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Chapter 3
On  The Runway

The drive to Seattle from Oakland was about a twelve hour drive so Flawless did not decide to go that route. By noontime the next day Flawless had a flight booked, that was to leave the Oakland International Airport by 2:30 pm and arrive in Seattle Wa, a little bit before 5pm. The “Sea Tac” airport was in southern Seattle and was where they were to drop out of the sky at.
            “Girl, I’m so glad to be getting away for a couple of days,” Rosa said to Moscato. “All these niggas dropping like flies in Oakland, a bitch cant even make no money without getting caught in the crossfire” she continued.
“I feel you,” Moscato said trying to relate.
“Well it’s a new day and you girls don’t have to live like that anymore, eating out of garbage cans and shit,” Moscato said as she tried to sneak one past them.
“We weren’t eating out of the garbage,” Sweetpea said as she caught on to the ratchet ness.
“n-e-ways” Rosa said just trying to keep the peace.
“I heard that it rains a lot in Seattle and that it gets about 10-20 degrees colder than here and that it rains over nine months out of the year” Rosa continued.
“It clears up in the summer for a couple of weeks and its real nice, but then it gets cloudy and wet again.” Moscato said filling her in, letting her know she knew a lil bit too! The ladies as well as Flawless enjoyed the first class flight. Flawless had token a few flights here and there but was yet to still see the places that he dreamed of. Once the plane had reached 10,000 ft. the airline crew gave clearance to use electronic equipment except for portable televisions, radio transmitters, or remote controlled toys.  Flawless calmly decided to gather his thoughts as he gestured for service.
            U.S Airways had a wide variety of food and beverages to order from. The flight was packed, yet everybody held their post with much comfort ability. The girls had window shots while Flawless took full advantage of the aisle. Moscato pulled her Macbook Pro from her bag and connected her computer to the airlines full internet access. She decided to waddle a couple of steps ahead of the girls and line up some dates. She quickly logged in at “SugarDaddy.com” and found a wide variety of listings of men in that area, that clearly wanted to spend a couple of dollars on her to have a little fun. Flawless was on his third cocktail and third beer before he caught the attention of Moscato.
“You ok baby?”  she inquired as she motioned towards the drinks.
“Yea I’m cool” Flawless said non- cholantly flourishing in his vibe. Rosa and Sweetpea took full advantage of their tab and ordered everything they desired. U.S airlines had a nice selection of releases to choose from. After precisely browsing through them, Rosa decided to watch “Taken2” while Sweetpea slipped on the headphones and enjoyed a wide variety of music in the audio entertainment section. Everybody was really relaxed and enjoying the flight as expected. All the passengers aboard were also nice and chill.  The carry on baggage could not exceed 45 linear inches and a maximum weight of 40lbs per bag. It was heavily recommended to keep seat belts fastened at all times. While seated, even when the captain turned off the “fasten seat belt signs”
            After two and a half hours in the air, the craft was finally making preparations, for landing.
            Another hour and Flawless, Moscato, Sweetpea, and Rosa were in a taxi headed towards downtown Seattle. Downtown was a mix of real run down areas with grimy drug corners and then rich corporate areas, where the tourist roamed in between.
“This city is really nice!” Rosa said as she admired the architectural structure. All the buildings were plastered with nice advertisements. Majority of the buildings were made out of a lot glass. They passed by Quest fields stadium which was shaped like a football. After they traveled for several minutes more they finally pulled up to the resort. All three girls could not help but fantasize about getting rock star treatment, lounging on tropical beaches, staying in the plushest accommodations, and have someone cater to their every need.
            If you thought it was a dream, check this out…..The space age resort sported a nice funky vibe along with nice music. Black art and memorabilia enslaved the walls, plus it had all the perks of all inclusive accommodations.
            They immediately got a tour of the facility, their mouths dropped to the floor when they got a load of their rooms with Jacuzzis, in-room liquor dispensers, nice fifty plus size flat screen TV that hung from the ceiling. They had an outdoor amphitheatre to enjoy live shows at night 45,000 sq. ft. casino plus an arcade and mini golf. In addition, if to say that was not enough they had a choice of fifteen different swimming pools to dip in.
            After the tour was done, Flawless decided to start the night with a little relaxation, so they headed to the spa.
“You sure know the way to a girl’s heart don’t you?” Sweetpea said as her slippers slapped the ground like a flie swatter.
“I know right? ….I tell him that all the time” Moscato said as she decided to add her two cents in the mix.
“Yea this is really nice,” Rosa added jumping on the bandwagon.
“I’m sure you girls deserve it,” Flawless said as he took a drag from his Newport. People all over the world knew about the luxurious treatments, but also the many perks. The spa started off with a traditional Tea ceremony and deep foot massage. Flawless exhaled as he once again got a chance to meditate and conjure together his thoughts. As he laid back and relaxed on the lush daybed, the glare of the Moroccan lantern simmered down. All the girls were relaxed as they slipped out of their clothes and untwined. The fact was that the spa treatment used “La Prairies” highly celebrated skin-care products, made their experience stand out. The massage was paired with caviar extract, which offered highly concentrated omega 3’s to boost antioxidant levels in the skin, which prompted firming and provided hydration. The sixty minute body treatment was one of the most exotic experiences that any of them had ever experienced. Flawless inhaled as he sucked the smoke in from the blunt that the girls had rolled up.
“So how are yawl feeling?”  He said as he focused their attention to him
“Lets not forget why were here” Flawless said assertively
“I want you ladies to relax but yet in still at the same time figure how we bout to win and take a bankroll back to Cali wit us” Flawless continued.
“Pimping isn’t easy, shit, but um hoeing ain't hard,” he said as he sipped on the glass of Ciroc.
“We ready to go and get it daddy” Sweetpea said as she pranced her fancy ass across the room and plopped it right down next to Flawless.
“I hope so,” he said as he continued to sip on his Ciroc.
“I aint got time to baby-sit yall” he continued. His words slurred as the liquor started to settle in. Moscato lost herself in the moment right quick with distasteful thoughts about the other girls. She felt they were not worthy of Flawless’s presence and maybe she was right, but only time would tell.
            Before Moscato could get a word out…her phone rang.
“Hello?” she answered in a savvy business voice.
“Tonight?” she continued as she jotted some information down on a piece of paper.
“Yes, I’m available” she said as she looked at Flawless and gave him a wink to let him know that it was on and popping. She uncrossed one leg to anxiously cross the other one. “Two fifty and hour” she bartered “O.k. see you soon” and just like that she had stolen the show with her proper preparation.
“Boom!” Flawless said as Moscatos vigilance aroused him.
“Now that what I like,” Flawless said comically but serious as hell.
“As a matter of fact, wont you set the girls up before you leave,” Flawless suggested.
“I can do that,” she said just so happy to be getting back to work.
“You Bitches take some pictures and set your profiles up so we can get this shit popping” Flawless said as he fired up a cigarette.
“When I wake up in the morning, I want it to look like Christmas “Flawless continued.
“I got this daddy,” Moscato said as to send him some relief. “Good!” Flawless intercepted
“I’m tired, and im ready to go back to the room. 
            The penthouse suite had a door separating the two rooms that joined. One was theirs and one was his. The agenda had been set and night was still young.
            Shortly after about a good hour of pampering herself, and holding the bathroom  hostage, Moscato strolled out into the living room area of the suite nakedly before the other two women so seductively and enticing that she created a lust for her from the way her breast sat so firm on her chest. Her vagina was freshly shaved with a beautiful decoration of floral designs tatted right between her thighs.
“You girls almost set up?” she asked as she strutted her stuff back and forth a hot mess with herself and no shame in her game. Moscato strolled over to the refrigerator and poured a glass of wine, then entered into a state of relaxation. She sipped on the cabernet as she held a casual conversation with the girls about goals and expectations that Flawless would have of them. She debriefed them and filled them in on protocols as she dug through her luggage and scanned through her thong collection until she found a matching set with the bra. She slipped the lingerie on, then reached in her jewelry box and pulled out a Diamond necklace she had gotten from Tiffany’s, and placed it around her neck. Before Moscato could finish getting dressed, she got the brightest idea ever! She grabbed her phone and decided to send her date a text. She grabbed the computer, checked Rosa and Sweetpea’s profiles and decided to make it interesting. After she scanned their profiles, she sent a text that said a million words and raised the price of the date all in one sentence. Within the next ten minutes she was sending pics of Sweetpea and Rosa and now had them getting dressed, so they could join in on the the nights festivities. Things were starting to look up already.
            As Flawless began to think about the way he perceived things, it explained his success. As he lay there in the bed he thought about how if he spent every night, every weekend, hustling with one woman, that after a while, that one woman would grow accustom to that and develop a type of jealousy when he mingled, or when new girls  came around.
            Flawless felt that in order to step his game up and continue to pimp strong, he had to continue to learn and secure information to benefit him and the family. He felt that he must at all times go out into the world and check out every aspect of it as it pertained to himself. As a player in the game, he knew now that he must seek, maintain, and insist upon his freedom of motion when it came to a woman or better yet one of his workers. Therefore, with that in mind, he decided against getting some sleep and decided to see what exactly what it was that Seattle had to offer.
            When Moscato, Rosa, and Sweetpea were ready to leave, Moscato whipped out her computer once more and used her navigation to check out the area that they were destined for. As she closely navigated the address, she saw they were headed to “Capital Hill” area where there is mostly hipsters and gay people. This area had the best clubs apparently and venues that Seattle had to offer. This was the same area that everyone partied at on the weekends to be seen.
            After the girls waited about half an hour for the taxi, they were finally off to see the Wizard.       


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