Saturday, July 25, 2015

"The Kickback"

"Guilty By Association"
Written by
"The Kickback"

"The lil Homies got heart right!" Spider Loc said, as he looked at his boy riding shotgun.
"Hell yea! you lil mothafuckas got heart" the passenger said agreeing with Spider Loc.
Swoop and Chill just sat in the backseat still in shock from what had taken place at the gun shop
"Don't worry we're going to take care of you lil homies, right Chedda?"
"Hell yea! Sip some forties, Fuck some bitches, and party" Chedda re-assured. Before they could make it back to the hood, Spider Loc and Chedda were making phone calls and telling everybody they knew about the kickback. Eazy E's "Real Mothafuckin G'z"  blasted from the stereo system as they turned the corner on the way back to the hood. Swoop and Chill loosened up, the closer they got to the block. As the car pulled up to the front of the house, they were singing right along with the radio, word for word.
"Real Mothafuckiz g'z"
          By the time the sun dropped out of the sky, the house was packed, the liquor was flowing, and the weed was in the air.
"This that California Bud" Chedda said to Spider Loc, as he referred to the joint in his hand. The whole house was flamed up with black rags and Locs, as they C-walked to Warren G's "Regulators"
"Yall homies kool right?" Spider Loc asked as he crip walked extra hard. He must of spelled out the whole state of California as he kicked up his chucks, and popped his fingers.
           After the incident at the gunshop, the homies grew a whole new respect for Swoop and Chill. Niggas they didn't even know came up to greet them and give them fist-pounds. The way they embraced them and took them in, as if they had always been their own. Swoop and Chill stood posted on the wall, with black rags that hung from their back pockets. They smoked weed, sipped forties, and kicked game with the homies. They had to be two of the youngest niggas there, in other words, the most reckless.
"Check it out, lemme show yall around" Spider Loc said .
As the strobe lights illuminated bright fluorescent lights, you could see the sweat bouncing off the bitches asses. The bitches that were there, wore little to nothing at all. The more and more Swoop and Chill got consumed in the moment, the more they felt right at home.
"Damn! is All you niggas running around strapped?" they heard one of the hoochies say as they walked past. After they made it to the back of the house, they pulled up chairs and sat down at the roundtable.
              Out of all the niggas that could have been involved in the melee, the Eight-Tray Gangsta Crips carried the majority of most gangstas, if any, were present. The Eight-Tray Gangsta Crips were known for their Loc Sunglasses, Black bandanas, and white t-shirts.
              Their Crip rivals included: All of the Neighborhood Crips which was also a gang, and all of the Rolling 60's. The on-going war between the Rolling 60's and the E.T.G's (Eight -Tray Gangstas) has been a bloody one since it started, that caused more crip on crip killing, then with the rival bloods period.
"Aye Carla, Check it out!" Chedda said, as he motioned to one of the bitches to come.
"Hey Chedda, Wuz up?" Carla said as she walked towards the table
"Why don't you and your homegirls come over here and show the  young Homies some love" Spider Loc said.
"Nigga You aint said nothing but a word" Carla responded. Carla made her way across the room, and a few minutes later, returned with her entourage. The girls turned the table into a stage and stepped on to it, laughing and giggling. The homies peeped their every move, and admired their bodies, as each girl took her place. The tease in their body was in motion before they actually revealed any skin. Two of the girls took center stage, as they stood right in front of Swoop and Chill. Heads tossed. hips grinded, pelvics jerked, and before they knew it, Swoop and Chill found themselves caressing their calfs and thighs, while the girls flaunted their goods, all up in their face. The girls ruff housed each other with butt slappin, and their clitoris rubs. The homies grabbed two handfuls of ass a piece. As the girls dropped their tops, titties bounced around as they dropped down low, then up, and down again.
"You lil niggas wasn't ready for this" Carla said as she walked up and grabbed the back of Swoop's neck and buried his face in between her legs. She gyrated and grinded her pussy all into his face.
                 Spider Loc and Chedda got a kick out of watching Swoop and Chill enjoy themselves.
"Nigga this what Big Homies do!" Chedda said as he fistpounded with Spider Loc
"Yall lil niggas having fun yet?"Chedda asked as he cracked a smile.
"Homie, this the most fun we done had all semester" Chill said as the liquor began to speak for him. it was then that he fell in love with that care-free feeling that numbed a harsh reality.
"They definitely aint giving this away in a history book" Swoop said.
                  The night was young, the energy was real, and before the end of the night, Swoop and Chill would enjoy one of the best times of their lives.............. So they thought!!

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