Saturday, May 28, 2016

Aint No Love In This Town: Bay Area (Sneak Peak)

Ain't No Love In This Town: Bay Area (Sneak Peak)
Author King William

Lollipop reached in her purse as they pulled up to a stop light. she passed Nesto a hand full of payroll checks with different business names on them. 
“Are all the routing numbers and shit legit?” Nesto asked as he scanned through them.
“Shit …. Too legit to quit!” she said smiling and pretending to do the MC Hammer dance in her seat. they entered the Interstate 580 freeway then cut through the Warren freeway   all the way around by walnut creek under the Caldecott Tunnel. when Nesto scanned the checks, none of the checks were more or less than 900 dollars. Lollipop said they was about to “Ride around getting it” all day. The checks would work without having to be verified. They made their rounds to every bank they could find that was on the way to walnut creek. When she entered the first bank, it was made clear just how easy it was.
“Wait here” Lollipop said as she went in to see how long the line was. She returned back to the car two minutes later and said that she would be back in 15 minutes. Nesto watched the clock on the stereo in the car. it was 12:45 when she went in and 12:59 when she came out.
“Like butta baby” she said as nine crispy hundred dollar bills fell from her hands and dropped into Nesto’s lap.
“That easy huh?”  Nesto asked with an impressed smile. 
“That easy baby!” lollipop shot back smiling happy that she could be of some assistance to a real nigga. They did the same routine for about 4 and a half hours. Nesto called Moco to check on Fineesse. They told him that they were just bout wrapping it up soon. The conversation didn’t last long, more like a check in. By the time lollipop and Nesto got to their last bank Nesto was scared as hell holding all that fast money. He knew right then and there that any small slips would have the feds all up in the mix.
“Today was cool tho!” Nesto thought in his mind as he looked down at the money.  Everything went as planned on their end. By the time they got back to lollipops house they had 18 stacks (18 thousand dollars) that they made in less than eight hours. Shit, when you were getting money like this who the fuck wanted to work right? Thirty minutes later they heard Moco’s 745 pulling up inside the gate. Nesto and lollipop was tickled by all the giggling they did, like they had known each other for years. you know they say time flies when your having fun. making money was always fun for Nesto.
“Honey I’m home” Moco said as she came in the house joking. Finess had ‘two fans!” talking about fanning hella money. After he was done demonstrating how his day turned out it was time to count the scratch. Nesto could feel the slob dripping from his lips like a hungry pitt bull needing to be fed. They headed into the dining room and everybody pulled up a chair. Boy did they have fun counting that money. Nesse kept reinacting that part from The movie Belly...
“Count da money!”
“Count dat fuckin money!” 
Lollipop had those fancy money machines so it made running through a lot of money, much faster. When the last dollar hit the table, they had racked up a good 36 stacks. Nesto went to work in his head trying to figure out the math. That was 9 stacks a piece. Nesto had seen stacks here and there but never that much at one time.  It didn’t stop there either. After a few more runs with Lollipop and Moco, by the end of the week they had 180 stacks but by the end of the month they had accumulated a little bit more than 720 thousand cold cash. shit it had been thirty days today that Finnesse and Nesto had been released from Santa Rita, so it was time to sit it down and figure out their next move. They had the dough now, so the only question at hand was what the hell were they going to do with it?

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