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Snippets from new book!!

Chp 10
                        “TAKING CHANCE$”

Snippets from new book!!

Chp 10

Mandalay Bay & Four Seasons was a 3,700 room, $950 million resort extravaganza. There was a 12,000-seat arena complex that hosted major sporting contests, superstar concerts, and special events. Flawless and the girls fell in love with the attraction. They walked past the “House of Blues” which was a live music and restaurant one-stop spot, which sat right next to the casino. The casino whose three indispensable characteristics were chance, luck, and choice.
    As Flawless walked through the casino in his fresh linens he had purchased, he browsed the floor for a game to play.
    The first game he came across was the infamous crap table. This game was much too familiar, in fact, he was a con to this game and it was his favorite of many.
    Flawless walked up to the crap table with his girls on his arms. He placed his hand on the rail of the table, just quick enough for the players to get a glimpse of his ring by Loraine Swartz, and his watch that he had bought from Jacob & Co.
    The hustler’s wives were all eyes as they broke their necks to look. The lights glimmered off of the Louis Vuitton sunglasses that he wore. The creases on his Thom Browne tailor made suit made him look unique. The ruby cuff links finally served their purpose as they added more shine to his glow. All the women wore their best linens that matched the shoes, which Flawless had gotten them.
“Money on the wood is good!” The houseman yelled.
“Lay your money down and stay around!” he continued as he waited for a sucker. The housemen were slick when it came to these games, but little did they know Flawless had brought a few tricks of his own.
    When Flawless stepped up to the table, he had crooked dice hidden in his palm, trapped between the base of his thumb and the edge of his hand. He waited patiently for his turn before he dropped a fade.
    When the houseman got to Flawless, he dropped a band of money on the table, and told his girls to bet on him. He handed the three of them a band apiece, which valued $10,000 apiece. The onlookers whispered under their breaths, as they looked each other up and down wondering how he managed to obtain so much confidence to put forty thousand down on one bet.
“Let’s go daddy!” the girls yelled as they went along in good faith that Flawless would seven or eleven on the first roll.
    Flawless picked up the Casino dice with the tips of his forefinger and pinky trapping the dice between them. As his fingers curled in, he dropped down the crooked dice that were palmed to the base of his fingers. Then he pushed the honest dice into his palm to be palmed just as the crooked ones had been as he pulled a common thumb and palm switch that professional dice crooks use.
“Is you wit me or against me?” Flawless yelled as he threw the dice and rolled them out.
“Seven!” the houseman yelled as the dice rolled over, one on the “Two” and the other on the “Five.” The girls jumped up and down in amazement as Flawless took control of the game and was up forty thousand in one roll.
“That's my daddy!” Moscato yelled as the houseman slid the dice back.
“Bet back!” Flawless said as he motioned to the houseman.
“Bet back!” he said once more as he gave an order for the girls to bet on him once more. The whole process took only a split second. It may sound simple, but actually, the “Palm switch” is one of the most difficult dice moves to learn. Mastering this shady art of dice switching required a lot of time and practice.
    “My hoes need clothes!” Flawless yelled as he rolled the dice out once more.    “Eleven!” the houseman yelled. This time the whole table jumped up and down in amazement as Flawless hit the house for another $40,000 in one roll.
“Daddy you on fire!” Sweetpea said as she pecked him on the cheek. Flawless had all eyes on him as he held down the crap table. He played four more games and won before he switched the dice back.
    “Drinks on me!” Flawless said as his phenomenon of craving kicked in wanting to celebrate. Self-justification was the maker of excuses; excuses of course for drinking, and for all kinds of crazy and damaging conduct. Flawless had made an invention of alibis his fine art. He had to drink because the times were hard or the times were good, it really did not matter. He thought “conditions” drove him to drink, and when his mind tried to help him correct these conditions, he could not stop, and his drinking went out of hand, as he became an alcoholic.  On his way to the bar, he could feel all eyes on him as he walked away from the table, even the eyes in the sky, but did not care. He was addicted to money, and prepared to do what he had to do to get it.
    Flawless and the girls thought about dining at several of the hotels finest restaurants. They needed something to do while they let the table cool down. Flawless had just stepped in the Casino and it was not thirty minutes before he was up $240,000.
    Beyonce was performing live at the event center, so Flawless took the girls to get a bar of that first. After they left the event center, they hit up Disney’s award winning theatrical version of “Lion King” It was such a beautiful play. Flawless could not focus on anything but more and more money and all the alcohol that surrounded him. The Casinos were filled with cocktail servers. They were the ones who kept the gambling junkies like Flawless good and full by serving alcoholic beverages. For some reason the cocktail server managed to find Flawless no matter where he was at and kept him full.
The clerk came back and forth taking his orders. The drinks were put on a tray, and the cocktail servers were responsible for serving individuals who were gambling in the gaming area to some of whom may be high rollers. That night Flawless fell into that category as he racked up on a shit load of money.
    “Say playa, you new to the city?” said Flawless’s splitting image. A young player that had a similar system of cash and carry who was evolving. He was a prominent pioneer and inner city pimp by the name of “New Daddy”
    The sex business had been part of “New Daddy’s” vision since he had knocked his first hoe at the age of 13. Word on the street was that his message to the male patrons was that they could spend every night with a different girl, and never be seen by anyone.
    “Yea, I just touched down……who the fuck are you?” Flawless said as he took inventory of the interesting character that stood before him with his hoes lined up like a car dealership.
    “I’m just a young pimp named New Daddy” he started “And as you can see all my hoes are Brand new” he continued. By the look of his stable “New Daddy” had a wide variety of hoes that made Flawless’s girls look like stragglers. He stood before Flawless looking like he had just left the all white party. New Daddy had on a coke white top hat with a white mink coat that just lounged over his shoulders. New Daddy had Gazelles over his eyes and a toothpick in his mouth resembling the late Pimp C. His girls were a mixture of coat-check girls, escorts, loungers, showgirls, and a couple of flat out ragamuffins. This player looked as if he was not turning anything down but his collar.
    The one thing that Flawless and New Daddy had in common was that they understood that sexual excitement was implicit in gambling and that women were integral to the casino scenery.
    Flawless did not even have to ask New Daddy where he was from because of his gigantic belt buckle and cowboy boots, which said a lot.
“Must be one of them Texas boys,” Flawless thought to himself.
    “Drinks on me playa,” New Daddy said as he signaled for the cocktail servers. “Be gone!” he said as he snapped his fingers. His hoes dispersed like roaches with the lights on.
“Aye yall, excuse me for a min” Flawless told the girls. “Yall mingle around a little bit and check out the scene” Flawless continued. Moscato, Sweetpea, and Rosa disappeared but did not go far.
    “So you got a name, or should I call you brand new?” New Daddy said as he slipped one past Flawless.
    “You can call me Cali,” Flawless said as he straightened out his collar. “Aye check this out” Flawless started “I don’t know what you selling, but I’m not buying” he continued.
    “Come on Cali, I’m into making friends not enemies. You from Cali right? Game recognizes game at all levels, so I thought I’d introduce myself,” New Daddy said. “I just thought maybe we could be of a service to each other” New Daddy continued.
    “First of all, I didn’t come to Vegas to make friends, I came to make money,” Flawless said.
    “What would you fellaz like to drink?” the cocktail server said as she slid up to the rail of the bar.
    “What you drinking Cali?” New Daddy asked.
“Two shots of Don Julio wit the lime” Flawless said as he observed New Daddy cautiously and his intentions.
    “If you want to make some money, I can show you how,” New Daddy said as he whipped out his bankroll that did not impress Flawless at all.
    “Maybe we get it together, you know? shit isn't easy out here,”  New Daddy said as he practically begged for Flawless’s friendship.
    “Hey let me get two Cutty Bangs” New Daddy told the server to send her away as he felt she was soaking up too much game.
    “I don’t know…..” Flawless said carefully considering the young players invitation.
“Maybe you can show me around a little bit, and show me who is who and what not,” Flawless said keeping thing s neutral.
    “You ever heard the phrase shaking hands making friends Cali?” New Daddy asked Flawless.
    “Yea why?” Flawless asked curiously, trying to figure out where he was going with things.
    “I know a few people in high places, that may come in handy while you enjoy your stay here in Las Vegas,” New Daddy told Flawless. Flawless turned up his first shot and slammed it on the bar.
    “The first thing we going to do is get your stable up” New Daddy started. “Any girls caught hanging around the Casinos, restaurants, or lounges too long are in violation of this pimpin,” He continued. “These girls are potential streetwalkers, part-time call girls, swinging co-eds, and showgirls,” New Daddy told Flawless as he shared his vision.
    Flawless turned up his other shot as he tried to hear him out.
    “The code of silence here is second nature to the gamblers,” He told Flawless as he turned up the glass of his “Cutty Bang”. “It’s a lot of renegade money here Cali” New Daddy started. “You see now, which is very different from many years before, there are more houses where prostitutes live together and try to do it on their own. Many call girls only do their business through staff of one or more of the Casinos. Some share their fees with employees who called them. Others may be called directly by management to deal with a high roller and distract him until the roller has gambled his winnings back to the house.” New Daddy told Flawless as he broke down the science of the Nevada Casino life.
    By this time Flawless was all ears, he figured he could use some brains like New Daddy, and what he had to bring to the table. Thus far, he had shown to be very precise to the way of life here, and by the look of his threads, jewelry, and women. The proof was in the pudding.
    “You see Cali, the amount of prostitution here, safely, are the same as that of Amsterdam or Paris, but have been kept so discreet that there are few that really knew the truth.” New Daddy said as he continued to fill him in. “More advice to you Cali, which you will find helpful, is posting Ads of your girls in their best two-pieces” New Daddy said.
    Flawless had developed a headache from soaking up so much knowledge. It was either that, or the two shots of Don Julio. Much less here or there, he was ready to get back to the tables, and try his luck some more.
    Las Vegas had always been a draw for entertainment. Singers, dancers, comedians, ventriloquists, magicians, jugglers, animal trainers, acrobats, and many other attractions found a home here.
    After Flawless rounded up the girls, they headed down the strip on foot to check out other hotels and Casinos.
“Wow! Look at the pyramid baby!” Moscato said. When Flawless focused in on the gigantic pyramid, he wondered what the big crowd was doing looking up in the sky. When they looked again and focused in again, they noticed one of the local magicians by the name of Chriss Angel climbing up the side of the thirty-story pyramid. All you could hear was
“Woooooowwwwww!!!” as the on lookers got excited watching from the sidelines.  
“Look! My god he’s levitating over the pyramid now,” Rosa said. When Flawless looked back up Criss Angel had climbed up the pyramid and was now hovering over the top of it like a bird with no strings attached. He was truly phenomenal. The Luxor was among the most recognizable resorts on the strip because of its design as the great pyramid of Giza. Encased in the thirty-story pyramid of black glass with a fixed spotlight emanating from its apex, was the hotel, which could be seen as far as Los Angeles and Arizona on clear nights. Despite the lights, and seemingly odd shape as a hotel, the Luxor's Egyptian themed interior contained a surprising four hundred and five guest rooms and four hundred and eighty seven suites.
    Flawless and the girls walked right past keno and roulette when they walked inside. Slots were not the worse gamble in the Casino. Keno was the dollar grabber. It took twenty-five percent slice of your investment. The payoff for correctly picking a single number was 3 to 1 but the odds against you were 4 to 1. I guess that is why they had the most comfortable chairs with armrests.
    Next to keno, the worst game ever to try your luck with was American Roulette. This game, the table has both a “0” and a “00” and the odds were 5.26 percent against you.
    When Flawless walked around in the Casinos, he could tell after just a few games whether a person would be a winner or a loser, but it was just his luck, that every game he played he won. While Flawless wandered from table to table, he thought about the Economics attached to the conversation he had with “New Daddy” and the meat of what he said was vaguely hidden within.
“It’s Economics my dear!” he pondered as he thought powerfully to himself. He thought about it for a second, and rationalized that yes, as he input his hoes to the equation made everything easier to understand but the most powerful thought of all of this was simplicity. These laws of economics, could be applied with anything as an input, not just hoes. He realized that when production took place, it occurred when knowledge or technology was used to apply energy to materials, which made them more valuable.
“Wow!” he thought as he processed that whole thought. Flawless had a moment of clarity as he thought about his resources. He thought about “Labor.Labor was nothing but productive efforts made available in human beings, and the payments for these labor services produced something called “wages” So the moment of clarity was that yea his women provided a service or labor so to say, which in return produced the wages. The input of it all was that the input did not have to be women, it could be something simple as any service or product he could find that would in return generate a wage, and that was the labor.
“Boom!” he thought to himself. Flawless mind-fucked himself all the way to the slot machines.
    Rosa, Sweetpea, and Moscato took turn pulling on the slot machines. There were many to choose from, all different shapes, colors, and sizes. The Luxor had a wide variety from nickel machines, dimes, quarters, and dollars.
“The only way to win is to bet the max” Flawless said “Other than that, all it’s going to do is eat up the money” he finished. “Might as well go for the gusto!” he said as he coached them to raise the stakes.
    While the girls tried their luck on the slots, Flawless wandered off again to the Blackjack table. As he watched the girls try their luck from across the room, he thought to himself how billions of quarters had been dropped into Casino slot machines since day one. Now years’ later gambling is one of the fastest growing industries not just in the United States of America, but all throughout the world.
    When Flawless sat down at the Blackjack table, he felt the attention shift his way. While everybody watched him, he had his focus on the charming young woman that sat across from him running the table. She never bothered to look his way as she continued to win.
    By the way she continued to win, she obviously cast a spell on Flawless. The young woman had an energetic presence. As Flawless closely observed her, he realized that he definitely shared some of the same values and tastes: Money! He understood her spirit, and recognized her charm.
    As Flawless brought many tricks up his sleeve to Vegas, he thought that this would be a good time to illuminate some expertise. Blackjack was one more of many games he liked to play where he could exploit his mathematical principle in a legitimate way. By keeping track of which cards had been played, he always knew whether the composition of the remainder of the deck was in his favor. He would then bet and play accordingly. The technique of keeping track of the cards was called “card counting”. There was nothing dishonest about it, but it was such a powerful strategy that it allowed Flawless to take control of the game. He then felt the charming young woman that sat across from him re-direct her attention to where he was.
“Time to turn my charm on” Flawless thought to himself. When the next hand was dealt, Flawless knew that he was due, from his mental count. His first card was an Ace, and he prayed the next was a ten. He raised his bet enfold as he kept his attention on the cards. As the dealer dealt his next card, he was satisfied. The whole table had bet against Flawless assuming that his raise was a bluff. As he raised his head when his turn came to reveal his cards, he said…….
“That’s thirty-five thousand dollars plus one……muthafuckas can you buy that?” as he did his interpretation of “Goldie” from “The Mack”. The young woman broke a smile as the dealer raked the table and slid Flawless his winnings.
    Even Ray Charles could see that Flawless had a gift. He was able to express a strong presence of confidence that women admired. He radiated an inward quality that had a phenomenal glow. It was a gift from the Gods. When Flawless looked once more across the table at the young woman who sat alone, his mind wandered back to the conversation he had with New Daddy about women violating his pimpin, and the charisma he offered made women crave for him as they visually fell in love with how he moved. Every sign of charisma he had, played to his desire for more money, and to believe in something. There was nothing more seductive than giving the woman who had all eyes on him at full attention something or someone to believe in and follow. After all the players picked their jaws up and closed their mouths, Flawless stood up from the table and rounded up his earnings.
“You aren’t winning unless you out the ninth inning!” he said as he brushed past the dealer and approached the young woman. Flawless knew, at this point his charm depended on his choice of words, which due to the circumstances of his winnings, which held power. Words were the quickest way to create an emotional disturbance. They could uplift, elevate, and stir anger without referring to anything real. Therefore, with that being said, Flawless stopped right in front of the girl and did not even bother to ask her what her name was.
“I got ninety-nine problems and money aint one “He started as he laid his ring finger on the table and repositioned it. “But two things that I aint never seen, is a U.F.O, and a hoe that didn’t want to go” Flawless continued as he extended his hand. It was Flawless’s physical attribute that was a major factor in his seduction. When she looked into his eyes, she saw excitement without a word being spoken. His indirect communication, poised and calm charm made him appear to have a piercing gaze that disturbed the young woman’s emotions. The game that Flawless played was by choice not force, and she blatantly realized that as she reached out for his hand. As Flawless had tested his pimpin like a pro, he realized another one had to go……..She had Chose Up!





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