Wednesday, August 5, 2015

"The Funeral"

"Guilty by Association"
written by

" They say the Good die young ".
Message to the black man. When they used to say we gone be extinct in a minute, it just flew over my head but now it has become a Reality.
If the Police ain't killing us, We killing each other, and if we ain't killing each other, just know that Society has something in place to do it, it's called Population Control.
Biggest game of chess going................
It's sad but true, that a person never actually knows how many lives you touched, until your dead.
Fucked up, it gotta be that way.
" Its Ok baby" Lisa said, trying to comfort Bobby Ray as the limo they were riding in cruised down Florence. The silence in the limo was equivalent to that of when you hear nothing else but the hands on the clock making a tic and a toc. Bobby Ray turned to look at Chill and caught him peering out the window, with a blank stare.
" You don't need this" Lisa said looking down at the bulge in his pants.
" You never know" Bobby Ray said as he stared her back in her eyes with a very serious mug.
" Shit fucked up!" Chill said to himself as he still could not believe that his friend was no longer with them. So many memories cried out for attention as they both reminisced on their childhood up to that point.
Most people plan weddings, or maybe even graduations, but it was always a difficult time to plan a funeral.
When they pulled up to the Abundant Life Christian Church at 3500 S. Normandie Ave. the Limos lined up back to back in front of the church.
Chill and Bobby Ray wore slim fit textured wool tuxedo jackets with elegant satin peal lapels. The jackets had lightly padded shoulders and a darted front, the jackets were finished with satin trimmed flap pockets, side vents and covered pockets.
As ghetto as it may sound, they wore these right along with their chucks. A mural of Swoop had been air-brushed to the back of their jackets with the words " Gone too Soon".
As Chill, Bobby Ray and Lisa stepped onto the curb, they caught the view of a soul train line of Low-Riders. The Eight-Trays were coming to show their respects to the lil homie.
Bobby Ray seen the disgust in Swoops mother's face hidden underneath her black veil as the Eight-Trays hit the corner.
Lisa wore her camouflage print jacket with leather trim. Her style was classy but yet still sassy. The classic design camouflage jacket had a concealed zip and press stud closure and multiple oversized pockets. On her feet she wore some suede ankle boots with top stitch detail and almond toe with pull tabs at the side with a 5.5cm,2.2 inch heel. She was legit.
The family got slipped through the side door as the services were ready to start.
Chill and Bobby Ray stayed back, as they would carry their brother inside, along with the rest of the Pall Bearers.
After Swoop was carried in, the Pastor prayed over his coffin, and the pall bearers filled in to the first two pews to the left.
As the service edged further and further along Swoops mother became an emotional wreck as her emotions overcame her.
Lisa sat next to Swoops mom and did her best to comfort her. But as you know in such an event, even her best was not enough.
So many emotions flowed through the church, like fish in the sea, and water under the bridge. It was an awkward silence between the ordered events of the service yet so loud.
After the pastor highlighted some memorable events of Swoops short but precious life, the choir sung few songs, and then came the time for family and friends to express their memories of him before the viewing.
When the time came for friends and family, Bobby Ray allowed the immediate family to say what they needed before he decided to have a turn.
" Sean was like my brother man", Bobby Ray started , as he spoke in reference to Swoop.
" He was one of the best friends anyone could have", he continued as his voice began to crack and tears rolled down his face.
" Imma  miss you brother" he continued as he stared down at the podium. When he looked back up, he noticed he had the undivided attention of every single soul. He looked at Chill and the tears could not stop running down his face.
Bobby Ray had plenty of good things to say as well did others.
Even Spider Loc and a few of the Eight-Trays got up and told the family how much of a stand up guy he was.
"He was indeed before his time" were the last of the last words spoken on his behalf before they were allowed to view him.
Chill and Bobby Ray served their purpose as they escorted Swoops mom up to the casket.
"My Baby!" was all she could say over and over again as she stared at the precious gift in a box. She shook her head and dabbed her tears away with a handkerchief.
After Swoops mom was satisfied with her farewell, Chill had his turn, and then Bobby Ray had his.
It is believed that after death, the body becomes stiff and there is no support for the muscles that help level out the weight.
Lisa escorted Swoops mom outside so she could meet the pall bearers at the Hurst.
Chill and Bobby Ray listened to the instructions from the funeral director with full attention.
All the pall bearers worked as a team. The doors to the church opened and the pall bearers kept the casket close while walking slow and steady. They coordinated each others step with the person that was in front of them.
Chill and Bobby Ray were halfway down the stairs to the church when they struck. Before anybody had a chance to look, people were getting hit left and right. Shots rang out uncontrollably.
When Bobby Ray looked up he saw 3 cars full  Poppin shots his way. A few pall bearers got hit and the casket slipped out of their hands and slid down the stairs like goods on a production line.
Everything happened so quick that they barely had time to fire shots back.
" I can't believe this shit" Bobby Ray mumbled to himself.
The smoke hissed out the barrel of his gun still hot from the shots he fired back.
"The ultimate disrespect" was the last thought that crossed his mind.
Now Bobby Ray really had no choice.
It was either Kill or be Killed. He had to play the game, or let the game play the shit out of him.


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  1. It Keeps getting Interesting and Now the War has begun between the rivals, but who was in the 3 cars shooting??? And who shoots up a funeral service?? zaaammmnnn!!! I can't wait to hear what's gonna happen!!! GOOD READ!!!