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"Guilty By Association"
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With so much shit going on in the hood, it was hard for Bobby Ray to even think straight. He had just lost his best friend, or better yet...... his brother. Anger filled his body like a hot cup of cocoa. He laid back on his bed admiring the firearm he had grabbed from Swoop, Along with two nine round magazine clips.
"Pow!" he whispered to himself as he aimed the baby Glock at his invisible target.
"Dats for my brother Bitch!" he said as he mumbled villainy to himself.
"Pop! Pop! Pop!" he said as he continued to rant more aggressively. There was a tap on his bedroom window and he almost fired a shot as he swung around and noticed Lisa standing there.
"Shit!" he said as he raised up, dropped the gun on his bed and made his way to the window. He slid the lock on the dusty window to the left and raised the window to open it.
"What are you doing here?" he asked.
"Came to check on you crazy!" she said as she climbed through the window.
"What the hell you doing in here?" she asked.
"Not nothing" Bobby Ray said angry that she had startled him like that.
"You cant be creeping around peoples windows cuzz, that's a good way to get cho ass smoked" Bobby Ray said.
"You need to cool down, hot hands!" Lisa fired back putting the conversation in check.
"Let me exhale" she started.
"You almost made me get ghetto" she continued.
"Look, N-e- wayz, the real reason im here is because I got a surprise for you"
"Well what is it?" he asked.
"Its a surprise" she said
"Get dressed and meet me out front" she gave him a peck on the cheek and climbed back through the molded window frame. Bobby Ray looked around his room, then made his way to the closet. As he rummaged through his clothes, he found a dirty pair of khaki pants, slipped them on with his favorite pair of chucks. He grabbed the baby Glock off of the bed and slipped it into his waistband. After he threw his hoodie on, he was up and out of the window. He walked around his house and made his way to the front. After he came around the building, he seen a dark colored '64 impala sitting in the middle of the street with the running lights on and the ass dropped. He smiled and shook his head as he made his way to the car. As he got close, he saw Lisa reach over and open the door from the indside.
"Come on baby" she said as she repositioned herself back to the drivers seat. Bobby Ray climbed inside and shut the door.
"You ready?" she asked, as the car pulled off.
"Cuzz, who car you done stole?" Bobby Ray said talking shit.
"I didn't steal it stupid, it was my brothers" she responded.
"Piece of junk been sitting in our garage for the last five years. Lisa's brother was murdered five years prior, when a bad drug deal went down involving the Rollin 60's.
"Look babe, I know you've been going through a lot right now, so I decided to take you to go do something nice" she said. Bobby Ray looked around the inside of the car and admired it. The interior of the car had original bucket seats with multiple blue vinyls, Dakota digital gauges, and a CFR Billet steering wheel.
"Shit dope tho" he said giving the car it's props. The car had a Pioneer deck, Hi-Fonics amps, infinity mids, and kicker 12inch sub-woofers.
"Thanks" she said as she made seductive eye contact and licked her lips. The Whispers jammed through the stereo as "Its a Love thing" took control of the moment and changed the vibe. Bobby Ray couldn't do anything else but sit back enjoy the moment as Lisa finessed him. Her old soul had to be respected.
"Didn't know I had it in me huh?" she asked as she grooved her shoulders and winked her eye.
"You a classic cuzz" Bobby Ray said as he forgot about everything else and let Lisa kidnap his mind with good music and charming looks. The fact of the matter was that Lisa knew exactly what she was doing. As they headed towards the outskirts of LA, the further they got away from the ghetto, the more and more Bobby Ray allowed himself to get reeled in to her seductive charm. Carl Carlton's "Bad Mamma Jamma"  came on next and complimented Lisa by the words of the song. She was feeling it, so she sung along. Her lip gloss was poppin and all!
"She's a bad mamma jamma, just as fine as she could be" Lisa sung the song word for word as tho she felt like the song was talking about her.
      The Los Angeles region had the finest freeway system  in the world, enabling motorists to drive long distances in the shortest of times. You could get to know the freeways and routes as well as the traffic patterns in no time.  Odd numbered freeways traveled North and South, while even numbered East and West.
       Shit, in reality, before they had knew it, they had been driving for two days without a dull moment before they got to where they were going. Lisa pulled up to Newport Beach, which was a fairly exclusive resort City. The City catered to an elite lifestyle. There were about 9,000 yachts bathing in the sparkling bays surrounded by miles of white sand beaches. The friendly coastal city was a collection of several small villages offering water sports, world-class hotels, gourmet dining from up to three hundred restaurants, and really nice places to shop. You could explore individual islands and piers, go on harbor cruises, have lunch on a Mississippi style paddle wheeler, visit museums, relax at a waterfront park, and last but not least,, dine at the bayside bistros. it was really nice.
"You like babe?" Lisa asked as she finally brought the car to a halt,.
"Dope cuzz!" was all he could say. Lisa barked out hot steam.
"Can I be anything tonight but your cuzz?" she shouted.
"Sorry baby........bad habit" Bobby Ray said as he reached over and kissed her on the lips.
"That's more like it" Lisa said as she turned her smile back on.
"Come on" she said after parking the car in the appropriate stall. Even the smell in the air was different. they got out of the car and walked along the pier. Something about the water, pier, ocean, etc. thay opened up another side of Bobby Ray. He could actually  enjoy his thoughts and didn't have to worry about all the negative energy going on around him.
"I knew you would like it" Lisa said as she begun to strip down out of her clothes.
"Don't you feel so free?" she asked. She started with her socks and shoes, and then her pants, until she had nothing at all.
"You just gonna watch me or what?" she asked as she stepped into the water. The lights from the city glared off of her naked brown body as she climbed deeper and deeper into the water.
"This girl done lost her mind" Bobby Ray whispered to himself as he smirked and shook his head. He stripped down to his boxers and made his way to the water as the sand slithered through the cracks of his toes.
"Wait!" Lisa said.
"Grab the bag off the back of the seat"
Bobby Ray ran back to the car and retrieved the bag. After he retrieved the bag, he made his way back and Lisa was coming back towards him and out of the water. She gently grabbed the bag from him and removed a long beach towel from the bag and laid it in the sand. She then turned towards Bobby Ray and smiled as she slipped his boxer shorts down and dropped to her knees. She started to put his dick in her mouth but stopped.
"Bobby Ray?" Lisa said.
"Wassup?" he answered wondering what the hold up was about. Lisa sat there with her knees in the sand and his dick in her hands and asked him........
"Do You love me?"
There was so much passion in the moment that anything other than what she wanted to hear would be uncivilized.
"You know it!" he said, with nothing but truth tho.
"You promise?" she asked as she took a lick like she was holding a cone of caramel praline. The look he gave her after that told her all she needed to know as she began to get to the center of his tootsie roll tootsie pop.
"Wheeeeeeeewwww!" he said as his toes curled in the sand.
"Shout out to that tongue" he said, being as silly as he wanted to be. She just looked up and smiled as she continued to go to work. Lisa held Bobby Rays dick like a microphone. She held it like she was on stage rocking a show. He extended to his full potential and his meat got bulky and the  veins in his dick throbbed like the thump of a heartbeat. as she felt him stiffen up, she stopped, and stood to her feet not taking her eyes off of him. Bobby Ray knew just what to do, as he layed her down on the towel. He started with her inner thighs, sweet seductive kisses, and then to her lips. Her body got stiff. She grabbed his head and began to thrust her pussy at him. The lips of her vagina just rolled off of his tongue as he tamed her. The juices began to fall down her legs as he continued to pucker that pussy. She came several times before he stopped. He slid his tongue up her body and began to lick on her nipples as he creeped his dick inside of her. After three strokes, it was no longer a mystery as he went jab for jab jackhammering her pussy like a wild beast.
"OOOOOOOhhhhhhhh!" she moaned. Her pussy drooled and drooled as Bobby Ray slowed down his stroke and hit her with only the tip. He played with her clitoris like he was fine tuning a violin.
"OOOOOOhhhhhh, Go deep!" she said as she called out the play. The splashes from the water running up a shore made the value of the moment skyrocket. Lisa came a few more times as her body jolted with seizures of satisfaction before she felt him stiffen up.
"Don't cum in me" she whispered. Not listening, he did anyway as he gave his pull out game a rest.
"OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" she moaned as she came again right along with him, experiencing the best orgasm she had ever had in life. Their bodies relaxed as they laid right up under the full moon wrapped tight, without a care in the world.



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  2. Okay...okay!!!! Bobby Ray's something different n Lisa's kidnapping!!!! I didn't see this one coming at all!! Awaiting what's to come next!!! #BookMobb Lufe GOOD READS!!! A-1

  3. Thank u for the correction!!!! It's A-1!!

  4. Thanks for sharing the excerpt. Nice!

    1. @sheri thanks for taking the time to check me out and leave some feedback
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  5. Just gonna keep it real there are to many grammatical errors making it a true turn off and me unable to enjoy and truly finish the read. Alot of he said she said when its not needed. I'm a book lover first and foremost and love supporting the art of writing.

    1. @vulyncia... I must say this is exactly why I need these reviews.. And not that watered down shit... I wanna know what you liked... What you didn't like... What was good... What could be better.. Thank you for the brutal honesty.. Its honestly the only way I can perfect my craft... Also keep in mind these are ruff draft excerpts and have not been edited at all. But I will most definitely take a look at that from this point on and make sure that these grammatical errors don't make it past the editing process.. Or before it goes live!!! Thanks again!! #YouMakeMeBetter

  6. Thanks for this is a rough draft so I wanted to give some pointers. My English Major background always kicks in when reading, lol. Villainy is a noun, not an adjective or adverb. Villainous or villainously could be used. Ellipses (...) are 3 dots only. Please be careful of regional dialect. The word "cuzz" might be universal talk in your region but it's mostly viewed as a symbol of kinship. It's hard to redirect a reader's mind in one sentence especially when they start having sex. Just some food for thought. Hope this helps.