Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Independent Grind

Every good book is revolved around some sort of passion. Once you have found out what you're passionate about you're on your way to write a bestseller. Me I like to write about drama this is also my favorite genre subject to read. I've also learned that the most popular subject of books are the ones that can actually help someone which falls in the category of self-help. That is why I chose to write this book. I have a passion for writing and wanted to show up-and-coming authors what it takes to get published. I thought talking about passion will be a great way to start off this book because the best books include great content and you can't have great content without passion. When I looked up the definition for passion I found that it means a strong and barely controllable emotion. Passion is a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something it is a strong feeling that can result in your literary productivity. So with that being said I think that it will be a great idea for whatever you're writing about to have a passion for so you can go deeply in depth about. In this book I will uncover and explain to you what being independent actually means. No matter you be an independent Author, publisher or whatever. My advice to you is to be your own Publishing Company. One of my biggest Lessons Learned was of avoiding having to pay for things that I could totally do myself. Let's think about it for a second, what are the services that a publisher actually has to offer. When I looked up the definition for publisher I found be a person or business that produces and distributes something such as a book or a magazine electric form which is something that you can totally do it yourself and I'm going to show you how. But we'll get to that in a second. Before we get started let me just tell you a little bit about myself . I have no bachelor's or master's degree in writing I'm just a writer with the passion inside of a jail cell. I was born and raised here in the Oakland Bay Area I love to read urban books from the first time I got my hands on the Donald goines story. I possess a natural gift of Storytelling that I have come to discover within me over the years. My storytelling although it was mostly based on a real true life instances can occurrences but also a little fiction. My writing is uniquely different than the rest of your average everyday Arthur's because most of the things that are right about experienced for myself or through someone around me and some kind of way. The other 50% is pure entertainment and storytelling at its finest Peter to figure out which is which. What I want to achieve to my writing is to encourage others to develop and search within their inner self to find their Niche and storytelling and learn how to use their creativity but tell the story as well My ultimate purpose is the trandset My craft in hopes thats others understand that if I did it, then they can do it too. Writing books is big ultimately I would like to be acknowledged as one of the best pub well as Publishers to ever come out of the Bay Area. I would love to see my books when they adapted into screenplay and make it to the big screen. What would life be like without dreams? Although my exposure as an urban Author like a freshman in the game, I have already published three books all available on Amazon as well as 2500 other major retailers including Barnes & Noble as well as the Kindle. 1.Independent Grind Okay so first let's talk about the independent grind. The independent grind will mean that you will need to manage all creation yourself. Starting your own Publishing Company has never been easy but you can do it. Is going to require a lot of time but keep in mind that all the time you take in creating and producing designing will all pay off in the end as you feel a sense of accomplishment looking at you're finished product. You will need to learn about book sizes paper types and binding which is other words called trim sizes. YouTube has cool tutorials on how to publish literature using a platform called CreateSpace. This is the best platform that Amazon could have ever made for an average Joe like yourself and I. Stay focused now because that is where this passion is going to kick in. you might lose yourself in moments where you cannot think of anything to say, learn how to use these roadblocks to your advantage. I once was asked how are my books going to change the world. It was from that moment on that I decided I would start incorporating helpful and educating people places or things as well as times and events into my literature. What does grinding mean to you. One of the biggest things about your grind that you will learn is importance of networking. This literary Journey is all about what you can produce as well as what you can consume. In other words it's about give and take. What game are you willing to give away? Also what corners of the game can you learn to accelerate your productivity? Sometimes sit back and watch while you take notes on other ways to do things. There's a lot to learn but you have to be open-minded and remain teachable as well as authentic and creative. Of course you will have to learn social media grind. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and any other platforms that you can lure In an audience. One of the biggest downsides of being independent, is that you have your self. I have yet to figure out the best practices and strategies for marketing which is this moment is my biggest roadblock standing in between me and millions. In the meantime, I will continue to produce with hopes that at least one of my projects bananas which will cause an interest in the rest. If you buy one then you gotta buy them all right. That's just The law of averages. One of the biggest attributes of your independent grind will be shaking hands and making friends. If I waited for my sales to magically increase online then I'd be waiting a lifetime. Believe it or not, actual sales are the result of properly representing your product in a way that attracts the customer. If I showed my product to ten people, I may not actually make a sale until I have proven to those 10 people that the product I have is desired by others. That's an old marketing Trick. Believe it or not you have a 90% better chance on selling your product when your potential customer knows that it is a product that someone else has also bought and enjoyed. Makes sense right?, of course it does. The number one reason why it is important to stay independent is because 80% of publishers will tell you that you have a great book and offer to publish it for you but in return thousands of dollars for services that are actually very little in value. They may tell you that your book is sure to sell many copies while insistenting that you pay for a print run of thousands and then expect you to take these books and sell them yourself. Many of these publishers will take your publishing rights to your book I'm very very rarely offer any help with marketing or sales without compensation. As a freshman Author in the Game, I had to learn the hard way. My first book I ever wrote actually was published through a major company which expected me to spend thousands for services they offered to provide for me. Who has $5,000 to pay for a book signing? I don't. In fact, the whole purpose in creating a product make money, not spend it. I get it sometimes you have to spend a little money to make some, but using basic common sense, I could never allow myself to put out more then I was bringing in. In the end, all a Publishing Company did for me was allow me to research what it was they had to offer and highlight those things as a list of things that I needed to learn how to do myself. This is strictly just my point of view about how to go about your independent grind. What works for me not work for you just like what works for you may not work for me. But what is the most important component with anything is taking a chance, so give yourself a shot. Don't expect anybody to believe in you, if you don't believe in yourself. That is why I call it an independent grind because it is an intimate grind. One that you find within yourself.

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