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"Guilty By Association" Sneek Peek

"Guilty By Association" By Author King William
"Sneak Peek"
January 21, 2015

“Guilty!” the judge said as he slammed the gavel down with an Iron fist.
There was a sudden uproar in the court as Judge Jamison read off the verdict.
Mill-yon’s heart sunk to her stomach as she watched the Judges face. Her father’s head buckled between the palms of his hands.
The eight Jurors sat back in their chairs and gave each other a firm stare as to stay that justice had been served in this case.
Bobby Ray was in total shock as he twinkled his fingers as they intertwined one another and scanned the crowd before he drew his attention back to his baby girl. When he finally looked back at Mill-yon, her mouth was wide open and he was just in time to see the tears come streaming down her face.
The Stenographer typed away as she caught every word that fell out of the judge’s mouth.
The Bailiff repositioned himself and put his hand on his gun as he took the proper safety precautions.

April 29th, 1992

It was the seventh day of the Jury deliberations, and prior to this day, the Los Angeles District Attorney had charged four Police officers including a Sergeant with assault and use of excessive force. The Jury was made up nine whites, and one bi-racial man who actually appeared to look blacker than he did white. After the Jury could not decide on a verdict for the fourth officer charged with using excessive force, by 3:45pm a crowd of more than three hundred people had appeared outside of the Los Angeles County Courthouse protesting the verdict that had been announced just thirty minutes earlier.
    In Los Angeles, it was almost inevitable to not be a part of some type of gang or clique.
Bobby Ray, who at the time was just a sophomore at Crenshaw High was making his rounds through the streets of L.A with his homeboys.
“I’ll die for my stripes” one of the boys named Swoop said as they moved along on down the street.
“Nigga you wouldn’t throw rice at a wedding “Bobby Ray shouted out talking shit to his homeboy.
“I put that on Love cuzz!” Swoop said as he grabbed the crotch of his Dickies and looked Bobby Ray in the eyes.
    Bobby Ray, Swoop, and Chill had practically grew up together and moved like The Three Amigos.
By the time they got to Crenshaw High, the streets had got a hold of them and they were full blown Knuckleheads. They spent their entire freshmen year fucking off.
“Man Florence going down right now” Chill said as they got to the intersection of Florence and Normandy. By this time it was about 6:40 in the evening.
“Yea everybody mad as shit about those pigs getting off scotch free for beating Rodney King’s ass” Swoop said.
“Yea, dat shit was fucked up homie!” Chill said as the incident struck a nerve with him.
“Man these crackers do what the fuck they want and get away with it” Bobby Ray added.
“OOOoooggghh!! Shit, Look!” Swoop said .
At approximately 6:45 Reginald Oliver Denny, a Caucasian male truck driver who was stopped at a traffic light at the intersection of Florence and Normandy Avenue, was being dragged from his vehicle and getting severely beaten by a mob of local black residents as a television News Helicopter hovered above.
Bobby Ray, Swoop, and Chill ran to join in as they felt it was the right thing to do.
“Watch this homies!”  Bobby Ray said as he picked up a brick and launched it at Reginald Denny, the man being drug from his vehicle. The brick struck Denny in his temple, causing him to have a near fatal seizure instantly.
“Boom” Bobby Ray yelled as he felt a sudden adrenaline rush come on from the energy that surrounded him.
    As the melee continued, just minutes later, Fidel Lopez, a self-employed Construction worker and Guatemalan Immigrant was also pulled from a truck and robbed for nearly 2,000. As Bobby Ray, Chill, and Swoop watched it all go down, an enraged black man ran up and smashed his forehead open with a car stereo.
“Ouch!” Swoop said
“That had to hurt” he continued. Another angry Rioter ran up and sliced his ear off with a pocket knife, Samurai style.
“Finish him!” they chanted as if they were playing a game of Mortal Kombat. After the man lost consciousness, the angry Mob began spray painting his body starting with his chest, torso, and genitals. They spray painted it all black.
“This shit fucking bonkers cuzz!” they all said agreeing, as they continued to monitor the ruthless acts of violence.
    After their brief contribution to the melee, they kept it moving along on down the street.
“What yall got planned for the night cuzz” Bobby Ray asked.
“Shit i don't know… what you finna do cud?” Swoop Swoop asked as he returned the question.
“Shit.. you know what im finna do… Im bout to go chill with Lisa” Bobby Ray Confessed.
“Man you always chasing after that Bitch!” Chill fired as he expressed true hate in his feelings.
“She aint no Bitch i told you” Bobby Ray said as he slapped the back of chills head with an open palm.
“Ouch Man, what chu hit me for?” chill cried out.
“I told you about referring to women as that around me”
“Didn’t Miss Smith Teach you any manners” Bobby Ray asked as he referenced to Chills mom.
“Man that fool aint worried about impressing you” Swoop said sticking up for chill.
“Well i dont care what yall gon do, cuz im bout to go see oh girl” Bobby Ray said as he did the smurda dance.
“Nigga think he in love or some shit” Swoop said as he laughed and nudged Chill in his shoulder.
“Aight man” Swoop said as he gripped the crotch of his chucks. He gave Chill a fierce nod to follow him, and soon before you knew it, they had disappeared in a distance up the block.
As Bobby Ray twirled around, his face lit up as he had already arrived at his destination.
He had took a few steps and it was not long before he was already at the door.
Before he could get the chance to knock…...the door swung open.
“Waddupp Ray? Ray?” the face said as it peeked from behind the door.
“Waddupp!” he said quickly in a lost for words.
“Well is you coming in or not” Lisa said as she reached out and grabbed Bobby Ray by the center of his chest.
As he was pulled inside he remembered why he made it his business to go and see Lisa every friggin day.
When the door closed Lisa stood right before him with only her T-shirt and her panties on. Not to mention her Crip Blue Bandana that she wore on her head.
“Want some?” she asked as she turned her forty- ounce of Old English upside down.
“Nah im good, i don't drink that cheap shit” Bobby Ray said as he tried to cap it off knowing damn well he didn't really drink anything.
He squeezed past Lisa and went to go and find his spot on the couch.
“Yo moms here?” he asked as he kicked his feet up on her table.
“Is they ever here?” she fired back referencing to both of her parents as she pranced over to where he was sitting and straddled his lap.
“What i'm gon do with you cuzz” he said as he was aroused by her ghetto demeanor.
“Nigga give it up” She said as she made her index, thumb, and middle finger resemble a pistol.
“You know what i want …… Gimme dat Dick!” she said as she carried on with her role playing.
“You a fucking fool” Bobby Ray said as he looked Lisa dead in her face with the stupidest grin.
With her fingers still raised, Lisa began to aggressively yank and jerk at Bobby Ray's belt buckle.
There was no struggle, and there was no fight.
All Bobby Ray could do was put his hands up and play along. In some sick twisted kind of way, he actually liked it!


  1. Already A GOOD READ, Im waiting to see all what else goes on and happens, The Verdicts, The Plots, The Relationships, THE ending to The Book!! FIVE STARS, HIGH FIVE TO AUTHOR KING WILLIAM or WILLIAM P.WARE!

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read... You have no idea what your in store for...Lol.. Stay tuned!!

  2. Dope sample reading. I'm definitely glad that I took some time out to read it. King William did an awesome job with the characters and the dialogue. I look forward to reading the book in its entirety .

    1. I'm glad you took the time too.. I know as authors our lives be so Overwhelming with let alone the things we have going on in our personal lives to where it makes it hard to keep up with anyone else.. Thanks for your support!! From Author to Author!!

  3. Great Sample! I am officially curious to see what happens next. A definite must read for those that love ❤ some urban, street-lit with some truth to it. I love ❤ a good read I can relate to versus the books released labeled as urban but have no realism involved.

    1. Oh yes K.k ... The difference between my current literary situation and when I first started.. Then: I was writing about real shit ..... :Now: Still writing about real shit, but I try to drop nuggets of real history or something that beneficial for learning or just good information to know about events that have happened.. I call it re-inventing the History Books!!
      #KnowledgeIsPower.. Thank you again for taking the time to read....

  4. Very gripping. I feel like I'm right there as everything is going down. Great snippet! We're waiting ��.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to check out my work... Writing in progress....
      You have no idea what your in store for when I'm finished with thus one


  5. Great work so far, Looking forward to the finished book

    1. Hey Mark thanks for taking the time to support me... These are the little gifts you look forward to as a writer!!

  6. Loved the preview ,can't wait to read doe more

    1. Hey Steve... Thanks for your support brother.. And for taking the time to see what my new book about... Interesting pic too!! Haha

  7. Enticing! I was hanging onto every word. Cant wait for the rest to come out, what a tease!

    1. Thanks Nat have no idea what your in store for!!

  8. I'm very excited about this read I'm interested in the rest it's full of action and got me wanting more so continue and I look forward to more of your book

  9. What a great preview! It provided just enough information to get a feel of the storyline and build interest for the characters.

  10. When I first started reading I was thrown back with the incident that was taking place. But as I continued reading I was intrigued. I love stories that has a message and a good storyline. Re-inventing yourself in your career is a bold move. Keep up the good work. Stories worth telling are the best ones especially when there's truth to it.