Monday, March 31, 2014

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Author Bio:

My Name is William P Ware, a thirty one year old Author, who has founded one of the biggest upcoming underground literary platforms since social media has elevated. That Literary Platform which was established this year 2014, is called: #BookMobb#Bookmobb is a platform for published Authors, soon to be Authors, and Writers to meet virtually through social media such as @Instagram , Twitter, Facebook, and exchange thoughts, ideas, as well as experiences, within the Literary world.I have no Bachelor’s or Master’s Degrees in writing, I’m just another brother that started at the bottom now I’m here.I have a natural gift of storytelling that I have come to discover within me. My storytelling although is mostly based on real true life instances and occurrences, as well as a little fiction.What makes me different than the rest of the authors, is that most of the things that I write about, not all, I have really experienced for myself or through someone around me in some kind of way. The other twenty percent is pure entertainment and storytelling at it’s finest.The qualities that I admire about myself are: for one, being persistent and consistent in everything that I do. Failure is not an option for me. I never been the one to give up easily, I make things happen, and always ready to go the extra mile. I’m about as real as they come and well respected.Five of My Highest Values in Life Are:1. Progress not Perfection2. It’s #Chess not #Checkers!3. Proper preparation prevents poor performance4. Each Day brings new beginnings5. Work Hard and play #HarderI think that the most passionate part of my writing came from other inspiring Authors that came before me like: Teri Woods, Chunichi, Nikki Turner, Donald Goines, Sistah Souljah, Jackie Collins, Eric Jerome Dickey, Iceberg Slim, and a lot of Triple Crown Publications just to name a few. I loved the way these Authors were able to keep my attention by telling a story that always made you wonder “What the hell is going to happen next?”What I want to achieve through my writing is to encourage others to develop and search within their inner self and find their niche in storytelling and learn how to use their creativity to generate revenue. Me personally, I like to write about the streets, and the ghetto, because that’s where I came from.My ultimate purpose is to trend set my craft in hopes that others understand that if I did it, then they can do it to!! Writing books is big!!Ultimately I would like to be acknowledged as one of the best Published Authors ever to comeout of the Bay Area. Oakland Stand Up! (Brainz like Berkeley)In conclusion, I am the Author of two books so far, my first book, “Ain’t no love in this Town” by William Ware and “Taking Chances” by William Ware which are both Urban Fiction books #Officially #StreetCertifiedIt’s only the beginning for me, and I hope I have been inspiring to you!

Yours Truly, 
​Author King William


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