Saturday, July 9, 2016


The next component I want to talk about is good branding. Okay so beyond a memorable logo, good branding is actually people's perception of you as well as a look at your customer service. We all probably know a company that offers excellent products or services but has been tarnished due to poor customer service. A good brand will improve your recognition. Think of how we instantly recognize the golden arches for McDonald's, are the jump man on the side of your new Air Jordans. A professional logo design is simple enough to be memorable but what would work even greater would be leaving a branded name in the Universe!! Figure out what your brand is, Put in the hard work to get it noticed, and watch the stars align. A brand is just another word for appearance. Believe it or not but a professional appearance builds credibility and Trust. You ever heard the saying you only get out what you put in? Well it's the exact same way with Branding, the more devoted you are to building up your brand the better the financial return you will receive from your efforts. The first step in brand building is defining your brand. When defining your brand you should come up with a checklist of everything that your brand stands for. Out of that list choose the most inspiring thing. Brand values are important your values should in one way or another show that you are contributing environmentally, socially and economicly To the well-being of your consumers. Think of your brand what it is that's different that can attract attention and stand out from the competitors. To differentiate your brand you have to create a unique advantage in the mind of consumers. Learn how to use good branding strategies to position your brand in the way that it will help consumers seek and appreciate the greater value of your brand over competing ones in the market. Can't say this one enough creative and authentic is a big part of building up your brand. Learn to develop a brand that has a personality. It plays a big part in what people know, think, and say about you. The reality is, if you learn to execute your brand building strategies consistently then you will easily establish a success that will forever be associated with your brand name. It is important to give your brand and identity, let your consumers embrace the personality of your brand in its entirety. Look at your brand as something that a consumer wants to identify with as they would with their favorite shoes, cars, etc. Using a business card as a branding tool is a good way to let your consumers know you mean business. Making postcards with your book cover on it Flyers, brochures, coffee mugs, pens, posters, and especially a banner are also good ways to Market your brand. These are the things that will be good to have event that you have a book signing or something like that. This is Branding at its finest because, even after you're long gone, you have left your consumers with something to Remember You by. A lot of these things you can order from Vistaprint. Banners and posters you can get made at a local Walmart for a very reasonable price. Remember that posters usually measure out at 21 x 24.

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