Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Staying Focused

I don't think that I have made it through one book without being hit with writer's block. Every true writer will experience it, it's just something that comes with the territory but my biggest piece of advice to you is no matter what, just Keep On Truckin. Keep your eye on the prize and stay focused on getting your timeline from the beginning to the end. You can always come back and butter up parts of your story that's actually the purpose of proofreading because 9 times out of 10 you catch Little Things that you can work a little bit better and that sounds a little bit more appealing to the reader. When I looked up the definition of writer's block is stated that it was a condition of being unable to think of what to write or how to proceed with writing. I'd say that's pretty much it in a nutshell. It's been proven that timing could be a big cause of your writer's block, but don't fear I have came up with a few things you can try. Me personally the best times too write is at night with a strong cup of coffee. Is not the only time I write it, but it's definitely the best. Another thing that I found out about myself is that I like being seated at a desk or table, it just something about it that gives me the feeling then I'm about to accomplish something great, which I usually do. One thing I can tell you is that you will never make any progress worrying yourself about what other people will think about what you write. Many writers struggle with of putting their ideas on a platter for everyone to critique, which is also the reason that some writers never become writers. In another recent study, it was also proven that most writers are such perfectionist that I want everything to be perfect before their pen even hits the paper. Unfortunately, that's not how things go. If you want to win, you definitely gotta take chances. Take a chance without even worrying about the outcome, stay focused on going hard and pouring everything you have into that moment. Some of the world's most greatest success stories started with tons and tons of failure. In my opinion if you're scared to fail, then you will also be scared to win. Never burying the feeling of fear will always stand in the way of the success that's waiting for you. "Have money have heart" was one of the best phrases I've ever heard while growing up, it motivated me to grow Heart Like a Lion. Learn to motivate yourself, a focus on finishing the race. Not only with writing, but with whatever that you do. The good thing about writing is that it's art in the purest form so there's really no actual right or wrong way to do it, because the way that you do it, is the way that it should be done. That's what makes it art. I think the most important aspect is just perfecting the way that you do it in a way that makes it appealing to the point where you lower your audience in by attraction. When You sit down to write your story, eliminate as many distractions as possible because you'll never be able to get your thoughts flowing if your mind is somewhere else. Open up your third eye, it's your god-given talent everybody has it. Sometimes I even like to listen to music some type of slow R&B, it gets me going and before I know it I'm knee-deep in about 20 Pages later. Having a routine is also good. Being that I work full time, I never really have as much time in a day what is I would like to sit down and write, so I have to figure something out that works. I go to work, and usually I tried to steal an hour or two before I go to sleep and dedicated to one of my projects that I've got going on at the moment. You'd be actually surprised how much things come together chipping away at your story little by little and day by day. Brainstorming ideas in bullet point is also a good way to narrow down the things that you want to cover. Is actually another form of timelining, you just don't know how much of this comes in handy. Writer's block sucks so is very important that you get yourself up and going because too much procrastination definitely will make you lazy and unmotivated. Another huge nugget that ive picked up along the way is knowing that it's not what you go through but how you deal with it. You'll never make it where you're going procrastinating or making excuses. When getting hit with writer's block just try and start somewhere, anywhere for the fact of matter and see what happens. Don't think about it too much just write. It doesn't need to be perfect, it just needs to get done. Remember, the first drafts of anything always sucks. If you take these few pointers, I promise you'll make it over the hump. Believe me when I tell you the feeling that you get when you've wrote the last line is truly orgasmic. Oh man this is a good one I'm glad I remembered, for me personally I think the worst times I ever have to suffer from a writer's block was when I was sitting in front of a computer thinking that I was going to type everything into perspective. Sitting in front of a computer typing up your manuscript first hand is a sure way to be Stuck on Stupid with no progress. Try writing everything first, getting it down on paper and then once you're satisfied moving forward with manuscripting which is just another word for typing it up. Some writers work really well timelining their projects and some don't, but the point of having a timeline is to use it like a road you're traveling down and learn to deviate or detour each street as much as possible. You see once you have an outline all the things you want to occur you can write off on tangents using them all one by one going into great detail creating events, plots, twists and turns to carry the story along. There's nothing wrong with writing off on tangents, just make sure that all ground cover you don't forget to bring back together. I love to read what I've written dozens and dozens of times because every time I read it, I think of something new to add to it. So let me say this again Stay focused, be productive, I keep your eye on the prize. Remember, proper preparation prevents poor performance.

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