Friday, July 17, 2015

Lisa Ray

"Guilty by Association"
"Lisa Ray"

"Nigga you thought I was playing huh?"
Lisa said as she Viciously jackhammered on Bobby Rays dick like a pogo stick. She arched her back like she was riding a horse and continued to let the cum drool out of her pussy and down his dick like slobber from a pit bulls mouth. She grabbed his neck and continued to drive drunk and wreck less. Bobby Ray enjoyed every minute of it as he threw shots back at her. The sound of their bodies meeting were like putty against the wall, her pussy gripped his dick like a pair of vice grips. Bobby Ray slid his body upwards and repositioned himself as he began to suck on her overly aroused nipples.
"Oh Ray Ray" Lisa murmured like a wounded kitten.
"Oh Ray Ray!" she continued to purr.
Her seductive cries made Bobby Ray even more aroused as he pushed her backwards until she was laying flat on her back. Once again he repositioned himself until he was hovering over her body like a wolve that was ready to feast on his prey. Instead he started with soft kisses to the side of her neck as he slid his manhood back into her jaws of life. Slow strokes with just the tip, tickled her vagina all the way down to her soul. He felt her body quiver as he continued to dip into her cookie box. His kisses moved down her body until he was back at her breasts. he let his tongue run laps around her nipples before he sucked them in. His dick began to get harder and harder as the pussy got sweeter and sweeter. The dips turned into dunks, and before he knew it, he was trying to break the glass....Long dick style.
"No, you thought I was playing huh?" Bobby Ray said as he wrapped his hand around her neck and continued  to thrust into the walls of her vagina like john henry working on the railroad.
"Who's pussy is it?" he whispered.
"Yours!" she shouted
"Who's pussy?" he whispered again.
"Yours " she shouted more aggressive than the last.
Ray Ray began to dig so hard that he resurrected her last orgasm. He could feel her waterfalls of joy as he dropped his sinker, then hit her with the curve ball. Just as she was about to cum again, he slipped out and dropped all the way down as he kissed on her navel, then let his tongue linger down to her vagina. As she lay bare on the bed, she braced herself for her next orgasm as the heel of her foot arched, she clenched the sheets and released herself again.
"OOOOOOhhhhhh" she screamed.
His tongue did tricks as it trickled up against her pearl tongue. The lash of his tongue had her drunk in love. Each lash to her clitoris made her pussy fire like a fully automatic Assault Rifle. Lisa moaned and groaned with pleasure as he stretched her arms out and climbed back inside. The way she was positioned, you would have thought that she died on the cross. Bobby Ray started C-walking in that pussy like it was nobodies business. After a few more strokes, he felt his dick get stiff and ready to spit.
"Im coming" he studdered
"Cum in me!" she said .
but before she could get out another word...... Bobby Ray emptied the clip and buried his treasure.
After a good three rounds of working on their cardio, Lisa and Bobby Ray fell asleep wrapped in each others arms. Lisa's head found a pillow on his chest, while Bobby Ray's hands were gripped to her ass.


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  1. Oooooooohhhh zaaaaaaaammmmnnn, Super Drooling Hot!!!!!