Thursday, July 30, 2015

Get Up!!

"Get Up!"
"Guilty by Association"
Written by William Ware

As the new day approached, the crew had met up for their jog to school. Swoop, Chill, Bobby Ray, and Lisa left footprints through the alleyways as they made their way to school.
"Look at the Lovebirds" Chill said as they all marched step by step.
"Bonnie and Clyde looking mothafuckas" Swoop said hilariously joining in.
         the sun was peeking over the clouds, and the morning fog began to evaporate by the minute as they trailed block by block. By the time they got back to Florence and Normandie, you could see the savage life that mysteriously lurked there. Business's ruined, busted windows and broken bottles, cars were still flipped over and abandoned in the streets. Garbage cans that were used for bon-fires, trash and filth had left trails and memories.
"Shit crazy right now cuzz" Bobby Ray said as he stared blankly down the street.
"What did they do, have a freakin parade?" Lisa asked as she also glanced in amazement. Swoop and Chill just continued to march in silence as they walked right past the gun shop that was boarded up and masked with "Caution" tape. A family stood outside of the shop where candles burned along with a memorial of the owner, who had lost his life the day before.
"That is so sad" Lisa said as she digested the family's emotional wreck, and hit  a soft spot.
"What's so sad about? The police killing us up like its a new sport" Chill replied with a mug filled with anger.
"What would you do if you lost somebody you love?" Lisa replied
"I ain't taking no more losses....Ever!!" Chill said as he whipped out the pistol that was holstered in his waistband.
"Cuzz, is you crazy?" Bobby Ray asked.
"Where the fuck you get that" Bobby Ray asked as he stared cluelessly  at Chill.
"Ha! Ha! just what I thought" Chill said feeling a presence of power as he looked into Bobby Ray's eyes.
Bobby Ray Quickly changed his expression into a smile and just shrugged it off as to not looked surprised.
"You a goddam fool" Lisa said as she shook her head in disbelief.
"I know" Chill said as he raised his pistol towards a stop sign and discharged a few shots, turning the stop sign into target practice.  At that very moment, Chill had been possessed and discovered a feeling that he liked that lurked within him.
"Not bad, but watch this" Swoop said as he followed suite, but instead emptying out the whole clip into the stop sign.
"Now that's accuracy" Swoop said .
His arm dropped after the last shot, and they continued to march as if it was in the norm. By this time Bobby Ray was completely baffled as he stared at Swoop and his devilish grin, that was looking Bobby Ray right back in his eyes.
"Tell you about it later" Swoop said as he buried the pistol back into the crouch of his waistband
"ooooookkkkkaaaaaaaayyyy! you gon  get enough when you accidentally shoot that little Wee-
Wee off!!" Lisa said switching the mood.
Everybody couldn't help but laugh as her comment chimed in unexpectedly.
"Pop!!..Pop!!..Pop!!"......was the next sound that they heard. As bullets bounced around off the walls around them. One bullet came barreling in the thru the passenger window of a car that they were walking pass. They walked right where there was a war going on, between the Hoover's and the Hundreds. Apparently it was a retaliation for the Hoovers killing a dude name Tone, on 109th & Hobart by the Hundreds about a 2 weeks ago. His death had caused a riot in Soledad & Folsom prisons. And it also caused the beef to make it to the streets.
Yesterday was the funeral for Tone from Main Street Crips. There was said to be major disrespect from the Hoover's at the funeral. After the funeral there were 3 shootings; one shooting was on Hoover & 81st, another one on 75th & Figueroa and now there was a shooting on Hyde Park & Brynhurst. And now there was still unfinished business being carried out, on Manhattan & 106th.
" Pop!..Pop!!..Pop!!" all that they continue to hear, as they all got low to crouch out of the crossfire. Two cars sat side by side.
"Swoop get up!" Chill said.
 "Swoop" Bobby Ray said. The bullet came barreling thru the passenger window and domed Swoop straight in the head.
" Oh my God!!!!"...... Lisa said, as she looked down finally taking notice to what all the commotion was about.
"Swoop get the fuck up cuzz!!" Chill continued as he shook Swoop's lifeless body. Swoop's eyes rolled to the back of his bloody head. As he shook uncontrollably.
"Not my nigga Cuzz!"  Bobby Ray said as he looked at Chill, and then back down at Swoop.
The gun fire continued to go John Blaze in the back ground as everything else became a blur.
The Hoover's & the Hundreds fired shot after shot towards each other, Not knowing the wrath that they had unraveled.
"Gimme ya gun!" Bobby Ray said with a cold stare. Chill unwaisted his pistol, dropped the clip and reloaded, then passed to Bobby Ray.
"Baby Nooo!" Lisa said as she grabbed Bobby Ray's arm and realized the situation at hand.
"Reload it" Bobby Ray said pulling away from Lisa's reach while still grabbing Swoop's gun from his waist band and handing it to Chill. Chill searched Swoop's blue jeans for extra clips and when he found them. He quickly  reloaded it.
" Fuck that shit Cuzz!" Bobby Ray said, as he jumped over the car, like Max Payne and ran straight
into the funk. The shells ricocheted from the chambers like jumping jacks. As Bobby Ray unleashed the beast within himself. The pistols danced side by side, as the fire from his gun roared viciously in two different directions.
The Hoover's and the Hundred's were so busy focused on themselves, that they never seen Bobby Ray coming. Bobby Ray sprinted full force giving everything he had. Tears rolled down his face, as his emotions got the best of him. Before he knew it, he stood side by side with the Hoover's and the Hundred's. One gun aimed at each car. After the Hoover's and the Hundred's damned near killed each other, Bobby Ray barely had any work left, to put in. After the shots stopped, he was the last man standing. He looked in each car, and browsed the fatalities, before he looked back to catch the traumatized looks on Lisa and Chills face.
        That was the cold part about tha game, some Niggas had it on 'em, and some Niggas had it in 'em, Bobby Ray had it in Him!

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  1. Noooooo Not Swoop! And he was just getting started!! Daaaaaaamnnnnn Ginnnaaaaaa!! In my Martin voice! Can't wait to see what happens next with Bobby Ray, what's his next Move? I Love this Book Already, THANK YOU AUTHOR KING WILLIAM, #Good Reads #Bookmobb