Thursday, July 21, 2016

Creating a killer cover

How many times have you ever heard never judge a book by its cover well the reality of it is is that the majority of readers do actually use the cover of a book as the deciding factor in whether or not they should buy your book. Keep in mind that there are millions of books to choose from which means your first and foremost sales pitch must be a killer cover. The cover is not on the billboard for your book but in a sense it's also the first page of your story because it starts there at that very moment which will set the mood sparking the reader's interest of what your book is really about. You ever heard the phrase curiosity killed the cat? Well this is pretty much the same deal. You want to spark the reader's interest and make them curious as to what type of story that your cover is trying to tell. This is important it engages the reader on a deeper level it sets the stage for whether or not they think that will actually like your book in the first place. A killer cover also create preconceptions in a reader's mind about what the characters or the settings look like. From my experience if you're writing about romance erotica you have a surviving Peter's love to be enticed by sex because sex sells obviously. Being that sex sells, exhibiting this with good artwork has a highly good chance of sparking the Curiosity that I had just spoke about. A well-designed cover is the first Insurance to the reader that the book is of high quality and that you actually took your time to project a visual of relevance to what your story is actually about. Therefore great covers need to draw the reader's attention engage them on an emotional level and complement your style of work to showcase the quality of your overall book. Believe it or not selling books has become competitive and having a book cover could be the ultimate decision and a consumer picking your book over another or vice versa. Most writers I know take seriously the need to package and Market their books with a professional look because every Rider knows that is the first thing the reader sees. It's the main reason a Reader picks up the book to decide if they're going to actually read it or not. In my opinion I feel that is a reader views your book cover as to be amateur, they will also assume that the novel as well as the Author reciprocates that same value. Awesome through my own experience a good working relationship between the author and designer can produce some super spectacular and extraordinary results. It is a Proven fact that our brains are programmed to process images faster than words. If a Killer cover has the power to spark a readers curiosity, then obviously a poorly created cover can be a major turnoff. Basic common sense ask a question that " if the writer didn't care enough to take the time an effort to make a killer cover how much time did they actually put into the book itself?" great question right?? Sure it is.

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