Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Living the Dream!! Empire Clothing Co.


Empire Clothing Co. has landed and has been making a name for itself as it elevates through the market.
   Starting from a couple of Custom designed T-shirts, Empire Clothing Company has since been proving to be prosperous with its endeavors as it continues to keep a trendy but yet still urban approach to style.
   With a catchy phrase of:
"Turning Dreams into Reality"
 C.E.O and Owner Author King William  has been able to do just that as his vision for his Clothing Line reaches new heights. Empire Clothing Co. a Bay Area based business stationed in San Francisco, Ca. uniquely machine Presses its own materials in such a manner that even Corporate Pros have been reaching out to support by purchasing his famous Crew-Neck Sweaters.
   Dressed from head to toe in his own attire he also stated that "who better to be the Model for the Market" than himself as he referred to how he so fashionably rocked his threads.

The picture above is actually the first shirt of his that became known as a success as it also harbored his famous quote of "Turning Dreams into Reality" The T-shirt was noticed by Bay Area Business Owners of few stores and smoke shops starting in San Francisco, West and East Oakland, as well as Downtown. The idea of Consigning agreements lingered for a while before he actually got the community leaders to do business with him. With a great vision for the Clothing Line, he began to win over their Support one by one! The T-shirt above made of 100% cotton started off as an experiment inside of his home on Treasure Island. As the time elevated and spun rapid like strobe light, he began to expand his trend by dropping Crewnecks such as the ones attached below.
Empire Clothing Co. was established in 2014, with a sole purpose to exceed the expectations of its Customers by delivering a quality Urban fit and feel of Premium Clothing.  These Crewneck Sweaters above and below are made from 50% Cotton and 50% Polyester with a logo that is made out of Vinyl for long lasting durability and hundreds of washes.


 Empire Clothing Company has also found a way to give back. As part of their Holiday spirit, they have put Together some sweats and T-shirt packages for the holidays which also has helped open up their selection as they now have sweatpants to go with some of the dope T-shirts they carry.... Take a look here.....

Just what the Doctor ordered dopeness at it's greatest! Empire Clothing, we believe has the Power to achieve much greatness and take their creative eye all the way to the top. "Turning a dream into Reality" never looked so simple.
Last but not least, lets introduce you to the most popular top selling item that is in the EmpireWorld store right now, it is a Custom made Zip-up and Pullover style hoodie with logo embedded on the front, back, hood, and sleeves. A total Masterpiece if you ask us. This jacket is Turning Heads wherever it goes and is embraced with a seal of excellence. Take a look!...
"Turning Dreams into Reality lavishly runs up to the top of the hood in pretty scripted letters.
Nice Big Vinyl Print for the Back with Full sized Logo
Half Size Logo for the front of the jacket and logo on both sleeves.
Picture Gallery of Empire Clothing Co.
If you have any questions regarding distribution of any of these products or would like to place and order please contact: http://empireworld.bigcartel.com/contact
or Email :Williamware2008@gmail.com
or Visit directly within the website @:

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