Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Taking a look inside of untamed minds sometimes finds a sick pleasure of fun inside the devils playground. so many times, we never know exactly how  close we are indeed connected by  emotions which makes us Guilty By Association. 

"I raised the gun up and shot through the door. a chunk of the door flew across the room as I continued to fire aggressively. she had never see my face, but he did, but before he could recall from where...... it was too late. I had killed them bearfaced. as I stepped out of the closet, smoke still blazin from the barrel of the gun, I stood over the woman's worthless body and spit in her face. I looked back at him and thought of him as a waste of good dick. I was proud, I thought of myself as a god as I governed the commandments. I stared in a look of disgust as I looked at a man some people thought highly of. without his loyalty he was merely a peasant to me. I knew if I had held the capacity to murder this woman in cold blood, that I could do it again to anyone. she was not excluded from my purge, she had it coming like the rest of them. it would just be something I would have to deal with, but would have no regrets for. To some, loyalty might have been a tad bit over rated, but for me, and my world, it determined your fate."

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