Saturday, October 13, 2012


. The young lady, named BLU - used to work as an adult film star also. Here is her story.
I'll start from the beginning, [Chopper] told me he wanted for me to be his #1 girl [prostitute] & asked me to move to new Orleans. I sent him 700 at first so he knew it was real, [and] he made a big deal about it when the transfer didn't come thru so fast like he was hurting for money!! When it finally went thru, I was in Dallas, he was like come on, so I made MY OWN WAY to new Orleans!!

He told me I'd be making 50% of what I worked 4! That there would be nothing I couldn't ask for from him! I have text messages to prove the whole entire thing from the time I met him! So I get out there & he is not living in a mansion like he told me, he didn't even have a whip! The N*gga lives in a studio apt -[ADDRESS REDACTED]- with 2 other guys (so it was 4 of us in a 436sqft studio apt) he took cabs EVERYWHERE!

So he had me on bourbon ST hustlin (selling p*ssy) almost every night I came back with 1200 or better for him to split with me! He told me he was stacking my money!! I was there 18 days he would leave me outside until 10am, then had me running errands while I was dead tired, calling me b*tches & treating me like a dog!

He had me find a girl and that night she was licking his a**hole in front of me & I thought I was supposed to be his woman at that time! Didn't know he got down like that!!

When I got tired of the bullsh*t and he wasn't giving me my money I had forever been asking for! I took all his so called jewelry out of the top drawer he always has on his instagram by his bed! When I got back home to get it appraised EVERYTHING WAS FAKE, including that so called 93k watch, it was all glass you guys!!

[Chopper has since called and] he told my grandma I stole 150,000 worth of actual jewelry & 2,000 in cash----> I sure wish I knew where dat cash was cuz that jewelry sho wasn't worth nothing so I literally left with nothin!! Talkin bout he's gonna press charged today, I said cool well let's see about some pimping charges for you then!! He said "I have nothing to say to you"

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