple of puffs off

his weed and enjoyed the attention that his girl was attracting. They whispered back and

forth and it was not long before one of the older men got up and walked over to where

they were sitting and dumped a wad of cash on her lap and brushed right past Flawless in

a hurry to make it to the restroom. The blonde headed white girl picked up the money and

handed it to Squeeze. After she got the O.k. from Squeeze, shortly after, she followed

suite and made her way to the bathroom. Flawless looked back to the other side of the

room at his mom as she continued to turn her bottle up. She was having the time of her

life, Lighting up cigarette after cigarette. So much smoke clouded the room that it began

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to make him feel nauseous. Moans of pleasure traveled through the cracks of the

bathroom door. Squeeze continued to take puffs of the weed as he counted each and

every last dollar. Flawless watched in amazement as he pulled the rest of his bankroll

from his pocket and wondered how a kid accumulated so much money at such a young

age. Flawless took a look at everybody that piled in, they were having the time of their

lives. He wondered to himself, if what he was witnessing happened behind the closed

doors of other people‟s homes as he continued to hold his post. Fifteen minutes later the

blonde headed white girl and O.g exited the bathroom as she pulled her skirt down and

fixed her hair. Her stilettos jack hammered the floor as she hurried back to catch the last

ass-end of the joint. As she reached her comfort, she reached in her bra and pulled even

more money out and slid it to Squeeze. Flawless admired squeeze, the pretty girl, the way

he dressed, the money he had, and the way he carried himself and wanted to be just like

him. He wondered what was so different about Squeeze, that allowed him to sit in such

grown company of the older crowd. Flawless watched as his mom huddled up with a few

of her girlfriends, collected their two‟s and fews and made her way across the room to

where Squeeze was sitting. After she dumped the money in his lap, once again the exotic

looking white girl reached in her bra. This time she pulled out another package and it

wasn‟t weed or even had any resemblance to the stuff that Flawless was familiar with.

Just as she received the package she caught a glimpse of Flawless holding post with his

eyes wide open observing everything.
“Boy get in your room!” she yelled from way across the room.

“Ain‟t nothing but grown folks up in here!” she said slurred. Flawless darted back to the

room as soon as he snapped out of it realizing that his cover had been blown. Once he got

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back to his room, he hopped up on the bed and began to ponder. He could not put it all

together just yet why everybody wanted to give their money to squeeze.

Must be his birthday!” he thought. Moments later, the door to his room swung open and

his mother appeared.

What you doing my king?” she said as she sat down on his bed and pulled him close.

Playing the game” Flawless said as he pointed to the TV and the game of “Duck hunt”

that had been on pause every since the party started.

“I got something for you” she said as she reached for her breast. She pulled out five

crumpled up dollar bills and handed them to Flawless.

“Thanks mom” he said as he grabbed the money.

“Get some sleep” she replied.

You got school in the morning” she said as she kissed him on his forehead and tucked

him in.
“Mommy?” Flawless said before his mother hit the door.

Yea baby?” she said wondering what Flawless had to say.

“I love you!” he said whole-heartedly and sincere.

“I love you too she said before she disappeared back to the party. Once the door was shut

and he was alone again, he jumped up and made his way to the closet. He dug through a

pile of clothes before he found what he was looking for. He removed the lid of his shoebox

where he had all his favorite things like baseball cards, action heroes, jaxs, and

marbles, along with a few other things that kids his age collected and dumped them on

the floor. He ironed out the five wrinkled dollars until they were nice and neat. He placed

the money in the shoe-box and buried it back underneath his clothes that were scattered

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about in his closet and climbed back into bed. He laid back flat staring at the stars on his

ceiling, which were glowing in the dark. He thought about his dad and why he chose to

never come around. He wondered why his family life was not similar to those that he saw

on TV. Before he knew it, the dream catcher had closed his eyes and sent him into a


The next morning when Flawless awoke he lay motionless as he stared back at the

ceiling and tried to replay the previous night‟s events in his head. After he pondered

recklessly, he got up and carefully picked out his outfit that he would be wearing for the

day. After his attire had been precisely chose, he made his way to the bathroom, turned

on the shower, and brushed his teeth. After he was done with his teeth, he slipped out of

the pissy clothes and jumped into the rainfall. Flawless showered for about fifteen

minutes before he decided to get out. It took him about ten minutes to get dressed.

Flawless made a careful inventory of the things he had on, dumped a splash of

baby powder down his shirt to smell good and brushed his hair in the mirror before he

dashed out the door. The sun was just beginning to peak out of the sky and all of the

junkies were making their way to the near by methadone clinic. Flawless looked down on

the dirty, filthy, sleep-walkers and made a personal oath to never become that. When he

got to the corner of the block, He got met by one of his classmates who hiked to school

with him in the morning.

Was sup Moscato?” he said as he seductively checked her out.

Nothing much, was sup with you” she purred back. Moscato had on a polka dot sundress

with the matching headband. Her face was as shiny as a brand new penny. As they began

to walk, Flawless couldn‟t help but tell her about last night‟s crazy episode.

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“wow! Are you serious?” Moscato said as he told her about the blonde headed white girl
and how she solicited her vagina like it had a prescription for it.

“eeeeewwwww!!!......gross!” she roared.

“I could never sell myself like that” she added. Truth be told Moscato had her own set of
problems at home, like her sick and perverted stepfather who liked to play house with

her. Moscato was originally from North Oakland, but had moved to the East when her

grandmother passed away. Her mother had left her with her grandmother one day, feeling

that she was just extra luggage and didn‟t want anything coming between her and her


“You want to stop at the store to get some zoo-zoo and whams” Moscato said as she

pulled all her money out.

“Wow!” Flawless said shocked to see her with so much cash.

“Come on, I‟ll buy you whatever you want” she said

“Moscato where did you get all that money” Flawless asked as he admired her even

more. Flawless was really impressed with money and one day he wanted to have lots of

it. When they got to the corner of the next block, they rushed inside of the store to do

their shopping. Moscato heard the first bell at the school down the street.

“Shit, we got to hurry” she said brushing everything she had picked out into the brown

paper bag. After she swept the counter, she paid the store man and peeled off a crispy

twenty- dollar bill and handed it to Flawless.

“Thanks” he said as she dashed out the door

“You are welcome” she said as she kept it lit down the street to the school house.

Flawless couldn‟t help but think about how he admired Moscato and wanted to make her

Author King William

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his special friend. After looking around the store, he decided to buy two platters of Apple

pie which contained ten slices a piece. After he paid the store man he placed the pies in

his backpack and he too made his way down the street to the school house. The street was

packed with a wide variety of kids trying to beat time and not be late.

After Flawless sat through three periods, it was time for lunch. He met Moscato

by the monkey bars at the same time everyday, and they had lunch.

After Flawless‟s mind got tired of pondering, he finally saw Moscato and her

girlfriends making their way to him.

“Hey Flawless!” little Sherry said admiring how well his outfit was put together for the


Was sup?” Flawless said as he gave her a fake hug. Flawless had a couple of classes

with Sherry and knew that she very much took a liking to him but he was not interested.
“Hey Flawless” Chanel said as she pecked him on the cheek.

“Girl stop” Moscato said as she intervened and put the icing on the cake with a big
sloppy kiss to his mouth. Flawless enjoyed every minute of it, from the kiss to the

attention that the three girls gave to him.
“Calm down ladies, there‟s enough of me to go around” he said as he raised his head up
high being silly.

Get over your self” Chanel said giving him the cold shoulder as she tried to skip off to

the yard and play.
“Hey wait a minute” Flawless said stopping her dead in her tracks. The truth of the
matter was that Chanel did dig Flawless but did not want to bump heads with her best

Author King William

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friend because she knew just how Moscato felt about him. He didn‟t even know himself

because she was too embarrassed to tell him.

Was sup Flawless?” she muttered

“I need your help today” Flawless said as he slung his backpack down from his back and
swung open the zipper. He pulled out the two platters of Apple pie and said

“We‟re having a bake sale”.

The girls looked at each other and looked back at Flawless and said
“What‟s in it for us?” In perfect harmony. Actually Chanel and Sherry were the only
ones that asked. Moscato knew she herself already had money and probably would end

up giving it to Flawless anyway because she knew how infatuated with money he was.

“I‟ll give you each five dollars and my lunches and breakfast for a week!” he said. After

they meditated for a second and some careful consideration, they agreed.

By the time lunch was over with, they had sold all twenty pieces for three dollars

a piece. Flawless gave Chanel and Sherry their five dollars a piece and then reached out

to hand Moscato her cut

Keep it” she said as she winked her eye and smiled. Flawless thought about how easy it

was to make that money, and how easily they talked the other boys into coughing up

their lunch money. For this reason, he decided that he would do the same thing again

tomorrow. Flawless felt good about himself and what he had accomplished. When the

school bell rang to go home, Flawless strolled out of his class with a lil swag in his step, a

little groove in his moves and made his way to the yard where he met Moscato. Flawless

felt so good that he told himself

“I am going do things a lil different today”

Author King William

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He waited on Moscato to come from her class on the other side of the school. When she

got to a birds eye view, his face lit up like a Christmas tree. When she finally got to arms

reach, he grabbed her , pulled her down, and positioned her on his lap . Moscato was

loving every minute of it. After she sat there for a min, Flawless whipped out the money

that they had earned and began to make it nice neat. He had a total of fifty-one dollar

bills, not to mention the change from the twenty dollars that Moscato had given him

earlier. Moscato just shook her head and laughed, impressed with his creativeness and

hunger for the money. After she watched him count out the money over and over again,

she reached in her backpack and gave him the rest of the money she had. Feeling good

about being able to contribute, she just sat back with her spine against his chest and

looked up into the sky.

Author King William

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Chapter 2

On the Blacktop

On the walk back home, Flawless couldn‟t help but think about how great the day had

went. Either he or Moscato were ready to go straight home so they decided to take a

detour and stop by the Recreation Center. Flawless and Moscato loved to hit the Boys

and girls club to catch up on things that were worth talking about.
“Hey Flawless?” Moscato said, more of less sounding like a question.

“Yea?” he responded.

“Do you ever feel like leaving?” Moscato asked

“Like just jumping on a train and just making a run for it?” She continued.

“No!” Flawless replied as he looked her in the eyes.

“I do!” she said as the expression on her face got intense.

“Where would you go?” Flawless inquired wondering where she was going with the
conversation. Moscato kept a steady pace while she kicked the rock on the ground along

in front of her all the way until they made it to the center.
“Away from the monster” she said stopping in her stride.

“Somewhere safe” she continued. They kept walking until they reached the bleachers
inside of the gym. Flawless hiked to the top hurdling up with Moscato in tow.
“What monster?” Flawless asked.
Author King William

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“The one that climbs in my bed” she said. Moscato knew that Flawless would not truly
understand what she was saying and left it at that. In fact she did not want to think about

what she had to go home to which was the sexual abuse that she was fed up with.

Flawless just shook his head confused. All he could think about was the money in his

pocket. He pulled it out and began to count it over and over again thinking to himself

how he would one day have people just wanting to give their money to him the way that

Squeeze did. As they stood up and trotted down the bleachers, the basketball game got

drowned out with the loud music from a car outside. When they stepped outside, the car

had four-times Gold hundred spoke rims, rag top, candy apple red coated paint , and

coke white interior. It was Squeeze the D-boy from Flawless‟s house, and he was

obviously making his rounds. Holding up the passenger seat was the same blonde headed

white girl. Her hair ran to the back of her head as the wind lifted it up like a kite dangling

in the sky.
“Wow!” Flawless said as he motioned to Moscato.

“Whipty doo!” she said as she shook her head at her friend who was clearly mesmerized .

“That‟s gonna be you one day” she said

“just give yourself some time jeez! You‟re just a kid!” Moscato said as she cuffed his
hand and they began to walk.
“I like you Flawless, you know why?” Moscato said waiting for a response.

“Why?” Flawless said, cheesing from ear to ear at Moscato‟s honesty.

“Because you dream big, and whatever you want, you know how to go and get” she said.

“Even me!” Moscato continued. By that time Squeeze and his fancy car were just

disappearing out of sight. After they pulled off, they circled around the block twice.

Author King William

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“Well just promise me one thing,” Flawless said

“The day that you get ready to leave, please just take me with you” Flawless said not
even knowing why. He just said what was on his heart.
“Alright” Moscato said, knowing that the day would be coming sooner than later.
Junior High came and went for the two and before they knew it they were

sophomores in high school. Their relationship and feelings never changed. They stayed

down together and probably were tighter than ever. Their schemes to get money had been

elevated to a whole different level. They found themselves going to San Francisco from

Oakland everyday hustling in the Tenderloin chasing the fast money. They started off

pretty successful together too. While Flawless ran his work off down on Golden Gate St.

Moscato turned tricks with a couple of personal clients that she met from day to day.

They helped her pay bills and supply money to give to Flawless on a consistent basis.

Flawless would walk around and catch up with some of the game players he knew. He

came to the city with a bag full of Pharmaceuticals and literally in a hour they were gone.

A black Mercedes pulled up to the corner of Polk st. and Van Ness and parked.

Moscato strolled out from between two sky-scrapers and hopped in the passenger seat.

Flawless had to be one of the most decent players walking the streets from the

look of his threads. He wore a fancy green V-neck Cardigan sweater with black slacks

and green loafers. He smelled like money, looked like money, and had a pocket full of it.

Golden Gate was a part of the city where you could catch players from everywhere

uniting like family to soak up all the benefits of the fast life and check some money


Author King William

14 | P a g e

The urban community had one of the highest homeless rates in California and it

was more than a site for sore eyes with all the zombies that strolled up and down the

street looking for their next fix. Anywhere you stood , it was not hard to spot the hand to

hand transactions. Flawless couldn‟t move more than half a block without attracting

large crowds. He had finally learned the game he so desperately had a thirst for, and felt
like he was finally where he wanted to be……Getting Money!!

“Hey Flawless” the dengy looking woman said, as she approached.

“got a fifty shot?” she said as she shook uncontrollably in a frenzy. The woman had no

teeth, no shoes, and her feet looked like she had come many, many miles to come and see
him. Flawless spit three popcorn sized rocks out of his mouth into the woman‟s hand, in
exchange for two twenty dollar bills and what looked like eight one-dollar bills. When

the transaction was complete they kept walking in two opposite directions. Flawless

walked about another thirty feet before he stopped and held up the wall in front of the St.
Anthony‟s diner. St. Anthony‟s was a neighborhood diner that fed the homeless
community who came to eat on a daily basis and even offered healthcare services to

those that could afford none. Flawless whipped out his bankroll and began to count every

dollar as the traffic continued to come.
Moscato had just pulled in right behind the “Whitcomb” which was a fairly
expensive hotel just south of where Flawless was. They exited the car once they found a
park and entered through the rear for “check in”

“Hey Flawless, was sup baby?” the young players said showing their respect as
they passed him up. Flawless glanced across the street and eyed the traffic that was

passing through. Even though there was so much money to be made there, the hustlers

Author King William

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could not ignore the fact that the Narcs stayed moving through that area in waves and did
not mind bouncing out. The hustlers didn‟t care because it was so much money to be
made that it was worth taking the chance, they felt.

After all Flawless‟s inventory was gone, he walked around the corner and jumped

in his new ragtop which was the same make and model that Squeeze had except Flawless

painted his money green. He had just purchased the car a few weeks ago. As soon as he

jumped in the car, he reached in the door‟s side panel and felt for some cds. After he

shuffled through the discs he found what he was looking for. Philthy Rich‟s “Trippin for

Life” blared from the speakers as he cruised up the block setting off car alarms from all
the bass that jumped out of his trunk. When he hit Polk st. and Van Ness he turned the

music down, pulled over to park and reclined his seat back to observe his surroundings.

He glanced at his watch and continued to wait. After approximately ten minutes passed,

the black Mercedes pulled up and Moscato jumped out the car. She made a quick scan of

the block and once she spotted Flawless, her stilettos jack hammered the concrete as she

fixed her hair and pulled her skirt down. She pulled the car door open and climbed inside

to join Flawless as they raced out into traffic.
“Was sup babe?” Moscato said as she whipped out a bankroll and handed it to Flawless.

“Hey! Hey!” he said as his eyes got big as a watermelon

“I‟m guessing my baby‟s day has went well as mines” he said as he motioned for a peck
on the cheek. The street light changed as soon as they got to the intersection of Turk and

Taylor st. After he browsed the street for some potential sales and saw nothing, he headed

through Ellis and Jones.
“Call it a day?” he said as he looked Moscato in the eyes.
Author King William

16 | P a g e

“I‟m hungry daddy” she said as her stomach agreed. After they decided to call it quits for

the day, Flawless headed towards the embarcadero and the wharfs.
“I just need to put something in my stomach and then I‟ll be good daddy” Moscato said

“okay kool” Flawless replied. Moscato knew Flawless had no intentions on calling it a

day this early, he just wanted to check her out and see if she was being a lazy hustler,
because that was the shit that he didn‟t like. That‟s one thing that Flawless respected
about Moscato, she was always ready for the next lick. When they got close to the wharf,

Flawless circled the block about ten times before he was able to find parking. He scrolled

through his phone for several minutes before he was satisfied.
“Come on” he said.

“I just booked something special”. Flawless took full advantage of the opportunities as a
major player that he had blossomed into over the years. They crossed the street and made

their way to the pier.
“You ever rode the Blue and Gold Fleet?” he asked

“No babe, but is that where we are going to eat?” Moscato asked in all excitement when
she found out that they were having dinner on a 110 passenger luxury expedition vessel.

The ship was perfectly suited to carry guests to far-flung destinations of San Francisco in

comfort and style.

Flawless took great care of Moscato and tried to spoil her with the finer things in

life like all the nicest jewelry, name brand designer clothes, and the finest cuisines. It was

the least he could do for her considering that every dollar that she ever made went

directly into his pocket.

Author King William

17 | P a g e

After their reservations were acknowledged from a confirmation number that

Flawless read from his phone, they entered the ship. All the cabins had ocean view of the

San Francisco Bay and even a clear shot of the two twin tower federal buildings that sat

square in Downtown Oakland. There was a nice sitting area with sofa, flat screen TV.

The ship was fully air-conditioned with features like the library, lounge with full service

bar, observation deck, partially covered sun deck and spa. They even had a “open bridge”

which provided the guests a opportunity to meet the officers and captain to learn about

navigation. The meals were served in a single seating with unassigned tables for easy


“This is beautiful Flawless” Moscato said exhibiting all fifty-two of her pearly white

teeth. Moscato had grew up to be a stunning exotic piece of work. She did a lot better

than the rest of the girls that played her game for one specific reason….she was white! In

the streets the players called them “grey girls”

“What we eating baby?” she said as she took a look at the menu.

“You guys ready to order?” the slim waitress said as she pushed up to the table ready to
take their orders. She wore silver Moroccans hoops with hanging pearls in her ears. A

purple Vera Wang top that was forgiving in all the right places. The polyester blend style
was a camouflaging drape and had a “tie it yourself” waist band belt. She wore five
Susha Patel bracelets with crystal encrusted bangles which made her shirt really stand

out. The loft skirt with lace embellishments running down the sides which gave the kneelength

polyester pencil skirt a walk on the wild side . It gave the waitress a very exotic

look Flawless thought to himself, as he took inventory of her.

Author King William

18 | P a g e

“Ummm, no maamm!” Flawless said as he motioned towards his menu to let her know
they were still browsing.
“Can I get you a drink?” The waitress asked as she continued to cater to their needs.

“umm, I‟ll have a Apple brandy cordial” Moscato said ready to relax and not think about
her hards day work for a minute. When Flawless scrolled down the menu to find what she

had ordered he admired her choice of ingredients which read: ¾ cupof brandy, ½ cup of

apple juice, 1/3 cup of vodka, ¼ cup of fresh lemon juice, and ½ teaspoon of Angostura

bitters served over cold ice and apple slices.
“Very good too” the waitress said as she gave Moscato a wink and scribbled it down on a
pocket sized notebook.

“And you sir?” she said as she turned to Flawless.

“I‟ll have rum and coke on the rocks” Flawless said as he found nothing that really held
his interest on the high class menu.
“O.k great I‟ll be back shortly” the friendly waitress said before she turned to walk away.

“This is really nice Flawless” Moscato said

“You really know how to treat a girl” she sad full of silliness. Flawless dropped his menu
low enough to make eye contact with her and said

“you deserve it” He felt good about finally being able to enjoy the finer things in life

sometimes. Moscato blushed and you could see the joy and happiness all in her face. She

just sat back and admired his swag.
“I knew you had it in you daddy” she fired back taking full advantage of the moment. As
she peered to the left she could not ignore the beautiful view of the Golden Gate Bridge

on one side, and the Bay Bridge on the other.

Author King William

19 | P a g e

“Beautiful huh?” Flawless asked as he enjoyed the moment with her. Seconds later the
waitress returned with their drinks, and a couple napkins.

“Thank you” they said in harmony as the waitress sat the drinks down on the table.

“Are you ready to order?” she shot back anxiously to get their request started.

“I think I‟ll have the stuffed pork loin with roasted root vegetables, and wild rice with

mushroom pilaf” Moscato said as she took a sip of her drink.

“And I‟ll have the same” Flawless said after realizing he didn‟t recognize none of the
foreign cuisine. When they got done ordering, the waitress returned with refills for

Moscato and Flawless after noticing that their drinks were just about gone already, before

they had even finished ordering. Moscato checked the time on her fancy non reflective

scratch resistant sapphire crystal watch that Flawless had picked her up from Tiffany&co.

for a little over two grand. Shit from all the money she made from dealing with her high

priced paying dates, materialistic things like that, Flawless didn‟t mind paying for. Every

five minutes Moscato phone rung like crazy. She knew that it was nothing else than

horny johns responding to her Red Book Ads, so she turned it off.
“I‟m so tired of the Bay Area Flawless” Moscato started

“I‟m ready to see the world you know?” she continued, as she squinted her eyes and gave
him a look of seriousness. She repositioned her beaded tulle bib necklace and cleared her

throat. She wore a cult candied top with a bell shaped hem that hung just past her hips.

She wore no panties, no stockings, no nothing, just a lot of skin and jewelry.

“And I don‟t mind” Flawless said as he slid his glasses over his face

“But right now I can‟t even see that far” he replied

“All I see is dollar signs” Flawless fired back.
Author King William

20 | P a g e

“You think I wouldn‟t love to let my money show me how to spend itself like the white

niggas do!” Flawless said as he began to sell the dream.

“Like swimming with the stingrays on the Cayman Islands, or chilling in a resort,

somewhere in Hawaii dipping my feet in a five slope slide hot tub with bottle service”
Flawless added.

“Or what about chilling in Costa Rica sitting in a villa right off the beach or dangling

my feet from a hammock looking at four foot waves, snorkeling right besides the
dolphins.” Flawless said as he continued to ramble on and on.

“Here you are” the waitress said as she appeared back with everything they had ordered.

“Ummmm! Delicious!” Moscato said as she had some of the pork loin steak. Flawless
joined in with her as he knocked a chunk out of his steak.
“oh yea this the one!” He said referring to the good taste of the steak.

“Flawless how come you always change the subject when I talk about leaving?” Moscato
asked awaiting an honest answer.
“I don‟t know” he replied

“I guess I just feel like we got a lot of love here, that‟s all” he continued.

“we do need a vacation though” Flawless said as he came to grips of where she was

going with things. Its time to take the show on the road and see what happens then,” he
“At least visit a few states” Moscato said trying to convince him.

“Well just let me think about it, and think about just where I want to go, and then we will

move out even it‟s just for a little while.
Author King William

21 | P a g e

After the ship pulled back up to the pier, and the food was gone and the drinks

were gone, they exited the ship and headed back to the car, so they could beat the traffic

back across the Bridge.

On the way back to the car Flawless could feel the alcohol taking advantage of

him. The rum and cokes had done him some justice.
“Those were some good drinks” Moscato said as they climbed in the car.
After the good meal Moscato peeled a Newport out of her cigarette box and put

fire to it. The way she puffed and posed, you would have sworn she was auditioning for

“What about Seattle?” Moscato said as she spoke it into existence. Flawless turned and

met her eye to eye. He admired her puppy dog face and answered……..

“Seattle it is!” Flawless did not contest the idea because deep down inside he knew they
both were well over due for a vacation.

After Flawless weaved in and out of the San Francisco traffic, he entered the Bay

Bridge near Folsom st. and headed back towards the East bay. Moscato reclined the seat

back and admired the new bridge that they had just put up. She admired the beautiful

landscape as they swung around the S-curve. She thought about how much fun they were

going to have and all the things that there were to do in Seattle. By the time they hit

Oakland, Flawless exited the freeway in the East Oakland. Flawless took the High st. exit

and blew past the studio where he spent most of his free time with his Cousins Little

Kenny and 4rax. They produced some of the best music and made some of the best beats
that came out of Oakland Ca. They called themselves “The Mekanix”
Author King William

22 | P a g e

Flawless cruised all the way down to the intersection of E14th st. This was where all the

young girls hung out, that were living the same kind of fast life that he was. The girls

down there were very money hungry and it was a jungle, only the strong survived as they

risked their lives to get the money from tricks who wanted to pay in exchange for sexual

favors. Flawless knew he desperately needed some more toes to put down, so he was on

the prowl. Moscato was definitely doing her job, but there was more money to be made.

Throughout the last past month they had ran through three girls whom which of all three

either ran or got kidnapped. Shit was hard. Moscato was the key, but at the same time she

was very territorial when it came down to Flawless, so they often came and left quickly.

Moscato knew one thing, and that was when she stepped out, she was worth top dollar

Flawless tooted his horn left and right as he pushed past the streetwalkers trying

to get their trap money for the night.
“If ya knew better ya would do better!” Flawless yelled out the window sinking his line
with the bait on it. The track was real busy tonight and all the girls they sweated were
either straight laced, or was under good pimping because they‟d rather talk to the ground
than acknowledge the invitation Moscato and Flawless had to offer. After they spun

around the block a few times Flawless made his way further down the strip. When he got

to Seminary st, he pulled over to park.
“Want something out of here?” he asked while he took an inventory of the money that he
pulled out of his pocket.

“Hey now!” Flawless yelled as the two girls tried to tip-toe past his car.

“Hi” the tall butter scotched one said as she laughed and giggled to her shorter chocolate

Author King William

23 | P a g e

“Free Bands!” Flawless yelled as he got overly excited motioning for Moscato to go and

get them, that‟s what she was good at, when she wanted to be. He never knew what the

hell she told them, but it worked every time. By the time Flawless entered the store and
came out he had thirty toes……ten in the front and twenty in the back. All he seen was
dollar signs. He climbed back in the car and checked the girls out real good.

“yawl aren‟t five-0 or nothing right? He asked getting that one out the way.

“No!!” The plump light skinned one yelled as if she‟d been disrespected.

“yawl eighteen and up right?” Flawless said as he continued to badger the girls.

“You know it be decoys running around” He continued as he took one last look and then
started the key.
“Nice car!” the shorter chocolate friend said.

“so what‟s yawl names” Moscato asked as she turned them over to the Boss.

“I‟m Rosa and this my girl Sweetpea”

Flawless didn‟t even let the names finishing rolling off of their tongues before he
checked his paper.
“How much money yawl got for me?” he asked as he cracked the bottle of Hennessey
and took a big swig.
“We on our way out of town and the whip don‟t run on fumes ya dig” he continued to go
hard checking his doe.
“I need a choosing fee if you fucking wit me”
After the two girls wiped their pockets clean, they put their money together and reached

over the seat and dropped the money on his lap. Flawless could look at the money and tell

Author King William

24 | P a g e

that it was likely no more than two grand if that between the both of them, but it would

do for now.
“Free bands!!” Flawless yelled belligerently as he expressed his happiness.

“I told you hoes, money makes him cum!!” Moscato said as she sat back and laughed.
Flawless thought about his next move, he had money, a nice car that he would

probably end up leaving in Oakland, some new workers, and was about to plan the

perfect retreat. What more could a player ask for. He continued to recklessly turn the

bottle up as he changed lanes. He turned his music up and banged the trunk out while he

thought about how the city of Oakland had once again blessed the young hustler with a


Author King William

25 | P a g e

Chapter 3

On The Runway
The drive to Seattle from Oakland was about a twelve hour drive so Flawless did not

decide to go that route. By noontime the next day Flawless had a flight booked, that was

to leave the Oakland International Airport by 2:30 pm and arrive in Seattle Wa, a little bit
before 5pm. The “Sea Tac” airport was in southern Seattle and was where they were to
drop out of the sky at.
“Girl, I‟m so glad to be getting away for a couple of days,” Rosa said to Moscato.

“All these niggas dropping like flies in Oakland, a bitch cant even make no money

without getting caught in the crossfire” she continued.

“I feel you,” Moscato said trying to relate.

“Well it‟s a new day and you girls don‟t have to live like that anymore, eating out of

garbage cans and shit,” Moscato said as she tried to sneak one past them.

“We weren‟t eating out of the garbage,” Sweetpea said as she caught on to the ratchet

“n-e-ways” Rosa said just trying to keep the peace.

“I heard that it rains a lot in Seattle and that it gets about 10-20 degrees colder than here

and that it rains over nine months out of the year” Rosa continued.

“It clears up in the summer for a couple of weeks and its real nice, but then it gets cloudy

and wet again.” Moscato said filling her in, letting her know she knew a lil bit too! The

ladies as well as Flawless enjoyed the first class flight. Flawless had token a few flights

Author King William

26 | P a g e

here and there but was yet to still see the places that he dreamed of. Once the plane had

reached 10,000 ft. the airline crew gave clearance to use electronic equipment except for

portable televisions, radio transmitters, or remote controlled toys. Flawless calmly

decided to gather his thoughts as he gestured for service.

U.S Airways had a wide variety of food and beverages to order from. The flight

was packed, yet everybody held their post with much comfort ability. The girls had

window shots while Flawless took full advantage of the aisle. Moscato pulled her

Macbook Pro from her bag and connected her computer to the airlines full internet

access. She decided to waddle a couple of steps ahead of the girls and line up some dates.
She quickly logged in at “” and found a wide variety of listings of men
in that area, that clearly wanted to spend a couple of dollars on her to have a little fun.

Flawless was on his third cocktail and third beer before he caught the attention of

“You ok baby?” she inquired as she motioned towards the drinks.

“Yea I‟m cool” Flawless said non- cholantly flourishing in his vibe. Rosa and Sweetpea

took full advantage of their tab and ordered everything they desired. U.S airlines had a

nice selection of releases to choose from. After precisely browsing through them, Rosa

decided to watch “Taken2” while Sweetpea slipped on the headphones and enjoyed a

wide variety of music in the audio entertainment section. Everybody was really relaxed

and enjoying the flight as expected. All the passengers aboard were also nice and chill.

The carry on baggage could not exceed 45 linear inches and a maximum weight of 40lbs

per bag. It was heavily recommended to keep seat belts fastened at all times. While
seated, even when the captain turned off the “fasten seat belt signs”
Author King William

27 | P a g e

After two and a half hours in the air, the craft was finally making preparations, for


Another hour and Flawless, Moscato, Sweetpea, and Rosa were in a taxi headed

towards downtown Seattle. Downtown was a mix of real run down areas with grimy drug

corners and then rich corporate areas, where the tourist roamed in between.
“This city is really nice!” Rosa said as she admired the architectural structure. All the
buildings were plastered with nice advertisements. Majority of the buildings were made

out of a lot glass. They passed by Quest fields stadium which was shaped like a football.

After they traveled for several minutes more they finally pulled up to the resort. All three

girls could not help but fantasize about getting rock star treatment, lounging on tropical

beaches, staying in the plushest accommodations, and have someone cater to their every

If you thought it was a dream, check this out…..The space age resort sported a
nice funky vibe along with nice music. Black art and memorabilia enslaved the walls,

plus it had all the perks of all inclusive accommodations.

They immediately got a tour of the facility, their mouths dropped to the floor

when they got a load of their rooms with Jacuzzis, in-room liquor dispensers, nice fifty

plus size flat screen TV that hung from the ceiling. They had an outdoor amphitheatre to

enjoy live shows at night 45,000 sq. ft. casino plus an arcade and mini golf. In addition, if

to say that was not enough they had a choice of fifteen different swimming pools to dip


After the tour was done, Flawless decided to start the night with a little relaxation,

so they headed to the spa.

Author King William

28 | P a g e

“You sure know the way to a girl‟s heart don‟t you?” Sweetpea said as her slippers
slapped the ground like a flie swatter.
“I know right? ….I tell him that all the time” Moscato said as she decided to add her two
cents in the mix.
“Yea this is really nice,” Rosa added jumping on the bandwagon.

“I‟m sure you girls deserve it,” Flawless said as he took a drag from his Newport. People
all over the world knew about the luxurious treatments, but also the many perks. The spa

started off with a traditional Tea ceremony and deep foot massage. Flawless exhaled as

he once again got a chance to meditate and conjure together his thoughts. As he laid back

and relaxed on the lush daybed, the glare of the Moroccan lantern simmered down. All

the girls were relaxed as they slipped out of their clothes and untwined. The fact was that

the spa treatment used “La Prairies” highly celebrated skin-care products, made their

experience stand out. The massage was paired with caviar extract, which offered highly
concentrated omega 3‟s to boost antioxidant levels in the skin, which prompted firming
and provided hydration. The sixty minute body treatment was one of the most exotic

experiences that any of them had ever experienced. Flawless inhaled as he sucked the

smoke in from the blunt that the girls had rolled up.
“So how are yawl feeling?” He said as he focused their attention to him

“Lets not forget why were here” Flawless said assertively

“I want you ladies to relax but yet in still at the same time figure how we bout to win and

take a bankroll back to Cali wit us” Flawless continued.

“Pimping isn‟t easy, shit, but um hoeing ain't hard,” he said as he sipped on the glass of

Author King William

29 | P a g e

“We ready to go and get it daddy” Sweetpea said as she pranced her fancy ass across the

room and plopped it right down next to Flawless.
“I hope so,” he said as he continued to sip on his Ciroc.

“I aint got time to baby-sit yall” he continued. His words slurred as the liquor started to

settle in. Moscato lost herself in the moment right quick with distasteful thoughts about
the other girls. She felt they were not worthy of Flawless‟s presence and maybe she was
right, but only time would tell.
Before Moscato could get a word out…her phone rang.

“Hello?” she answered in a savvy business voice.

“Tonight?” she continued as she jotted some information down on a piece of paper.

“Yes, I‟m available” she said as she looked at Flawless and gave him a wink to let him
know that it was on and popping. She uncrossed one leg to anxiously cross the other one.
“Two fifty and hour” she bartered “O.k. see you soon” and just like that she had stolen
the show with her proper preparation.
“Boom!” Flawless said as Moscatos vigilance aroused him.

“Now that what I like,” Flawless said comically but serious as hell.

“As a matter of fact, wont you set the girls up before you leave,” Flawless suggested.

“I can do that,” she said just so happy to be getting back to work.

“You Bitches take some pictures and set your profiles up so we can get this shit popping”
Flawless said as he fired up a cigarette.

“When I wake up in the morning, I want it to look like Christmas,” Flawless continued.

“I got this daddy,” Moscato said as to send him some relief.

“Good!” Flawless intercepted
Author King William

30 | P a g e

“I‟m tired, and I‟m ready to go back to the room.

The penthouse suite had a door separating the two rooms that joined. One was

theirs and one was his. The agenda had been set and night was still young.

Shortly after about a good hour of pampering herself, and holding the bathroom

hostage, Moscato strolled out into the living room area of the suite nakedly before the

other two women so seductively and enticing that she created a lust for her from the way

her breast sat so firm on her chest. Her vagina was freshly shaved with a beautiful

decoration of floral designs tatted right between her thighs.
“You girls almost set up?” she asked as she strutted her stuff back and forth a hot mess
with herself and no shame in her game. Moscato strolled over to the refrigerator and

poured a glass of wine, then entered into a state of relaxation. She sipped on the cabernet

as she held a casual conversation with the girls about goals and expectations that Flawless

would have of them. She debriefed them and filled them in on protocols as she dug

through her luggage and scanned through her thong collection until she found a matching

set with the bra. She slipped the lingerie on, then reached in her jewelry box and pulled

out a Diamond necklace she had gotten from Tiffany‟s, and placed it around her neck.

Before Moscato could finish getting dressed, she got the brightest idea ever! She grabbed

her phone and decided to send her date a text. She grabbed the computer, checked Rosa

and Sweetpea‟s profiles and decided to make it interesting. After she scanned their

profiles, she sent a text that said a million words and raised the price of the date all in one

sentence. Within the next ten minutes she was sending pics of Sweetpea and Rosa and

now had them getting dressed, so they could join in on the the nights festivities. Things

were starting to look up already.

Author King William

31 | P a g e

As Flawless began to think about the way he perceived things, it explained his

success. As he lay there in the bed he thought about how if he spent every night, every

weekend, hustling with one woman, that after a while, that one woman would grow

accustom to that and develop a type of jealousy when he mingled, or when new girls

came around.

Flawless felt that in order to step his game up and continue to pimp strong, he had

to continue to learn and secure information to benefit him and the family. He felt that he

must at all times go out into the world and check out every aspect of it as it pertained to

himself. As a player in the game, he knew now that he must seek, maintain, and insist

upon his freedom of motion when it came to a woman or better yet one of his workers.

Therefore, with that in mind, he decided against getting some sleep and decided to see

what exactly what it was that Seattle had to offer.

When Moscato, Rosa, and Sweetpea were ready to leave, Moscato whipped out

her computer once more and used her navigation to check out the area that they were
destined for. As she closely navigated the address, she saw they were headed to “Capital

Hill” area where there is mostly hipsters and gay people. This area had the best clubs

apparently and venues that Seattle had to offer. This was the same area that everyone

partied at on the weekends to be seen.

After the girls waited about half an hour for the taxi, they were finally off to see

the Wizard.

Author King William

32 | P a g e

Chp. 4
“Bustin Moves”
After a cab with the girls in it crossed over past Highway 5, they were not too far away

from where they were scheduled to be.
“You sure this trick got enough money to hold the tab for all three of us?” Sweetpea
asked trying to get a little reassurance.
“That‟s what he said” Moscato confirmed as she repositioned herself in the seat.

“So how much we getting for this little party?” Rosa inquired as she threw two peace
signs up sassily.

“I originally set it up for just me at $250/hr. but after I told him yall was coming too, I

locked it in $1500 for one hour, anything goes!” Moscato said crazily.

“Not anything!” Sweetpea said wit a smirk

“yea that fifteen hundred sounds good, a bitch aint trying to sell they soul over the shit

though," Rosa said jokingly pushing her breasts more firm in her bra. The neighborhoods

that they rode through, looked fairly upscale. It was ok to say that some parts of Seattle

most definitely had a San Francisco beat. As the cab driver drove one more mile, he
announced in harmony with Moscato‟s Navigation that was attached to her phone

“Destination coming up on the right hand side”
Author King William

33 | P a g e

When the cab reached the destination, Moscato reached in her bra and peeled off three

crispy Twenty dollar bills, which was enough for the ride, and a generous tip. The girls

climbed out of the cab and approached the door. The house looked real nice from the

outside with nice well kept landscaping. It must have had timered irrigation systems

because the sprinklers had just came on as the cab drove up. They didn‟t even make it to

the door mat before the door swung open
“Ladies welcome”
The moment the three women stepped inside of the entrance hall where a grand

mahogany sideboard filled with jazz musicians was plastered to the wall, there was

eloquent black rugs, and baroque double doors that made unexpected companions.
“Feeling it!” Rosa said as she stared carelessly into the house.

“My name is Charles” the man said as he extended his hand to the each of them and

kissed the back sides with a peck from his lips. Before the girls could put their coats

down, Charles began to give them a tour of the house. He explained how he purchased

the home after his children had taken off to boarding school. They hit the dining room

that had beautiful Victorian wicker chairs, which seemed to show up everywhere. There

was an upright bamboo piano that stood in the pollen-yellow corridor. The girls were

amused, fascinated, and got extremely thirsty once they realized that this old joker really

had it going on. Red flags went up as their minds rung the alarm. A similarly unorthodox

mix of textures, epoch patterns, and colors spoke volumes. The Baccarat chandelier

overlooked the living room where the sheer curtains hung made with Christopher Hyland

silk gauze. The black antique lacquer mirrors stood solo spaced out around the room. The

sofa was upholstered in Rubella fabric and damn the shit was nice!

Author King William

34 | P a g e

“So how much does something like this cost?” Moscato asked as she looked around like a

dumb blonde with her index finger twirling around in her mouth.
“A lot of dedication and hard work” Charles said as he swirled around on the heels of his
shoes and a funny looking smirk on his face.

“I spent six months refinishing every wall and floor, as well as converting a dark garage

into a seductive, light filled pool house and guest cottage,” Charles continued as he
rubbed his hands together.

“More challenging was figuring out which of the thousand piece collection of paintings,

photographs, sculptures, furnishings, and decorative objects that would make the cut.
“Where is this pool room you talking about at?” Rosa said as she tried to cut the tour

“Right this way” Charles said as they headed to the pool house. As he swung the door

open, there was a beautiful 2014 Chevy Corvette Stingray, sitting reserved among a few

other trophies. The car had a jet- fighter style cockpit arc that met the rear deck. The Z51

performance option came with the coupe‟s 455 horsepower, 6.2 liters that propels the car

to 60m.p.h in less than four seconds. Surprisingly after the initial rush of acceleration, the
engine shuts down half it‟s cylinders to achieve about 30m.p.g The 21st century
technology continued with a seven speed manual shifter, road sensing magnetic

suspension, and a remarkable range of computerized performance settings, including one

specifically for the race track.
“ooohhhh! I want to drive” Sweetpea said as she slipped past Rosa and Moscato and
embraced Charles from behind groping his private parts, and rubbing on his chest. The

Author King William

35 | P a g e

free flowing layout of the pool room facilitated movement between the indoor and

outdoor living spaces with a 160ft wide stretch that contained a lap pool.

“Now we fucking talking” Sweetpea said as she started slipping out of her clothes and

walking towards the pool at the same time. By the time she actually got to it, she was

completely naked. Her body launched with an arch as she plunged into the water. From

the bright lights, the pool was well lit up. Rosa decided to join Sweetpea as she too
revealed herself as well, getting off on Charles‟s facial expressions. She knew she had a
body of a Goddess, and was prepared to put that body to use tonight, as she had done

many times before. Charles and Moscato made their way to the bar, which stood right

next to the pool. As he grabbed everything he needed to make the drinks he explained to
Moscato that there was five ways to make a “Manhattan”

“Can you make me a lemon drop?” Moscato said seductively as she licked her tongue

around the edges of her lips in slow motion as she hypnotized Charles with her eye

contact. She never let his penis go as she continued to bully him sexually.

“Come on girls, lets have a toast to a new and beautiful friendship” Charles said as he

finished pouring the last drink. The “Obsession of the mind” and the “Allergy of the

body” took control over the girls decision making as they rose up out of the pool and
made their way to the bar. The beam from the bright night lights complimented every

swerve and curve that the ladies had to offer.

About twenty minutes had passed as Charles and the girls drunk like fishes, more

so the girls.
All Moscato could hear was Flawless‟s last words to them “Lets not forget why

were here” and soon snapped back into reality.

Author King William

36 | P a g e

“Alright Charles” Moscato said

“Not to rain on the moment, but we need to get paid” she said as she stuck her hand out.
Although they were having the time of their life, Moscato had to put it down and let this

trick know that it was all business. She would have made Flawless proud.
“Fair enough” Charles said as he strolled behind the bar and pulled out a lock box.
When he opened the box, it was filled with money, all hundred dollar bills. Rosa and

Sweetpea couldn‟t help but take another drink after seeing all that money. It was truly

awful to admit, that with the glass in hand, they had warped their minds into such an

obsession for destructive drinking, that only an act of providence would remove it from

them. Charles knew how to party hard, he was used to it. He expressed his love for oral

sex after he handed over the money, so the girls had no problem putting a demo down.

When they got ready to suck his dick, they all did it at the same time. They acted like

kids fighting over the last piece of candy. Alcohol had now taken control of the moment

bleeding them of all self-sufficiency and the will to resist any demands.

After they drew bored with the pool area, they made their ways back inside to the

mansion. The first thing they hit was a staircase leading to the second floor. There was a
1920‟s hooked runner carpet on the floor bearing imageries of fine naked art. There was
large salmon-pink sitting room adjacent to a terrace with breath taking city views of

Seattle. They came to a halt when they reached the master suite bedroom. Amusingly

enough, the room was painted tangerine orange, and the sofa and ottoman were clad in

arabesque wool. The fringed fortuned-fabric pillows were made from David Duncan

Antiques, and the floor carpet was vintage.

Author King William

37 | P a g e

By the time the girls made it upstairs they had about fifteen minutes before it was

time to depart. Moscato decided to turn up and give Charles his money worth, so she slid

over to the edge of the bed and sat back as she motioned for Charles to join her. As he

came near, Moscato grabbed him by the back of the neck and violently shoved his face

right between her legs. She began to moan and groan even before his tongue had reached

her clitoris. Rosa and Sweetpea came and laid on the bed right next to Moscato as

Charles took turns licking each of them like they were a lollipop. Soon the room filled
with pleasure and crying orgasms. Sweetpea grabbed Charles‟s penis and began to stroke
it with her hand. She stroked and stroked, until it stiffened up, then bent down and shoved

it in her mouth as she sucked him soft. His legs trembled and his toes twinkled as the

sand in the hourglass dropped its last grain.

Flawless sat back in his chair inside of a local bar and sipped on a glass of

Hennessey while he observed the flow of traffic. Before he knew it he was on his fifth

shot, and little did he know that nothing good could come to an alcoholic who ever left a

reservation for the weakness to alcohol and all of its consequences. He was a victim of a
mental obsession and didn‟t even know it. No amount of human willpower could break it
either, only a divine spiritual awakening of a higher power.

Seattle was a city that knew and appreciated its live music. With so many national

acts appearing there on any given night there were options galore. Flawless decided to
order one more drink before he headed back. He ordered a “Tequila Sunrise” which was
made from one part tequila, three parts orange juice, and one teaspoon of grenadine. The

waiter shook the tequila and orange juice with plenty of ice and strained it into a highball
glass. Then he poured the grenadine in to watch the sunrise, and that‟s what made the
Author King William

38 | P a g e

drink worth while. Flawlesss sipped his drink and exhaled as he got consumed with

relaxation. He removed his wallet from his side coat pocket and took some cash out to

pay for his drink and leave a tip. Before he got a chance to slam the drink and make it to

his feet to leave, he got grabbed from the back. All he felt were arms slip underneath his

and then around his body. As he jumped up on the defense, he noticed a beautiful bowl of

rice behind him. She looked Filipino and had a super hot body. Flawless could not help

but notice the fancy “Dior” watch she had on her wrist: pink Gold, diamond and ceramic.

She wore Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses, an emerald green dress with sparkles. Her

cleavage barely stood still as they overlapped her bra and now sat at attention right before

Flawless‟s eyes. Obviously she had traded her studs for dangly sparklers that hung from

her ears. The stones lit up her face and made her outfit look special.
“Anybody sitting here?” she asked as she sat down right next to Flawless

“Not at all” Flawless started

“just you” he finished. She relaxed herself as she adjusted to a more comfortable position.

Flawless looked at her and could tell her little pussy was hot.
“What‟s your name?” Flawless asked while he tried to pick her brain. He wondered what
business she had wandering around so loosely.

“J‟adore” she said as she motioned for the bartender. When the bartender reached the

table, she politely grabbed the menu and browsed it for a drink.
“I‟ll have a zombie,” she said as she quickly came to her conclusion. Apparently, by the

information on the menu the “Zombie” was much folk lorded and had a disclaimer

limiting consumption to one or two per customer. The original version invented in the

Author King William

39 | P a g e

1930‟s at Hollywood‟s “Don the Beach Bomber” restaurant, and was said to be the
equivalent of drinking up to four strong cocktails in one go.
“You sure you can handle that?” Flawless said as he gave her the shit face.

“Sure I can silly, I ordered it didn‟t I?” she said jokingly as the bartender returned with

her drink.

As Flawless sized the woman up as she appeared to be somewhat average. She

looked like she held a steady job, enjoyed weddings and birthdays and knew how to make

big preparations for both. She was neat and looked like she may have attended church on

a regular basis. Her hair was put together nicely and she spoke with great clarity.

Flawless looked her up and down, as he wondered what it was that had just landed in his
lap. He just knew he had knocked a square. “You like to travel?” Flawless asked as he
pursued to get to the bottom of her.
“Trips to L.A, the Bahamas, and Europe sound like something that interest you,” he
“I know you probably drive a nice car, already live a little bit above your means and still
manage to juggle your finances, but how about coming together with something greater

than yourself?” Flawless said without a doubt in the world that his charm had just won

her over. She stood up, and pulled Flawless up, and put her arms around his waist and

whispered in his ear.

“Look! I don‟t know what your selling, but I aint buying” she said as she released him

and turned to walk away. By the time she made it to the door, she stopped and said,
“Thanks in advance though, welcome to Seattle stranger. I know you aint from around

here, but I hope to catch you again sometime. Oh yea, and next time don‟t be so quick to

Author King William

40 | P a g e

judge a book by its cover, it‟s all in your face!” she shot Flawless a grimacing grin and
spun around as she disappeared out the door and into the night sky.

Flawless sat back and thought about what had just happened and wandered what

that was all about. He looked at his watch and realized it was getting late. As he fumbled

through his pocket for his wallet, to his amazement, it was not there! He thought about it

for another second before he jumped up and made a dash for the door.
“Fucking Bitch!” he said as he looked up and down the street. J‟adore was long gone

with Flawless‟s wallet full of cash. She had stolen the show and made one hell of an exit.
Author King William

41 | P a g e

“Hitting Licks”
When Flawless returned to the room, he thought about how he was getting down to his

last, he had spent a lot and lost a couple in just a few days and needed to restore his

strength. Money was power to him, and when he had it, everything seemed so right.

Flawless thought about how he would explain to the girls, getting his wallet stolen by the

pocket thief. He thought about it again and decided against even saying anything about it.

When he put the key in the door and turned the knob to enter, he heard the girls laughing

and giggling next door. After he kicked off his shoes, he once again decided to get some

rest so he could focus in on how he would win tomorrow.
“Hopefully everything had gone swell with the girls,” he thought to himself.
The girls sat around in a circle on the floor as they laughed and joked about the
night‟s events.

“Girl that was a fifteen hundred dollar head job!” Sweetpea said as she looked at Moscato
with the silliest face she could make. Rosa leaned back and started to imitate how

moscato shoved Charles‟s head between her legs and began to moan recklessly. All of the

girls had a full itinerary for the next day and a phone full of messages from sugar daddys

that wanted to spend some money for a little company.
“I‟m going to take a hot bath Ha? and let this coochie soak ya huuurrd me!”
Sweetpea said jokingly as she tried her best to imitate juvenile the rapper and his

southern accent. She got up and made her way through the spacious suite.

Author King William

42 | P a g e

“Ooooohhhh! I‟m coming too” Rosa said as she ran behind her

“You know that thing big enough for both of us” She continued.

“Oh really?” Sweetpea said as she rolled her neck backwards and started to giggle at

Rosa‟s joke. Once the girls had dispersed, Moscato was already online looking for
somewhere nice to eat breakfast in the morning if that was o.k. with Flawless. As she

scanned, she found a few places that raised some eyebrows.
“Aint it crazy how as a black woman we go through so many struggles and yet in still we

can always count on the white man to come through for the rescue” Rosa said as she sat

down in the Jacuzzi sounding dumb as hell because she wasn‟t even black. Sweetpea just

nodded in agreement and said
“I know right?” keeping the moment to herself as they sat down in the hot water and
soaked. True enough Rosa knew the game, she knew she could wear as many masks and

as much makeup as needed becoming an actress of all sorts, as she authentically laughs at

all the white mans jokes and pretends to like the things that he does. Rosa remembered

how she was known to ignore a Blackman in her own hood, but always made a proper

presentation when it came down to a white man in a suit and tie. She had real hoe

tendencies long before they were ever even discovered.
“Imma be one busy bitch tomorrow” Sweetpea said as she laid back and scrolled
through her phone. She viewed her profile and looked at all her male friends she had

accumulated in the few hours.
“Save some for the whales” Moscato said as she decided to join the girls in the Jacuzzi.

“AAaaaggghh! Relaxation” she said as she sat down and leaned her head back against

the frame.

Author King William

43 | P a g e

The morning rolled around and before they knew it, the sun had risen up out of

the sky, and it was a new day.

Flawless woke up with all the girls asleep in his bed. Moscato lay right there

underneath his arms naked and free. Flawless looked at her as the sunshine shimmered

off of her breasts. Rosa and Sweetpea shared a pillow with their mouths wide open.

Flawless was tickled as his sick sense of humor took control over his thoughts.

As he glanced over at the nightstand, a good feeling came over him as he counted

out fifteen crispy hundred dollar bills.
“Dats right” he said as it brought a smile to his face.

“Chump change” he thought, but was just happy that things had started off on the right
foot. He continued to browse around as he noticed a bunch of numbers scribbled on a

piece of paper. He observed all of the different options that Moscato had picked out for


By the time they all had risen and got dressed, they decided to step out and see

just what Seattle had to offer them. Downtown was a difficult area to describe, as it didn‟t

really have a personality. The developers had started to build luxury condos there, and the

neighborhood was still mostly a business hub. The Waterfront and First Avenue had

much to offer as it seemed very lively and touristy. Thanks to the Pike Place Market, the

Seattle Art museum, and the piers, Flawless and the girls enjoyed every minute of the


“The afternoon had come in no time. They ended up in a place called “Matts in

the Market” so they had heard it was the best restaurant in the market as well as one of

the best in the city. The lunch was casual, they all tried the infamous “Catfish Po‟boy”
Author King William

44 | P a g e

They had a variety of fresh fish and local produce showcased on the small menus. The

menu itself displayed dishes such as: Smoked Catfish Salad, baby beets and frisee salad,

penn cove mussels, oysters on the half shell, roasted duck breast, and pan roasted wild

salmon. The ladies spent most of their time with their faces stuck in their phones while

they stuffed their mouths.

Before Flawless could even blink, the girls were gone and back to work. Flawless

had must admit they had made him proud the night before, on the account of how they

handled themselves and brought the money home. He knew he was soon to see the true

performance and the fruits of his labor as he conditioned their minds to a higher plane in

the sky where he felt he was destined to fly freely.

For some reason, whenever Flawless was having a good time, bad time,

celebration or whatever, he felt it was necessary to fill him up with alcohol. He was not

drinking to overcome a craving beyond his mental control. There were many situations

which arose out of the phenomenon which caused him to make a supreme sacrifice rather

than to fight the urge to drink. Flawless had no clue that once he had ever took his first

drink he manifested an allergy which clarified that he could not start drinking at no point

in his life without developing the addiction and craving. The only relief that ever would

help would be the complete abstinence.

After the bartender circled the floor a couple of times he tried to fight the urge,
but loss the battle to his “obsession of the mind”

“Excuse me!” he said as held up his index fingers trying to get the attention of the


Author King William

45 | P a g e

Flawless fit in real well with this casual environment. He wore a leather jacket

that was made by Dolce & Gabbana, a cotton V-neck t-shirt by AG Adriano

Goldschmied, and some cotton trousers by Dior Homme.
“Yes sir, how may I help you?” the beautiful bartender purred. She had a
sophisticated look; her hair was a radiant copper with a baby face. She wore a khaki

eyeliner and bronze shadow that brought out her brilliant blue eyes. As far as her style,

she wore a dress by Jenni Kayne, and some Jimmy Choo shoes.

“uummmm, can I have one Mai-Tai” Flawless asked.

“sure, coming right up” the bartender announced as she spun off and went to attend to his
order. Flawless remembered how his mother used to make this drink all the time. She

would pour all of the ingredients into a shaker tin of ice, then shake and strain it into a

glass of her choice. She always decided against making it an oversized glass by adding

more sweet-n-sour mix. As Flawless continued to browse, he noticed the ingredients of

his drink and was satisfied. The Mai-Tai contained: 1ounce dark rum, ½ ounce light rum,

½ ounce 151 rum, 1 ½ ounce of pineapple juice, 1 ½ ounces of sweet-n-sour mix, 1 sliced

can pineapple, and a maraschino cherry. The Mai Tai had become popular at “Trader

Vics” restaurants in Oakland, San Francisco, and Seattle. Another hour had spun around

the clock and Flawless hadn‟t moved. As days blew past he was surely becoming a full

blown alcoholic. It was obvious that only until he himself came to believe……. that a

power greater than himself could restore him to sanity. He had just got pick pocketed the

night before as a result of being drunk and the fact of the matter was that, him and the rest

of the alcoholics in the world, for reasons yet obscure had lost their power over the

choice to drink. His so-called “Will-Power” had become practically non-existent. He was

Author King William

46 | P a g e

unable at certain times, to bring into his consciousness with sufficient force the memory

of suffering and humiliation of even a day, week, or month ago. He was without a

defense after being had his first drink.

Moscato had hooked back up with Charles for the day. She decided to continue to

go to work on her new client. She told him that she was new to Seattle and that she would

love to see the shopping districts and malls.

Downtown Seattle was all grown up when Moscato and Charles arrived with

many places to go. The core was bustled with restaurants, cafes and theatres. At the

Northeast meeting of Fifth Avenue and Pike street was the “True Religion” store, located

in the historic coliseum movie theatre building, while juicy couture and the Gucci store

occupied the northwest corner of Sixth Avenue and Pike st. The three story tabernacle of

sneakers and sportswear at Nike town dominated the Northwest Corner of Sixth Avenue

and Pike. Just down the street where fifth hit pine was a clutter of favorites which
included the Gap at the southwest corner, Nordstrom‟s, Barneys New York, and Old
Navy. When it came to shopping Moscato really pushed it to the limit to see how far she

could go. She made sure she pocket checked old Charles like he owed her money. Before

Moscato wrapped up her shopping for the day, they stopped at 600 pine st. at Pacific

Place Plaza which sheltered a wealth of retailers in its 12,000 square ft. atrium. Among

some of the most long time residents, she found one of her favorite jewelry stores Tiffany

& Co. So without further wait, she came, she spent, he spent, and she conquered. When

she left the jewelry store, she had a nice neck piece, with a matching bracelet and the

receipt had a value of $3,628. Overall she had done pretty well, Fresh jewelry and a hand

full of bags, and still had more ventures to attend to.

Author King William

47 | P a g e

Sweetpea had hooked up with her first date of the day and ended up at the new

theatre contractors had just threw up at the Lincoln Center in Bellvue. The seating was

great, the chairs were big and comfortable, and they had no problem seeing over the

people in front of them. After the movie they went back to his room at the Hyatt Regency

Bellvue. The Hyatt was part of the splashing retail/office/restaurant/hotel/health club

complex called Bellvue place, which in turn was part of Trifecta known as the Bellvue

collection, which also included Bellvue square and Lincoln square. You couldn‟t miss the

24-story, 382 room hotel with its two-toned brick exterior. It wasn‟t just big, there were

many extras to go along with it: Some great territorial views (particularly south-side

rooms above the seventh floor) 32 inch flat-panel TV‟s, access to a health club, high

speed internet access, and a free morning newspaper. Before they went to the room they

stopped off and got something to eat.

Rosa had ended up hooking up with a choreographer and artistic director who had

been working to make stronger connections to local artists and showcase work that

displayed more originality. Rosa thought to herself about this interesting personality

because the only thing he really wanted her to do was dance around with no clothes on.

Rosa decided to add a little excitement to her steps, as she started to salsa right out of her

clothes and slithered around him like she was a snake in the grass, because she was.
“You like?” Rosa said as she climbed up on his lap of the chair and began to rub her
breast against his face.
“Yes I like it” her guest said. He was a lame and he was lost for words. Rosa began to
gyrate her body and roll her booty around on her waist. Her pussy had gotten so hot, that

her guest felt his thigh get warm. Rosa enjoyed the attention.

Author King William

48 | P a g e

Sweet pea and her date finally made it to the room. They pulled up to the “W”
that was in a class all of its own. As soon as they stepped inside it was dressed in post

modern art, had velvet drapes, plush furniture, and oversized chess sets- and this was just

the lobby. Though the all-black-clad staff was hard to see in the much too dark hallways,

they were friendly and helpful. The rooms were stylish and simple: Taupe and black, with

stainless and glass bathrooms and Zen inspired water sculptures. It was obvious that the

high corner rooms had the most impressive downtown view. The room left
complimentary “Intimacy kits” made for a sexy stay. The room came equipped with a
thirty two inch plasma TV, high speed internet access, and cd & DVD player. Sweetpea

was amused by the quality and taste that this man brought to the table.
“So what do you think?” the man asked Sweetpea.

“Oh it‟s nice” Sweetpea returned. As soon as they were settled Sweetpea never lost focus,

she began to tell “Sam” which was her guest; all about the bills that she needed to take

care of making it obvious that money was the topic of discussion. Sam put his fingers

over her lips as to quiet her. He slowly undressed her piece by piece taking inventory of

what her body had to offer. Sam enjoyed Sweetpea, he traced a slow line down the front

of her body toward her nipple, which hardened beneath and between his fingers. After his

hand drew boredom, he substituted his mouth for his hand as he let his fingers travel

down towards her clitoris. Sweetpea let out a moan, along with some soft purring, as he

ran his hand lightly over the soft inner skin of her thigh, and she opened her legs even

more to welcome them. Sweetpea let his fingers go to work as he played a song on her

pretty little piano. When she was satisfied, she grabbed the rubber she had on standby and

placed it in her mouth. She dropped down to the floor and sucked the rubber right on to

Author King William

49 | P a g e

Sam‟s penis. After it expanded its full length, she went to town on it, sucking and licking,
sucking and licking until she felt that it had reached its full potential. She then climbed on

top and started to ride him like a horse.
“Is my pussy good daddy?” Sweetpea said as she gyrated her hips back and forth looking
at Sam with a blush

“Oh yes!” he moaned as he almost came from the thrust and grinds she created. All

Sweetpea could see was dollar signs as she began to tediously loose her mind. She

recklessly jolted back and forth and up and down until she felt him soften. Sam damn

near moaned louder than she did as they both pushed out cries of happiness. Sam couldn‟t

help but relax afterwards; he had found a place in comfort that had not long at all put him
to sleep and left him to be “Victimized” by the devious scandolousness of Sweetpea.
Rosa just laid there motionless. She had enough dancing for one day, and on the

top of that, to deal with this jerk pouncing around up and down inside of her?
“Just fucking great!” she thought to herself.

“I‟m coming!” he said as he gave her a few more thrusts.

“oooohhhh, yea!” Rosa yelled out.

“That‟s right” she added. The next thrust and the next stroke, he came violently as he

grabbed her around the neck and didn‟t stop until he was empty.
Sweetpea lay next to Sam observing his motionless body. She thought to herself
“how pathetic, and you really think you did something?”

She slipped up, gathered all her things as well as Sam‟s and put them in a pile. She made

her way to the bathroom and jumped in the shower like Superman jumping in the phone

booth, in and out.

Author King William

50 | P a g e

Moscato got back to the room hauling in bags and bags of stuff. She dropped
everything as she burst in the sliding door to share her day with Flawless. “Daddy its

happening” Moscato said as she looked as if she wanted to cry. No doubt about it
Moscato was down for the crown. Flawless turned over onto his side as he looked up at

Moscato who had ran and plopped on the bed. It made Flawless feel good that he had a

woman like that who wanted to be of service to him. He looked at Moscato up and down

and noticed the sun gleaming off her necklace. The diamonds shined bright in a heart

shape. From her neck to her wrist, she was lit like a Christmas tree. Moscato ran out of

the room and grabbed all her bags, bag by bag and came to display everything she came

up on to Flawless.
“I got receipts for everything daddy, so we can take it all back if you want” Moscato
“Look at you!” Flawless said with great appreciation

“I guess that‟s why you‟re the one not the two huh! Huh baby?” he said as his smile
spoke a million words.
“I guess so huh?” Moscato said as she pushed him back on the bed. Flawless shook off
the edge of his hangover as he handed his dick over to Moscato to have her way with.

She grabbed his dick and shoved it in her mouth while she looked him in his face. She

rarely told him how much she loved him, but she most definitely knew how to show him.
“So what do I owe you?” the trick asked Rosa as he finally let her neck go, and
climbed out her vagina.
“That‟s the best damn pussy I done had in a lot of years” he said sounding extremely

Author King William

51 | P a g e

“Let‟s just say five hundred for the hour, not to mention these bruises you just left on my

neck” she said as she glanced in the mirror.

“Well I suppose that‟s fair” he said not trying to contest. He whipped his checkbook out

“Cash only, come on now man, it says that clearly in my Ad!” Rosa spat out fiercely as
she felt as though he was trying to play her.
“Oh no problem” he said, as he pulled out his wallet instead and handed over seven
crispy hundred dollar bills instead of five.

Sam awoke out of his cold slumber to a shady quietness. As he scanned the room

there was no sign of Sweetpea. He jumped up and looked in the bathroom to find nobody

there. When he scanned the room again in search of his things like his clothes, wallet, and

phone, he noticed the harsh reality that they had grew legs and ran away.

Moscato licked the icing off of Flawless as his toes curled. Moscato knew exactly

how to please, and after she catered to Flawless, she headed back out the door to see what

Seattle was going to drop in her lap next.

Sweetpea had just jumped in a taxi and was headed the furthest from the eastside
as she possibly could. After she ditched Sam‟s clothes, she decided to keep everything
“Where to my dear?” The taxi driver asked as he glanced into the rear view mirror.

“Downtown” Sweetpea said as she whipped out her phone.

“Hey Baby” she said as Flawless picked up the other end of the phone.

“Was sup?” Flawless said as he caught on to Sweetpea‟s voice and noticed her number

on his caller Id.

Author King William

52 | P a g e

“Can‟t talk right now, but Meet me at the Metropolitan Grill at 820 2nd ave. downtown in

twenty minutes.” Sweetpea said as she made it sound urgent.

“Will do” he said and hung up.
Rosa sat down at the Pike and Western wine shop. The tasting room in post Alley

was a lovely place to sample Washington wines. After her aggressive session with her

date, she for sure needed a drink to relax her nerves.

“Somebody sitting here?” a middle aged Mexican man asked as he pulled up a seat next

to her.
“Maybe” Rosa replied trying to intentionally sound stand offish. The attitude didn‟t

bother him at all. As a matter of fact he didn‟t hear another word that Rosa had said
because of the attention that he focused to the girl inside of the folded up dollar bill

whose name was cocaine. He removed a card from his pocket and scooped a pile rite onto

the bar. He grabbed the straw from behind his ear and cleaned the whole rail off the table.

Rosa was taken aback by his assertiveness and indiscretion.
“Just blow a line of coke right off the table huh?” Rosa questioned.

“Just snort your little dope in front of me huh?” she continued.

“You aint got to live like that sweetie” she said and got up to leave. The man put his hand
on top of hers in a gesture to stay.
“Bartender, let me get two Long Island Ice Teas” he said as he caught her attention.

“You aren‟t leaving yet are you?” he said with such finesse and swag, not to mention a
hand full of money. Rosa was all ears.

Once Flawless made his way to the Metropolitan grill, he found a seat in the

corner next to the wall. The place was fronted by massive granite columns that made it

Author King William

53 | P a g e

look like a bank more than a restaurant. The traditional steakhouse had attracted a well

heeled clientele, primarily men in suits. If you had any doubt about how seriously this

place took beef, all you had to do was focus your attention to the display case full of beef

that sat next to the front door; the pieces of meat were displayed as if they were rare

jewels. Perfectly cooked dry-aged steaks were the primary attraction and a baked potato

along with a pile of thick cut onion rings completed the sit down if you chose to eat there.

Overall it was a high class restaurant and fairly upscale. Flawless ordered one to go while

he waited.

Sweetpea damn near broke her pumps getting in the door. As she scanned the

room, she singled out Flawless and made her way in his direction. When she got close

she began to shuffle to the table as she bent down and pecked him on the cheek.
“Hey was sup?” she said as she took the seat right across from him.

“You tell me” he said as he focused in on her.
Sweetpea slipped the wallet out of her purse which had an undisclosed amount of

cash inside and a bunch of credit cards. Along with the wallet and credit cards, she also

dropped the checkbook and the phone on the table as well.
“O.k., I see …..” Flawless said as he peeped game and cracked a smile because he knew
exactly what she was insinuating.

“How long you had them?” Flawless asked as the drool of slob fell from his lips like a

thirsty pit bull.
“Just got them about not even an hour ago.” Sweetpea replied.

“Cool Flawless said as he gathered his thoughts fairly quickly and whipped out his cell
phone. He pulled up some of the nicest local hotels that Seattle could provide. The first

Author King William

54 | P a g e

one that came up was the “Fairmont Olympic Hotel” which held a rating of 3 stars. The
reviews read that if you were looking for classy elegant surroundings, excellent services,

and great amenities, then book a room at this gorgeous facsimile of an Italian

Renaissance palace. The hotel supposedly had the grandest lobby in Seattle. Crystal

Chandeliers hung from the arched ceiling, while ornate moldings graced the handburnished

oak walls and pillars. Although many of the guest rooms tended to be rather

small, they all were very tasteful. The Fairmont Olympic Hotel also held hostage one of
the most elegant restaurants in Seattle “The Georgian.” Flawless bookmarked the
Fairmont Olympic and continued to browse. The next place he came across was the
“Four Seasons Hotel of Seattle” Flawless scrolled down on the phone to read the review.
According to information, this was one of the newest luxury hotels in Seattle, and it held

a superb location adjacent to Pike Place Market and across the street from the Seattle Art

Museum. The lobby was a blend of contemporary lines with natural stone and wood for a

modern northwest aesthetic. Guest rooms were supposedly wired to the max and had

artworks by regional artists as well as walls of glass, and many of them looked out over

Elliot Bay.

Flawless kept scrolling as he found only one more that had a review with at least

three stars. If you were accustomed to staying in only the finest hotels, you were

suggested to book a room at the “Grand Hyatt” For luxury, contemporary styling,

amenities, and service this hotel was said to be rated first. Also entailed a spacious lobby

full of regionally-inspired art culture that set the tone, the moment you arrived. The

health Club was well outfitted but didn‟t have a swimming pool.

Author King William

55 | P a g e

After careful consideration Flawless decided to go with the “Fairmont Olympic

Hotel” which was located at 411 university st. Downtown Seattle.

After Flawless made a few phone calls, it didn‟t take long to find out that between

all the credit cards in the wallet, the balance of accounts were aggressively pushing a

hundred thousand dollars.

Flawless got on the phone with the Fairmont Olympic Hotel and reserved four

suites, in fact the best that they had to offer.

The next phone call that Flawless made was to Moscato and Rosa with specific

directions to drop whatever they were doing and to meet up at the Fairmont Olympic

Hotel within the next hour. Of course a better time than ever, Flawless decided to do a

little celebrating as he motioned for the bartender and ordered two shots of patron for

himself and a lemon drop for Sweetpea. Flawless never noticed his slow transition of

being trapped in obsessive, compulsive, self centered routines, and endless loops that was

leading him nowhere but to physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional decay. Flawless

most definitely did not choose to become an addict, but he suffered from a disease that

expressed itself in ways that were anti-social, and that made detection, diagnosis, and

treatment difficult.

Author King William

56 | P a g e

Chp 6
“A Smooth Getaway!”
Within the next two hours, Flawless and his ladies were settled in at the Fairmont

Olympic Hotel and ready to take full advantage of the next 24hours that they had the

rooms rented for.

Flawless had Moscato hooking up her computer for him so he could go ahead and

do a little online shopping before the routing numbers got hot.

After closely continuing to take inventory of the items that Sweetpea had taken

from Sam, she re-evaluated the whole situation as she sat there and stared at his phone

and the checkbook. Sweetpea pulled her phone out and dialed the number that was on the

check. The phone vibrated as Moscatos numbered popped up on the caller I.d.

“Muthafucka!” she said as her face lit up! Sweetpea sat back with a skirmish demeanor,

index finger in her mouth in deep thought, as she conjured up a plan.
“We got everything we need already!” she said as she scanned his wallet for the

“What you mean?” Flawless asked as he looked Sweetpea in her face with a

confused look. He could tell that she was on to something.

Sweetpea pulled out a piece of paper and began to write down everything possibly

there was to know about Sam, from his Id and Social Security number, all the way up to

the details that he had told her. She scanned the checkbook to figure out what bank was

connected to the checks. Since they were loosing time morbidly fast, Sweetpea offered

Author King William

57 | P a g e

the idea of cutting the bullshit and just going to empty out the account completely. After

she scanned the check, she found that Bank of America issued the checks. Two different

accounts, one checking and the other savings, when she called to check the balance, it

was close to a hundred thousand dollars and when withdrawing, she knew she could do

both at same time.
“Baby, look in your phone and find us the nearest Bank of America in this area,”
Sweetpea said as she rubbed her hands together, and then crossed them.

“There‟s one right down the street,” Flawless said as he located three in the area.

“Not even two blocks away” he continued as he sat back on the bed curious to know
where she was going with the epiphany she had so much faith in and just knew would


Sweetpea briefed Flawless to the plan, then handed him the piece of paper and

“When the phone rings, just use this” she said as she pointed to the paper. She handed
Flawless the phone, picked up her jacket and purse and rushed out the door.

By the time Sweetpea got to the Bank of America, as soon as she stepped inside, she

observed her surroundings around her. There were about four tellers working and they

were all busy helping out other clients. Sweetpea slipped up to the counter and removed

the checkbook. Inside the checkbook‟s sleeve there was a check waiting she assumed to

pay a bill or something. She slipped that check out of the book and slid it underneath the

one she was about to write. She copied the signature smooth off the check, filled it out for

withdrawal, and then made her way to the line, which was to be the next available teller.

Author King William

58 | P a g e

“It‟s all or nothing” she said to herself as she felt a lot of fear bear down heavy onto her
shoulders. Sweetpea had put herself into situations like this many times before and did

not mind taking chances when there was this much money on the line.
“Next in line please,” the teller said softly as she motioned for Sweetpea.

“Withdrawal please” Sweetpea said as she met the teller face to face.

“I.d. please” the teller said as her eyes got big from the amount written on the check.
Flawless sat there waiting patiently as the second hand skipped around the clock.

He had his eyes glued to. About thirty minutes had passed already and Flawless began to

get worried if things were going just as she had planned.

Just when Flawless had begun to panic…The phone rang!

“Hello? May I speak To Mr. Sam Sneeze?” the caller asked.

“This is him” Flawless said as he unruffled the piece of paper that Sweetpea had left him.

“We have a young lady down here with a check for a withdrawal of $80,000 for

“A business venture” the teller said from one end of the line.

“Are you aware of this?” the teller asked.

“Yes I am” Flawless said.

“O.k. Mr. Sneeze, I just need to verify your birthday, Social Security number, current

address” the teller insisted. Flawless‟s hand began to shake with nervousness as he read
the information off the paper. He hoped and prayed like hell that it worked. After about
two minutes of silence passed, the voice came back to the line “O.k. Mr. Sneeze, that is
all, we just needed to verify this check for such a large withdrawal, sorry to interrupt you
have a good day!” the caller said before Flawless pushed end on the phone.
Sweetpea watched the teller close as she made her way back to the counter

Author King William

59 | P a g e

“O.k. ma‟am, your check has been verified, how would you like your bills?” Moreover,
just like that Sweetpea found a great amount of relief as she slid her glasses back up over

her eyes.
“All hundreds please!” she said.

At a quarter to four o‟ clock, Sweetpea stepped out of Bank of America with

80,000 dollars cash.
Meanwhile while Sweetpea and Flawless put a checkmate on Sam‟s account,
Rosa and Moscato had the Fairmont Olympic Hotel turnt up with clientele coming and

going in thirty-minute intervals. The rooms they had rented really came in handy by

hiking up the price and easily added some value to each date.

Flawless took a min to reflect on where he was at just a week ago and appreciated

the fact that he was levitating to where he wanted to be. He thought about how down his

girls were.
“Thank you,” he said as he looked up to the ceiling of the room paying his respects to
something greater than himself.

Between Rosa and Moscato, they had a good day out of all the dates they put

together and got some good tips too!

The family was doing things as a unit, even though sometimes they separated and

went different ways; they brought it back to the round table. Things were really falling in

place and the money had started to come consistently and just made them thirsty for more

and more.

Author King William

60 | P a g e

Flawless, Muscato, Rosa, and Sweetpea, partied like hell that night. They had

about every bottle of everything in the room with them. They sat around in a circle on the

floor with stacks of money strolled out across the floor.

“Take that! take that!” Sweetpea said as she playfully slapped Rosa in the face with a

stack of money, impersonating

P-Diddy. She damn near coughed up a lung as the room filled up with smoke. They

celebrated as if the world was about to end on a New Years. They passed blunt after blunt

and bottle after bottle cuz They now had money to blow.
“Hey girl, I thought you were cooking for us?” Moscato yelled out to Rosa.

“I am,” she said as she got up to check on the pot of water she had boiling. Rosa turned
the fire down a little bit as she sautéed the veggies, which included ½ cups cherry

tomatoes, bell peppers, broccoli, cremini mushrooms, eggplant, fennel, spinach, artichoke

hearts, and two cups of sliced zucchini.

“Yea, you smelling good over there” Flawless said as he rubbed his stomach in reference

to his hungriness. Rosa picked and prepped her protein. She was happy with her choice of

pasta which was one of the key ingredients to her all star Pasta Bowl. She got her ground

beef together as she sipped her champagne. Then she dumped ¾ peeled shrimp, ¾

chicken breasts, and 8 ounces of Italian turkey sausage and mixed it all together After she

chose a light basil pesto sauce.

That night Flawless and the girls had one of the most fun nights they had seen

since they all came together as one.
“Daddy what is we going to do wit all this money” Sweetpea said as she ran her hand
through the piles of cash.

Author King William

61 | P a g e

“Next stop is the Rent-a-car spot tomorrow, first thing, and then we back on the road

again,” Flawless said as if he had everything all figured out. He continued to turn the

bottle of Tequila upside down, as he continued to get wasted.

The next day came and the night left, as they found themselves back at it like a

crack addict. They spent an hour getting the rental car, half of the hassle was because

Flawless did not have identification due to the girl stealing his wallet. Moscato ended up

renting the mini van for the advantage of more room to move around and comfort ability.

Moscato went through all the things she had accumulated from her dates and got

her receipts together.

After she rounded everything up, they returned all the merchandise for cash and

gift cards. Off the merchandise alone Flawless counted about eighty-six hundred dollars

on top of the $80,000. On top of that, there was something close to twenty-thousand

dollars that the girls had accumulated all together between the three of them from the


Shit it was safe to say that Seattle served its purpose and it was time to take the

show back on the road.

Author King William

62 | P a g e

“Tryin to Function”
After hours on the road, Flawless and the girls pulled into the state of Oregon. This was a
city where the art of brewing beer was reborn. Portland was a city of the world‟s smallest
dedicated park, and largest forested wilderness.

Portland was not all what Flawless expected it to be. It was not a smaller version

of Seattle. In fact, Seattle had Portland beat by far: Seattle had constantly moved forward

with new architecture, freeways, and high-tech industries. Portland on the other hand, had

kept most of its heritage by building one of the finest transport systems anywhere, and

lured its own share of people and crowds for many different reasons.
“Baby pour me a drink,” Flawless said as he cruised down Interstate 5 on
N. Lombard st., sizing up what this city had to offer. Sweetpea and Rosa were knocked

out in the back, with their chairs reclined. It had been a decent ride from Seattle to

Portland and they needed every bit of sleep they could get because you never knew what

Flawless or Moscato had up their sleeve.

The city streets had statues, fountains, and half city blocks. Flawless looked at the

city and could tell that it knew how to make the best of its sunny days. When he looked

around, he smelled money in the air. Having the head office of Nike in the backyard, had
certainly added to the city‟s vibe of sports. You could snowboard and ski all year long on
Mount Hood. Go boating, waterskiing, or even drop the lines of your fishing poles. Other

than that, Portland was about the only place in the world that did not charge sales tax, had

Author King William

63 | P a g e

a gang of old fashioned gas stations, the only extinct volcanoes within city limits in the

United States and where you could take a tour of the breweries on the first or last

Thursdays of the month.

Flawless continued to cruise as he noticed a flock of black people that stood out
like a sore thumb. When he read the sign, it said “Alberta Park” there was a lively part of
the city that was out celebrating their heritage and history.
“If I‟m not mistaken, we‟ve just ran into the Juneteenth festival in Oregon” Flawless said
as he tossed back another shot of Tequila.

Seattle Police Department along with the Federal Bureau of Investigations had

swarmed around the Fairmont Olympic Hotel. They closed in on the four rooms on the

top tier that stood side by side on the North East wing of the hotel
“Move!” the sergeant yelled as all four room doors flew open and off the hinges at the
same time, only to find no trace of Sweetpea, the girls, and Flawless. They were a day

late and a dollar short.

Flawless had not been at the Juneteenth festival for more than fifteen minutes

before he began to indulge in all the alcohol and festivities. Sweetpea and Rosa trounced

through crowds blowing big clouds of weed smoke in the air as if it was legal.
“Let me hit it “ Moscato said as she realized she also needed some relaxation. She
inhaled and exhaled coughing uncontrollably. It did not take but one drink of alcohol for

Flawless, when something happened both in his body and mind that made it virtually

impossible for him to stop drinking.

Not much longer, he began to stagger from side to side and slur with words as

they passed through crowds of people.

Author King William

64 | P a g e

Flawless began to act like an angry mad man, shouting out with a violent attitude.
“Baby hit the weed and calm down” Moscato said calm and collectively not realizing that
Flawless was now drunk and his behavior was something he no longer controlled.

There was a slow transition beginning to take place within Flawless that he had not begun

to see yet. The birth of a reckless pattern of bad luck once he got his hands on some

alcohol. It was that he was “Powerless” to this addiction he begun to maintenance. The

“suffering” and “humiliation” he was not able to bring back into his consciousness to

help him when it came to a decision against picking up. In total disregard for a simplistic

attitude, he could not register that if he did not pick up, he would not have the bad luck

that tended to haunt him lately.

Besides Flawless and his drunken behavior, it was nice at the park in the onehundred

degree weather. The neighborhood kids had a kick ass time as they competed in

a wet-n-wild slip and slide contest.

The girls decided against staying any longer.
“Come on Daddy” they said as they all pitched a hand in making sure Flawless‟s chin did
not scrape the ground.

Moscato took the wheel and decided to go find somewhere nice to eat, and where

Flawless could sober up. Moscato looked over at Flawless and just giggled as she thought

of him as a big kid, the way they had to care for him.
“Awe poor baby,” Rosa said jokingly as she leaned up and stroked Flawless‟s face with
her index finger. Flawless just let out a smile and continued in a daze.
“We should just tie you up and run a train on your face” Sweetpea said jokingly.
Author King William

65 | P a g e

“Don‟t play with me,” Flawless said as he snapped out of it. The girls started cracking up
laughing, and Flawless could not help but start laughing himself.

“Oh you heard that, huh?” Moscato said as Flawless sat up in his seat smiling. A couple

seconds later he was back in his drunken daze, as they cruised down N. Williams ave.
“Tasty n‟ sons” Sweetpea said as she read the sign to the café.

“Sounds like a good one” she continued. Moscato agreed as she turned around and found

somewhere to park. “Tasty n‟ Sons” was an all day brunch spot. The line was damn near

to the door.
“Girl the food must be the bomb if all these people waiting for it,” Rosa said to Sweetpea
as they made their way to the line. Moscato sat in the car with Flawless with the Air

conditioning on until the line grew smaller. As Rosa and Sweetpea inquired about the

place from the customers that were standing in line, they learned that the head chef, a

man by the name of john Gorham had a multicultural menu that was hard to resist.

Another customer yelled out that he made the best biscuits in town.
“That‟s perfect,” Sweetpea thought to herself, thinking about how Flawless needed
something to soak up all the liquor. Word was that the place had something for everyone

there and it definitely was worth standing in line for, so that is exactly what he or she did.

It took twenty minutes to be seated inside of the café, but they had a nice window

booth that was well worth the wait.

The women ordered Flawless a nice breakfast, which consisted of fried eggs &
cheddar, biscuit with fried chicken, hash browns, North African sausage, and a monk‟s
Carolina cheese steak.

Author King William

66 | P a g e

The food sobered Flawless up and he snapped back to the situation at hand, they

had finally arrived in Portland and now it was time to be settled in.

Whether you were looking for a downtown corporate high-rise, a restored historic

hotel, a hip boutique hotel, a romantic b&b, or just something relatively inexpensive, you

could find it in Portland. They even had a few river front hotels to choose from.

If your budget didn‟t allow for a first class downtown business hotel, you could try near

the airport or elsewhere on the outskirts of the city where you were more likely to find

inexpensive to moderately priced motels.

Flawless and the girls looked for the fanciest places to stay in Portland, obviously

with all the cash he had, they deserved to be comfortable.
After they found their way downtown, Flawless pulled up to the “Riverplace”

Hotel. The “Willamette River” was at the back doorstep here with sloping lawns of a

waterfront park on one side. The landscape alone was enough to admire the hotel, but the

quiet boutique atmosphere would make it an excellent choice even if it were not located

on the water. Contemporary furnishings and plush beds made this a comfortable choice.

More than half the rooms were suites, some of which had wood-burning fireplaces and

whirlpool baths. After careful consideration, Flawless decided the Riverview standard

king rooms were the best deals. The main highlight was that the restaurant overlooked the

river, not to mention it had a patio that Flawless could see himself glued to getting his

thoughts together.
“Home sweet home!” Flawless said as he and the girls made it to their door. He
slipped the door open and dropped his bags right on the floor as he plopped down on the


Author King William

67 | P a g e

“Oooohhhhh look at this Jacuzzi, it‟s better than the last one,” Sweetpea said as her barenaked

feet slapped the floor getting to the other side of the room.
“We‟ve done it again,” Rosa said as she exposed all her teeth in happiness.

“We home bitch!” Moscato said as she sat down next to Flawless and admired the fact of
being in the presence of someone of his caliber.
“Baby, you were fucked up earlier, I felt so bad for you,” Moscato said to him.

“Yea you were F!” Rosa said joining in.

“I think your starting to take this alcohol drinking to the next level, and you need to slow

down” she continued as she genuinely spoke from her heart.
Flawless felt the concern from his girls, but at the same time, everything they said

went in one ear and out the other.
“What the fuck are you bitches talking about?” is what he was thinking to himself. He
felt as if he had everything under control, which now in time, he did. All he knew is that

he had arrived and it was time to get back to the money. Here Flawless was with all this

money that was well over a hundred thousand dollars, and he was plotting on how he

could get more. He figured it was only right that he find something really nice to spend

some of the money on, to show the girls some appreciation. Flawless was in tune with the

fact that as a pimp, he was providing a service to these girls. Before Rosa and Sweetpea

had run into Flawless, they represented the lowest level of women‟s prostitution. Unlike

the more experienced girls like Moscato, They chose to literally run the streets of

Oakland, Ca going from pimp to pimp. They allowed these pimps to manipulate their

minds with drugs and alcohol. Like many of the other girls that walked the streets, they

grew up in broken homes, with high poverty, drugs, and violent crimes.

Author King William

68 | P a g e

What harmoniously Rosa, Sweetpea, and Moscato had in common was that they

were victims of physical, mental, and sexual abuse long before they entered into

prostitution. Another thing they all shared was the trait of having a low self-esteem and

finding themselves more or less forced to walk a thin between prostitution, substance

abuse, arrests, and violence at the grips of ruthless pimps and customers. When Flawless

had run into Sweetpea and Rosa, it was because they were on the run from the dangerous

gorilla pimps. Sweetpea had gotten it the worse, being physically abused by her pimps on

a regular basis. Her pimp‟s violent outrages of lashings wit hot coat hangers and belt

buckles forced her to stay on the move looking behind her back as she tried to avoid them

but still get money at the same time. She could specifically remember her last run, where

her one last pimp @rayzor_sharp would punch her till she hit the ground. Just thinking

about it brought chills to her body, and at the same time allowed her to have much

gratitude for running into Flawless and knowing what she did not want to go back to.

With Flawless, everything was by choice not force and that is what separated Flawless

from the rest of the bubble gum pimping, and put his game on a Pedi stool. He pimped

with his mind, not his hands.

Over the next few days, the girls focused on each of the men that paid the most

attention to their profiles, there in the Portland area. Flawless had told them that they

needed to work on being verbally aggressive on the phone and discussing the money for

the dates before they talk about anything. Moscato easily fell into this lifestyle with

Flawless at a young age because her cry for real love and attention was not being met at

home. She could never forget her perverted uncle that sexually abused her as a little girl,

and then lied about it later in life when she brought it up to him. The only friends that she

Author King William

69 | P a g e

had ever made were Flawless, and other prostitutes who were confused, hurt, and needy

themselves. What always kept Moscato going was the way that Flawless explained

everything as being temporary and how he saw her as being much more than a hoe. He

told her that she was just doing it until he got his music career off the ground.

The city of Portland did not even know what they were up against. Rosa, which

seemed like Flawless‟s quietest girl, already had a history of shady acts before she

became a prostitute. She did a lot to support her habits, like manufacturing fake

paperwork to obtain income tax documents, payday loans, travelers checks, and shit like

that. The fact was that there were not too many women that were able to solely stick to

prostitution without committing other crimes.

Life was good in Portland for the first week. The girls did not do anything but live

a pampered kind of life. They got up about twelve noons, worked out for a couple of

hours, and spent the rest of the day shopping or having a manicure, pedicure, and body

massage. After they were well rested and bathed, they dressed up in their best linens, did

their make up and styled their hair. After that, all that was to be done was log on and line

up some dates for the rest of the day and night.

While the girls went to work, Flawless decided to get more familiar with the city

of Portland. He played with his phone for a sec browsing his Instagram account before he

actually pulled the address up to “Pioneer Place” 700 S.W Fifth ave(between third and

fifth aves.) which was just a block from Pioneer Courthouse Square. “Pioneer Place” was

Portland‟s upscale shopping center. When he got there, it was filled with stores selling
fashions and expensive gifts. After he circled the parking lot and found a park, he jumped

out with a duffle bag full of money and felt like a little kid going to the candy shop.

Author King William

70 | P a g e

Flawless walked into the Cartier store and his eyes lit up as he browsed all the

jewelry. He thought to himself about how much needed was urgency for some new flashy

things. By the time he stepped out of the Cartier store, he had picked up a ring by Loraine

Schwartz, a watch by Jacob & Co, and some sunglasses made by Louis Vuitton. The

majority of the things he bought were customized. Flawless felt that the custom mentality

symbolized that you have the money to do whatever you want, like when the pope told

Michelangelo to customize the insides of the historic chapels. As Flawless made his way

to the next store, he stopped and thought to himself
“Who ever thought I would have enough money to buy a watch from Jacob the Jeweler?”
He just shook his head and kept it pushing.
“Money is so addictive,” he thought more. Flawless decided to trade in his Couture

clothing and Ron Herman for something a little more “grown mannish” so he made an

entrance to the “Thom Brownes‟s New York store that was right next door. New York‟s

most sought after suit maker “Thom Browne” turned out the kind of suits that harked

back to the 60‟s. After being fitted to his proper measurements, he left out of Thom

Brownes fitted to the “T” and a receipt for $4,700. The shirt that Flawless had on was
made from some of the finest fabrics in the world. The Ruby cuff links really made the

colors stand out how they intimately coordinated in perfect harmony, and easily added an

additional $2,600 to the bill. After he stopped and looked in the mirror, he thought to

“Don‟t beat ya self, treat ya self!” as he let out smile of satisfaction. He made a mental
memo of the other things he had on his list: Gucci loafers, polo shirts, and a couple of

Gucci belt straps, J.crew sweaters, leather jacket, and number of other things that he

Author King William

71 | P a g e

wanted. Flawless tore up the mall making several runs back and forth to the car, because

he had so much stuff. After he left Abercrombie & Fitch, he hit the Dolce & Gabbana
store, and after he hit Lacoste, he ran upstairs to Barney‟s New York. His last stop was to
pick up some fragrances from Nordstroms.

After Flawless went out in style and made his threads relevant, he decided he had

done enough shopping for the day.

Flawless looked down at his phone and the only incoming call he had, was from
his sick “obsession of the mind” telling him it was time to celebrate.

“Let‟s have a drink baby! You deserve it!” That is what it was telling him so he went

with the flow and found somewhere nice to sit down and catch a “Happy Hour”

Portland‟s restaurant scene was hot. The only catch to the Portland dining scene is
that it was spread out, and some of the most talked about restaurants were neighborhood

spots that were not easy to find.

By the time Flawless pounded down a couple of shots, along with a couple of

beers, he was good, full, and ready to head in to the house.

When Flawless made it to the house, the girls were already settled and looking

relaxed. Soon as he walked through the door, they wasted no time about running the

money in from the days work. Sweetpea already had dinner ready. She had made

Mexican style tacos and had his plate fixed and put up already.
“Sup wit my babies though?” he said in a raspy voice.

“Awe baby, you shouldn‟t have,” he said in a playful voice as he looked at Sweetpea
rubbing his stomach. The fact of the matter was that he still had an appetite to eat the

food, because the only thing that he ate at Happy hour was a couple of drinks. After he

Author King William

72 | P a g e

went and put all the money in the room, he came back and joined the girls as they sat

around the TV.
“Aye can yawl go and snatch them bags out the car for me,” Flawless ordered as he
plopped down onto the couch. He was tired, tipsy, and exhausted. Sweetpea and Rosa

jumped up to go retrieve the bags, while Moscato made her way over to where Flawless

was. She sat her fat ass on his lap and wrapped her arms around his neck.
“Baby I miss you,” she said,

“We hardly ever have time for each other lately,” She continued.

“Can I get some one on one time wit my Daddy?” she said in her most seductive voice.

“You know you can” Flawless shot back

“Shit, closed mouths don‟t get fed… know that though” Flawless continued.

Moscato never heard another word before she tore open the fly to Flawless‟s True
Religion Jeans and rustled around until she found what she was looking for. Once she got

his dick free, she slammed it back like a shot of tequila as she used her hand to stroke it

up and down as the head of his penis lay comfortably in her mouth. She sucked it nice

and slow as she put her signature on it. She ran her tongue ring right across the lips of his


“ooohhhhhh shit!” he said as he grabbed her around the neck and began to push it

further down her throat.
“Damn bitch, you couldn‟t wait?” Sweetpea said humorously as she came back in with
some of the bags not wanting to miss the show. Flawless pulled his dick out, and then

stuck it right back in her mouth with his knees buckling every time.

Author King William

73 | P a g e

“Ooooggghhh! I want some!” Rosa added as she followed with a hand full of bags. The
turn up was real and the room was getting hotter by the minute. Flawless continued to

saddle her lips with his penis all the way down her throat to the point where she made

gagging sounds. She gagged as he invaded her space inch by inch. Sweetpea began to

strip down out of her clothes, and then made her way to the Jacuzzi tub. She ran some

water and fired up the jets. Rosa came and fell to her knees to join Moscato. They

aggressively tag teamed his dick. Moscato had a hell of a grip on him while Rosa swung

her hair back and dropped his balls in her mouth one by one. Flawless was so turnt up

that he had expanded to ten inches. Sweetpea made sure everything was right. She

dimmed the lights and lit some candles. Rosa and Sweetpea just attacked Flawless as if

he was a piece of meat and they were a pack of lions. Flawless flounced around like he

was the king of the jungle. He bent Rosa little pretty body over the Jacuzzi, put an arch in

her back as he grabbed her by the waist, and pushed up inside of her as gently as he

could. As he worked up his momentum, he got more and more aggressive. The way he

was slangin the dick you would have swore he was auditioning for one of those booty

talk movies.
“OOooooohhh! Yes!” Rosa yelled out as her vagina began to slob all over Flawless‟s
most prized possessions. Flawless began to roll his body back and forth like a snake,

more and more aggressively. Rosa loved every min of it while sweetpea and Moscato

sucked on the rounds of her breasts. Her breast stood up erect and at attention, while she

tried to hold back the electric shocks blowing through her “G-spots” Rosa climbed right

up the side of the Jacuzzi.
“Fuck me Daddy!” she cried out as she reached her climax.
Author King William

74 | P a g e

“ooohhhhHHHHHHH!” were the last words they all heard from her before she collapsed
right there.

Flawless climbed out of Rosa with the same hammer John Henry worked on the

railroad with and slung it towards Moscato. Moscato grabbed it and shoved it in her

mouth while Flawless jack hammered her throat.
“Suck this dick” he shouted as he rearranged her hair from one side to the other of her
“Life is grand” Flawless thought to himself as he snatched his dick out of Moscato‟s
mouth and propped her up against the wall of the Jacuzzi and slid her legs on top of his

shoulders. He pushed inside as he gripped the side of her thighs.
“Yes!” Moscato shouted.

“uuugghh huhhh!” she continued.

“ooooohhh…yes!” Moscato whispered. The condensation dripped right down the glass as
the temperature turned up and the room got hot. Flawless started sucking on her breasts

as his penis twist and turned like a screwdriver inside of her, unlocking the door to a

hyperactive orgasm. Moscato did booty scoots trying to push harder against his dick as

she grabbed him around the neck and threw her head back.
“uhh huh!.....yea!.....uuhhh!...yesssss!” she hollered. Moscato was the second to collapse.
Her eyes told a different story. Deep inside she wanted more but just decided to share.
Flawless took Moscato‟s place as he sat down with his back against the wall.
Sweetpea seized her opportunity next as she straddled facing towards him and slid her

body right down on the gearshift. She started in first gear, as she slowly gyrated back and

forth. Her breasts were so beautiful and perfect as they bounced around right before his

Author King William

75 | P a g e

eyes. She speeded up and changed gears as the walls of her vagina gripped his penis so

tight that she cut off all the blood circulating there. She bounced up and down recklessly

as she double clutched to third. She looked Flawless in his eyes and began to fuck him

harder and harder. Something was happening. They had made a mental connection of the

mind. Sweetpea was in full control having orgasm after orgasm. Her vagina started to

drool, and Flawless felt his nut coming so he got ready to push her off. Once Sweetpea
felt Flawless‟s penis stiffen up, she locked down on him and rode him out until he
exploded inside of her.
“oooohhhhh shit!” he said as he emptied the clip and she burnt her clutch out.
After they were all done, they slipped down into the tub and enjoyed each other,

enjoyed the rest of the hot spa, the jets, and each other. Everyone was all smiles.

Author King William

76 | P a g e

Chp 8
“Caught Up”
When Flawless awoke the next morning, he rustled through his pants pockets for his

weed. It seemed as though he had a never-ending supply because the girls always had the

right tricks and customers that would ask them if they needed some with the sessions.
Their answers were hardly “No!”
Flawless poured himself a shot, while he rolled up a blunt. Majority would

definitely rule that it was too early for these activities, but this was how flawless started

his mornings many of days.
“Aye! Yall bitches get up” Flawless roared as he put the flame to the weed. First
Moscato rolled her naked body around until she was completely on her back. She opened

her legs and snuck Flawless a peek just as he turned around to catch it.
“Okay” he said smiling jokingly. Moscato was not super thick as the other two girls that
were lying right next to her but she definitely had a body that would make your eyes fall

in love. Her breasts were average and hung with an arch like two bananas. Her clitoris

was nicely shaven and her pale buttermilk frame was in desperate need of a tan.

Rosa sat up and stretched out her body while she inhaled the fumes of the weed

and waited patiently for her turn.

Sweetpea jumped up and ran to the bathroom. Flawless and the girls could hear

her throwing up in the bathroom. About that, the weed had circulated around and it was
Sweetpea‟s turn, she popped up out of the bathroom.
Author King William

77 | P a g e

“You okay bitch?” Rosa asked as she curiously stared into her face.

“Yea bitch! I got the bubble guts,” Sweetpea said while she took a nice long pull off the
weed and inhaled a cloud.
They had partied hard the night before, but “Hey!” this was what they were living
for and everything was exactly the way that it was suppose to be at that very moment.

After they smoked, Flawless jumped up and freshened up before he hit the

blacktop. He planned to do a little more shopping that morning and pick up some food

from the grocery store.

Flawless cruised down the streets of Portland right fast while he gathered some
thoughts. He thought about all the things that he had to deal with and asked himself “was

this life really worth it?” He did not think against it long at all, but he did size everything
up. He thought about some of the services that he provided: Companionship, He always
made it clear to the girls that he was the “Rock” and that is why everything they built had
to be revolved around him, so the foundation could stay strong. He provided a sense of

belonging to the girls. Ultimately, he knew that women just wanted to feel connected and

have the opportunity to be of a service to him. He understood that Moscato, Rosa, and

Sweetpea wanted to feel apart of him by doing things that no one else did for him. Of

course, he knew how to scratch that itch sexually. He also understood how his girls

wanted him to desire for them and enjoy every bit of their sexual expressions. They

definitely wanted to be appreciated. The girls wanted to be protected and confident that

their lives were safe in his hands. Most importantly, Flawless was aware that they wanted

him to decide what they needed, and get it. They did not want to have to figure out

everything for themselves. They needed him to take charge, exactly the way he did.

Author King William

78 | P a g e

Everything made sense but for now, was just a blur due to everything that he had

going on.

Sweetpea had made up her mind the night before already, while Flawless was

sparring with her vagina and made her cum not once, but a couple of times.

“Got to find my baby a car,” she thought to herself, because the rental would be due soon

and they were pushing it for time.

After she browsed all day for a car, she finally found one that she just knew that

Flawless would fall in love with. After she made the proper arrangements with the seller

for purchase, she had a couple of hoops to jump, but she planned to have the car by noon.
By the time Flawless pulled back up to the spot later on that day, there was a 67‟
Charger sitting in the parking stall.

“What the fuck? Whose car is this?” Flawless thought as he admired and observed

carefully at the same damn time. The Charger was a good-looking vehicle with an

aggressive chrome grill and a handsome architectural bodyline.

“You like it Daddy?” Sweetpea said as she swung the door to the room open yelling out.

He put the rental in park, and got out as his mouth dropped to the ground. He did a full

lap around the car as he checked it out.
“For me?” Flawless asked as he gave a surprised look.

“Yea baby, it‟s for you,” Sweetpea said as she ran up and dropped the keys to the car in

his hands.
“This car is so dope!” he said as he opened the door. The first thing he did was pop the
hood to see what it was working with. It was powered by a twin turbo big block, 451 ci

stroker motor (that‟s a 400 with a 440 crank) After he browsed a couple more seconds he

Author King William

79 | P a g e

popped open the glove box which had a fuel pressure monitor built in along with an

option to switch to secondary. Flawless could see himself painting the Town with a life

vest and some Oak leys on. By looking at the car, Flawless could tell that it had at one

point in time had some upgrades. For starters, it had a six-speed transmission. Clearly, the

work for whoever had done it was beyond their kindness, because it required cutting the

cross-member and redesigning it completely.
“I love it” is all he could say. He gave Sweetpea the most honest look that his heart could
show being so cold. It said a million words. Flawless had fell in love with Sweetpea at

that moment and realized that she was really down for the crown. First, she walks out the

bank with eighty-thousand dollars cash, and now she scored him a 67‟ Charger wit

upgrades? Not even his bottom bitch Moscato had ever dared to do no shit like that.

Sweetpea had Flawless by the tail and her grip was getting tighter as the days progressed.
“Take it for a spin daddy” Sweetpea said, just happy to see the joy in his face.
Flawless was lost for words.
“I most definitely am” Flawless said as he exited the car and ran to the room quickly.

“You like it Flawless?” The other girls asked as to feel apart of the nice gift to him.

“Yea, I love it!” he said as he scanned the room looking for the moneybag. When he got
to it, he pulled out several bands and the trap money that the girls had made, and put it in

the waist of his pants as he ran back out.
“I‟ll be back in a min,” Flawless said eager to jump back behind the wheel of his brand
new toy. As Sweetpea met him at the door, he gave her a peck on the cheek before he got


Author King William

80 | P a g e

“Thanks again baby,” he said and before he knew it, he was gone again about his

business. He wanted to some what break the car in and get a feel for what it had to offer.

By the time that he got around the first couple of corners, it dawned on Flawless in

questioning of how exactly Sweetpea managed to afford this new car, when not a dollar

of his money was missing. When he went to grab some cash,

Everything is just as I had left it. Flawless thought to himself

Why has God had been good to me?he questioned himself.

He did not ponder too much about the answers right at this moment because he was too

busy getting acquainted with his new car.

Flawless ended back on his way up at the mall again, but this time he went to pick

up a few things for the girls.

He switched lanes like a mad man getting to the mall. You could hear the

cylinders opening up as he raced past the shop windows on the street. He noticed how

good the car looked in a glass reflection.

The first store he ran up in once he got back to the mall, was “Elles” As much as

he hated shopping for women‟s things, he felt as though he had to make an exception and

surprise them with some nice things.
With that being said, Flawless browsed through “Elles” and decided to help the
girls step their shoe game up today. By the time he finished browsing, he picked up some

very nice shoes from them. He bought Sweetpea a pair of Calf Skin and foe fur sandals

by Alexander Wang, Some lace and satin pumps by Valentino Garvani, for Rosa, and

some silk sandals with ostrich feathers by Max Kibardin for Moscato. He could see each

one of them looking good as they high stepped in class. Next on his list was some smell

Author King William

81 | P a g e

good. Flawless knew the power that a great fragrance had, so he decided to pick them up

some “Cool Water” for women, the blue bottle. He browsed around a little more, the

picked out “Flower Bomb” by Viktor & Rolf, and “Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel. The

last fragrance that he picked out was “Shalimar” by Guerlain. With these fragrances, the
girls were sure to send their dates head over heels. Flawless knew absolutely nothing
about women‟s clothing sizes, but he still browsed the things that he would bring them
back for that he liked. There was a nice floral print jacket by Roberto Cavalli that he

thought would look nice on Moscato. It had a matching rope necklace with a Swarovski

crystal in it, some nice matching calfskin shoes, a perforated handbag that was made by

Fendi, and the cotton twill shorts by Jason Wu that just blended so perfectly. The next

outfit that caught his attention was a polyamide elastane swimsuit, some canvas wedge

shoes, and matching sunglasses by Emporio Armani. He thought it would be nice for the

girls when they decided to hit the beach one day. There were a lot of nice things that he

could of got, be he decided to just wait and let them pick them out while they were all out

one day.

Once Flawless was done with his shopping, he exited the mall and made his way

towards the car.

The sun was shining very bright, and it instantly made him think about how the

Sun metaphorically was symbolic for people who had acquired knowledge and

enlightenment, as he definitely was in search of the truth.

When Flawless thought about the things, he had going on. He thought about

“Novus Ordo Seclurum” which represented the establishment of a New World Order,

which was founded on esoteric principles.

Author King William

82 | P a g e

As Flawless dropped the bags into the passenger seat, he thought about how much

the money in the world really made it go around. Whatever the case was he had been

blessed with the gift of making it come to him. When he sat back in his seat, he rustled
through his pockets for a dollar bill. He read the words “Annuit Coeptis” Which meant

that God had favored an undertaking and had blessed it with “Annual Endowments” of
unlimited wealth. Flawless did not even understand yet, the degree of knowledge that he

was able to illuminate, but it was great. He did know that the majority of everything that

he had ever learned in school was a lie, and that he had to unlearn all that he had learned,

relearn the knowledge that was information that is more accurate.

In order for Flawless to levitate to his highest plateau of success, he needed to

learn to attune himself with nature and his environments. He had to be conscious of the

things that went on around him and mental, physical, and spiritual affects that it had on

him. By increasing his level of sensitivity and awareness, he would better be able to get

through times of stress and strain to keep his soul in tact.

After a quick moment of clarity, he started the car and went back to the house. As

he pulled into the driveway of his hotel, he saw Moscato standing in the doorway

screaming with the phone to her ear. His phone rang and it was she.

“They got Sweetpea,” Moscato screamed. Flawless dropped the phone and pulled up to

park the car. He jumped out while the car was still rolling in a hurry to see what the fuss

was about.
“They got her baby! They kicked the door in with their guns out and everything,”
Moscato said sounding startled and scared. Flawless ran to the room door, the mattress

was flipped over; the furniture was strolled all over the room.

Author King William

83 | P a g e

“Who baby? …..Who did this shit?” Flawless said as he thought about the money.

“Where the fuck is the money?” Flawless yelled, as he looked everywhere. Moscato just
kept screaming. Rosa sat in the middle of the floor as if she had been traumatized.

Moscato continued and still did not stop, she was shook up, but the situation only made

her stronger for the tasks that lay ahead of her. Everything that Flawless said to her went

into one ear and went out of the other.
“Listen to me baby, Calm down!” Flawless started.

“Who did this?” Flawless asked, as he got angrier by the moment. He needed answers,
and he needed them fast. Moscato went on a rant and rave about how they kicked the

door in waving guns. Flawless looked at the door and how it grimily hung off of the

hinges as if it was getting ready to walk away.
“It was the Portland Police Department baby, they made us lay down on the ground” she
“Then They dragged Sweetpea out like a Raggedy Ann Doll, stole the money, and didn‟t

even show us a warrant or nothing,” Rosa said as she came out of her daze. She got up
and just ran to Flawless to give him a slow emotional hug.

“I was so scared,” Rosa said as Flawless felt her body quiver.

“Shit!....Shit!....Shit!” Flawless said as he quickly gathered his thoughts.

“How the fuck they know where we was at?” Flawless thought to himself and wondered
why the Feds did not come rather than the Portland Police Department.

Author King William

84 | P a g e

“Aye Moscato call the Portland Police Department and find out if Sweetpea is in custody

and if she has a bail,” Flawless said trying to keep it together.

“In the meantime, pack up all our shit….we out of here!” Flawless said. Flawless looked
at everything strolled across the floor, and thought about how close he had come to

running into them himself, and how that would have worked out. Flawless was used to
this whole scene, from all the times his house had been raided as a child. “Damn baby, I

gotta get you out of there!” Flawless thought to himself, as he became an emotional


The bags were packed and ready to go within the next thirty minutes. They hauled

all other belongings out of the other rooms. Something was fishy, but Flawless knew

better than to wait and see exactly what it was.

Flawless got back behind the wheel of the rental car and made Moscato drive the

Charger. After he signaled for her to follow him and Rosa, they exited the Riverview

with all their things and headed towards 111 S.w fifth Ave. to the Portland City Grill.

Flawless had seen the place earlier and told himself that he would check it out. The sign
outside said “Everyday is a happy hour” so it was right up his alley. Located way up on

the thirtieth floor, you could catch the sunset and a little live piano. Flawless‟s phone

rang as soon as they made it to their destination. He rumbled through his pockets trying

to locate the phone while it rang.
“Hello?” Flawless said as he finally answered.

“Baby it‟s me,” the voice said as it finally came over the line.

“Sweetpea?” Flawless said almost sure it was her.

“Yea” she said. Her words drowned from all the noise that stood out in the background.
Author King William

85 | P a g e

“What the fuck is going on?” he asked curiously.

“I don‟t know yet” she said hysterically.

“But you got to get me out of here before the Feds catch on and find out that I'm in here,"
she said desperately. Flawless was beginning to think more logically by the minute as he

realized that the money was a blessing and a curse at the same time, and that he was

quickly running out of time before his whole operation came crashing down.
“Why would I let her burn herself up like this anyway?” he thought to himself.

“Because you wanted the money,” he answered himself in the same sentence. It was
crazy, the chances that he was willing to take for the money, let alone eighty-thousand

“Baby, my bail is 100,000 you only need to come with 10 percent though.” Sweetpea

“The only information that they gave me was that I was apart of a sting operation.

Sweetpea said as she came over the line.
“Well look,” Flawless said quickly trying to figure it out.

“I only got a couple of grand, that‟s all that I grabbed when I left. The police stole the

rest of the money when they took you” Flawless began to explain

“But don‟t worry about nothing, I'm going to get you up out of there” and just like that
Flawless hung up the phone just in case anybody was listening to their conversation.

Flawless was an emotional wreck over Sweetpea. He thought about how attached he had

become to her, and admired the loyalty she had shown him. He concluded that he was

going to have to do whatever he had to do to get her back.

Author King William

86 | P a g e

After they entered the Grill, they were seated immediately. Flawless picked up the

menu and browsed the beverages. After close consideration, he decided to order.
“Can I get two Long Islands please?” Flawless requested to the waiter as he scanned the
girls faces for their approval.

“Flawless so what are we going to do now?” Rosa asked still shaken up from things.

“We‟re going to get this money together, so we can bail Sweetpea out before the Feds

catch wind.” Flawless said making everything sound so easy.

Her bail is a hundred thousand, but we only need to come with ten percent of that.”
Flawless said as the waiter brought the drinks and sat them down on the table.
“It‟s gone take us close to a week to stack ten grand, the way shit been moving around

here” Rosa said

“By that time the Feds will be done picked her up” Moscato added .

“I know right?” Flawless agreed.

“I could sell the car too,” Flawless said as he thought about the solution to his frustration.

“She said something about being part of a sting operation and everything still fishy right

now,” Flawless said.

“Let‟s just keep it simple,” Flawless ordered. They all sat in silence as they sipped their
Long Islands. Flawless ordered three shots of Patron, but they were all for him.
“I got an Idea!” Flawless said as he triggered the light bulb in his head.
After Flawless and the girls had a few drinks, they left the grill and Moscato once

again followed in tow behind of the wheel of the Charger, that Sweetpea had just bought


Author King William

87 | P a g e

After driving for half a mile, Flawless and the girls pulled into the Embassy Suites

to book a room. This was a much less expensive choice in taste, but due to the moment, it

would have to be sufficient.

After they were settled in, Flawless ran a hot tub of bath water so he could sit and

meditate. He sat his phone on the side of the tub. He thought about the Twenty-Four

hours ahead. How he usually considered his plans for the day. Before he begun the day he

asked God to direct his thinking, especially asking that it be divorced from self-pity,

dishonest, or self-seeking motives. Today was not like that though. He was full of

indecision and could not determine which course to take. The only thing he could think

about was how he was going to get his girl back.

After the hot bath, he put on his clothes and made sure that the girls settled in.
“I know this is a real stressful time and everything, but you girls get back to work,”
Flawless said as he held one hand on the door knob.
“I got to make some moves,” He continued.

“But I‟m going to be back in a little while” He said as he exited the room.

The door to the 67‟ Charger swung open and Flawless jumped inside as he cruised

down Naito Parkway past the Tom McCall Waterfront Parkway into the Ghettos of North

East Portland.

Flawless continued down parkway towards the East side until he ran into the

urban community. As he passed Salmon st., he began to see clutters of youngsters

hanging around on the corner. He cruised past Main st. then past Madison. When he got

to 82nd ave. he pulled over to park There was a large crowd of people standing next to a

purple Caprice Classic. The windows shook violently as the bass vibrated the trunk and

Author King William

88 | P a g e

shook the glass in the windows of the project-housing unit that they were standing in

front of from the extremely loud music. Flawless cut the motor on his car and exited the

vehicle to approach the crowd. It was obvious that they admired his car because as soon

as he pulled up, everything immediately stopped and all eyes were on him. Nobody said a

word and the only thing you heard was the thumps from the music.
“Anybody got some O.G Kush for sale?” Flawless said trying to kill the silence and let
the on lookers know the purpose of his visit.
“You aren‟t from round here huh?” one of the youngsters said to Flawless.

“Nah, I‟m not,” Flawless returned.

“I just drove up here from the Bay Area and I‟m trying to find some weed to smoke”
Flawless said trying to cut the chitchat.
“Yea so basically you guys are the first niggas I seen that look like me” Flawless said as
he stole a couple of laughs from the crowd.
“I‟m trying to buy some thangs too, you guys might be able to help me wit that.”
Flawless said.
“Some things like what?” the youngster said curiously.

“Some things like some guns” Flawless shot back.

“Man you know how many niggas dying around here? Truthfully, nobody is trying to sell

no guns right now!” The youngster told Flawless. The door to the Caprice Classic swung
open and another person approached the crowd.
“What you need my nigga” he said as cool as he possibly could. Before words were
exchanged between the two. The O.g said
“Flawless is that you?”
Author King William

89 | P a g e

Flawless was blew back when he realized that the man that stood before him was no one
other than his child hood role model “Squeeze”

“Oh shit! Squeeze!” Flawless said, surprised to see Squeeze most of all.

“It‟s a small world, I‟m telling you!” Squeeze said.

“What you doing out here?” Flawless asked Squeeze.

“I should be asking you that,” Squeeze said as he let out a chuckle.

“Nah but for real though I had to come down here and take care of a little business….plus

you know this the strip Capital of the World” Squeeze said smiling from ear to ear.

“I got stupid Love for you though little nigga you already know that huh?” Squeeze
“You know me and how I move…..I‟m good.” Squeeze continued, as he embraced
Flawless and gave him a real mafia hug.

“Man I raised this little nigga yall!” Squeeze told the crowd as he repositioned his

Oakland A‟s snapback hat.

“Little Flawless?” The high-pitched female voice said as it ran up on him. It was also

Squeeze‟s old woman from back in the day, they were still rocking. By the look of how

she was dressed, Flawless derived a conclusion and it made sense what business that

Squeeze had come to Portland to attend to.

“Man we got to get together and have some drinks my nigg” Flawless said

“But right now I got some business that I got to take care of too while I‟m down here and

I need some help finding some hammers.” He said as he kept his focus on squeeze

“Boy how is your momma doing?” Squeeze old woman asked.
Author King William

90 | P a g e

“She's not bad actually,” Flawless said truthfully speaking that she had been clean and
sober for the last ten years. The only burden that she carried really was the worries that

Flawless inflicted on her from his choice of lifestyles. Squeeze still looked the same, the

same swag, style, and glow that he had from many years before.
“So you got the bread right now?” Squeeze asked referring to the money for Flawless‟s
“Yea I got the bread right now!” Flawless shot back.

“Who you beefing wit anyway, boy you know I‟ll take care of you,” Squeeze said hoping
there was a reason to use his .40 caliber handgun that he displayed on his waistband.
“I don‟t got any beefs,” Flawless said to Squeeze as he lit a blunt up and passed it to
“Where you get this at?” Squeeze asked as he hit Flawless‟s weed.

“Boy you must of brought this with you?” he continued.

“Wait till you taste some of this what I got though, It ain‟t no Purp…..but it‟s some pretty

good Cookies” Squeeze said convincingly.

“Are you up here by yourself?” Squeeze asked in pure concern.

“No, actually, I‟m not, I‟m staying over at the Embassy Suites wit two of my hoes and

one of them is in jail right now…I‟m trying to bail her ass out” Flawless said filling
Squeeze in on the situation.

“O.k….O.k!” Squeeze said.

It did not take long at all to catch up on the time passed before Flawless drove

back up Naito Parkway passing Tom McCall Waterfront Parkway back to the room.

Author King William

91 | P a g e

The next day had arrived shortly, and at exactly 9:06 am, Flawless in desperate

need of finances had a gun tucked in his waistband pacing back and forth in front of the

back door exit of the Portland National Bank. He kept telling himself
“I got to do this for Sweetpea!” The bank was dimly lit, and the old bank building was up
and running with black leather ropes hanging to shiny brass stands. There were many

business-oriented folk walking around trying to handle their money transactions. The

tellers were nicely suited sitting behind the marble counter tops guarding millions of

dollars. The bank was the hand that fed single mothers awaiting their welfare checks, pay

period payrolls, low ten-figure business loans, and a few equity-building mortgages. The

floors inside were so shiny that you could look down into and catch a glimpse of your


On a day to day basis, the Portland National Bank would baby-sit something close

to a good half a million dollars tucked away in the vault daily. On high priority days like

this one, which was the first of the month, and paydays, the amount, could easily

increase. The money was there, and it was calling Flawless.

As Flawless finally entered the bank at 9:15 am as planned, Rosa and Moscato

mustered up all their strength and exited their vehicles. Moscato held a park near the rear

and Rosa was right out front. Today Moscato drove the rental car, which had abandoned

license plates, and Rosa drove the Charger, which had also a naked front and rear.

Flawless tried to stay as calm as possible. He quickly took inventory and realized that the

bank had no security guard visible.

Flawless walked up to one of the Tellers Bear faced, opened up his shirt to show

the gun in his waistband and whispered the words

Author King William

92 | P a g e

“Put the money in the bag, empty the top and bottom drawers, and don‟t try anything

The woman behind the marble top was now a victim to her first robbery ever, and

did exactly as he asked. She did what she had been trained to do in this situation, which

was give up the money.

“Don‟t even think about hitting any alarms either” Flawless said to her as she did

it anyway. Moscato peeked inside the double doors, as she made sure no one was making

any sudden movements. She guarded the rear of the bank as she gripped onto her pistol.

Rosa shook like a snitch as she thought to herself
“What the fuck have I gotten myself into?” The teller did not scream, and did not try
anything fancy to alert Flawless of her betrayal to his order. She followed his

instructions, and tossed bands and bands of cash into the duffle bag that Flawless slid

across the counter.
“Hurry up” he said as he gave her the evil eye.
As Moscato peeked back inside, she caught a glimpse of an unmarked guard come

from the back. When she noticed the handgun he had, she opened the door and quietly

stepped inside the bank. Within a few minutes, the teller had emptied the drawers, which

held about fifty grand apiece. Once the last band had hit the bag, he grabbed the bag, and

backed away from the counter.

Flawless browsed around and it seemed as though no one knew that a robbery was

taking place.

As the unmarked guard positioned himself to be a hero and raised his pistol,

Moscato snatched her pistol from her waistband and turned into Jessie James the way she

Author King William

93 | P a g e

dropped his arm. As he turned around he still gripped his pistol and repositioned it

towards her, Flawless removed the pistol he had as he noticed what was going on and

emptied the clip on the back of the security guard until he dropped to the ground. The

bank turned into complete chaos as the people screamed and scrambled.

“Everybody Down!” Moscato yelled as she let off warning shots into the ceiling. Once

everybody hit the linoleum, Flawless made a dash for the door as he tucked his face into

his shirt, as he knew the cameras were above clicking away. Moscato slipped back out

the rear exit and scrambled to the car. Rosa had the passenger door already ajar and car
started, as Flawless burst out of the front doors. When Rosa seen the 67‟ Charger front
end come sliding out of the back, she took off into traffic for it to follow.

Author King William

94 | P a g e

Chp. 9
“On The Run”
Flawless, Moscato, and Rosa made it back to the room in a rapid frenzy as they kept a

look out for patrol cars. Flawless immediately made plans to return the rental car, and

contact the bondsman to free Sweetpea and get the hell out of dodge.
“Look at all this damn money” Moscato said looking at all the Bands that was scattered
on the kitchen table of the room.
“Yea but what are we going to do about the security guard that we just killed?” Rosa
asked sarcastically.
“Hey! Don‟t worry about all that” Flawless fired back not at all wanting to think about it.

“We got more important things to think about right now, like getting Sweetpea back.”
Flawless said as he fanned through the bands of money stack by stack.

“I just got off the phone with the rental car place to let them know that the car is on its

way to be dropped off” Flawless started.

“After you drop the car off, you‟re going to drive the charger to meet the bondsman,”
Flawless ordered.

“After you drop the cash to him, I want you to come straight back to the room, you got

it?” Flawless gave the girls specific plans to follow as he tossed Rosa two bands of

“This should be enough,” he said as zipped the bag back up.
Author King William

95 | P a g e

Thirty minutes later Rosa pulled up to the “Rent-a-Car” and dropped off the

mini-van with the plates re-attached and Moscato following in tow. Twenty more

minutes, they made it back across town in the Charger, which also had the plates back reattached

to drop the money off to the bondsman.

Rosa handled all the paperwork while Moscato sat in the car. The Bondsman

requested fifty percent or better without collateral, so Rosa and Moscato had to make

another trip back to grab more cash.

Not even forty-five minutes later, Moscato and Rosa pulled up once again with

the rest of the money. The paperwork took at least about an hour signing all the

documents before they were on their way again back to the room.
An hour‟s time after that, Flawless and the girls had all their things packed up and
ready to go as they went to pick Sweetpea up and make a dash for the Interstate.
“Damn where the hell is she at?” Flawless said as they cased the release door to
the Police Department. The hairs on their bodies stood straight up every time they

watched a patrol car pass hoping that it did not look their way as they were ducked off in

the cut.

Five minutes later exactly, Sweetpea stumbled out of the Police station in a hurry

as she looked around for the Charger. Flawless blew the horn, and when she noticed the

car, she rushed across the street to join Flawless and the girls.

As Sweetpea climbed in the back, Flawless was up and out long before the door

“Hey Bookie” Rosa said as she reached across the seat and gave Sweetpea a fat
juicy kiss on the cheek.

Author King William

96 | P a g e

“Hey girl” Moscato said as she showed some love.

“Yea what kinds of bird don‟t fly?” Flawless asked comically with some type of

sick humor.
“What kind?” Sweetpea asked laughing.

A jailbird” Flawless said jokingly. The whole car was filled with laughter, as they got

further away from the Police station.
“Man I missed the hell out of yall already!” Sweetpea said with a smile from ear to ear.
There was not any looking back, Flawless continued to the freeway and entered

Interstate I-95 towards Nevada. He figured he and the girls were better off at this moment

trying their chances in Vegas, after all, life at this point was a gamble.
“Damn yall, what I miss?” Sweetpea said as she stuck her hand in the duffle bag
and slid her hand through the bag of money.
“Bitch, you don‟t want to know what we had to do to get your crazy ass out” Rosa said
with a sigh of relief that everything was over with.

“I mean I really missed yall for that little twenty-four hours or whatever” Sweetpea

assured again.

“Yall do really love me huh?” She continued humorously as she felt complete happiness

to be free from the belly of the beast.

“Geeez!, we a-r-r-r-e Fam-i-ly!” Moscato said in her Eric-O voice.

The drive to Nevada was a non-stop move from point A to B. They rolled up

blunt after blunt as they told Sweetpea how they held up Portland National Bank and shot

a security guard trying to get away.

Author King William

97 | P a g e

“Whose fancy idea was that?” Sweetpea asked as she shoved her finger in the back of

Flawless‟s head as he held the wheel.

“You know we had to do what we had to do” Flawless said as he peeked into the rearview

mirror. Flawless was so ecstatic to have his girl back
“Yea he must really got love for you girl, because I hardly believe that he would of did

some shit like that for me” Moscato said showing just a little bit of her insecurity.

“I would baby and you already know” Flawless said as he stroked that insecure little
mind of hers.
“Yall ready to do a little gambling?” Flawless asked as he tried to change the subject.

“Yall go through them bags and look at the shit I bought yall!” Flawless said as he
remembered the details of the day that Sweetpea went to jail.
“whooooooaaaa!!! These must be mines,” Sweetpea said as she ran across the calfskin
sandals by Alexander Wang.

“And these must be mines” Rosa said as she held up the lace and satin pumps by

Valentini Garvani. There was only one pair of shoes left and once Moscato pulled her silk

sandals with the ostrich feathers out the bag, she was satisfied.
“Flawless, how did you know that we would like our shoes?” Sweetpea asked curiously

“ummmmmm lets see, I only be around yall like ummmmmmmm….. Everyday!”

Flawless answered sarcastically. The moment was just perfect as Meek Millz “buy your

love” came blamming onto the radio. As Flawless drove further down the Interstate, his

mind pondered off about this game of Economics that he was knee deep into. Flawless

was an Entrepreneur whose definition was one that was able to combine labor, natural

resources, and capital to produce goods, services and still incurred a risk to his quest for

Author King William

98 | P a g e

profits. When he thought about products and services, he thought about his girls and how

they provided pleasure to high paying tricks which in exchange generated revenue. Vegas

was the perfect place for his malady.

Las Vegas was America‟s destination resort. Nearly 30 million people flocked

there each year attracted to the new themed casino palaces.

Places like the Mirage, the Excalibur, Treasure Island, Luxur, and the MGM

Grand made Las Vegas a sight to see. Flawless felt there were many opportunities

awaiting him in Vegas and could not wait to touch down.

The next day, Flawless, Moscato, Sweetpea, and Rosa pulled up to valet. They

grabbed the money, then got out the car and left the keys in the vehicle.
“Welcome to Mandalay Bay” the young valet said. The treatment was great as the valets
had opened the doors for them and helped them out.

When they stepped inside the facility, Flawless pulled out his phone to pull up the

special promotion package he had booked online. The room reservations clerk was busy

taking a call, so they stood by until he became available. You should have seen the way

he eyeballed the girls as if they were a piece of meat.
“Hi, how may I help you?” he said politely.

“Reservations for four” Flawless said as he signaled for Moscato to step up and take care

of things. The reservations clerk was prepared to obtain information like names,

confirmation numbers, addresses, and phone numbers.

“And how many days do you plan to stay?” the clerk asked. The reservations were

booked for three by promotion, but Flawless decided to pay a few more dollars for a


Author King William

99 | P a g e

“And smoking or non-smoking?” the clerk continued.

“Smoking!” they all said in harmony as they looked at each other and laughed.
After the reservations clerk was done, he sent them to the next desk that was the

front office clerk.

When guests arrived at the casino hotel the majority of the time, it was quick and

efficient. The front desk clerks made sure things happened this way.

“Welcome!” the beautiful young desk clerk said as she pulled up their reservations on the

computer. Flawless put the room in Sweetpea‟s name because he figured she could not be
too hot, being that she just got released from custody.

“Thank you for choosing Mandalay Bay” the front office clerk said as she slid Sweetpea

the keys to the room. After business was taken care of there, the front desk clerk called

for the bell person. In order to make their guests happy, the casino hotel provided a great

deal of service. The bell person loaded all their stuff onto a cart.

“Hi, my name is Jew-Jew” the bellman said.

“If you ever need anything, I‟ll be your go to guy” Jew-Jew escorted Flawless and the

girls in, and inspected the room. He explained the features of the room, such as operation

of the locks, thermostat, air conditioner, or in room Jacuzzi. Before he left, Jew-Jew gave

many suggestions for points of interest, and entertainment attractions.

After the bellman left, Flawless started to unpack his things. He could not wait to

get to the floor and try his luck on some of the tables.
“Daddy look at the view” Moscato said as she looked down on the city of Las
Vegas. By this time, the sun had set and all you could see were the bright lights of the


Author King William

100 | P a g e

“Hey roll up…..I‟m trying to get high,” Flawless said as he sat down and flicked on the
TV. They had a real nice suite with a large kitchen, washer/dryer, balcony, flat screens in

the living and bedroom. Flawless dug in his pocket for the weed and when he found it, he

slid it across the table to Moscato.
“You ain't high enough?” she asked laughing.

“We smoked the whole way here,” she continued.

“Just make it happen” Flawless said as he kicked his legs up on the table and crossed one
over the other.
“Are we going out tonight daddy?” Rosa asked as she folded up her things that she pulled
out of her suitcases.
“Oh yea!” Flawless said without a doubt.

“We for sure going to go and fuck some money off” Flawless said thinking about all the
options they had to take chances with to win some money. After all that is what the whole
trip was for…… to come up, and they had landed in the perfect place for that. They had a
lot of money swimming around and planned to make the best of everything.

Author King William

101 | P a g e

Chp 10
Mandalay Bay & Four Seasons was a 3,700 room, $950 million resort extravaganza.

There was a 12,000-seat arena complex that hosted major sporting contests, superstar

concerts, and special events. Flawless and the girls fell in love with the attraction. They

walked past the “House of Blues” which was a live music and restaurant one-stop spot,

which sat right next to the casino. The casino whose three indispensable characteristics

were chance, luck, and choice.

As Flawless walked through the casino in his fresh linens he had purchased, he

browsed the floor for a game to play.

The first game he came across was the infamous crap table. This game was much

too familiar, in fact, he was a con to this game and it was his favorite of many.

Flawless walked up to the crap table with his girls on his arms. He placed his

hand on the rail of the table, just quick enough for the players to get a glimpse of his ring

by Loraine Swartz, and his watch that he had bought from Jacob & Co.

The hustler‟s wives were all eyes as they broke their necks to look. The lights

glimmered off of the Louis Vuitton sunglasses that he wore. The creases on his Thom

Browne tailor made suit made him look unique. The ruby cuff links finally served their

purpose as they added more shine to his glow. All the women wore their best linens that

matched the shoes, which Flawless had gotten them.
“Money on the wood is good!” The houseman yelled.
Author King William

102 | P a g e

“Lay your money down and stay around!” he continued as he waited for a sucker. The
housemen were slick when it came to these games, but little did they know Flawless had

brought a few tricks of his own.

When Flawless stepped up to the table, he had crooked dice hidden in his palm,

trapped between the base of his thumb and the edge of his hand. He waited patiently for

his turn before he dropped a fade.

When the houseman got to Flawless, he dropped a band of money on the table,

and told his girls to bet on him. He handed the three of them a band apiece, which valued

$10,000 apiece. The onlookers whispered under their breaths, as they looked each other

up and down wondering how he managed to obtain so much confidence to put forty

thousand down on one bet.
“Let‟s go daddy!” the girls yelled as they went along in good faith that Flawless would
seven or eleven on the first roll.

Flawless picked up the Casino dice with the tips of his forefinger and pinky

trapping the dice between them. As his fingers curled in, he dropped down the crooked

dice that were palmed to the base of his fingers. Then he pushed the honest dice into his

palm to be palmed just as the crooked ones had been as he pulled a common thumb and

palm switch that professional dice crooks use.
“Is you wit me or against me?” Flawless yelled as he threw the dice and rolled them out.

“Seven!” the houseman yelled as the dice rolled over, one on the “Two” and the other on

the “Five.” The girls jumped up and down in amazement as Flawless took control of the
game and was up forty thousand in one roll.
“That's my daddy!” Moscato yelled as the houseman slid the dice back.
Author King William

103 | P a g e

“Bet back!” Flawless said as he motioned to the houseman.

“Bet back!” he said once more as he gave an order for the girls to bet on him again. The

whole process took only a split second. It may sound simple, but actually, the “Palm

switch” is one of the most difficult dice moves to learn. Mastering this shady art of dice

switching required a lot of time and practice.
“My hoes need clothes!” Flawless yelled as he rolled the dice out once more.

“Eleven!” the houseman yelled. This time the whole table jumped up and down in

amazement as Flawless hit the house for another $40,000 in one roll.
“Daddy you on fire!” Sweetpea said as she pecked him on the cheek. Flawless had all
eyes on him as he held down the crap table. He played four more games and won before

he switched the dice back.
“Drinks on me!” Flawless said as his phenomenon of craving kicked in wanting to
celebrate. Self-justification was the maker of excuses; excuses of course for drinking, and

for all kinds of crazy and damaging conduct. Flawless had made an invention of alibis his

fine art. He had to drink because the times were hard or the times were good, it really did
not matter. He thought “conditions” drove him to drink, and when his mind tried to help
him correct these conditions, he could not stop, and his drinking went out of hand, as he

became an alcoholic. On his way to the bar, he could feel all eyes on him as he walked

away from the table, even the eyes in the sky, but did not care. He was addicted to

money, and prepared to do what he had to do to get it.

Flawless and the girls thought about dining at several of the hotels finest

restaurants. They needed something to do while they let the table cool down. Flawless

had just stepped in the Casino and it was not thirty minutes before he was up $240,000.

Author King William

104 | P a g e

Beyonce was performing live at the event center, so Flawless took the girls to get
a bar of that first. After they left the event center, they hit up Disney‟s award winning

theatrical version of “Lion King” It was such a beautiful play. Flawless could not focus

on anything but more and more money and all the alcohol that surrounded him. The

Casinos were filled with cocktail servers. They were the ones who kept the gambling

junkies like Flawless good and full by serving alcoholic beverages. For some reason the

cocktail server managed to find Flawless no matter where he was at and kept him full.

The clerk came back and forth taking his orders. The drinks were put on a tray, and the

cocktail servers were responsible for serving individuals who were gambling in the

gaming area to some of whom may be high rollers. That night Flawless fell into that

category as he racked up on a shit load of money.
“Say playa, you new to the city?” said Flawless‟s splitting image. A young player
that had a similar system of cash and carry who was evolving. He was a prominent
pioneer and inner city pimp by the name of “New Daddy”

The sex business had been part of “New Daddy‟s” vision since he had knocked
his first hoe at the age of 13. Word on the street was that his message to the male patrons

was that they could spend every night with a different girl, and never be seen by anyone.
“Yea, I just touched down……who the fuck are you?” Flawless said as he took
inventory of the interesting character that stood before him with his hoes lined up like a

car dealership.
“I‟m just a young pimp named “New Daddy” he started

“And as you can see, all my hoes are Brand new” he continued. By the look of his stable

“New Daddy” had a wide variety of hoes that made Flawless‟s girls look like stragglers.

Author King William

105 | P a g e

He stood before Flawless looking like he had just left the all-white party. New Daddy had

on a coke white top hat with a white mink coat that just lounged over his shoulders. New

Daddy had Gazelles over his eyes and a toothpick in his mouth resembling the late Pimp

C. His girls were a mixture of coat-check girls, escorts, loungers, showgirls, and a couple

of flat out ragamuffins. This player looked as if he was not turning anything down but his


The one thing that Flawless and New Daddy had in common was that they

understood that sexual excitement was implicit in gambling and that women were integral

to the casino scenery.

Flawless did not even have to ask New Daddy where he was from because of his

gigantic belt buckle and cowboy boots, which said a lot.
“Must be one of them Texas boys,” Flawless thought to himself.

“Drinks on me playa,” New Daddy said as he signaled for the cocktail servers.

“Be gone!” he said as he snapped his fingers. His hoes dispersed like roaches with the
lights on.
“Aye yall, excuse me for a min” Flawless told the girls.

“Yall mingle around a little bit and check out the scene” Flawless continued. Moscato,
Sweetpea, and Rosa disappeared but did not go far.
“So you got a name, or should I call you brand new?” New Daddy said as he
slipped one past Flawless.
“You can call me Cali,” Flawless said as he straightened out his collar.

“Aye check this out” Flawless started

“I don‟t know what you selling, but I‟m not buying” he continued.
Author King William

106 | P a g e

“Come on Cali, I‟m into making friends not enemies. You from Cali right? Game

recognizes game at all levels, so I thought I‟d introduce myself,” New Daddy said. “I just

thought maybe we could be of a service to each other” New Daddy continued.

“First of all, I didn‟t come to Vegas to make friends, I came to make money,”
Flawless said.
“What would you fellaz like to drink?” the cocktail server said as she slid up to
the rail of the bar.
“What you drinking Cali?” New Daddy asked.

“Two shots of Don Julio wit the lime” Flawless said as he observed New Daddy

cautiously and his intentions.
“If you want to make some money, I can show you how,” New Daddy said as he
whipped out his bankroll that did not impress Flawless at all.
“Maybe we get it together, you know? shit isn't easy out here,” New Daddy said

as he practically begged for Flawless‟s friendship.

“Hey let me get two Cutty Bangs” New Daddy told the server to send her away as
he felt she was soaking up too much game.

“I don‟t know…..” Flawless said carefully considering the young players

“Maybe you can show me around a little bit, and show me who is who and what not,”
Flawless said keeping things neutral.
“You ever heard the phrase shaking hands making friends Cali?” New Daddy
asked Flawless.

Author King William

107 | P a g e

“Yea why?” Flawless asked curiously, trying to figure out where he was going

with things.
“I know a few people in high places, that may come in handy while you enjoy

your stay here in Las Vegas,” New Daddy told Flawless. Flawless turned up his first shot
and slammed it on the bar.
“The first thing we going to do is get your stable up” New Daddy started.

“Any girls caught hanging around the Casinos, restaurants, or lounges too long are in

violation of this pimpin,” He continued.

“These girls are potential streetwalkers, part-time call girls, swinging co-eds, and

showgirls,” New Daddy told Flawless as he shared his vision.
Flawless turned up his other shot as he tried to hear him out.
“The code of silence here is second nature to the gamblers,” He told Flawless as

he turned up the glass of his “Cutty Bang”.

“It‟s a lot of renegade money here Cali” New Daddy started.

“You see now, which is very different from many years before, there are more houses
where prostitutes live together and try to do it on their own. Many call girls only do their

business through staff of one or more of the Casinos. Some share their fees with

employees who called them. Others may be called directly by management to deal with a

high roller and distract him until the roller has gambled his winnings back to the house.”

New Daddy told Flawless as he broke down the science of the Nevada Casino life.

By this time Flawless was all ears, he figured he could use some brains like New

Daddy, and what he had to bring to the table. Thus far, he had shown to be very precise to

Author King William

108 | P a g e

the way of life here, and by the look of his threads, jewelry, and women. The proof was

in the pudding.
“You see Cali, the amount of prostitution here, safely, are the same as that of
Amsterdam or Paris, but have been kept so discreet that there are few that really knew the
truth.” New Daddy said as he continued to fill him in.

“More advice to you Cali, which you will find helpful, is posting Ads of your girls in

their best two-pieces,” New Daddy said.

Flawless had developed a headache from soaking up so much knowledge. It was

either that, or the two shots of Don Julio. Much less here or there, he was ready to get

back to the tables, and try his luck some more.

Las Vegas had always been a draw for entertainment. Singers, dancers,

comedians, ventriloquists, magicians, jugglers, animal trainers, acrobats, and many other

attractions found a home here.

After Flawless rounded up the girls, they headed down the strip on foot to check

out other hotels and Casinos.
“Wow! Look at the pyramid baby!” Moscato said. When Flawless focused in on the
gigantic pyramid, he wondered what the big crowd was doing looking up in the sky.

When they looked again and focused in again, they noticed one of the local magicians by

the name of Chriss Angel climbing up the side of the thirty-story pyramid. All you could

hear was
“Woooooowwwwww!!!” as the on lookers got excited watching from the sidelines.

“Look! My god he‟s levitating over the pyramid now,” Rosa said. When Flawless looked
back up Criss Angel had climbed up the pyramid and was now hovering over the top of it

Author King William

109 | P a g e

like a bird with no strings attached. He was truly phenomenal. The Luxor was among the

most recognizable resorts on the strip because of its design as the great pyramid of Giza.

Encased in the thirty-story pyramid of black glass with a fixed spotlight emanating from

its apex, was the hotel, which could be seen as far as Los Angeles and Arizona on clear

nights. Despite the lights, and seemingly odd shape as a hotel, the Luxor's Egyptian

themed interior contained a surprising four hundred and five guest rooms and four

hundred and eighty seven suites.

Flawless and the girls walked right past keno and roulette when they walked

inside. Slots were not the worse gamble in the Casino. Keno was the dollar grabber. It

took twenty-five percent slice of your investment. The payoff for correctly picking a

single number was 3 to 1 but the odds against you were 4 to 1. I guess that is why they

had the most comfortable chairs with armrests.

Next to keno, the worst game ever to try your luck with was American Roulette.
This game, the table has both a “0” and a “00” and the odds were 5.26 percent against

When Flawless walked around in the Casinos, he could tell after just a few games

whether a person would be a winner or a loser, but it was just his luck, that every game

he played he won. While Flawless wandered from table to table, he thought about the
Economics attached to the conversation he had with “New Daddy” and the meat of what
he said was vaguely hidden within.
“It‟s Economics my dear!” he pondered as he thought powerfully to himself. He thought
about it for a second, and rationalized that yes, as he input his hoes to the equation, it

made everything easier to understand but the most powerful thought of all of this was

Author King William

110 | P a g e

simplicity. These laws of economics could be applied with anything as an input, not just

hoes. He realized that when production took place, it occurred when knowledge or

technology was used to apply energy to materials, which made them more valuable.
“Wow!” he thought as he processed that whole thought. Flawless had a moment of clarity

as he thought about his resources. He thought about “Labor.” Labor was nothing but
productive efforts made available in human beings, and the payments for these labor
services produced something called “wages” So the moment of clarity was that yea his
women provided a service or labor so to say, which in return produced the wages. The

input of it all was that the input did not have to be women, it could be something simple

as any service or product he could find that would in return generate a wage, and that was

the labor.

“Boom!” he thought to himself. Flawless mind-fucked himself all the way to the slot


Rosa, Sweetpea, and Moscato took turns pulling on the slot machines. There were

many to choose from, all different shapes, colors, and sizes. The Luxor had a wide

variety from nickel machines, dimes, quarters, and dollars.
“The only way to win is to bet the max” Flawless said

“Other than that, all it‟s going to do is eat up the money” he finished.

“Might as well go for the gusto!” he said as he coached them to raise the stakes.
While the girls tried their luck on the slots, Flawless wandered off again to the

Blackjack table. As he watched the girls try their luck from across the room, he thought

to himself how billions of quarters had been dropped into Casino slot machines since day

Author King William

111 | P a g e

one. Now years later, gambling is one of the fastest growing industries not just in the

United States of America, but all throughout the world.

When Flawless sat down at the Blackjack table, he felt the attention shift his way.

While everybody watched him, he had his focus on the charming young woman that sat

across from him running the table. She never bothered to look his way as she continued

to win.

By the way she finessed the table; she obviously cast a spell on Flawless. The

young woman had an energetic presence. As Flawless closely observed her, he realized

that he definitely shared some of the same values and tastes: Money! He understood her

spirit, and recognized her charm.

As Flawless brought many tricks up his sleeve to Vegas, he thought that this

would be a good time to illuminate some expertise. Blackjack was one more of many

games he liked to play where he could exploit his mathematical principle in a legitimate

way. By keeping track of which cards had been played, he always knew whether the

composition of the remainder of the deck was in his favor. He would then bet and play

accordingly. The technique of keeping track of the cards was called “card counting”.

There was nothing dishonest about it, but it was such a powerful strategy that it allowed

Flawless to take control of the game. He then felt the charming young woman that sat

across from him re-direct her attention to where he was.
“Time to turn my charm on” Flawless thought to himself. When the next hand was dealt,
Flawless knew that he was due, from his mental count. His first card was an Ace, and he

prayed the next was a ten. He raised his bet tenfold as he kept his attention on the cards.

As the dealer dealt his next card, he was satisfied. The whole table had bet against

Author King William

112 | P a g e

Flawless assuming that his raise was a bluff. As he raised his head when his turn came to
reveal his cards, he said…….

“That‟s thirty-five thousand dollars plus one……muthafuckas can you buy that?” as he

did his interpretation of “Goldie” from “The Mack”. The young woman broke a smile as
the dealer raked the table and slid Flawless his winnings.

Even Ray Charles could see that Flawless had a gift. He was able to express a

strong presence of confidence that women admired. He radiated an inward quality that

had a phenomenal glow. It was a gift from the Gods. When Flawless looked once more

across the table at the young woman who sat alone, his mind wandered back to the

conversation he had with New Daddy about women violating his pimpin, and the

charisma he offered made women crave for him as they visually fell in love with how he

moved. Every sign of charisma he had, played to his desire for more money, and to

believe in something. There was nothing more seductive than giving the woman who had

all eyes on him at full attention something or someone to believe in and follow. After all

the players picked their jaws up and closed their mouths, Flawless stood up from the table

and rounded up his earnings.
“You aren‟t winning unless you out the ninth inning!” he said as he brushed past the
dealer and approached the young woman. Flawless knew, at this point his charm

depended on his choice of words, which due to the circumstances of his winnings, which

held power. Words were the quickest way to create an emotional disturbance. They could

uplift, elevate, and stir anger without referring to anything real. Therefore, with that being

said, Flawless stopped right in front of the girl and did not even bother to ask her what

her name was.

Author King William

113 | P a g e

“I got ninety-nine problems and money aint one “He started as he laid his ring finger on

the table and repositioned it.
“But two things that I aint never seen, is a U.F.O, and a hoe that didn‟t want to go”

Flawless continued as he extended his hand. It was Flawless‟s physical attribute that was
a major factor in his seduction. When she looked into his eyes, she saw excitement

without a word being spoken. His indirect communication, poised and calm charm made
him appear to have a piercing gaze that disturbed the young woman‟s emotions. The
game that Flawless played was by choice not force, and she blatantly realized that as she

reached out for his hand. As Flawless had tested his pimpin like a pro, he realized another
one had to go……..She had Chose Up!
Author King William

114 | P a g e

Chp 11
“Turnt Out”
Flawless decided to literally take his pimpin to new heights as he stood outside of the

Luxor waiting on a limo.
“So how did you know that I wanted to go?” Candy asked Flawless.

“I didn‟t,” he said with much confidence and finesse.
The Limo arrived shortly to pick them up.
“Where to my man?” The limo driver asked.

“HelioUsaAirways” Flawless said as he grabbed a bottle of Champaign from the limo‟s
“Champaign?” he asked as he filled the both of their cups to the brim. Flawless
knew that a unique way to view Las Vegas and the strip was from above.
“Where are we going?” Candy asked.

“To the top” Flawless answered as he admired her from top to bottom knowing that she

had the potential to break any tricks pocket.
“I need a choosing fee if you coming wit me” Flawless said to
“Why should I give my money to you?” Candy asked.

“Because a bitch of mines, better never keep a dime!” Flawless said as he looked coldly
in her eyes.
“The pimp game is a lonely one not a phony one” Flawless started.
Author King William

115 | P a g e

“I only like honey on my money,” he continued as he verbally whipped her with his

metaphors. By the look on her face, she was getting aroused by his slick talk. “Besides,

it‟s not matrimony……..It‟s macaroni!” flawless said continuing to pound the nail in the
“Last but not least, how can I consider you a profit if you don‟t put it in my pocket?” he
finished. Candy had been looking for someone solid for quite some time, and she be
dammed if it didn‟t just fall in her lap,” she thought to herself.
On the Apollo All- Night Flight strip tour, the first thing they did was have a toast

at the Hughes Executive Air Terminal. Flawless knew he had to be different from

anybody that had ever run across her path already, so what better way to make a first

impression and put her under pimp arrest. They took flight, saw all the lights, sights, and

talked about how to get his money right. They watched Las Vegas from their A- star

executive jet helicopter. The tour was quite extravagant.
“Isn‟t too many of them tennis shoe pimps doing it like this” Candy said.

“I want in” she continued as she handed Flawless a fat bankroll. Flawless knew from
experience that it was a good chance that Candy had been misguided and needed more
instructions and structure, in her life. Flawless knew that a Bitch‟s weakness was a

Pimp‟s sweetness, so he continued to question her and collect all the information he
could. He was all in her head. Before they had made it back and the wheels hit the

runway, Candy had written a five hundred-word essay on “Hoboing” and “Tiptoeing”

which was what a fake hoe did. she played games. Flawless made her agree to never

stoop that low and be a lazy hustler.

Author King William

116 | P a g e

The bar scene in Las Vegas was by variety, and had enough for everyone. There

were many bars and clubs that had opening and closing hours just as well as there were

clubs that did not. A Las Vegas bar scene on a Friday and Saturday were not necessarily

the busiest. A Tuesday could be just as busy as a Friday in Las Vegas on or off the strip.

When Flawless and Candy returned to the strip, they stopped at Paris and hung

out in the “Chateau Club” which offered an amazing balcony view of the water show that

was taking place at the Bellagio. It was a very intimate environment. The Dj spun all of

the latest hip-hop tracks, and even blended a little bit of reggae.
“My man!” a voice said as Flawless spun around to his surprise.

“Having a good time I see” the voice continued as Flawless zeroed in on New
“Was sup wit bruh?” Flawless said, as he barely wanted to acknowledge him.

“It looks like everybody else is paying to get in this joint, but we just walked

straight in” Flawless said as he noticed people being stopped at the door. Once Flawless

had taken one good look around, he noticed that the room was full of nothing but exotic

felines and pimps.
“Shit, I‟m right where I need to be” Flawless thought to himself.

“Welcome to my Players Ball” New Daddy said as his bottom thoroughbred came
and swung his quarter length mink coat over his shoulders. Boy was it some players in

the house.
“Yall grab a couple of drinks and enjoy yourselves,” New Daddy said.

“First rounds on me” he continued as he encouraged them to get comfortable.

Author King William

117 | P a g e

“I‟m in hot pursuit of a prostitute,” an older pimp yelled out. Flawless could tell
that the pimp was fishing right now to see if he could catch any hoes out of pocket.

Flawless told Candy to keep her head down like its money on the ground. Even though

they were all chillin, and it was a social function, all was still fair game. Flawless and

Candy hit the bar and grabbed a few drinks and made their way to a vacant table. When

he looked around, the room looked like a crayon box with all the bright colors. The Dj

stood on the stage spinning classics with one earphone on and one off.
“I‟m taking them blind, cripple, or crazy,” The older pimp said, as he started
rambling again.
“She could be black, white, spotted or dotted, as long as she got it!” he continued.
This party definitely was not a rest haven, and the players were thirsty for new talent. All

the pimps were chasing turnouts, because they knew that it was a lot easier to knock

someone who was clueless and mold her, rather than make her unlearn some pimpin she

had learned elsewhere.
“May I?” The voice said over Flawless shoulder. Candy kept her head down to
keep from wreck less eyeballin. She was somewhat thorough.

“I don‟t see why not” Flawless started

“How can I say no to the man of the hour?” Flawless continued. New Daddy pulled up a
seat with his bottom girl in tow.
“How you like the party so far?” New Daddy asked.

“To tell you the truth, we was looking for somewhere to chit chat, and couldn‟t have

found a better stop” Flawless said.

“I heard you tore up that crap table tonight,” New Daddy said.
Author King William

118 | P a g e

“Yea I did, I‟m trying to let that thang cool down, so I can go tear they ass up some

more.” Flawless said.

“I remember when I first got here and I used to try to pull niters gambling and hustling”
New Daddy started.
“You gone need something to keep you up” New Daddy continued.

“You know this the city that never sleeps,” he added.

“I haven‟t been here one night, when there wasn‟t some money to be made.” New Daddy

said as he looked at his bottom girl for her to agree with what he was saying.
“Matter of fact, baby set me up” New Daddy said as he popped his fingers. His bottom
girl was draped up in a red two-piece and some stilettos that wrapped around her legs.
“This shit right here, will keep your game woke” New Daddy said as his girl emptied out
a bag of sparkling white powder. She chopped up and separated the powder into some

pretty lines on the glass table.

“Awwe man, no thanks, I‟m cool,” Flawless said. New Daddy pulled out his bankroll,

and peeled off a crispy one-hundred dollar bill and rolled it up. New Daddy inhaled, as

one of the sparkling white lines disappeared. New Daddy took a snort of the dope and got

a sudden burst of energy.
“I‟m going from the ghetto streets to the Executive Suites!” he started.

“From the ghetto blocks to the Wall street stocks” he continued. His bottom girl just
stood there and soaked up everything he said. By the look on her face, you could tell that

she trusted and believed everything he said.
“Let me see dat shit!” Flawless said, as he wanted in on the show.
Author King William

119 | P a g e

“This shit making you feel like that?” Flawless asked, as he got ready to indulge. Within
the blink of an eye, Flawless had decided to join the party for real.

He had just become a victim of a mental obsession so subtly powerful, that no amount of

human willpower would be able to break it. As he inhaled, he became the Genie of the
Lamp. Flawless‟s alter ego sprang out in full force.

“It was my destiny to live a pimp‟s legacy,” Flawless blurted out.

“Yea and I was born not sworn,” he continued. The magical white powder had given him
some fuel as he snorted another line away.
“Slow down Cali” New Daddy started. “You snorting dat shit like a pro right now” New

Daddy continued laughing. Flawless disregarded New Daddy‟s advice and took another

wreck less whiff off the table. As the Cocaine wielded its double-edged sword over him,

he could not control the insane urge to keep snorting.

“You a fool Cali!” New Daddy said as he just sat back and watched. Flawless took a sip

of his drink as he dropped the rolled up hundred dollar bill on the glass. By going back

through his history of drinking, it would show that years before he even realized, he was

powerless to his addictions, and out of control. The alcohol first, and now Cocaine, which

were no mere habits, were indeed the beginning of a fatal progression.

You see New Daddy was the type of nigga that the streets called double-breasted. This

was when a pimp as himself, had other duties to the game, such as being a drug dealer or

a thief.
“So how can I get my hands on some of this yaddamean?” Flawless said inquiring about
a personal package.

Author King William

120 | P a g e

“For a hundred and fifty dollars, my girl will fix you up an eight ball right now,” New
Daddy said. Flawless and New Daddy passed the bill back and forth until the sparkling

white powder had withered away. Flawless could not stop talking since he started


“I‟m taking this pimpin from Frisco to Maine, den all the way to Spain” he started.

“I live for big bills in this game, and my game doesn‟t change!” Flaweless said as he
threw two hundred dollar bills on the table.

Flawless was in a position where he needed to learn to train himself to step back and

think. Think times five. Think, think, think, think, and think again like one of his elders

use to tell him. He could never think nor act to good purpose until his habits of selfrestraint

had become automatic.

When temporary good fortune came to Flawless, he indulged himself in fantasies of still

greater victories over people, places, and things. In the end, he was always blinded by

prideful self-confidence, and never failed of drowning in his own character defect of

playing the “Big-shot”.

It was not long before Flawless and Candy put their skates on and rolled up out of the
player‟s ball. Somehow, Flawless made his way back to the craps table. Anytime you
walked into a casino anywhere in the world, you could follow your ears toward the

crowd, where people were making the loudest and rowdiest sounds and bet your top

dollar that it was coming from the crap table.

Craps generated the most attention out of all games to be played in Vegas because of the

higher probability to win, and the high variety in choice of bets.

Author King William

121 | P a g e

The good thing about the group game of craps, which could hold up to about fourteen

people, was that you could bet with or against the shooter, and going on a run could have

you leaving the table ten times wealthier.

For a newcomer or a rookie, craps could be a complicated game to learn completely.

Majority of the time though, a partial knowledge of the rules and percentages, would still

allow you to play an intelligent and exciting game.
In Flawless‟s case, with just a lil bit of trickery as well would get the job done. Flawless
picked up the phone and called Moscato.
“Hello?” Moscato said as she answered her cell.

“Aye, yall bitches meet me at the table,” Flawless said right before he hung up. After he
thought about it, he called Moscato right back.

“I‟m at the Bellagio,” Flawless said as he hung up again.

“Awwe shit, this nigga sound like he drunk,” Moscato said to Sweetpea. Since Flawless
had last seen the girls, they had bounced around from sephoras, which was one of the

most comprehensive emporiums in the city of Las Vegas where you could test out the

goods in the application areas or flat out just let a professional go to work on you. The
girls catted off inside while trying different fragrances they liked, then hit “Spa at the

Wynn” where they reserved one out of forty five treatment rooms. The retreat offered a

bamboo lemon-grass body scrub, sake body treatment, and a shiatsu massage. The good

luck ritual they did there was based on Feng Shui, which involved a fifty minute heated

Thai herb massage, a moisturizing hand and foot massage, and a wild-lime botanical
scalp treatment. From there the girls had stopped by a nude bar called “Sapphire”. The

“Sapphire club” was the largest adult club in the world that featured a pulsing main room,
Author King William

122 | P a g e

filled with different people. The club ran bottle service, so the girls sipped the finest
champagne they could buy. There were “private” and “pricey” Skyboxes, then the
playgirl lounge, which was filled with a group of male entertainers. Generally, the best

time to come was after 11pm, but even still and all, you could see the best of the best of

male and female dancers on a busy weekend, and they did.

By the time the girls made it to the Bellagio, they found Flawless and Candy at the crap


“Who the fuck is this bitch?” Sweetpea mumbled to herself as they approached the table.

“Hey Daddy” the girls said as they swarmed around him in disregard for Candy. Flawless
was concentrating on the game he had going on.
He decided against switching the dice so soon, and decided to play with the “stickman‟s”
dice. Candy watched Moscato, Sweetpea, and Rosa swarm Flawless, but decided against

saying a word. Instead, she just held post and waited for instructions.
Flawless had mastered the “Squares” dice after a few rolls. Now that all of the girls were
there, it was time to get back to the money. His spin shot had taken a little practice

because it was not easy to perfect, but was the commonest dice control shot there is.

When he got the dice, he stacked them on their desired numbers. Once he had the dice

stacked, he yelled out
“Lay dat money down, because it‟s coming around”
Sweetpea, Rosa, and Moscato all threw down some bands, because they knew what time

it was when he cut his eyes at them.

“Bet wit me” he told Candy, as he handed her a hundred black chips. When all the money

was on the table, Flawless rattled the dice in his hand not actually shaking them. He did a

Author King William

123 | P a g e

quick whip like snap of the hand that sent the dice spinning like a draydel. When the dice

landed, the spinning motion kept them from rolling. Once they settled down, the seven

was still on top.
“Yes!” the girls screamed. Flawless had done it again. Before he left that table that night,
Flawless pulled at least three more different tricks out his sleeve at some high stakes.

The night was turned up and Flawless was ready for whatever. Life was great!

Author King William

124 | P a g e

Chp 12
“Keep it Lit!”
There were several different kinds of gamblers that you could find in Vegas: The

occasional gambler who knew little or nothing about the mathematical part of the game.

Then you had the habitual gambler, who plays constantly craving action with the dream

of hitting for millions and when he does, gamble it all back. Then you have the gambling

crook that operates off tricks and schemes.

After Flawless had sent the girls off once again to be acquainted with Candy this

time, he sat down at a slot machine off in the back corner of the Bellagio.

When he was comfortable, he pulled out the bag of coke that he had got from

New Daddy, and emptied enough for three lines onto the top of the slot machine. After he

carefully separated the sparkling white powder into three perfect lines, he snorted the

three rails right off the top of the machine with a coffee straw.

When he was finished with his three lines, he sat at the machine for a few minutes

like an actor who had forgotten his lines. When he finally snapped out of it, he was up

and alert.

Flawless pulled a mini- battery rechargeable workers drill out of his pocket. After

he assembled the eight-inch drill tip, he drilled a hole into the side of the slot machine

through the wood cabinet directly opposite of the payout slide. Then he inserted a hook

wire to catch the bottom payout slide. After he was all set up, in a matter of seconds, he

Author King William

125 | P a g e

pulled the lever to the slot machine and began to receive payouts, no matter what

combination appeared on the pay line. Flawless was truly talented when it came to the art

of trickery, therefore, you never knew what he had up his sleeve. After he emptied the

coin tube and jackpot, he moved on to another machine.

This time when Flawless sat down, he pushed the handle of a teaspoon into the

coin return opening and wedged open the little trap door. After he put a coin in, he pulled

the lever, and the slide began to payoff with any combination.

Within hours, Flawless had hit jackpots on a dozen more machines.
The same night Flawless emptied a dozen tubes and jackpots at Caesar‟s Palace
and then went to the Venetian, where his success also flourished.

Before the night was over Flawless had all of the slot owners up and down the

strip wondering if something had gone wrong with their machines.

After his phenomenal run of luck continued, he finally checked out of his last

Casino, which was the Golden Nugget with about Fifty-Thousand dollars worth of


When he got ready to cash his stubs in, some just assumed he was a lucky person,

but others suspected that he had found some way to rig the machines. Nevertheless, they

could not prove a thing, so he walked away with all his money.

After Flawless and the girls returned to the room at Mandalay Bay, they had all

agreed that the night of fun was much needed.

As they all piled into the room, the first thing you could not help but notice was

the beautiful top floor view of the city out of the window. The suite had its very own

personality, which was a classic Manhattan style look.

Author King William

126 | P a g e

Flawless called down to the office and told Ju-Ju to send him up some of his

finest Tequila.

Moscato, Sweetpea, Rosa, and Candy were getting along just fine. Flawless

flipped on the radio to some quiet storm R&B music. When he looked around and took a

very good look at the room again, he had decided that the housekeeper had done a great

job making sure they had everything they needed.

There was candy and cookies along with a box of assorted chocolate lying on the

bed. There were plenty of extra towels, pillows, and other amenities. The bathroom

shower and hot tub was thoroughly cleaned. The floor and countertops were spotless.

There were drinking glasses as well as stationary items such as: postcards, matches, room

service menus, and magazines.

There were a number of cosmetic amenities including shampoos, soaps, shower

caps, body creams, conditioners, and bubble baths.

After a long night of trickery and slickness, Flawless was satisfied with his

“So how much did we win daddy?” Candy said, as she got comfortable by
stripping down to her t-shirt and panties. The other girls did as well.

“A lot” Flawless said assuring as he threw money in the air and made it rain.

“Room Service!” the voice called out, as there was a knock on the door.
Sweetpea got up and ran to the door in her t-shirt and panties. When the door

swung open, “Ju-Ju” the bellman eyes had grew big as two quarters as he allowed himself

to be hypnotized by the girls flesh and beautiful bodies. Rosa was completely naked as he

Author King William

127 | P a g e

caught a glimpse of her. Her breast hung off the cliff of her chest, and her nipples were

big as two silver dollars.

“Your Tequila is served!” Ju-Ju said as he gave Flawless that look that said “You

Lucky motherfucker you!”

“Thank you so much” Sweetpea said as she gave the bellman a look that said,

“You aren‟t ready for this” and grabbed the two bottles of Tequila before she closed the
door and sent Ju-Ju on his way.
“Let‟s have a toast to the good life yall!” Sweetpea said as she popped the top of
the Tequila and poured up shots.

Flawless could barely pay attention because he was so caught up on all the money

he had won.

“Cheers to you daddy!” Moscato said as she did her usual cry for attention. At this

point, she too, was down to her bare-naked skin-and stood directly over Flawless so that

he could not help but to see her.
“Here!” she said as she grabbed the first shot from Sweetpea and pushed it into

Flawless‟s face.

“Yall trying to get me drunk already?” Flawless said playfully knowing that he
was already tipsy and wired up like an alarm system.

Flawless was not entertained at all with the show that the women tried to perform.

Slowly but surely, Flawless developed a point of view that enabled him to pursue his

addiction without the concern for his own well-being. He became accustomed to a state

of mind that was common to addicts. He forgot what it was like before he started using

alcohol and drugs. He acquired strange habits and mannerisms.

Author King William

128 | P a g e

When Flawless had first began with his alcoholism, he used in a manner that

seemed to be social or at least controllable. He had no warning to the drugs that were to

follow behind his wreck less behavior or even what the future had to hold for him.

As Flawless sat in the bathroom of the suite on the toilet, locked in, he pulled out

his bag of sparkling white powder and continued with his compulsive urge to keep using.

As he continued to use, his heart rate sped up faster and faster as anxiety kicked in.

Before he knew it, he was alone and scared. He thought about his past events and his
mind began to run rapid, as he did not want to accept his life on life‟s terms and what it
had become. Even with all the money he had, it still did not necessarily make him happy.

The drugs and alcohol were serving as a crutch for his emotions and pain hidden deeply

within him. As long as Flawless did not have to deal with reality, it was ok with him.

When he reflected back over his life, he could not realize that because of the wrong

choices, he had started to become physically, spiritually, and emotionally broken.

Flawless snorted some lines off a compact disc, downed the shot of Tequila, and

thought about his next move.

Flawless had a number of character defects that he had not yet identified

with. These character defects were also known as the deadly sins, and if he did not get a

grip of himself in time, he would get a first hand experience with the consequences of his

pride, greed, lust, and anger.
It was not by accident that in Flawless‟s case, pride was the center of his defects.
For Flawless, pride led to self- justification and was always spurred by conscious and

unconscious fears. His pride was the breeder of most human difficulties, and the main

obstacle in his way of any true progress.

Author King William

129 | P a g e

Flawless joined the girls again after he was satisfied. R-Kelly‟s “Fiesta” was

blaring loudly through the suite, as the girls shook their asses like some trained belly

dancers. Flawless decided to play along and throw money at the girls like a trick in the

strip club. He sat still as he admired Candy and her petite frame. Now, she was truly

living up to her name. Candy had long hair that hung down to her breast. Her skin was

milky smooth and her vagina had silky strands of black hair that was neatly trimmed. Her

toes were beautifully painted with bright colors and Flawless could tell that she took good

care of them. He looked at her pretty lips and thought about how she would lick him like

a lollipop.

Sweetpea and Moscato, his two favorites, were obviously feeling the Tequila by

the look of their interactions with each other. Sweetpea was sticking her tongue down
Moscato‟s throat as she groped her body dancing. She slid her hands around rounds of
her breast and then down to her clitoris. Flawless was definitely getting his money worth

from the award winning performance as he continued to throw money at them. He stuck

his hand in his pants and realized because of the coke, he was not a hundred percent.

After a few more shots, and a couple of blunts, he balanced out and decided to join in.

Flawless unfastened his belt and pulled down his pants as his dick stood up like a

black power fist. Sweetpea was the first to attack, as he brushed her off. Then came

Moscato, then Rosa. He brushed them all off as he rolled his finger at Candy in a gesture

for her. Candy dropped to her knees and crawled towards Flawless like a cat walking

towards a bowl of milk.

Once she reached Flawless, she grabbed the mic as if she was getting ready to

rock a show. Candy stuck her tongue out as she began to play with the tip of his dick. The

Author King William

130 | P a g e

ball in her tongue ring slithered back and forth across the opening of his manhood, as he

heavily exhaled. It was all that he imagined it to be. His dick slipped in and out of her

mouth as she went for what she knew. At this point, his dick stood straight up in the air as

her tongue followed a vein trail all the way to his testicals. Flawless grabbed his dick and

began to massage her lips with it. When he grew tired of Candy, he gestured for Rosa.
He swung his hard dick into Rosa‟s mouth and took a couple of jabs before he let

her relax. He pummeled the back of her throat like a boxer‟s punching bag. As Flawless

went to work on Rosa‟s throat, Sweetpea‟s pussy was so hot that she could not help but

join in. She crawled underneath Rosa‟s legs, and began to suck on the lips of her vagina
from underneath. Moscato was at full attention as she sat on her bottom playing with

herself. One hand stroked the rounds of her nipples, while the other hand used her finger

to dig a hole further inside of her vagina.
Flawless continued to ram the back of Rosa‟s throat violently, as he put one of his
legs up on the coffee table as if he was going to climb on top.
“This yo dick?” Flawless asked Rosa as she looked into his eyes. Her mouth was
full but he could hear her grumble
“uuuummmm hummm” she said as she shook uncontrollably on the floor as her
orgasm came like a thief in the night.

“Who want this dick?” Flawless said as he pulled his soldier out of her mouth.

“I do!” Candy said as she lay back on the couch with her legs spread eagle.

Oh yea?” Flawless said energetically. He stripped out of his clothes until he was
clothes less. He put his shoes back on and was ready to go to work.

Author King William

131 | P a g e

Once he was ready, he slipped the tip of his dick into Candy‟s sweet little pussy,
started with some slow dips, as he bent down, and kissed her on the lips. The slow dips

turned into long strides, and the long strides turned into aggressive jackhammers.
“Beat it up daddy” Candy yelled aloud.

“Dis my dick daddy!” Candy continued to yell as she got more into it. She
matched strokes with him as she rolled her pussy out as if it was a red carpet.

“Dis yo dick?” Flawless kept asking her, as his thrusts became jolts of lightening.

“Yessss!!” she cried, as her vagina got wetter and wetter.

“Fuck me daddy!” he heard Sweetpea yelling from the sideline jealously. Then

Moscato, and then Rosa. They all wanted the “D!” They all had front row seats to the

show and masturbated as they watched the kid go to work.
“Oh shit!" he sighed.

“This pussy good!” Flawless said as he observed the expressions that came to

Candy‟s face. She looked like she had seen a ghost as she caressed her breast and licked
her lips, taking the deep long strokes.

The night left and the day came, as they lay sprawled out around the room.
“Daddy wake up!!” Sweetpea whispered to Flawless.

“Daddy!” she continued. Flawless was out like a light.

“Daddy wake up!” she said as she shook his body.

“Wassup baby?” Flawless said as he awoke up out of his slumber.

“Daddy I need to use the car today” Sweetpea said

“Wasssup baby? Where you need to go? How much money you need?” Flawless

Author King William

132 | P a g e

“Just got a couple of stores that I want to hit, and a few errands that I need to

run.” Sweetpea said.

“You got your phone? You know the car hot right?” Flawless asked her.

“Yea baby, I got my phone, and I‟ll be fine” she insisted.

“How long you gonna be gone?” he said.

“Maybe a couple of hours” Sweetpea answered.

“Ok baby, be safe, and make sure no matter what, if anything goes down, promise

me that you„ll call me immediately” Flawless continued.

“Will do” she said as she grabbed the keys and hurried out the door.
Once Flawless rolled over and got up, he went to the bathroom to spring a leak.

When he looked around, there was money all over the floor and big bottles of Tequila


When Flawless got to the sink, and the toilet in the bathroom, there was throw-up

“Man, we must‟ve partied hard” he thought to himself.
Flawless could not see that he had a problem until his drugs ran out. While

Flawless was using, he lived in another world. He experienced only periodic jolts of

reality and self-awareness.

Before he knew it, he was on the phone trying to contact New Daddy, so he could

score some more coke. Drugs and alcohol was giving Flawless a feeling that he could

handle whatever situation that fell into his lap.

After Flawless called New Daddy and he did not answer, Flawless began to get


Author King William

133 | P a g e

“Why the fuck isn‟t he answering the phone?” Flawless thought to himself as he
hung up and called right back. New Daddy picked up the phone on the second ring the

second time.

“Hello?” New Daddy said as his voice revealed that he must have been sleep.

“”Yo! Meet me at the Casino, and bring an ounce!” Flawless said as if he
was top priority of everything.
“Which one? This is Vegas ya know?” New Daddy said sarcastically.

“Mandalay Bay” Flawless answered roughly.

“Give me thirty minutes,” New Daddy said right before he hung up the phone.
Author King William

134 | P a g e

Chp 13
“The Test”
“So what‟s the plan for today?” Flawless asked the girls.

“We hanging wit you daddy” Moscato said undoubtedly.

“No!....... your not!” Flawless said as he gained their full attention.

“What I need you girls to do is go out there and get some money” Flawless started.

“There‟s plenty of work and money to be made,” he continued.

“This is Vegas ladies, so I need yall to go and utilize some of the resources,” he told
“How do you want us to utilize the resources?” Moscato asked with a funny little attitude.

“Girl, you been rocking wit me for how long now?” Flawless asked sarcastically.

“Should I slap some resources into you and make your resume pop out?” he asked.

“What about Sweetpea? You let that Bitch go shopping and use the car!” Moscato
“Oh, it must be her off day!” Moscato said as she rolled her eyes to the back of her head.
Flawless became enraged with anger as he teleported across the room and slapped

Moscato down to the ground.
“You better watch the way you talk to me!” Flawless said as he looked down on
“You are taking up for her?” Moscato said quietly as she looked up at Flawless in

Author King William

135 | P a g e

“I can‟t believe you just did that,” Moscato cried.

“Well believe it bitch” he started.

“And the next time I tell you to do something, I don‟t want to hear all that yapping” he

Moscato jumped up, grabbed her hygiene, and ran into the bathroom.
“Yall ok with that? Or do yall need some motivation too?” Flawless said as he stared
Candy and Rosa down.
“I was thinking about stepping out today anyway,” Rosa said as she got up and got her
things together. Candy followed suit.

“Fucking disgusting!” Moscato thought to herself as she looked at the vomit all over the

sink, floor, and the toilet. As she pondered back over the nights events, she remembered

with great clarity that she was not the one who threw up all over the place.

“N-e-wayz” she said as she continued to make preparations to go and make things

“Bet you didn‟t haul off and slap that Bitch this morning!” Moscato whispered to herself
as she angrily looked in the mirror.

The history of the town was that the war had brought economic benefits to the city of Las

Vegas. It gave a boost to organized crime throughout the United States. The Black

Market, which was scarce in consumer goods, resulted in some nice profits for the

players that had enough game to sell them. As the real top dogs of the underworld were

making a decent wage all over the world, they focused in on Las Vegas as the land of

flourishing Macroeconomics. A lot of cash came from bootlegging during prohibition and

black market trading during the war, so gangsters from all over the country were making

Author King William

136 | P a g e

it to Vegas to invade the city with money, management, and muscle. All that was needed

to spark the flame and show the way was an old school gangster by the name of Bugsy

Siegel: Tall, handsome, and fearless, not to mention collaborated by the most powerful

criminal bosses in the country.

Moscato weaved in and out of traffic down Las Vegas Blvd. as she looked for a

local drugstore.

By the time Flawless made it down to the Casino part of the hotel, New Daddy was

already there.

“My man!” New Daddy said as he extended his hand out for a handshake.

“What up fool??” Flawless said as he slapped six crispy hundred dollars into the palm of
his hand.
“Dats right!” New Daddy said as he slipped the money in his top left shirt pocket.

“What are you and the girls up to today?” New Daddy asked nosily.

“The same thing we‟re always up to Pinky, trying to take over the world.” Flawless said
“Well since we‟re here, I guess me and the girls are gonna enjoy the beach and catch a
few shows.

Where else in Vegas could you spend a few hours by the indoor beach pool, get your feet

dirty in the sand, and relax in a lawn chair while the servers feed you alcohol? Only in


Sweetpea finally found a Walgreens on Charleston Blvd heading towards downtown. As

she got near, she parked, and jumped out. After she rushed in, she scavenged through

each isle recklessly until she found what she was looking for.

Author King William

137 | P a g e

Flawless rushed back up to the room with assertive punctuality wanting to waste no time

with his goods.

As he was coming in, the girls were leaving out.
“Daddy, we leaving” Rosa said as Moscato and Candy followed her to the elevator.

“Aright den” Flawless started. “Yall don‟t forget why you‟re here! Let‟s make it a good

day, better than the last,” he said as he slipped the keycard into the door of the room.

“Call us in an hour to check on us!” Rosa shouted as they stepped onto the elevator and
the doors began to close.
It was Flawless‟s twisted relations with family, friends, and society, which caused him to
suffer most of the times. He failed to realize his inability to form any true partnerships

with another human being because his ego had dug him two disastrous pitfalls. Either he

wanted to fully control the people he knew, or at least depended far too much on them.

He did not understand yet how using people as a crutch would eventually sooner or later

would fail him, because they were human too. The only thing he had coming after that

would be a downward spiral of insecurities.

Flawless, since he was a kid, had never once figured that he should be more of a friend, a

useful member of society, or a normal human being that carried a trait of integrity.

Instead, he was selfish, self centered, which ultimately was going to end up causing him

to disengage with all healthy partnership relations that he had little to no comprehension


Sweetpea gave the cashier eleven dollars exactly as she rushed out of the store and

jumped back into the car, and made her way back down Las Vegas Blvd.

Author King William

138 | P a g e

Flawless slammed the door to the suite as he plopped down onto the couch. He emptied

out all of his pockets looking for the room key that was on the table right in front of him.
“I‟m loosing my mind!” Flawless thought to himself as he noticed it. He dug into the
sandwich bag and scooped some coke out onto the table with the keycard.

He surfed the stations on the television until he found the music channel.
“So what yall want to do today?” Moscato asked, as she looked at the Rosa.

“How about we go back by the Sapphire and see if we can get some jobs there” Rosa
“It wasn‟t anything but brothers wit money up in that piece,” she continued.

“Yea I know right?......They was tipping big time too girl! I didn‟t see anything but

hundred dollar bills,” Moscato added.

“What‟s the Sapphire?” Candy inquired, but had a good idea.

“Oh girl, that‟s this strip club we had went to yesterday before we met up with you and

Flawless.” Rosa said.

“Girl, don‟t act like you too good” Moscato said.

“Shit I rather shake my ass for a crowd, than to be sleeping with God knows who for this

chump change.” She continued.

“Yea, you right about that” Candy agreed.

E-40‟s “Tell me when to go!” was playing on the television as Flawless jumped

around in his seat popping his collar like a dope fiend.

“Tell me when to go!.....go!...go!” he yelled as he took a snort after snort. Flawless was a

one-man party at this time and loving every minute of it.

Author King William

139 | P a g e

“Tell me when to go!” he yelled out again taking bigger and bigger mountains as if he
was Scar face himself.

Once the girls exited the elevator, they turned into food for the prey.
“Hey ladies” they heard a voice say. When they turned around, it was New Daddy and all
his women.
“Each day brings new beginnings, decisions you must make. You are the only ones to

choose the road that you will take.” New Daddy started.

“You can choose to take the road of life that leads to great success….. Or travel down a

darkened road that leads to great distress” he continued.

“I‟m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but that nigga up there that yall calling daddy

isn‟t anything but a dope fiend!” he finished, while he twirled his straw around in his
drink. The diamonds on his pinky ring twinkled and glistened as the lights bounced off

them. Candy just stood there in amazement, as she realized that New Daddy was just a

snake in the grass.
“You need a New Daddy!” he said laughing as Moscato stormed off and the girls
“I don‟t know who the fuck he think he is, but I could tell when we first met him that he

was up to no good!” Rosa said.

“If you knew better, you would do better!” was the last words they heard of New Daddy

before they exited the building.
“Where yall hoes going?” Sweetpea said playfully as she was running in and the girls
were coming out.

Author King William

140 | P a g e

“We on our way to the Sapphire” Rosa said convincingly to get Sweetpea to join them.

Instead Sweetpea just kept jogging.
“I‟ll meet yall there!” she yelled.
Flawless was so high, that he could not stop moving. He gritted his teeth as he sweated


“There she is” Sweetpea heard a voice say. She did not even bother to turn around and

find out whom it was. She kept jogging to the elevator to catch it before it closed. Once

she stepped on, she looked down, and made eye contact with New Daddy holding up his

glass as if they were about to have a toast.

After she exited the elevator, Sweetpea opened the door to the room and saw Flawless

sitting on the couch. She spoke and kept on to the bathroom as if she could not hold her


The music blared loudly outside of the bathroom as Sweetpea sat on the toilet and took a

deep breath. She fired up a cigarette and tried to desperately imagine what the future

looked like.

The door to the club swung open.

“Welcome to the Sapphire” the husky middle-aged security guard, said.

“Are you ladies here to party or do you have an appointment?” he continued.

“Ummmm, I think a little bit of both,” Rosa said.

“We‟re here to speak with the manager about getting some hours in the club,” Moscato
“Ok give me one second,” the security guard said as he closed the door back.

“Damn well just leave us out here then” Candy said playfully, but still nervous.
Author King William

141 | P a g e

When he returned, he invited them inside.
“Follow Me,” he said as he guided them through he club to a room in the back.

“Wait right here and the manager will be here shortly……good luck!” he said before he

When Sweetpea left the bathroom, she slowly approached Flawless. He was on the couch

shaking like a snitch.
“Baby!......are you alright?” Sweetpea said as she ran to where he was. When she checked
his pulse, he had an increased heart rate. He was beginning to foam at the mouth and

shake uncontrollably fast. When Sweetpea realized that Flawless was having a seizure,

she immediately dialed 911. She watched as his eyes rolled to the back of his head. She

browsed the table in front of him, she seen the coke on the table and became upset.
“Stuuuupidd!!” she said.

“What were you doing baby?” she rhetorically asked him.

“Hello 911! What‟s your emergency?” the operator said.

“My boyfriend is having a seizure, and a possible overdose,” Sweetpea said frantically.

“Ok Ms, calm down” the operator started.

“I‟m going to ask you a few questions, so hold the line, I have a unit on the way.” She
“Okay” Sweetpea replied.

“Is the person still conscious?” the operator asked.

“Yes!” Sweetpea said.

“Do you know what may have caused the seizure, are there any drugs around?” the
operator asked.

Author King William

142 | P a g e

“Cocaine!....I think he may have been taking some Cocaine” Sweetpea admitted.

“Ok, the next thing I‟m going to need you to do is turn them over onto their side, so he

doesn‟t swallow his tongue, can you do that?” the operator asked.
Sweetpea placed the phone down as she wrestled him over onto his side and laid him

“Okay, I did it” Sweetpea said after she had picked the phone back up.

“Do you know the age of the person having the seizure?” the operator asked.

“He‟s young, still in his twenties” Sweetpea said as she bent down and kissed Flawless
passionately on his cheek as he continued to shake.

“Ok Ms, just stay on the phone with me until the Emergency Response team arrives” The

Emergency operator replied.

“Ok” Sweetpea said.

Meanwhile back at the Sapphire, twenty minutes later, a frail Italian man named

Vinny finally made it to see the girls.
“Ladies……what can I do for you?” he asked as he picked his teeth with his toothpick.

“We were wondering if you had any hours available here.” Moscato said trying to sound
“Yea, we have a lot of bills to pay and not enough money,” Rosa added.

“Got any problems dancing nude?” vinny asked the girls.

“Nope!” Moscato said as she answered for all the girls.

“Ok, get naked, and let me see what you‟re working with,” Vinny said as he had already
started to undress them with his eyes.

Author King William

143 | P a g e

Once the girls dropped their clothes, they start dropping it low like they were at a

twerking contest. Before they left Vinny‟s they all had a job!

“You want hours? I got hours!” Vinny said with a strong Italian accent.

“Can you start tonight?” Vinny asked.
There was a moment of silence as they all looked at each other.

“Yea, we can start tonight,” Moscato said as she once again spoke for everybody.

“Good!” Vinny started.

“You‟ll hit the stage about eight o‟ clock sharp, don‟t be fucking late” he snapped.

“Oh yea, don‟t forget to bring your best lingerie” he added.

“And just curious, how much money we take home?” Candy asked.

“It all depends on you sweetheart” Vinny said.

“You pay the house a grand a day and you keep the rest.” He continued.

“The money is here, but you sure as hell have to work for it.” He added
By the time that the emergency response unit made it to the suite, Sweetpea had picked

all the money up off the floor, and put it all in a duffel.

When Flawless made it to Emergency care at the hospital, they took an assessment of his

airway and breathing to make sure that his trachea, which was the passage to his lungs

was not blocked. They inserted a tube through his mouth with a procedure called

intubation. The next thing they did was take an assessment of his heart rate, blood

pressure, body temperature, and other physical signs that might have indicated the effects

of the drug. After the assessment, they took blood samples to identify the suspected

overdose drug, and any other drugs and alcohol that might be present. The next thing the

doctors did to Flawless was induce him with some Ipecac syrup to make him vomit. After

Author King William

144 | P a g e

the attempt had proved to be successful, they performed gastric lavage, which was the

washing of the stomach. For this procedure, they inserted a flexible tube through his

nose, down the throat, and into the stomach. The contents of his stomach were suctioned

with a tube. A solution of saline, which consisted of salt water, was injected into the tube

to rinse out his stomach. After a thorough rinse, the solution was suctioned out. Once

they stabilized Flawless, they inserted an Intravenous line (IV) into one of the veins in his

arm. The doctor added more sterile saline to the (IV) increasing the amount of fluid in his

body to help flush the drugs out, and re-establish the balance of fluids and minerals in his

body. The (PH) balance of his body needed to be corrected by administering electrolytes

like sodium, potassium, and bicarbonate.

Moscato, Rosa, and Candy finally made it back to the suite eager to share the

good news about their new job, only to find out that he was not there. Moscato‟s bladder

was at the maximum capacity after holding her urine the whole way back.
“Shit, I gotta pee!” she said as made her way to the restroom. As she plopped down to
pee, she wiggled her legs as a sigh of relief. As she stared down into the trashcan, she

found a positive pregnancy test applicator.
“What the hell!” she said, as she could not believe her eyes.

“No wonder this Bitch getting all these special privileges” Moscato thought to herself
feeling some type of way.

“After all the shit that we‟ve been through?

“Really Flawless!”

“Are you serious?” she thought as she continued to ponder.
Author King William

145 | P a g e

Moscato instantly grew a heap of resentment towards Flawless and felt betrayed because

those were just normal feelings. She was jealous, angry, envious, and just flat out hurt

that they would try to keep something like that a secret.

Sweetpea awaited her fate patiently in the lobby, and was praying to God that Flawless

pulled through. When she thought about what the future might hold earlier, she definitely

did not expect this. The love she had for Flawless was truly genuine, and the love that he

had for her was an exact match. The chemistry that they shared was like the strands of a

rope that was wrapped tight together.

When the doctor appeared to talk to Sweetpea, he could not get the words out his mouth
before she yelled “Is he okay?....Is he going to make it?” she asked frantically.

“Let me explain” the doctor said.

“Different drugs have varying effects on the body‟s acid/base balance and on certain
elements in the blood like potassium and calcium. We took blood tests to detect the

changes in his body chemistry that may have given us some clues to what drugs he had

taken. The blood can also be screened for various drugs in the system. Once the overdose

drug is identified, the blood tests we perform can be used to monitor how fast the drug is

being cleared out of the body. So overall, the blood tests showed no damage to his liver

or kidneys as a result of the overdose, but we will still need to keep him a couple of days
before we can let him go.” The doctor said as he informed her in good comprehendible
length. He ran everything down to her rather quickly.
“So when can I come and visit him?” Sweetpea asked.

“I would try coming back tomorrow around the same time, and he should be doing

better” the doctor started.
Author King William

146 | P a g e

“But for now, he needs all the rest he can get, I‟m sure the surgery took a lot of energy
out of him. The doctor finished.

“Well I‟m just glad that he‟s alright, and that he‟s in good hands” Sweetpea said to the

“First the test, then this shit, what else could possibly go wrong?” Sweetpea thought to

Author King William

147 | P a g e

Chp 14
Just as Moscato decided to go and share the pregnancy test with the girls, her phone rang.

“Hey girl” Moscato heard Sweetpea say as she answered the phone.

“Hey, wassup!” Moscato said like there was something on her mind.

“Girl Flawless is in the hospital, and damn near died” Sweetpea said as she broke down
and began to cry.

“What‟s wrong with him?” Moscato asked putting her feelings on the back burner.

“He overdosed on some coke” Sweetpea started.

“When I got back to the room this morning, he was having a really bad seizure and was
struggling to stay conscious.
The first thing that came through Moscato‟s mind was New Daddy‟s last few
words to them.
“Some coke though?” Moscato asked devastated.

“Girl the nigga had like a half a ounce sitting on the table like he was Tony Montana or

some damn body.” Sweetpea added.

“Can we go see him? Is he coming home?” Moscato asked.

“Not today at least, the doctor said that he went through a lot and that they want to keep

him for a couple of days to monitor him.” She answered.
Author King William

148 | P a g e

“Tomorrow, he should be feeling a little better anyway, is what the doctor said” Sweetpea
said wishfully.
“Well, that‟s good news” Moscato rendered optimistically.

“So what happened at the Sapphire? Sweetpea asked curiously.

“Oh...Me, Rosa, and Candy start tonight girl.” Moscato told Sweetpea in a way that made
her feel as if she should have come.
“Yea, girl, he made us strip for him and then hired us!” Moscato shared.

“Hoochie Mamas!” Sweetpea said loud and playfully.

“I should come up there and throw some dollars at yall!” she continued.

“Yea you should” Moscato agreed.

“Well what yall about to do now?” Sweetpea asked

“Me and the girls need something to wear tonight, so we were thinking about hitting the

strip to do a little shopping, you want to go?” Moscato asked.

“Yea why not” Sweetpea started. “Shopping always help me get out of my head anyways.
She finished.
“I can come and pick yall up, since I drove to the hospital” Sweetpea said.

“Cool, we‟ll be at the room,” said Moscato.

“okay, see yall in a min” Sweetpea said before she hung up.

“Bitch!” Moscato said as she heard the line disconnect.
By the time Sweetpea made it to the suite, everything was even nicer and neater

than how sweetpea had left it.
“Oh shit, I got to pee” Sweetpea said remembering where she had left her
pregnancy test. When she made it to the bathroom in a sigh of relief, it was still there.

Author King William

149 | P a g e

She grabbed the applicator out the the trash, wrapped it up in some toilet paper, and threw

it back in the trash. While once again sitting on the toilet, she thought about if she should

tell the girls yet, but decided against it.

“Yall ready?” Sweetpea asked, as she exited the bathroom.

The girls cruised down W. Tropicana Avenue until they hit S. Valley Blvd.,

which was west of the strip.

The girls entered the adult superstore which was open for 24hrs. At a time. The

store on W. Tropicana had magazines and video sections that were devoted to every

fetish and fantasy.
“Can I help you?” The store employee asked.

“It‟s our first night dancing at the Sapphire” Moscato said.

“Oh i see” the employee said

“So we need something exclusive” Candy added.

“I‟ve got just the things” the employee replied.

“Follow me” she continued.
As the girls followed the employee to a section at the back of the store, they
couldn‟t help but notice all the novelty gift items. There were muscle stimulation devices,
dildos, plugs, and sheaths that were all composed of clear plastic and attachable to an

electrical impulse control unit that stimulated the user from the inside.
“Girl look at this!” Candy said as she pointed to a 3ft. long cock hanging from the wall.

“Oh my!” Moscato commented being silly.

“My little cha-cha couldn‟t take all that” Rosa commented.

“Girl, you!” Candy added.
Author King William

150 | P a g e

“Yea, that ones a real eye opener right?” the employee started.

“Most women enjoy the fantasy of a Godzilla cock, so they buy that one” the employee

stated. All the girls started laughing about how she was so proper talking about a big

“Girl, what‟s your name anyway?” Moscato asked as she took a liking to her personality.

“Flow!” the employee said
Flow was ruff around the edges and looked like she was into women. Her whole outfit

consisted of beautiful rainbows from her belt to her socks. She had a lot of piercings and

they all were diamond studded.
“Did that piercing in your face hurt girl?” Sweetpea asked as she pointed to her cheeks.

“No, not at all” Flow started.

“You get used to them after a while” she continued.
After they got a little further towards the back, they finally ran into the exotic


“Anybody feeling a little frisky?” Flow asked comically as she held up a jet-black cat

“That joint hot right there” Sweetpea said.

“Too bad i'm not hitting the stage tonight,” she added as she gave the girls an envious
playful look.
“How about the law” Flow said as she moved on to a police body suit, that came with a
hat, badge, and a baton. The body suit stopped at the upper thigh and the sleeves were

“What else you got “ Moscato asked eager to continue the search.
Author King William

151 | P a g e

“What about a fireman?” Flow asked as she held up a flaming red body suit, a

firefighter‟s helmet, jacket and pants with the suspenders.

“Next” Sweetpea shouted laughing.

“I kind of like that!” Moscato said objectively.

“That‟s because you have no taste” Sweetpea said smiling.

“Oh really?” Moscato asked

“Really!” Sweetpea fired

“You see……..If you were really bout that life…. You would wear something like this!”

Sweetpea said as she pointed to a red and white nurse‟s uniform. The uniform was real
simple, but exotic.
“I could rock that,” Moscato said as she snatched it from Sweetpea and put it up to her
body while she looked in the mirror.
“What else you got?” Moscato asked after she threw it down like she had no further
interest in it.
“Awwee shit bitch! I done found the show stopper” Rosa said. When the girls turned
around, Rosa was holding up an exotic Dora the Explorer outfit.
“That‟s different” Candy said

“No that‟s just retarded” Moscato started

“Girl, leave Dora where she at” Sweetpea said

“If you ladies just want something sexy that‟s not a costume, I also have these……” Flow
said holding up some three-piece lingerie sets.
“Now these are a little more like it!” Rosa said as the ghetto came out of her.

“Thought you were trying to play us” Rosa added as she giggled to herself.
Author King William

152 | P a g e

“Now this some tip-toe to the beat, strip piece by piece, get butt- naked shit right here!”

Candy said agreeing with Rosa.

After another hours worth of browsing, each of the girls had finally chose a


While the girls were getting ready for the night, Flawless had just awakened from

out of his slumber.

“You‟re Alive!” the nurse said playfully as she watched him resurrect.

“Where am I?” Flawless asked

“You‟re at Las Vegas General Hospital,” The nurse said. She was a heavy set older black
woman that had to be in her late forties.

“I mean, I know I‟m in the hospital, but why am I here?” Flawless asked.

“Yesterday, you overdosed boy!” she said with anger, in a mother‟s voice. It was truly
genuine and you could hear the sincerity.
“You would of lost your life if that young lady didn‟t have the Emergency Response

team get you here when they did” the nurse continued.

“What young lady” Flawless asked

“A young lady named Sweetpea, real sweet girl” the nurse she said.

“By the way, my name is Hope, and I‟ll be your nurse for the night”

“Ok nice to meet you Ms.” Flawless said as he turned to the side and looked at the wall.

Flawless sat in silence for a minute so he could gather his thoughts. After

everything had finally settled in, he realized that he was in bad shape. When he looked

down at his arm, he had a (IV) running fluid through his body and the nurse was

monitoring his heart rate.

Author King William

153 | P a g e

“You need to get some help son” Hope started.

“You‟re too young to be having these types of problems,” she added.

“I‟m alright lady,” Flawless mumbled in defiance to her advice.

“What you whisper underneath your breath boy? I outta put you across my lap and

whoop you myself” she continued.

“God didn‟t bring you into this world to be experimenting with all these different drugs

and things.” She let out a sigh and repositioned herself.

“Until you can admit that you are powerless over your addictions, and that your life has

become unmanageable, there are only three things that are surely promised to you. Do
you want to know what they are?” Hope asked.

“What?” Flawless snapped.

“Jails, institutions, and death!” Hope snapped back.

“Lady you talking to me like I‟m a dope fiend or something” Flawless started.

“I don‟t smoke crack and I don‟t shoot no dope, so I know you can‟t think that” Flawless
continued as he spoke through his denial.
“You know what?” Hope asked

“I see right now, you think your unique huh? You think you‟re a blade of grass growing

through the concrete, with a fur coat on” Hope added.

“I already know your type, I got four sons, three of them dead, and one knucklehead that
want to run the streets and be cool, just like you. So I know what the hell you talking
about!” she continued.
Flawless heard the hurt and pain in her voice, and actually started to listen.

Author King William

154 | P a g e

“This is the last thing I have to say before I let you get some rest…….” She said, then
paused as she walked all the way up to his bed and put her hands in his hands and his

head to her head and prayed a simple prayer for him.
“Lord, take his will and his life and show him how to live” she prayed.

“Remember what I said Flawless,” she started as she turned to walk away.

“Until you can admit that you are powerless, you will never recover to what God needs

you to be, and this will become a lifetime cycle of distress.” She said and closed the
curtain, leaving him to be alone.
“If you need anything, just hit the button!” he heard her yell.

Flawless‟s character defect of Denial couldn‟t allow him to see that it wasn‟t who,
what, or how much of what he used that made him an addict. In all actual reality, money,

drugs, and alcohol was sending him on a downward spiral, a plunge to his death if he
didn‟t recover first. Any of the three could be the center of attention, but the minute that
either of those things caused him to behave compulsively to get them, and feeling like he

needed more of them, was when he classified himself as an addict to that person, place,

or thing.

Whenever Flawless could readily become available to admit his powerlessness

and the inability to manage his own life, he could then unlock the doors to a real life of

recovery from all the bullshit that he had ever learned. In this process, he would have to

unlearn all the negative behaviors, re-learn some positive ones, remain vigilant, as this

process was a daily reprieve.

After Sweetpea dropped the girls off at the Sapphire, she parked the car and came

inside to watch the show.

Author King William

155 | P a g e

“Ladies welcome” Vinny said as he peered down at his watch.

“Almost show time, you girls want a drink? Come on, it‟s on me” He said as he led them
to the bar.

“Three sex on the beaches, Irma!” Vinny said as he ordered the drinks from the

“This is Moscato, Candy, and what‟s your name sweetheart?” he asked Rosa.

“Rosay!” she replied as she threw a twist on it to remember.

“Yea, Rosay” Vinny began.

“These are our three new girls, so treat em right huh?” Vinny continued with his Italian

“Nice to meet you ladies” the bartender said as she prepared their drinks.

“Looking forward to the show” she said as she checked their bodies out.

“Why they call you Candy?” she asked as she winked her eye and placed the drinks on

the counter.
“Because I can be sweet or sour, depending on how I‟m feeling” Candy fired recklessly
as the bartender tried to hit on her.
“Well looking that hot, let‟s just hope your sweet tonight and lose the wrapper you came

in” Irma told Candy as she held her ground.

“You keep my glass full, and I just might” Candy said as she played along with her game.

“Alright ladies, you gals hit the locker room, get ready, get acquainted with some of the

girls, and make yourselves at home,” Vinny said

“Mi casa es su casa!” he added.
Author King William

156 | P a g e

Flawless did not know what he was becoming, but he thought about it as an

Allergy of his Body, and an Obsession of his mind. The physical aspect of his

compulsive behaviors was the inability to stop, once he started. The mental aspect of his

drug addiction had been born, along with its overpowering desire to keep him going.

At this point, Flawless was not responsible for the defects that engulfed him, but

he was responsible for his recovery from them. As long as Flawless had the capacity

within himself, somewhere, to at one point, become honest, open-minded, and willing

with himself, he could recover from his mental sickness.
He had to rid himself of any “Reservations” he had, which was a place reserved
in his mind for relapse of doing the same old things , thinking he can still maintain some

sort of control. Without God in his life, he would never be able to see straight.

As Sweetpea strolled up to the doors of the Sapphire, there were buff security

guards sitting at the door. They looked like they were trained to handle any situation.
They carried radios and flashlights, but if that wasn‟t enough, they also had a couple of
off duty police officers. The club had metal detectors at the entrance and cameras on

every angle of the premises.
“Id please” The bouncer said as Sweetpea pranced up to the door. She dug in her purse
until she found her coin pouch that carried her identification card.
“Here you go” She said as she handed him the id.

“Alright miss,” he said as he gave her the googly eye. He never even looked at the id,

because he was so busy trying to look down her shirt.

The club was like a mansion. It had eighteen foot high swinging doors, imported

crystal chandeliers, and Italian marble floors.

Author King William

157 | P a g e

The club had a roster of two hundred and fifty on call dancers.

When Sweetpea walked in, she smelled like money and fit right in. She wore a floral

print jacket made by Roberto Cavalli, a rope necklace with a Swarovski crystal hanging

at the center, some black tights that showed every nerve and curve, some glasses made by

Emporio Armani, a perforated handbag made by Fendi, a leather and gold plated bracelet,

with some sandals made by Michael Kors. She was fresh to death. When she hit the floor,

she immediately turned heads, and she wasn‟t even half dressed.

The club had about fifteen stages all together. There was something to watch on

every stage, from amateur night, dance competitions, feature performances, Jell-O

wrestling, and much more. There were private rooms that seated half a dozen people at a

time. The club also had about three different levels. There were different lounges for

different levels.

When Moscato, Rosa, and Candy made it to the backside, it was glamorously

tasteful. The dressing room was very spacious. There were lockers, toilet and shower

facilities, theatre-style lighted mirrored dressing tables and chairs, in-house manicurists,

hair stylists, tanning rooms, workout equipment, masseurs, make-up artists, and plenty of

food. From the look of it, the dancers were catered to, pretty damn decent, and were kept

with fresh flowers in their dressing room.
“This what we been missing?” Rosa said as she looked around, mouth wide open.

“I guess so” Moscato said smiling, realizing that she could get used to it.

“Ladies get dressed! Your falling behind” Vinny said as he appeared from out of the
“Fill these out and be ready to hit the amateur stage in twenty minutes.
Author King William

158 | P a g e

“Okay!” the girls said in perfect unison.
Sweetpea continued to roam about within the club and saw a lot of different


The club was filled with table dancers, who were getting paid to dance on the top

of their customers tables.

As Sweetpea watched a girl named Cinnamon finish up her gig, she sat at a booth,

and observed her format. Cinnamon was on her third song, and after starting off with all

her clothes, soon she was topless, and then by the third song which was the climax of her

performance, she was bottomless too! Lying on her back as she spread her buttocks to

expose her Jewels.

When Moscato looked down at the flashcard, it had space for her name, three

song requests, and some blank lines for comments.

Sweetpea pulled out her cell to call Moscato. She waited for three rings before the

phone was answered.
“Hello?” Moscato answered.

“Where are you?” Sweetpea asked.

“Girl, we going to be on the amateur stage in about twenty minutes” Moscato answered.

“Okay, Imma go find me a seat, and don‟t be up there looking all stiff and shit” Sweetpea
said laughing.
“Ain't nothing stiff about me girl, I‟m bout to pop it for pimp” Moscato replied.

“Aight den, bet!” Sweetpea said as she hung up the phone.
By the time she made it to the bar, ordered her drink, and found a seat in the

amateurs section, T-pain‟s “I‟m in love with a stripper” song came on and candy came

Author King William

159 | P a g e

prancing out in her four inch heels like she wasn‟t new to it, she was true to it. The crowd
hooted, hollered, and whistled as she strutted with a stalking walk. Candy was the center

of attention as she turned side to side, then slid to the floor and started to crawl like a

predator looking for its prey. From the kneeling position, she rolled over onto her back as

she extended both legs outward and groped her crotch. As she lay on her back, she melted

the crowd demonstrating an aggressive orgasm. The patrons jumped up and howled as

they ran closer to shower her with money. As she got up, she walked brushing one foot in

front of the other until she got to the pole. Once she got to the pole, she twirled around on

her feet while circling the pole. After three laps, she placed her back to the pole and

seductively extended her left leg.

Candy wore an exotic lime green lace bra, some high waisted lime green lace panties

with a matching G-string, a diamond studded mask, and some crocodile handcuffs that

hung from one of her wrists.

The next time Sweetpea had looked up; Candy was standing on a full handstand with her

legs touching the pole. She chose her moves wisely, as she continued to seduce the

crowd, executing every move with perfect correlation to the song.

After her sixty-second handstand, she slid to the floor as she came down and went

into the splits, bouncing up and down with her back against the pole as she unfastened

her bra from the front. The crowd went crazy as she exposed her perfect sized breast and

lime green tassels. By the end of the song, Candy had accumulated a fan base, a little bit

of ego, and a stage full of money. She gracefully bowed as she picked it all up.

The manager Vinny jumped up on stage, pleased with her work.

Author King William

160 | P a g e

“Give it up for Candy everybody!” he said as the hooting, hollering, and whistling
“We will have a five min intermission to give you time to go and get yourselves another

drink” Vinny said as he played the master of ceremony.

“Don‟t forget to tip your bartenders ladies and gentleman,” Vinny added with intentions
on collecting more revenue.

As the crowd scrambled to the bar, others just waited to be served as the curtains closed
on the stage. After Candy‟s performance, the patrons were left thirsty for more.

“Girl you killed that shit!” Moscato said as she ran up to Candy backstage screaming
with joy.
“Yea you did!” Rosa added.

“Thanks yall, I was nervous as hell, but I got over that shit real quick. Candy admitted.

“Once I seen them raw dollaz, I had to turn up” she said holding a stack of money the
size of a loaf of bread.
“Money don‟t make me, I make money!” Candy added feeling herself.

“Yall gon do good too, I can feel it” she continued.

“They sleeping on us, but we gonna wake they ass up!” Moscato said as she got herself

together. She was the next act, and it was almost curtain call.

The sounds of Gerald Levert, Keith Sweat, and Johnny Gill spilled through the speakers
harmonizing “My body all over your body babe” as the curtains opened up.
Once the spotlight hit Moscato, the show began again.

Moscato stood center moving her hands all over her body. She made her chemistry

match, as she moved her hands from between her breasts, up her neck, and then through

Author King William

161 | P a g e

her hair, then down to her inner and outer thighs. The crowd was glued to their seats as

she mind fucked them all. With her back against the pole, she squeezed her breast

together. As she slid around the pole, so the crowd could see her back against it, she had

so much cake that when she bent down; the pole disappeared between the cheeks of her

butt. Once again, the crowd began to go crazy and money was flying everywhere. As she

gained momentum with her showcase, she leaned up, turned around grabbing the pole,

and stretched her arms up as high as they would go as she used her legs to shimmy to the

top. When she got to the top, she flipped upside down with one leg hooked around the

pole to support her twirl. After the third twirl, she slid down the pole doing the upside

down splits, with both legs extended outwards. When she reached the bottom, Moscato

catapulted to her feet as she hit the ground with the splits again in the upright motion this
time. All you heard was applause, and all you saw was more money….In the air!
Her act was good and getting better by the second. Sweetpea jumped up and threw a

hundred ones her way, which made the so-called ballers that were there try to compete

with her.
“You go girl!” Sweetpea screamed.
Moscato slid back up to her feet as she thrusted her hips back and forth showing off her

outfit. She wore a black lace bra, with a matching suspender belt, and spaghetti thin Gstring

that lay between the lips of her vagina. Moscato began to pull on the G-string as

she batted her eyes and licked her lips working her facial choreography.

Vinny stood off to the side as he caught an eye full of his new main attractions. Moscato

continued to lure the audience deep into her seduction by groping her goods. She awoke a

temptation within her audience that painted a picture of what pleasure looked like. She

Author King William

162 | P a g e

created a fantasy full of lust as she rubbed her hands all through the prize. As she

stimulated their curiosities, she let their minds do the rest.

Rosa was the last act of the three, but also the wildest. As the curtains opened up,

Rosa held her position sitting at the top of the pole. Lil Wayne‟s “Fireman” song started

as she dropped from the top like an elevator. As soon as she hit the floor, she began to

bail from the costume. Tonight, she was hottest firefighter that Las Vegas had ever seen.

Underneath her fireman coat, she exposed a flaming hot red silk tulle, Swarovski
embellished bra, and matching panties all made by “Damaris”
The first thing Rosa did was go topless as she let it all hang out. She tossed her hair

around by rotating her head as her hands massaged her breasts. Moscato then, just

dropped to the ground on her hands and knees and began to pulsate her ass cheeks. They

jumped up and down while they did the running man on her back to the beat. Two

Chain‟s “Birthday” song came on and once again, the crowd went bonkers.

Rosa raised her ass up and then dropped it back down low.

Before the a.m rolled around, between their three acts, the table dances, private rooms,

and whatever else they could do to get some money, they did it! Moreover, did it well.

By the time they stepped out the door of the Sapphire, everybody knew who Candy,

Moscato, and Rosay were. They all left with grocery bags full of money, and their

virginity for the night, the night was sweet.

Author King William

163 | P a g e

Author King William

164 | P a g e

Chp 15

Came to believe
When Flawless awoke the next morning, he lay still and looked at the ceiling.
“Good morning” the doctor said as she entered his room on awakening.

“My name is “Faith” and I will be your doctor while you‟re here at Las Vegas General”
she said as she changed the bag that was running the sterile saline through his (IV)
“Your recovering pretty good young man” she said as she looked at his test results that
had came back.
“Your balance of fluids and minerals are still revitalizing though,” she continued.

“So we will keep you for a couple of days, until everything is normal again o.k?” she
added as she filled him in on what was going on.
“Got any questions for me?” she asked before she got ready to leave the room.

“My phone, do you know where it is?” Flawless asked.

“All your property is in a bag, in the cubby right next to your bed” she said.

“If I were you though, I‟d focus on getting better” she added again and just like that, she
was gone.

As Flawless turned to a ninety degree angle, he laid on his side when he noticed a

note that was left there, with his name on the front: Flawless.

When Flawless retired the night before, after talking to Hope, he constructively

reviewed his day. He thought about many things. Among the most important were some

of his character defects. When he thought about what Hope had told him about her sons,

Author King William

165 | P a g e

he got an idea of what she must go through with her patients that were hard to reach like


After reflecting, he noticed that not only was he resentful, but he was also selfish,

dishonest, afraid, lustful, angry, and greedy. With these being some of the universally

recognized character defects that all humans share, they are dangerous failings

recognized as some of the seven deadly sins.

As he further dug deeper and deeper peeling back layers trying to find out who he

really was, he began to see a few things that were valuable to his recovery process.
“Why do I do some of the things that I do?” He thought to himself. Little did he know,
his pride had a lot to do with it, which lead him to self-justification aroused by his

conscious and sub conscious fears. His pride always lured him into making demands

upon himself and others, which were beyond reason, and conflicting with his God given


The more that he sat there and pondered, he realized that all these defects he had

were rooted by one main thing: Fear.

When his desires for worldly things became the main focus in his life, that was

when his pride justified his actions.

His fears were a big deal. He manipulated, stole, lied, and cheated in fear that he

would never have enough.

The fear of not having much power over another human being, made him constantly

shine the light on himself, trying to play the big shot.

After he got a minor spiritual awakening, he thought to himself
“Damn, how many people do I owe amends?
Author King William

166 | P a g e

It was at that moment, that his humility with the situation was also making him

humble, and he was able to laugh at the thought. He laughed, but it was a good question,

because it was real.

Flawless started to ask himself some things he never thought about like:
“What could he do better in his life?”
After he pondered aimlessly for a few minutes, he could not think of anything else

to do, but ask god for forgiveness, then for him to lead and guide him into making

himself a better person.

The next thought was about his next twenty-four hours ahead. He asked God to

remove from his thoughts: self-pity, dishonest or self-seeking motives. He figured his

thought process would be much more pure, and genuine being it removed of his bad

thinking and wrong motives. After all, he did realize that it was his best thinking that

landed him in the situation he was in.
“I can‟t do this alone,” Flawless said as he looked up.

“God, take my will and my life, and guide me in my recovery, and show me how to live,”
he prayed. As he said the prayer, he heard Hope say the night before, a gust of air

embraced him to where he knew that everything would be okay.

“Time to start your relaxation therapy” the am nurse said as she accompanied Flawless in

the room.
“My name is Patricia, and I will be your nurse until Hope comes back” she started.

“And how are we feeling today?” Patricia asked Flawless.

“I‟m ok, but um not really” he said. The nurse chuckled as she looked at his puzzled face.
Author King William

167 | P a g e

“Today, I‟m going to show you how to relax visualizing a peaceful scene” Patricia told
“Yippeee!” Flawless said as he taunted her comically.

“I‟m just playing” Flawless said as he watched the expression on her face change.
Patricia told Flawless that she would show him how to construct a peaceful scene

that he could enter whenever he felt stressed. She told him that his scene should be one

that he found interesting and appealing. It would be a place that made him feel safe,

secure, where he could let his guard down, and relax.

After he found a comfortable position while laying down, Patricia guided him

through some cue-controlled relaxation first.

In cue relaxation, you learn to relax your muscles whenever you want, by

combining a verbal suggestion with abdominal breathing.
“ok Flawless, focus on your belly as it moves in and out with each breath” Patricia said as
she demonstrated.
“With each breathe, let yourself become more relaxed” she said as she hovered over him.

“Make your breaths slow and rhythmic as you breathe” she added. Flawless became more
and more relaxed by the seconds.
“On every inhalation, say the words

“Breathe in” to yourself, and as you exhale, say the word

“relax,” she coached.
After Flawless had practiced this technique for a while, the association was strong

and he was able to relax his muscles anytime, anywhere, just by repeating
“Breathe in…….relax”
Author King William

168 | P a g e

This helped him to release any feelings of tightness throughout his body.
“So how do you feel?” Patricia asked.

“I‟m learning” he said as he nodded his head as if he was answering yes to a question.

“Ok good” she started.

“Remember that visualization is most effective when you are completely relaxed, so be

sure to take enough time to completely relax” Patricia said.

“I‟m relaxed” he said.

“Alright, now simply ask your unconscious mind to show you your peaceful scene” she
said. A picture started to form in his imagination. The picture was Flawless and his

family with everything they ever wanted, his wife, kids, a dog, all the accessories,

serenity, peace of mind, taking trips somewhere tropical, feet kicked up, not a worry in
the world, walking down God‟s streets paved with gold. He heard the water washing up
on a shore. He heard God say
“Well done my son!”

Images and sounds started to reveal themselves, and he didn‟t question them. He smelled

the fresh air and he saw straight through the water.
“I see it!” Flawless said as he lit up like a Christmas tree. The beach was a wide stretch as
far as he could see in either direction. He sat down in the sand and found out that it was

white, smooth, warm, and heavy. He let the sand sift through his fingers. He lay on his

stomach while the warm sand instantly formed to the shape of his body. He breathed in

deeply and felt calm and safe.

Author King William

169 | P a g e

Fashion was a particularly powerful tool when it came to self-creation.

Reputations had been made and lost with fashion being the key ingredient. The stages

and nightlife demanded glamour, seduction, beauty, and a sense of occasion constantly.

Moscato stood in the mirror modeling some brown and gold Monolo Blahnik

boots, which had a price tag of $1,775 dollars. All she could imagine was her naked

frame on stage with nothing on her body but those boots.

“How these look girl?” Moscato asked as she turned her back to the mirror and faced the

“Those are cute!” Candy said wishing she had seen them first.

“I would wear them!” Rosa said as she tilted her head sideways to peep the style.

“I like them” Sweetpea said.
The next morning, the girls had got up to go do what they loved to do, and that

was spending a little money.
“What about me?” Candy asked as she stood firm as if she was the first lady.
Candy had on a Russian Sable Fur coat, a gown that was made by Michael Kors,

and Elizabeth Cole Jewelry.
“Well for one” Moscato started

“We couldn‟t put the money we have right here, right now, together to buy it” she said as
she looked the fur coat up and down.
“I know right?” Candy agreed.

“But it‟s bad as hell though!” she added.
Author King William

170 | P a g e

The fast life to the girls was undeniably just as lustful as the allure of moviemaking

and the idea of “making it” or “Blowing up” whether it was morally correct or
not, this lust for success was a flaming desire for Rosa, Moscato, Candy and Sweetpea.

After Flawless finished up with his therapy, he reached over and grabbed the note

that Hope had left for him.

After Flawless peeled the tape back on the piece of paper, he opened it up and the

letter read:

Dear Flawless,

By now, I know you will have gotten through the first step in saving your life, which is

admitting you are powerless.

The next step is coming to believe that a power greater than yourself can restore

you to sanity. Your thinking has been so cloudy that your brain needs to be washed, and

only a higher power can do that. Whatever your higher power is, let it be: loving, caring,

and able to restore you to sanity.
There is a noonday meeting upstairs at twelve o‟ clock, there is a noonday
meeting that I would like you to attend. It is up to you whether you go or not, but I

strongly suggest it. Tell one of the nurses to push you up there and check it out.

Yours truly,

Nurse Hope

Author King William

171 | P a g e

Flawless stared at the note a few minutes before he folded it back up and slid it

back on to the table.

While the girls shopped from store to store, Moscato could not get it out of her
head, the secret of Sweetpea‟s pregnancy test. She felt as though she had been betrayed,
and that Sweetpea was just laughing in her face.

The World that we live in can be a cold and scandalous place. Not only that, but

even the people that dwell in it are their own worst enemies.
Just as the girls were walking out of the mall, Moscato‟s phone rang.

“Hello?” she answered.

“It‟s me Vinny,” the voice said from the other end of the line.

“Oh, Hi!” she said

“You gals we be performing again tonight……same time, same stage.”

“Ok cool! She said calmly

“ok see you soon” Vinny told her before he hung up the phone.

“Same time, same stage ladies” Moscato started.

“That was Vinny, he was calling to make sure that we were going to show up” she

Unfortunate as it is, not only until you are the one in the hot seat, you find out that

most of the time that you expect for things to go a certain way, you learn that people,

places, and things, go on with time.

The phrase “One monkey don‟t stop the show” said it best.

Even though Flawless was in the hospital, and had almost lost his life, the girls

continued to indulge in their worldly desires.

Author King William

172 | P a g e

Later on that night, the girls showed up to the club about an hour and a half before

it was time to hit the stage. Moscato, Rosa, and Candy took a seat at the bar as they

watched their co- workers do their thing as they did what they do best.
When Rosa looked to her left, she saw a dancer place a customer‟s dollar bill in
his mouth, and then removed it by cupping her breasts together.
When Candy looked to the right, she saw another dancer place a customer‟s dollar
bill in his mouth while seated in a chair next to the stage. The dancer then did a headstand

between his legs and snatched the bill out by squeezing it between her buttocks.

At the Sapphire, the men were not allowed to touch the women. That did not stop

the women though, from slithering and grinding their bodies across the horny toads that

came to trick off their last few dollars.

The way the clubs atmosphere was designed, it made it comfortable for the

customers and helped them relax as they spent their money. The lighting created a

seductive scene as the girls pranced around practically naked in the dark. Lights

flickered, fog engulfed the room, and big flat screens mounted to the walls surrounded

the floors showing off the highlights of whoever held the crowds attention on stage. The

Dj‟s and bartender‟s jobs also consisted of suggesting to the patrons to tip the pretty


Some of the girls over at the Sapphire were part-time strippers, and part-time

college students. Some were mothers who merely needed the club to help take care of

their children, and even used the dancing for an alternative for exercising.

Moscato continued to toss back shots with the girls as they watched the show

carry on around them. Men that they did not even know stopped at the bar and offered to

Author King William

173 | P a g e

buy them drinks as they complimented them on their performance from the night before.

By the feedback they got back, they could tell that all the regulars had taken a liking to


Candy and Moscato sat and agreed with each other on different statistics about

“Exotic dancing is a way for us to become comfortable with our bodies”

“I agree”

“Men are so aroused almost instantly by the seductive visuals we create “

“I agree”

“But most of all, the desire for more of the unknown creates the excitement for them”
Candy said.
“I think I‟m going to see if I can come up on a few extra dollars,” Moscato said as she
slammed her glass on the table and stood to her feet. What she really had going on was

that the situation with Sweetpea was renting space in her head.

“Go ahead girl, we‟ll meet you in the locker room,” Rosa said as she motioned her off.

Moscato felt good as she made her way through the crowds. The shots of Patron

provided her with the carelessness she needed to submit herself to the animalistic

behavior that allowed her to accumulate a bankroll.

As she made it to the back of the club, it got darker and darker. Moscato knew

that the whole show between her and her patrons were cupcakes with no feelings, but the

money was real.
“Well, well, well!...... Look who it is” a voice said startling her.
Author King William

174 | P a g e

When Moscato looked down, it was New Daddy sitting down at the lap dance

table waving a crispy hundred-dollar bill.
“No way are you getting a lap dance from me!” she said as she tried to walk away.

“Hey” New Daddy said as he grabbed her by the arm.

“I just wanted to tell you how great of a job that you did last night,” he said as he stroked
her ego and low self-esteem.
“Not bad for a beginner”

You never knew the things that went on inside of a ho‟s mind, but one thing was for sure,
and that was they believed that a pimp would give them love that they could not inherit

from other places.
“Really? Because I didn‟t even see you last night,” Moscato said in her most gullible
“Really!” he assured her

“And I see everything!”

“I seen a lot of girls come and go, and not by choice, but by the reaction of the crowd last

night, I think you have the potential to go far in the game, with some proper coaching
from a clear minded individual that you can be a reflection of” he finished.
Moscato could not believe that she had stood there as long as she did listening to

him, so she figured, she might as well get paid for it. After all, at this point, the situation

with Sweetpea and Flawless had rented enough space in her head, so why not think about

herself for a chance. At least that is what the Alcohol had convinced her mind to think.

Author King William

175 | P a g e

Whether we all as humans want to admit it or not, we all have our times of being

overwhelmed with things beyond our control. Selfish and self-centered justifications lead

us to petty permissions.

Moscato bent down and gestured for New Daddy to tuck the bill between her

“Nobody‟s around, I might as well get this money” she thought to herself. Her integrity,
and loyalty was put to the side in place of her greed for the money and her thirst for

“With all the shit going on, why not process it and get it off my chest” she thought as she
continued to coach herself in the direction of giving in to tempting offer.

After she retrieved his money, she hovered over him as she began to grind slowly

up against him.
“So how you doing Ma? You not looking so hot, something is really bothering you!” he
started fishing as he dropped his pole in the water.
“I know it can‟t be me because you were looking down long before you looked down. He
added slickly but true.
“You don‟t know me” Moscato said as she turned around and stuck her fatty in his face.

“Your right, but I know women” New Daddy fired back as he stuffed her G-string with

more money.
“I got a lot of shit on my mind, that‟s all!” she said as she turned back around and
grabbed him by the shoulders.

Author King William

176 | P a g e

Once Moscato realized that New Daddy had intentions to keep feeding her money

in exchange for her conversation, she continued to seduce him with more and more

sluttish moves.

New Daddy loved every minute of the show as he stuffed more and more money

in the G-string, all crispy hundred-dollar bills. He knew Moscato was out of pocket, and

that it was only a matter of time before he found the underlying cause of things.
“For some reason my pimp intuition tells me you need a New Daddy!” he said as he fired
a warning shot. Moscato just continued to dance with no reply, as she looked him in his

eyes with a cold stare.

“You know Flawless is a real ass-hole!” she said as she once again let the situation at

hand rent more space in her little pretty head.

“What is it Ma, what‟s wrong?” he asked sounding concerned about her well-being.

They say that the pimp game is a lonely one because as quick as you could cop a hoe you

could blow one in the same breathes.

Tears started to roll down Moscato‟s face as she thought about the history that she

and Flawless shared, and about how much she loved him. As more and more tears came

down her cheek, her hips came to a screeching halt. New Daddy stood to his feet as he

embraced Moscato.
“I don‟t wanna feel like this” she said as she wrapped her arms around his neck
imagining it was Flawless that she was holding.
“Checkmate!” New Daddy thought to himself as he pondered a well known fact

that……A shoulder to cry on, always turned into a dick to ride on. Moscato had broken

Author King William

177 | P a g e

all pimp laws possible in regards to Flawless, and was now ready to be under a pimp


Author King William

178 | P a g e

Chp 16
“Paid in Full”

“Where the fuck is Movado? Mosquito? Mo-----I don‟t give a damn!” Vinny yelled as he

panicked frantically.
“We don‟t know Vinny” Rosa started.

“We haven‟t seen her since she left us at the bar,” Candy added.
When it was time for Moscato to hit the stage, she was nowhere to be found. Rosa

and Candy stood looking dumbfounded at each other after they ran laps around the club

looking for their home girl. She was nowhere in sight.

Sweetpea had finally made it back to the club after dropping the girls off. She sat

at the wheel of the car in front of the club as she got herself together. She flipped down

the mirror that lay on top of the sun visor. Sweetpea wanted her make-up to look fresh

and natural as she toned down the dark circles on her face from the lack of sleep lately.

Her technique was using a heavy foundation stick on her cheeks and a light concealer

under her eyes. Her cosmetic methods of madness always rewarded her face with a

beautiful glow that hid away the dark circles.

To avoid visible lines or streaks, she dotted concealer under her eye and used a

damp sponge to blend it. She carefully traced around the corners of her eyes, where the

shadows were the darkest. She ran the sponge across her eyelids as well to minimize the

discoloration there. After she dabbed several dots of concealer on her cheeks, chin, and

forehead, she blended the dots with the sponge. Next, she applied a liquid foundation all

Author King William

179 | P a g e

over her face with a brush, which created a natural finish and smudging of the concealer.

After she held her head back away to get a full view of her face, she took more of the

concealer and dabbed it on the dark spots, then gently tapped concealer gently into her

skin with her ring finger. When she was satisfied, she dipped a large fluffy brush into a

loose translucent powder and dusted it over her face to make sure the make-up stayed in

place all night. After she flipped the mirror back up, she thought about how things would

go when she broke the news about being pregnant. Before exiting the vehicle, she

reached over in the passenger seat and grabbed her money green military style Fauxleather

coat that matched her cap-toe basic style pumps. She wore a wrist full of bangles

that complimented her gold chain-link bracelet. By looking at her purse, you could tell

that it was precisely picked to match her coat.

As Sweetpea stepped out of the car, she admired a black Ford Shelby GT-H. The

Mustang had 4.6-liter v8 concealed by a brushed aluminum grille and a pinned hood. As

she gazed at the car from front to back, she could not help but notice Moscato leaned up

against it talking to New Daddy holding her drink.
“What the hell is going on?” she thought as she made her way across the street to get
some answers.
“Bitch, what are you doing?” Sweetpea said as she tried to get some clarity. The tone of

Sweetpea‟s voice did not sit well with Moscato, and the alcohol that Moscato was

drinking just made things worse.
“I‟m doing me Bitch! What the fuck do you want?” Moscato barked like an angry dog.

“You‟re fucking drunk!” Sweetpea replied

“This creepy motherfucker up to no good, don‟t you know that?”
Author King William

180 | P a g e

“Like you, Up to no good!” Moscato said as she rolled her neck and her eyes at the same
“Bitch, get your dusty ass away from my car with yo playa hating ass!” New Daddy
“Nigga Fuck you!” Sweetpea said as she built her courage up to stand up to a man.

“You know you outta pocket girl for talking to this nigga and he a pimp” Sweetpea said
as she tried to get through to her alter ego.
“Yea, and you know that you outta pocket for trying to keep that baby a secret too!”
Moscato said busting her out.
“Yea, I know about it Bitch!” she continued as the alcohol allowed her to freely express
“Look, I was going to tell all of yall about that tonight” Sweetpea said as the truth had
caught her completely off guard.

“Just go away Bitch” Moscato said as her drink did the matrix from the inside of her cup,

all the way to Sweetpea‟s face and outfit. The drink hit Sweetpea in the face like a boxing
glove as she just could not move out of the way quick enough.

All hell broke loose as the girls began to exchange blows. Sweetpea and Moscato

were like two cats going at it as their paws flew through the air. Sweetpea had the

advantage with Moscato being a drunken mess. Each blow that was exchanged helped

sober Moscato up.

The two girls were a world wind of fury, the clash of the titans without the height,

and New Daddy just stood and watched loving every minute of it, as he sipped his drink,

and repositioned his pinky ring.

Author King William

181 | P a g e

“Pimping isn‟t easy, but somebody got to do it,” New Daddy thought to himself, as he
wondered comically how he always ended up in the center of some drama. In all actual

reality, the life that he chose to live, the drama and bullshit just came with the territory.

Sweetpea and Moscato had migrated to the middle of the street as they rolled

around on the ground kicking and punching, scratching, and biting.
“Let my hair go!” Sweetpea shouted as she grabbed Moscatos‟s hair back. They began to
attract a crowd from all the bickering and foul language that they exchanged.

After Sweetpea got a grip and remembered that she was fighting with a drunk, she

struggled to get free, and then made her way towards the club. She figured that there was

no point to keep fighting with her sister, because obviously the alcohol had the best of

her, because she was not winning the fight.

When Sweetpea stormed into the club an emotional wreck, Moscato followed.

Sweetpea quickly lost all patience, and was getting very irritable extremely quick. As she

bounced up and down like a hot model on the runway, she could see Rosa and Candy on

stage doing a tag-team performance, when the lights went off in her head, and everything

faded to black.

The spectators went crazy as Sweetpea hit the floor. Moscato hovered over her

body still holding the chair that she had hit her with, and kicked her in the stomach.
Candy and Rosa didn‟t even notice what happened until the Dj stopped the music
and they saw all the dancers and patrons standing around circled up, looking down.
“What the fuck are you looking at?” Moscato screamed drunkenly.

“You never seen a bitch get knocked out?” she continued.
Once Candy and Rosa spotted Moscato, she was making a mad dash for the door.

Author King William

182 | P a g e

“What the hell?” Rosa thought to herself as she jumped down from on top of the stage,
and ran over to the crowd. Candy went with her first mind and followed suite. When the

girls got to the crowd, they found Sweetpea on the floor unconscious.
“Somebody call 911!” Candy yelled as she looked down at Sweetpea. Blood trickled
from the back of her head like water flowing through a creek.
“Oh shit!” Candy said as she finally got a good look at her home girl‟s busted head. One
of the patrons ran over and wrapped his shirt around her head to stop some of the


“What the fuck is going on here?” Vinny said as he burst through the crowd. Candy and

Rosa did not even know what to say or even when Sweetpea had made it back to the club

after dropping them off.
“Yo! That bitch Moscato is starting to bug me the fuck out” Candy said frustrated.

“I know right?” Rosa agreed.

“That‟s my girl in all, sure enough, but she has been acting really weird lately,” she

The emergency response unit made it to the Sapphire rather quickly to get

Sweetpea to the hospital.
“You girls need to get it together quickly!” Vinny snapped.

“This is the kind of ratchet-ness you bring to my business?” he asked.

“This is bad for business, Very bad!” Vinny continued as he rubbed his head walking
back and forth.

Author King William

183 | P a g e

It did not take long for the club to carry on as if nothing ever happened. After the

emergency response unit had Sweetpea situated, Candy and Rosa rode with Sweetpea in

the Ambulance to the hospital.
“She‟s going to be good, right?” Rosa asked the paramedic as she looked down at her
“Yea, she‟ll be fine,” the paramedic started

“Looks like she was hit pretty hard, and is going to need a few staples” the paramedics
“She‟ll be out in a couple of hours,” the other medic added. Candy and Rosa looked at
each other, and let out a sigh of relief.

New Daddy felt that it was his destiny to live a pimp‟s legacy, so he did not mind

taking on new projects. His whole purpose in life was to turn a tramp into a champ by

any means necessary. His whole life was a campaign. In his mind, as long as he had the

cars, jewels, minks, alligator shoes, and tailor made clothes, he felt like he was capable of
knockin Michelle Obama. The night‟s event was just another stroke to his ego. Actually,
hoes in the pimp game, far as can be remembered have been jumpin ship and quick to

choose a new pimp just because she was mad at the movement and did not agree with

some present circumstances.

Candy and Rosa sat in the waiting room, and patiently waited for Sweetpea.

Flawless had no idea what he was in for, but acting on pure willingness, to take

Hope‟s suggestion along with a little curiosity, he talked the nurse on duty to push him to

the group meeting upstairs.

Author King William

184 | P a g e

Moscato sat passenger side of New Daddy‟s ride as he cruised down Las Vegas
Blvd. She was beginning to get a rude reality check once all of her alcohol wore off.
“No need in crying over spilled milk though,” she thought as she coached her emotions.

“What‟s done is done!” she thought as she continued to ponder.

“You calm now?” New Daddy said as he took a sip from his drink.

“Yea I‟m cool!” Moscato announced assertively. The fact of the matter was that she was

not ok, because she had betrayed the only man that she had ever known to love, but could

not turn back now. Her pride would never let her do it.

Flawless lay in his bed, running laps in his head. He was worried about what the

girls were up to and why they had not made it up there to see him yet. It was quite natural

for people to let things that they had no control over rent space in their head. So far up

until now, all his girls had shown nothing but solidarity.
“Please God just show me a sign” Flawless mumbled to himself as he practiced working
on this spiritual relationship he was suggested to foster with his higher power. He made

an agreement with himself that if God did not send him a sign that he would just give

Sweetpea a call and see what the girls were up to.
By the time the nurse made it to the Flawless‟s room to roll him up, he had fallen
asleep again in deep thoughts.
“Hey you” the nurse said as she shook him awoke.

“You ready to go?” she asked.

“I guess” Flawless said, as he honestly would rather just tell her, to leave him be, to the

good sleep that he was in the middle of.

Author King William

185 | P a g e

“Girl why you think Moscato crazy ass hit Sweetpea with that chair?” Candy
asked as the question at hand still baffled the hell out of her.
“I don‟t know girl, that‟s why I wish they hurry up and hook her up so we can know what

in Gods name is going on” Rosa said.

“I just hope she‟s alright, because it looked pretty bad”

“Me too girl” Rosa co-signed

When Flawless rolled into the meeting, he saw a group of people sitting in a circle

sharing their stories of how they had made it there. The nurse who had brought him there
rolled him right in. After she removed one of the empty chairs, she slid Flawless‟s wheel
chair in its place.

Flawless had no plans to say anything at all. He just wanted to see what this

meeting bullshit was all about, and he would soon find out.

Before Flawless could get situated, the facilitator of the meeting asked if there

were ant newcomers. Even though it was obvious that he had not been there before, he
acted like he didn‟t even hear her.

“Is anybody celebrating a birthday?” the facilitator asked.

“Hi, my name is Jay, and I‟m celebrating thirty days” the light skinned African American
brother said as the group applauded.

“Hi, my name is Fatimah and I‟m celebrating twenty-four hours” she said as she shook

uncontrollably. Sarah had all black everything, and looked like she could have been the

spokesperson for the gothic community.
“Hi, my name is Will, and I‟m celebrating one year” the young guy said with much
gratitude and confidence.

Author King William

186 | P a g e

Flawless wondered what was going on as he sat back and just continued to listen.
“Hi, my name is Xavier, and I‟m celebrating two years” the guy sitting right across from
him said, as he checked in.

The last person to join in on the celebration was the facilitator herself.
“Hi, my name is Roneka, and I‟m celebrating five years today” she said.

“What the heck are you celebrating?” Flawless continued to think to himself, as
he concluded that all the people in the room were much older than they claimed to be.

There had to be an explanation, and soon there was.
“Let us start the Sunday night meeting with the Serenity prayer.
After the group prayed in, the facilitator took over the floor.

Roneka…addict!” she started.

You know until I could accept my situation for what it was, I could not keep away from

my addictive and compulsive routines. Today, Acceptance is the answer to all my

problems” she said as she relaxed and sat back in her chair.

Usually, the times when I find myself in most discomfort is when I don‟t agree
with people, places, and things, presuming them to be unacceptable to me. I could never

find any true peace, until I learned to accept life completely on life‟s terms, and know

that everything is not always going to happen the way Roneka wants it to. Most

importantly, that I not need to focus on changing everything around me more than
changing the things going on inside of me” she said as she looked around the room to see
who agreed. Roneka looked like she was a strong black woman with rich values and

morals. Flawless sensed that she had been through a chain of events that pushed her to

muster up her rationalization.

Author King William

187 | P a g e

Flawless found what Roneka had to say to be highly profound, and admired her

perspective on acceptance.

“Xavier…..addict!” he said as he stole the floor from Roneka.

“I just want to say welcome to the new comers,” Xavier said before he started to vent.

“You know before I found these spiritual groups, I was broken. I was physically,

mentally, and emotionally bankrupt,” he confessed as he straightened up with some
“I was at war with an allergy that was far more cunning and baffling than I ever could be,
and I thought I was the slickest of the slick, but my disease was slicker. I have thrown all

my loving and caring relationships that I have ever had with anyone, right out the

window because of my irrational anger and conflicts. People who cared the most about
me, I ran them away” he admitted.

“Somewhere along the way, I lost all control over my self will and became Powerless”
After the talk that Flawless had with Nurse Hope, he found himself identifying

with what Xavier was saying. He remembered Nurse Hope explaining to him that his first

step he needed to make, was him admitting that he was “Powerless”

“It is truly a sickness that I struggle with” he said as he continued to process his
experience, strength, and hope.
“My physical compulsion combined with my mental obsession tells me to carry on to the

bitter end.” He said as he continued to share his experience.

“My drinking has submitted me to some of the most humiliating times of my life, yet and
still every time I drink or use, I think that things will be different. So many different ways

Author King William

188 | P a g e

I tried to modify my habits, and they never worked. I‟m sure at least one person in this

room has said to themselves…..

“Oh yea, I think I‟m going to drink only wine or beer” he said as he chuckled, but knew it
was the truth.
“Or how about this one….

“Imma go get me one, but that‟s it!” Or

“I‟m going to switch from dark to clear” or

“im just gon drink this pint instead of a fifth” he continued.

“After I bumped my head enough freaking times, I finally realized that I could not drink
normally. I was unable not to be compulsive about whatever I did: drink, smoke, snort,

and did not understand why. Even when I got clean, I saw my addiction manifest itself in

other areas like my compulsive shopping habits: buying hats, shoes, clothes, etc. it did

not matter, whatever I did, I did it compulsively! Today I am just so grateful for having

found the rooms where I can share my experience, and identifying with others, knowing
that I am not alone. My name is Xavier and I‟m addicted,” Xavier said as he closed out
his spill.

Flawless observed the sharing process with great amazement. He started to realize

that all of these people in the room, even himself shared a common interest that

somewhere down the line, their lives had become highly unmanageable and they had

become powerless to their addictions. From the two shares he heard, he was quickly

attracted by the fact of sharing their problems at a group level proved to be very

therapeutic. He wanted what they had, and did not even know it!

Author King William

189 | P a g e

By the time Sweetpea finally walked out from the emergency care unit. She saw

Candy and Rosa passed out in the waiting room with a lap full of magazines while they

awaited her. She decided against waking them. Instead, she copped a squat and decided

to give Flawless a call.

Flawless‟s phone rang, as Sweetpea did not get an answer.

“Daddy, pick up the phone,” she mumbled as it continued to ring. The phone rang and it
rang, but it did not pick up or answer.

“Ok family, we have time for one more share” Roneka said as she got ready to

close the group meeting.
Sweetpea sat in silence as she quietly thought to herself about Moscato‟s wreck
less behavior and how she would soon pay her back some how some way. After she was

satisfied, she awoke the girls.

“Payback is a muthaf*#!@,” she thought as she exhaled a deep breathe.

“Sissy!” Rosa said as she noticed Sweetpea sitting right beside her, in deep thought.
Candy awoke as well.
“Are you alright girl?” Candy asked as she expressed her concerned looking at

Sweetpea‟s bandaged head.

“Yea, Ill be fine” she started.

“But that bitch Moscato bout to catch the vapors” she continued as she went all the way

When Fatimah announced that the group had time for one more share, he felt her

attention shift his way in an effort to get him out of his shell. Flawless wasn‟t going for it

though, as he broke the eye contact quickly and motioned to the nurse that it was time to

Author King William

190 | P a g e

go. As the nurse was rolling him out, he heard Fatima begin to share her story, and how

the disease of addiction had taken someone very dearly from her.

Overall, Flawless felt that the group was good after all. After hearing everybody

talk about his or her problems, he felt better knowing that other people went through

things just like him, but it was the choices that counted the most, of how to deal with the

problems when they arrived, that would save his life in the future.

When Flawless made it back to his room, he had three visitors. When he rolled

through the door, his face illuminated like Times Square. As quick as his face lit up, was

just as quick as it deflated.
“Sweetpea, what the heck happened to your head?”
Sweetpea had told Rosa and candy that she would put them up on what happened when

they talked to Flawless, so she could tell everybody at the same damn time.
“Moscato hit me with a chair,” Sweetpea explained.

“What?” he replied.
The girls told him about their new job at the Sapphire and brought him up to speed
overall on the night‟s event.

“When I got back to the club earlier, she was outside leaned up against a car talking to

New Daddy getting wasted.”

“Oh yea?” Flawless said, as he took a sip of his water.

“And I‟m pregnant” Sweetpea said as she tried to slip it past.

The water in Flawless‟s mouth did not make it down his throat, because he spit it

all out in shock of Sweetpea‟s confession.

“What did you say?” Flawless asked wanting to confirm that he heard what he thought.
Author King William

191 | P a g e

“I‟m pregnant,” Sweetpea said as she repeated herself.

“Wowwwww!” Flawless said in a Flavor Flav type of way.

“Yea, and that‟s why Moscato hit me with the chair” she admitted.

“That and because she was drunk as hell”
Candy and Rosa looked at each other at the same time, as they could not believe

what they were hearing themselves.

Flawless did not know how to absorb the new information of his hoe being

pregnant. He just sat in silence, as he looked the other way.
“Are you happy?” Sweetpea asked

“What? Of course I am!” Flawless said, as he himself pondered off to think what that
would be like, but still did not know how to feel about getting his hoe pregnant. Usually

pimps did that to make a commitment for life between him and his hoe, but this time that

was not the case.

The Nurse sat threw the whole conversation glued to her seat like she watching a

reality show or movie mouth wide open.
“Umm can you girls come back tomorrow?” she asked as she thought to herself, she had
heard enough! Everything that she had just heard, just might have been a little much for

her patient.
“He needs to get some rest now” she said looking at Flawless with his best interest in
“Okay!” Rosa said as she tried to shrew the Nurse away.

“And I would get some rest if I were you” the Nurse said to Sweetpea as she turned and
walked away.

Author King William

192 | P a g e

“And I would get some rest if I were you” Sweetpea said as she mocked the Nurse. She
launched the remote control sitting on the table, but the Nurse was already long gone.

The remote broke into pieces against the wall.
“Well bitch, you not me!” Sweetpea shouted as she baecame mad and frustrated.
Silence took the room hostage for a second.
“Yawl go hold down the fort” Flawless started.

“I do need to get some rest. If I don‟t hurry up and get well, won‟t anything else even

matter. I miss yall and I love yall! I should be out of here within the next few days, we‟ll

figure it out” Flawless said

“We love you too!” the girls said as they ran up to his chair and gave him hug and kisses
one by one.

After they said their goodbyes, they were gone, and Flawless was left to ponder.

When the girls got back to the suite, the door was swinging wide open, and the

money along with anything else of any value was gone.

Any real pimp in the game knew that the first rule was get da cash, den the ass!

New Daddy, was not new to it, he was true to it. Moscato would have to put some money

in his pocket before the miracle could happen, so she did just that.

The girls, New Daddy and Moscato had just missed each other by minutes.

Moscato broke herself and dropped it like it was hot, as she threw the duffle bag into the

back seat, and her and New Daddy rode off into the night. The only problem was that it

was not her bread to break.

Author King William

193 | P a g e

Author King William

194 | P a g e

Chp 17
“Surrender or Die!”
When Flawless awoke a couple of hours later, Nurse Hope was sitting in the chair next to

his bed waiting for him to wake up.

“Boy, you living in a damn fairytale!” she said.

Flawless didn‟t even get a chance to stretch or yawn before the shots were fired.

“I heard about them little ratchets coming up here talking about they bout to have your

baby” Nurse Hope said as she waited for Flawless‟s response.

“So!” Flawless said carelessly not wanting to talk about it.

As Nurse Hope realized she had hit a sensitive spot and decided against going any

further on that topic.
“So, I heard you went to the group too!” She told him as she chose to change the topic of
her conversation, and cracked a smile.
“Well you sure heard a lot” Flawless said as he mischievously smiled back. He studied
Nurse Hope and could not figure it out.
“Why you care so much about me lady?” he asked.

“Because you done hit the bottom son, and you don‟t even know it”

“It‟s time to surrender or die!” she continued.

“Whether you‟re ready or not, it‟s time to do some step work” she told him

“Step work?” Flawless asked puzzled.
Author King William

195 | P a g e

“Yea step work!” she persisted.

“It will free you from your worldly addictions including drugs and alcohol, if you allow it

to work for you.”

Flawless didn‟t know what to say, so he didn‟t say anything. The Hope of his first
step, which was admitting he was powerless, came with internalizing the principle. He

needed to humbly surrender, appreciate the principle of acceptance, humility, willingness,

honesty, and open-mindedness which was critical in finding out who he truly was and

figuring out why he did some of the things he did.

Deep down inside Flawless knew that he needed to change, and that his morals

were corrupt. He understood that Nurse Hope just wanted to help him recover smoothly.

In a way he felt that God was using her to guide his next move. Even though Nurse Hope

had never disclosed her prior experiences with Flawless up until this point, little did he
know……. it actually was one addict helping another.
The more and more that he allowed himself to sincerely listen to the things she

had to say, the more he came to believe that a power greater than himself could restore

him to sanity.

With all this in mind, he would have to acknowledge that there is Hope, take a

look back at all his insanity, and come to believe, acknowledge a power greater than

himself, be restored to sanity, and get in tune with his inner spiritual principles.

Not fully knowing the outcome of all of this was scary For Flawless because it

was a new way of life he was trying to birth, but ultimately he decided the that the best

thing to do at this point was be honest with himself, open-minded to the process, and

willing to see if his results turned out the way he would plan as “God‟s Will be done”

Author King William

196 | P a g e

Flawless thought about how he had acted on his own self will for so long, and hoe

he operated, which consisted of trying to get his way at all costs. He was so busy stuck in

these endless loops of selfishness, which caused him to completely lose touch with


Being that growing up, he somewhat had a relationship with God, because from

time to time his grandmother would drag him to church every other Sunday, which

created within him some what of a foundation. He didn‟t have to work hard at all to

overcome any negative belief or perception about God. He knew that, his God was

loving, caring, and understanding, which was all the characteristics he needed to work on

for himself.

Doing all these things he had just outlined in his mind would increase his level of

freedom. He realized that the streets would be just fine without his selfish, self centered


He had seen his old ideas for what they were, and were willing to let them all go

for change to occur in his life.

Most importantly, he was ready to take a risk he never had the balls to do before,

and that was to make a decision to turn his will and his life over to the care of God as he

understood him.


“Flawless!” Nurse Hope hollered as she waved her arms in front of his face. Flawless
snapped out of his daze, as he realized that he had just taken his mind on a trip.
“Boy snap out of it” she said popping her fingers.
Author King William

197 | P a g e

“Anyway, I brought you this worksheet Flawless, and I want you to really be honest with

yourself when you do it, and it will help you recognize the things that brought you here to

this very moment in the hospital fighting for your life….Powerless!

“Now you are giving me homework?” Flawless asked as he looked at Nurse Hope
“Trust me boy, if I didn‟t care, I wouldn‟t share” she said as she smiled and rubbed

Flawless‟s head.

“The only way I can keep what I have is by giving it away. So here it is!” she continued.

Flawless grabbed the worksheet out of her hands and looked at the title which
read: “Fourth Step Inventory”
Flawless was the prime example of self will gone wild! Above everything and all

tasks at hand, he had to rid himself of his self will and selfishness, which was the center

of his fears, self delusions, and self pity.

Whether he realized it or not, this was a life and death situation for him, and was
going to be one of the biggest things he‟s ever had to do in his life.
The only option that would come to his aid at this point would be to offer himself

to God, to do with him the things he was put here for. To help relieve Flawless of the
bondage of self, that he may better do God‟s will and not his own.
It would only be in his best interest to take this spiritual step with only an

almighty and understanding person such as God.

This was the first step of his personal housecleaning which he had never

considered to attempt. Although this was the answer to all his problems, it would have no

Author King William

198 | P a g e

flourishing effect to his life unless followed with extreme honesty with himself, an open

mind, and sincere willingness to change as a human being.
“It is only in this fourth step, that you will begin to discover your values, what you
consider right and wrong, functional and dysfunctional behaviors, and how to live up to a

productive member of society‟s standards.” Nurse Hope started to tell Flawless.

“Don‟t be discouraged if your character defects are not immediately lifted, because this is

an inventory that you have to do for the rest of your life” she continued.

“By the way, your recovering really well as far as your health is concerned and you

should be getting released soon” she finished.

“Good!” Flawless said as he gave Nurse Hope a stiff look.
After she left the step work with Flawless, she disappeared to leave him alone

with his fate.

It had been proven many times before that a life full of unsolved resentments
could only lead to unhappiness, which led to more alcohol and drugs, when one didn‟t

want to deal with life on life‟s terms.

If Flawless wanted to be free from the shackles of hell, he had to free himself of

all impurities. He needed to begin to feel the urgency to master his character defects that

held him hostage up until this moment and work on doing an inside job which consisted

of servicing his flaws that lived within his inner self.
“This is stupid!” Flawless thought to himself. He felt that there was so much other stuff
going on right now from his health, to this situation with New Daddy, that it was only his
willingness to take Nurse Hope‟s suggestions that he gave the worksheet a chance.
Author King William

199 | P a g e

Chp 18
A Searching and Fearless

Moral Inventory
While flawless reviewed his character defects and worked through the fourth step, the

Sun shined bright upon him. The Sun was symbolic to enlightenment and could be

acknowledged in parallel with people who have acquired an esoteric knowledge.

As soon as Flawless sprang into action with his step work, things about him were

immediately revealed. While he went through the process of exposing himself, he felt
somewhat of a “natural high”
Flawless had written down a few people on his resentment list, and it started with

his mother and ended with New Daddy.

The first piece of meat that Flawless got from the fourth step, he understood some

of the character defects that he had smuggled all the way up until this present day in time.

The first person that was added to his resentment list was his mother. When he

worked the formula for the first time, he learned some valuable information about how

and why he operated the way that he did.

When Flawless observed the worksheet, he noticed that it had four columns on it.

One was for his resentments and the others were for the cause, the affect, and the defects.

Author King William

200 | P a g e

Flawless had a resentment against his mom, and the cause was for her not being

available to him as much as she should have when he was a child, which directly affected

him by creating a fear of rejection, fear of abandonment, and also a fear of letting

women go. The result was the character defects of being Selfish and controlling. These

defects had been born off of a feeling that he had accumulated years ago.

The next person that was on his resentment list was his father. The cause was that

he was never available to be a role model and show Flawless how women should be

treated. The affects that it had on him, was that he learned all the wrong ways to treat

women from people like Squeeze. In the end, the character defects he developed because

of the absence of his father were: manipulative ways, aggressive, dominant,

undisciplined, and self-seeking.

After he identified with the feelings and defects that his father caused, he added

Squeeze to the list which made his mouth drop when he understood how the things he

saw as a child had so much of an effect to his life at the present moment. The resentment

he had with Squeeze arrived from exposing unhealthy relationships with women that he

later successfully mimicked. The end affect of it was that the very thought was instilled

within him at that moment that women should be treated lesser than or not equal to him.

That women should do whatever they needed to do, to cater to his wants, needs, and

desires, which in returned birthed the character defects of being possessive, stubborn,

manipulating, dishonest, self-seeking, wanting special treatment, and being concerned

only with his own needs.

Flawless even wrote himself on the list of resentments. The resentment he held

against himself, was his obsession to worldly things like money, cars, jewelry, and

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clothes. The affects of the self made resentment was that his obsessions to these things

were also the reason he always ignored others needs, had the fear of never having

enough, which later on made Flawless lustful, greedy, selfish, and self seeking.

Flawless got instant gratification towards the process once he realized that this

process was really peeling the skin to the onion back.

Moscato was his next resentment, and that was for her not being there when he

needed her the most. Being that she carelessly jumped ship, Flawless found himself

abandoned, lonely, and embarrassed.

Out of the six resentments Flawless chose to review, it helped him to unravel the

resentment he had against New Daddy being a snake in the grass, and Flawless being

stuck with the character defect of fear of embarrassment, and continued to created a mere

lack of trust towards people.

Getting to the root of his character defects, he revealed his fears, which were:

Abandonment issues, being alone, change, disease, embarrassment, facing himself,

financial insecurity, letting go, and the fear of not being good enough.

The character defects that he identified himself with is being selfish, greedy,

lustful, manipulative, compulsive, greedy, self centered, controlling, and a fear of being


The more thorough he was with this step, the more that was revealed. He sat back

and got caught up in the moment as he reflected about the wild and crazy nights. The last

section of the worksheet was strictly pertaining to his sexual conduct, and all the girls

seemed to have made that one.

Author King William

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Surprisingly enough, Flawless realized that when it came to the girls, he was very
selfish, and didn‟t care about anything, but sex and using them to meet his needs
financially. All he ever did was take his emotions out on them, wanting to be in control,

wanting his girls to take care of him. The most ideal thing at hand with this particular

character defect was that he had been putting himself and others at risk for disease, legal

involvement, and just flat out deprived the girls by making no attempts of serving them as

a true friend who had their best interest in mind.

As Flawless went through the information, he made a mental note to unlearn all

the learned bad habits and defects that he had picked up from a child. He knew that he

needed to fill this void with accurate knowledge.

Flawless honestly felt that if he could integrate this information into his daily

activities, that his life would become an example for others.

The purpose of the step work was to reshape his thinking and to increase his

potential for good.

Flawless needed to attune himself with nature and his environment. He wished to

be more conscious of the bigger pictures and the effects they put on himself and others

mentally, physically, and emotionally by increasing his level of sensitivity and

awareness, he would be able to get through the toughest of times while keeping his soul

in tact.

Flawless looked inside of his inner self and discovered the rich Melanin that was

hidden within. It was clearly another gift from God. The Melanin was what serves and

protects the body and made communications with higher levels of consciousness


Author King William

203 | P a g e

It was time for him to step up and take his rightful place as a strong Black Man

instead of not tear down, but protect and pick up his women especially the black ones.

The more and more he thought about his old ways of thinking, the more he realized just

how much he had been serving the Devils pie. As a African people “We love a crop that

we can produce every year, every season, so much that we will kill every enemy that we
find seeking to destroy it” With that being said Flawless also thought about how the

woman is the man‟s field to produce his nation. If he did not learn how to keep the enemy

out of his field, he wouldn‟t be able to produce a good nation.
It came like a thief in the night, the knowledge was plentiful in his mind, and the

spiritual awakening was real.

Flawless needed to learn the benefits of fasting and meditation next. Positive

attributes only came through the practice of these two activities. He was most definitely a

product of what he ate and thought while his body responded to both. With that also said

Flawless started to realize how important it was to monitor what he put in his body, as

well as what he put in his mind.

Once Flawless learned how to manifest his creative potential that existed within

him, he would find out that it was his source of all power and his key to life.

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Chp 19
As Flawless‟s recovery progressed, he became more in tune with himself, and the world
around him. He came to realize that salvaging the wreckage he had caused was ahead of
him but it was questionable “how” it would be done He remembered his third step and

whispered to God “Thou will be done”. He could not change things that he had no control
over in the world, but God could. He could only change himself. Flawless was fortunate

for the things that had been revealed. By working the steps, he was rebuilding his broken

personality. As he grew spiritually, he came to understand humility as acceptance of his

assets and liabilities.
If Flawless‟s turnaround wanted to prove successful, he needed to avoid old
thinking patterns, both the old ideas that he thought so greatly of and the attitude of

complacency where he could allow himself to get comfortable. His disease of addiction
was something that wouldn‟t flounder overnight, so he needed to remain vigilant by any
means necessary.

As he came to know himself for the first time, he experienced a wave of

sensations: How to love, to know that people cared about him, and to have concern and

compassion for others. He wanted to find himself doing and enjoying things that he never

saw happening in the future. When experiencing the bottom, it was the only way he could

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205 | P a g e

ever learn how to make it to the top. Sure he had plenty of money, but spiritually he was

bankrupt and like a jigsaw puzzle waiting to be put back together.

There was still some things he would have to deal with, the realities of life, they
don‟t just go away. But with God on his side, who could be against him? No matter how
many curves life threw at him, or how good he thought everything was going, one thing

was clear, and it was that he must not ever drink or use again no matter what.
“In the name of Allah, the most merciful, all praises is due to you, the lord of worlds, the
most merciful master of the day of requital. It is you I serve, and you I beseech for help.

O Allah, guide me on the right path; the path of those upon whom thou has bestowed

favors and not of those upon whom thy wrath is brought down, nor of those who go
astray. Amen”
Flawless said as he recited a prayer he was taught as a little boy.

“Oh Allah! I seek thy refuge from anxiety and grief, and I seek thy refuge from lack of

strength and laziness and I seek thy refuge from cowardice and niggardliness and I seek

thy refuge from being overpowered by debt, and the oppression of men. O Allah! Suffice

me with what is lawful to keep me away from what is prohibited and with thy grace make
me free from want of what is beside thee”
He said as he continued to talk to God. As the mountains moved, the sun came in and

shined on him, who was in the dark before.

Author King William

206 | P a g e

After he exhausted himself with step work and prayer, his eyes rolled to the back

of his head and he dozed off as his body requested some rest.
A couple of days had past now, and it was Flawless‟s last day in the hospital.
After being monitored on and off for the whole day, the shift doctor that was seeing over

him told him that he would discharge in the morning. That was good news for Flawless

because of course he was ready to get back to the real world.

The girls had carried on with their usual duties, which consisted of running back

and forth between shopping, going to get hair and feet done, and the strip club.

Flawless had called the girls earlier that day and gave them specific instructions to

come and pick him up. The wait was over, Flawless would hit the streets within the next

twenty-four hours. Time was ticking.

To his Surprise, when he woke up the next day, Nurse Hope was there as usual

monitoring him and waiting for him to awaken.
“Good morning” she said as she watched him open up his eyes.

“Good morning” Flawless responded

“How do you feel?” she asked

“I feel good” he admitted

“Good!” she said as she stood to her feet and rubbed her hand across his head.

“I got the work done” he said happy to inform her.

“I really want to say thank you for everything, and all the good advice you‟ve given me”
Flawless started.
“I‟ve learned a lot of things about myself that I couldn‟t see at first”

“Oh really?” she asked sarcastically with a smile.
Author King William

207 | P a g e

“Well what have you learned?” she asked.
Having made his personal inventory, he had admitted to having certain defects of

character to himself. He singled out everything that he needed to work on. Now it was

time that he no longer carry these defective traits as he admitted to God, to himself, and

another human being, the exact nature of his wrongs.
“If nothing else, this step has helped deflate my ego” he said.

“Good” Nurse Hope started

“Whether you understand humility or not, this was your first move towards humility by
recognizing your deficiencies. No defects can be corrected unless you clearly

acknowledge them.” Nurse Hope told Flawless.

“As I took more and more of my inventory, I realized how much trouble self delusion had

been causing me.” Flawless admitted.

A tear drop rolled down Hope‟s face as she listened to the growth that had begin
to blossom from within.

Flawless discussed everything on his inventory and more, not holding anything

back. It was only by being willing to take advice and accept direction that he could set his

foot on the road to logical thinking, solid honesty, and genuine humility. When Flawless

got completely butt-naked honest with Nurse Hope, it confirmed that he had been honest

with himself and God.

Before Flawless knew it, Nurse Hope had opened up and told a story or two about

her own experience with drugs and alcohol, which made Flawless feel good in knowing

that he was not alone.

Author King William

208 | P a g e

By admitting to God, to himself, and another human being, the exact nature of his

wrongs, he had just subconsciously worked the fifth step.

“Wow Flawless, you‟ve really been through a lot” she started.

“That‟s even more of a reason why you deserve this new gift from God, which is another

chance…… and a new life” she continued.

“I wish you the best, I know you can do this” she started again.

“As long as you have the capacity to be honest, open-minded, and willing, you will be

just fine”

“Thanks Ma!” Flawless said pulling the words deep out of his heart.

“Thank you” he said again appreciating her for the caring person that she was.
Within the next hour or two Sweetpea, Rosa, and Candy showed up to his room

and got him ready for discharge.

The ride back to the resort was quiet as hell. Everybody had something to say, but

nothing came out.
Flawless was happy to smell fresh air again, to see trees, and people……..Life!
As he continue to cruise along with the girls, he thought about how he had developed a

great deal of humility towards the person that he used to be. It was a new day and he was

able to see himself more clearly. He had seen the nature of his wrongs, how he had

harmed himself and others by acting on his defects of character, the patterns of his

behaviors, and now he had become entirely ready to have these defects of character


Flawless thought about his new way of life he had been exposed to and how the

girls would react to change. He had the perfect leadership to stay ahead of the game. In

Author King William

209 | P a g e

every age there came a time when leadership must come forth to meet the needs of the

moment. Playing follow the leader was a game that Flawless learned to master at a young

age. Leadership meant nothing more to him but having control over the influence that he
had on others. Realizing that he had a gift of influence didn‟t surprise him. He knew that
he was the one whose opinion had the most value. Sometimes it was just the little things

that he said or did that influenced others in a powerful way. It was time to start using his

powers for good.
“I‟m not pimping no more!” Flawless said as he finally broke the ice.

Ain‟t nothing fly about the shit we doing” he continued.

“I‟m bout to fly right, and if yawl down wit me, yawl gonna fly right too” Flawless said
as he threw the girls a curve.
“This isn‟t any real life for yawl. What yawl going to do ….. Sell pussy until the well

runs dry?” He scolded.

“I‟ve had a lot of time to reflect on the person I need to be, and the real friend I‟ve should

have been”

“What you mean daddy?” Rosa asked needing to have some light shed on her.

“Yea what you mean Flawless?” Candy asked.
It was obvious through dialogue, that Rosa and Candy were so caught up in the

lifestyle that their acceptance towards Flawless‟s decision would send them packing. In

Flawless‟s mind it was only right that he did what was right, which was apologizing for
stringing them along thus far. Flawless gave the girls two options. Either buy into this

new way of life and stay in the solution, or remove themselves as far away from him and

Author King William

210 | P a g e

his life, knowing that they could only be a trigger for him going back into his old ways of


“I can close my arms at this point or open them. Both choices have strengths and

weaknesses. If I close my arms, I wont get hurt or triggered to revert back to some of my
old ways of thinking.” He started

“Now my decision has been to keep my arms open, and allow yawl women to enjoy this

journey with me” he added.

“Flawless what‟s wrong with you? That dope really fucked you up right partner?” Rosa
said as she got hyphy with him. All he could do was laugh to keep from indulging in the

“You fucking weak” she continued as she spit venom.
Flawless just sat in silence as the things she said had no effect and in reality was

the furthest from his mind.
“Whatever happens, I want to apologize for being greedy, selfish, manipulative,

compulsive, self-centered, controlling, possessive, and all the shit!” Flawless said as he

attempted to make amends.
They had soon made it to the suite. Rosa must‟ve talked a heap of shit while

Candy shook her head in disbelief the whole way back. Flawless couldn‟t believe how
narrow their thinking was. What could be so wrong about finally deciding to do things

right. It was becoming real clear that if he failed to plan, he was planning to fail, so why

not try to do the right thing, because it was easy to do the wrong thing. Whether the girls

decided to stay or leave, it would make Flawless no difference.

Author King William

211 | P a g e

When it came to addressing certain issues, he had left his feelings at the dentist.

When they opened the door to the room, everything was nice and neat. As he plopped

down on the couch, he began thinking about Moscato. He thought about growing up, and

how they grew further and further apart. If nothing else, regardless of whatever, Flawless

knew that Moscato loved him genuinely. When he thought about New Daddy and how he

played him, he got hot as fish grease. The acceptance that he had learned in the hospital,

allowed him to accept the fact that things like that just came with the territory. Before

another thought rented space in his mind, he decided to get up and go get his girl back.

“Where are you going baby?” Sweetpea asked as she tried to grab his arm.

“I‟ll be back, wait here” he said giving her a sincere look. He walked back over to where
she was sitting and whispered.
“Wait here” while he rubbed her stomach. There was a surge of energy that jumped from
Flawless to Sweetpea that would have her glued to the seat until he made it back.

As Flawless made his way out of the room and out onto the floor, he made his

way through the forty trend setting shops that Mandalay Bay had to offer. All the upscale

boutiques and the bar where he had sipped vodka cocktails made entirely of ice no longer
attracted him. Yea, the beach and it‟s 2700 tons of imported California sand said this was
the life, but truthfully Flawless was ready to haul ass out of the middle of all his

temptations. He exited Mandalay Bay knowing that wherever Moscato was, she was not

dumb enough to be still hanging around his hotel.

Flawless headed south on Las Vegas blvd once he got outside, and rode the free

Monorail straight down the strip. His first stop was the Bellagio.

Author King William

212 | P a g e

New Daddy was the connection, for available and trustworthy call girls all

throughout the city. He had not once lied when he told Flawless how the game was


Sex was a major part being played in this city where the sex trade seemed to

flourish, and New Daddy had his hand in it. Many visitors had found themselves extorted

and victimized by the mistaken belief that prostitution was legal in Clark County.

New Daddy had exposed Moscato to a whole different world. Not only had she

become the glitz and glamour of the underworld, she had become even more anxious to

make a living by any means necessary. She was able to perform some of the slickest

tricks like talking the patrons into splurging on a $6,000 bottle of non-alcoholic

champagne, which a quarter of was being forwarded straight to New Daddy‟s pocket.

Out on the strip, countless flyers and free sheets extended a business hand to

anybody who wanted to order an exotic range of services right to their hotel room. The

key to the whole operation depended faithfully on who you knew, and by the looks of

things, New Daddy knew everyone he said he did. He had executives and casino hosts

checking a little extra cash for every referral to a fantasy that came true. Did you know

that advertisements for strippers, exotic dancers, and other “entertainers” took up more

than a hundred pages in the Las Vegas Yellow Pages? New Daddy did!

When Flawless reached the Bellagio, the 1.6 million dollar empire was a trap well

worth checking. It held rank as one of the most expensive and eye catching landmarks in

Vegas. Flawless searched high and low in every restaurant, shop theatre, and Casino,

with no trace of Moscato.

Author King William

213 | P a g e

After Flawless walked out of the Bellagio, he wondered why he didn‟t bother to

look inside the Luxor as he Monorailed back North of the strip to check it out. He didn‟t

want to leave a rock un-lifted.

When he made it back to the most unique hotel in Vegas, he entered the lagoon,

that was surrounded by palm trees, rock formations, and statues of pharaohs. It was

amazing the way the ten story sphinx projected a light more than ten miles long into

space each night. Flawless had no time to appreciate it, as he rushed in looking for his

girl. Twenty minutes later, he was on his way right back out, still with no sign of


After Flawless wandered out of the Luxor, he traveled quickly across the street to

the MGM. He began to feel anxiety that he would never see Moscato again at all.

The Emerald green mansion sat nested right near the Tropicana and the Excalibur

which were two of not to be considered the best. The MGM had a huge 45foot lion sitting
on it‟s porch which was also used as the symbol of the MGM Hollywood film studio. The

original hotel was built in the 1970‟s and had originally started off further down the strip

where the present “Ballys” hotel resided. Not only was the MGM the world‟s largest

resort, but it also had the record for the world‟s largest Casino, which expanded over
171,000 ft. and was bigger than the field at Yankee stadium. Flawless stormed recklessly
through the hotel‟s four themed areas. First he looked all around Hollywood, before he
whirl winded through Emerald City. The MGM was a dry run for Flawless as he made

his exit.
“Where the hell are you?” he thought to himself.
Author King William

214 | P a g e

After he cleared the MGM, he hit city center, then From City Center to Caesar‟s

Palace. After Caesar‟s Palace to the Wynn, he went From the Wynn to Circus Circus, to
the Riviera.

All the while Flawless grew absorbed with anxiety, his addicted mind did not

want to allow him to operate any longer without a drink or a snort. The fact of the matter

was that the addictions were so cunning and baffling that they were even speaking to him

telling him that he needed them, but he decided against them and just kept on trucking.

Flawless had made his way all the way down the strip into Old Vegas, when it

dawned on him that it would make perfect sense for her to more so be on this side of the

strip verses the major tourist attractions.

After he passed the Mob Museum at Stewart Ave, he posted up in front of the

Main Street Station.

He noticed that there were tons of half-naked women practically throwing

business cards at people. Flawless walked up on the crowd and carefully inspected each

woman. By the time he got to the last one, he was sure he had found her, as the young

woman handed him one of her flyers. To his surprise, it was not Moscato, so he just

turned and walked away.

“I‟ll never find her” he said copping a squat on a bench near-by. His hope had run thin,

and he had to realize that trying to find someone in Vegas was like looking for a needle in

a haystack.

Flawless tossed the flyer that the young woman had given him up in the air, and

reached in his pocket to fire up a cigarette. The flyer must have done ninety-nine

summersaults before it actually hit the ground right back in front of Flawless. The cherry

Author King William

215 | P a g e

on his cigarette lit up like Rudolph the red nose on Christmas as he picked the flyer back


The flyer read: “Girls! Girls! Girls! Fantastic faces with baby-doll figures” After

investigating the flyer further, to his surprise, sitting in the center of attention was the

woman of the hour.
“Bingo!” he said as he realized he had just stumbled upon his roadmap to just the person
he needed to see. There was a picture of Moscato plastered in the focus of the Ad. The
Ad said “Young and attractive” under her face along with the directions for booking: Call

Author King William

216 | P a g e

Chp 20
Flawless never cared too much for making friends, because in the end, he was always left

disappointed. He would rather surround himself with women and play it how it went.

The problem was that people were not always who they seemed to be. In the

beginning, it was always all good, people covered up the ugly things about themselves

and suppressed the main objectives.

Flawless had been dealing with these types of jokers for as far as he could

remember. It would be a lie to say that he planned to end up in the hospital. Just as much

as there would be truth in saying that, everything happened for a reason. The O‟G‟s used

to tell him that
“You can‟t “Con” a “Con”. Majority of the O.G‟s were right. In Flawless‟s case, only the
near future would tell.

Other than that, everything was going exactly as planned.

New Daddy was an enemy from the start, and he might have put his foot in his

mouth when he met Flawless.

Even though Flawless‟s thought process had spun a complete three-sixty, it was

impossible to rewind the hands of time, because everything, I mean everything was

already in motion.

Author King William

217 | P a g e

New Daddy had a smooth operation running ramped. His girls hopped from club
to club, meeting up with their “potentials” as he referred to them. For Moscato, it was the
same game, except the player had changed.

Flawless had called Krystal and arranged to meet with her. He was blessed with

the gift of concealing his intentions, which kept his victims unaware and in the dark about

his hidden agendas. The only person he never did that with was Moscato. They had a

chemistry that had made them become mentally connected. Flawless knew that if his

opponents never had a clue what he was up to, how they could ever prepare a defense. He

had enough game about himself to guide them down the wrong path, have them lost in

the smoke, and by the time they caught wind if ever, it would be entirely too late.

Las Vegas, was known for its countless nightclubs that lured in party crowds by

the minute.
The “Peacock” which was a nightclub on the 55th floor of the Palms Casino
Resort, had a beautiful indoor/outdoor look, as you could look up and see the sky through

it‟s sliding futuristic retractable roof. The stars in the sky twinkled while the Dj spun hiphop.

The crowd was going crazy as they gripped their oversized drinks and still not

missing a step to the music.

Krystal sat at the bar as she indulged her alcohol waiting on her date.

Flawless gathered his thoughts, and got mentally prepared, for what was to be of

the night. He inhaled and exhaled as the elevator climbed floor by floor. When it got to

the 55th floor, the elevator doors separated and he emerged into the club. As he scanned

the floor, quickly turning his head from side to side, a few moments later, the room

seemed to light up as he spotted who he was looking for sitting at the bar.

Author King William

218 | P a g e

Flawless walked over to the bar one foot tailing the other until he was right up on

his target.
“Excuse me, are you Krystal?” he asked as he tapped her on the shoulder.

“I don‟t know am I?” she said as she swirled around in the chair.
She wore a black dress made by Donna Karen New York, Id bracelet and onyx cuff on

her left arm and shoes made by L.A.M.B
New Daddy‟s operation was so smooth, that he caught a glimpse of every

“Potential” his girls dated before anything transpired.

When New Daddy caught a clear visual of Krystal‟s next date, he nearly spit his

drink out as he peered down from up on the balcony. He got to his feet like his ass was on

fire and hurried to make it down.
“Are you alright?” Flawless asked as he put his hand on Moscato‟s face. Her face was all
bruised up with two black eyes, and just amazed Flawless, that New Daddy thought she

could make any money with her face looking like that.
“I‟m okay” Moscato said as she looked into Flawless‟s eyes with a look of shame and

“It‟s going to be okay” Flawless assured her as he stroked her face with the back of his

“Well, well, well! Look who has made it back to the playground” New Daddy said as he
revealed himself.
“The game is over!” Flawless fired back

“Oh yea? It isn‟t over until I say it is” New Daddy said as he unfastened his cuff links

and walked in a little closer.

Author King William

219 | P a g e

Flawless had no idea of what was to come of his search to look for Moscato, but

he was definitely prepared. For some strange reason Flawless already knew that it

sounded easier than it actually was going to be getting Moscato back from New Daddy.

Flawless brought along the same gun they used to rob the bank, as bad as he
didn‟t want to, but figured it would help him out if things got a little crazy.

“I knew you were tender under the zipper nigga” New Daddy started.

“Chasing after this bitch!” he continued.
Moscato repositioned herself and got up from the bar as she walked over and stood next
to New Daddy. She knew she had been caught out of pocket, and didn‟t really wanna see
no shit popp off.
“So say man, what you trying to come and knock me for my hoe or something?” New
Daddy asked. New Daddy turned and looked at Moscato and waited for her to look him

in the eyes.
“Bitch! You know you out of pocket right?” he asked

“I didn‟t mean-….” And before she could get the words out of her mouth, New Daddy

struck like lightening as he punched Moscato like she was a man. Moscato spun around

in a full three-sixty, but did not hit the ground.

“You aren‟t anything but a punk man,” Flawless said as he gripped the pistol in his back

waistband. Flawless thought about how bad he wanted to shoot that pussy in his face so

bad, but realized that it would be hypocritical in regards to everything he had started

“God make a way for me,” he whispered
Author King William

220 | P a g e

When New Daddy caught the nasty stare Moscato had on her face from the

punch, he cocked back to hit her again.
“No!” she screamed startled and scared. Her stilettos jackhammered the floor as she

sprinted into Flawless‟s arms. Flawless had pulled the gun from his waistband, but still

had it concealed behind his back. Before he pushed her away, he decided again against
using the gun and just slid it into Moscato‟s purse, all in one quick motion. From a bird‟s
eye view, you could see that the club was full to the capacity. It was not until now that
they had everyone‟s full attention.
New Daddy was furious when he seen her run, to the point where he pulled out a
gun of his own which didn‟t look too different from the one that Flawless had. New

Daddy fired a shot that just missed Moscato‟s head by an inch or so. Everything

happened so quickly. Flawless shoved her out the way and charged towards New Daddy

before he got a chance to fire another shot. The patrons were hysterical as they witnessed

the tussle over the gun. Another shot went off while Flawless tried to pry the gun out of

his hand. As the struggle continued, Flawless got more and more control over New
Daddy‟s arm. The patrons continued to go nuts as the gun fired shot after shot. The final
shot before Flawless shook the gun loose, hit the spinning disco ball light, and caused the

room to go dim. Moscato heard the gun hit the floor, and had to think quick and smart

about the next move.

“I knew you couldn‟t fight” Flawless said as he dropped a combination set of left and

right punches along with body blows to New Daddy. The last blow slid New Daddy

across the floor to where Moscato stood shook and scared.

Author King William

221 | P a g e

When the emergency lights to the club came back on, all Flawless could see was

Moscato standing in a cold stance with the gun pointed at him.
“Baby what are you doing?” Flawless asked.
The look in her eyes told Flawless everything, like he had made a mistake about
coming to look for her, and that maybe, just maybe, they didn‟t have the chemistry he
thought, that made them mentally connected.
“Damn boy, you as green as I thought” New Daddy said as he got up off the floor and got
to his feet.
“Give me the gun baby” New Daddy said motioning for Moscato to release the pistol.
Her face was full of emotion as the tears raced down her face and fell to the floor.

If Moscato had ever mastered anything else in her life besides selling her body, it

would be the art of timing. She never seemed to be in a hurry, she knew that it betrayed a

lack of control over her, and over time. She always had calmness about herself and acted

as though she knew everything would come to her eventually. Over time, she had become

accustom to sniff out the right moments, and learned how to stand back when the time

was not yet ripe, and to strike fiercely when it was time to perform.
“Give me the gun baby” New Daddy commanded once again, just a little more aggressive
this time.
“I‟m sorry Flawless” she said, as she handed the pistol over to New Daddy.

“You got any last words before you die nigga?” he said as he pointed the gun at

Flawless‟s head.

So many emotions passed through Flawless‟s head as he stood froze and

Author King William

222 | P a g e

“God, grant me the serenity, to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change

the things that I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” Flawless said as he looked

up at the ceiling, hoping that God pulled him out of this somehow, someway.

“Ding!” -------------------------------(Elevator doors opens)----------------------------------

“Freeze! Put the gun down! Now!”
Flawless opened his eyes back up while he shook like a mini bike. He had never been so

happy to see the police in all his life.
“Put the gun down!” the police continued to yell as New Daddy looked at Flawless in
“He tried to kill us!” Moscato yelled as she put on the show of her life.

“Oh my God, I thought we were going to die!” she continued while she jumped around
“You‟re a murderer Rico!” she screamed, as she shouted out his government name.

“you‟re a fucking killer!”
Author King William

223 | P a g e


3 Years Later
They say each day brings new beginnings, decisions that we must make, and that we are

the only ones to choose the road that we will take. We can choose to take the road of life

that leads to great success or travel down a darkened road to great distress.

Ultimately, Flawless chose the road of Life, which was a life definitely worth


After two and a half years worth of trials and court dates, God finally answered
Flawless‟s prayers, he was free no strings attached.

New Daddy served as a sacrifice that last night at the “Peacock” when he was just
seconds away from sending

Flawless to his maker.

Moscato played her part, and kept it solid like ya down ass chick suppose to. An

important rule in this game: Never bite the hand that feed you.

As the lights went out that night, Moscato had to think fast with everything in the

world depending on it. As soon as the room went dim, she emptied the clip to the gun

Author King William

224 | P a g e

Flawless had dropped in her purse, and switched it with the same gun that New Daddy

It is not a coincidence, which today was the last day of New Daddy‟s trial, and he
found guilty of several counts of armed robbery, and one count of Murder. New Daddy

was sentenced to twenty-five years to life, for the murder of a security guard.
“Its chess not checkers nigga!” Moscato whispered to New Daddy that night as the police
hauled him away.

Flawless and the girls were on the first thing smoking, out of Las Vegas the same

night with no time to waste.

It did not take but a minute for Moscato to show Flawless where all the money


Author King William

225 | P a g e

(Fast Forward to Today)

Flawless decided to do something with the money, which was not selfish, nor selfseeking.

Today he‟s the founder of two hundred boys and girls clubs worldwide, showing

the youth a new way to live, helping them to take pride in themselves, and responsibility

for their actions. Sweetpea and Moscato finally let the stupid shit go between them and

realized that the situation at hand was way bigger than the bullshit that they had going on.

Baby Flawless has got everything he could ever need, including an actual chance at life

without trailing down the endless loops of self-destruction that his father chose to travel.

What better amends could he make to the girls than to show them a new way of

life, making them the managers of their own facilities and caseloads, and giving them a

chance to give back what was so freely given to Him!

As of today he meets up with his new sponsor once a week and does the step

work that is suggested to him by her. What better Sponsor could he inherit than the one
and only …..Nurse Hope. She truly cared, and by the grace of God got through to him
before it was too late.

Out of all the chances that Flawless was willing to take in his life, this was one
that he definitely wouldn‟t pass up for the world. To wake up every morning feeling
super spectacular, extra ordinary, knowing that today was definitely better than

yesterday! # #EMPIRE!

Author King William
226 | P a g e

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